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Brett Kavanaugh Testimony: Final Thoughts

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Text Comments (2603)
Peter BeginnerDad (2 months ago)
While I type my comment, I heard some more … "if you don't believe in God, why tell the truth?" … I am speechless … This is not philosophy. This is utter bigotry.
Peter BeginnerDad (2 months ago)
Molyneux breaks all records in the extreme spread between (1) highly intelligent and (2) widely wrong (e.g. high IQ interview with Peter Gray and disastrous scolding of a homeschooling dad). I listened to only 1 minute and quit in shock. Did I really hear that "religious convictions" can settle the case? It must explain why I see Kavanaugh as a blatant liar. I see no God and I do not see a spit of God in Kavanaugh's complete lack of moral principle. Do I need to be religious to see people of God shine with good example?
dunit29 (2 months ago)
The Milgram experiment is flawed on many levels and the conclusions drawn may be a stretch. If the test subject was forced to watch the carnage of their actions or if the subject(s) were, perhaps, more aware of the medium of "punishment", the reactions would be different. If the experiment was set up to shoot a bebe, then a slightly bigger projectile, and so on, results would be different. If the subject had to watch the carnage of their actions, no way does this go one beyond a bebe. Electrical voltages and their consequences are not completely understood by the majority so there is most likely doubt in the subjects mind regarding the damage done. Ultimately, the widely publicized experiment makes people believe that they are inherently manipulable and perhaps evil. The experiment and the alleged conclusions drawn from it are not gospel.
azchris1979 (2 months ago)
Stefan, I am surprised to hear you say that this should be handled behind closed doors. How can you justify that lack of transparency in government?
Donna Juanita (2 months ago)
I love the reasonable way you think.
oooSoundOfLifeooo (3 months ago)
Just a detail: the 'learner' in Milgram's famed experiment was an actor who did not actually receive electrical shocks. Of course that does not diminish th experiment in any way.
v1ccedd (3 months ago)
I disagree with him that the results would be higher today. I think we have less violent, oversensitive society by now. We raise our children to be soft and whiny. The leftist that hes talking about can afford their behavior just because they are not being consequenced, the moment they´ll meet adversity they´ll show their meekness.
Głaz Wieków (3 months ago)
Also memory, and brain can create world that looks more real to you, than real world.
JinJohn (3 months ago)
Did I just hear Stefan use the tired "If you're not a believer, why would you be moral?" fallacy? The sky is officially falling and this is bizzaro world. I miss the Stefan who would should down bullshit like that. Come back to logic and reason Stef, we can't lose you too!
William Sims (3 months ago)
Why be good? Because It makes sense.
John Camery (3 months ago)
The portrayal of information from the 1997 book, “Wasted”, as eyewitness testimony is a hoax. The source of the information was intentionally withheld in an attempt to pass it off as eyewitness testimony. The media tried to cover up the source by claiming the book sells for $2000.00, when in fact it sold for as low as one cent used, before the hoax story broke, and now is available free online. The original handwritten version of the Ford statement with obvious edits was replaced by a different typed version by Senator Feinstein’s staff (with the word, “confidential”, added) to her co-conspirators trying to pass it off as eyewitness testimony rather than fabricated information it actually is. The information is sourced from Mark Judge’s book and there is nothing to confirm the existence of these eyewitnesses. Kavanaugh provided a calendar he kept at the time naming the actual people at the events he attended disproving that the alleged eyewitnesses were there. Leland Ingham Keyser denied knowing Kavanaugh and the events in her statement, but still she was pressured by Monica McLean, a retired Federal Bureau of Investigation agent and Ford's roommate, and others to affirm the statement based on her eyewitness testimony.
Superior Being (3 months ago)
Does this bloke put glasses on and make videos under the name Pat Condell?
Angry Leprechaun (3 months ago)
There is only 1 factor that reliably reduces the Obedience Effect: Exposure to the Milgram Experiments. Unless you know what Stanley Milgram did, you're very likely to go to 450 volts, thinking it will kill someone, because some dude in a fucking white lab coat told you to. Wake the fuck up, people. We're all on a grand chessboard and we're all pawns being played against each other.
Your Mama (3 months ago)
Supreme Justice Kavanaugh! IT’S YOUR TURN TO GO AFTER THESE CROOKS! https://youtu.be/EBMf90wBjo8
Christine (3 months ago)
I don't think people have to believe in a higher power not to lie. I think they just have to have a conscience.
Richard Nance (3 months ago)
Man, you've got to get a proper mic filter.
Stephen Lake (3 months ago)
Well said, Stefan.
Lincoln Worsham (3 months ago)
Volts don't kill people, amps do! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Jayne Lamb (3 months ago)
Well, I'm a woman - and I don't believe a word she said .
drstrangelove09 (3 months ago)
I'm fairly sure that the "electric shock experiment" has been discredited...? https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2015/01/rethinking-one-of-psychologys-most-infamous-experiments/384913/
drstrangelove09 (3 months ago)
Which atheists push using "evolution" as a basis for moral behavior? Dawkins explicitly says that evolution is not a good basis of morality. I've never heard any atheist pushing this notion.
Miss Molly (3 months ago)
Not only can women lie, they do it like its second nature. Women can be some of the most vile people on earth. They are mean and vindictive and will hold a grudge forever. I have seen what women are capable of. I have seen them destroy, both, men and women. I really have been raped and this woman is lying so bad, it's ridiculous. She is pathetic. I feel bad for men. Men are going to have to start recording from the time they leave the house until they get home. You should probably stop giving sperm samples, if you do, because the woman who gets your sperm can, and will, say that you raped them. It's really a scary world out there.
Wind of change (3 months ago)
These disgusting selfish woman that use these accusations make it worse for both sides, the woman who have truly been sexually assaulted and the men whose lives have been destroyed by these false allegations.
Gary Arnold (3 months ago)
Christine Blasey Ford / Fusion GPS / MK-ULTRA Dr Christine Blasey Ford’s Father was OSS /CIA who’s name was Ralph G. Blasey. Learn about Manchurian Candidate Lois Lang who killed CIA drug paymaster Nick Deak. Congressman Chuck Schumer behind the desk going through the papers. Ford’s father and herself teach at Stanford techniques developed by Dr. Frederick T. Melges psychiatric professor. Christine Ford’s brother Ralph Blasey III worked for Fusion GPS for 15 years (Baker-Hostetler) Dr. Blasey Ford’s father provides armed protective services for elite / Deep State. (Admiral Security Services) https://www.news-expose.org/
Marie Devine (3 months ago)
Strong Details of mind control research by Mrs. Ford, Kavanaugh's accusor, on Bill "Still Report." YouTube. Judge Kavanaugh's mother was a judge who foreclosed on Mrs. Ford's parents' home in 1996 (?). Mr. Kavanaugh's name was never brought up until recent times. Mrs. Ford's brother and father were connected to creation of the fake story against President Trump, at Fusion (?). All three are connected with the CIA. It is reported that Mrs Ford scrubbed her yearbook and disconnected from her abortion pill business, and Mrs. Ford worked with Diane Feinstein's husband. Senator Feinstein recommended the lawyer who did not convey that a private investigation was available where she lived. More than likely Mrs. Ford's attorneys leaked the letter to the Washington Post. Mrs. Ford said she left the party without talking to others there; she did not warn her best friend she could be raped by the two drunks who just attacked her. That does not sound likely. If the attack was in the mid 80s as she originally reported, Brett Kavanaugh would be at Yale. She didn't remember how she got there or home, but if it were in the mid 80s, she said she drove when she was old enough. REGISTER TO VOTE to overcome abortion and open homosexuality, condemned in all holy books.
Marie Devine (3 months ago)
See divine-way.com tab and home page "45 Communist Goals For Takeover of America" read to Congress in 1963 from "The Naked Communist." Control of all forms of media including student news and opinion pieces are the power to push all other goals including control of one or more political parties, courts, education system, health system, military, United Nations, arts and degrading of our society with homosexuality and promoting immorality. Evidences on home page and other tabs show self-proclaimed Socialists and Communists trying to create race wars and Arab-Spring protests using control of students and unions with control of all forms of media. Be Aware.
Winston Vanderbuilt II (3 months ago)
Religious Christians are twisted, dangerous weirdos. Remember the Spanish Inquisition.
Anti NWO (3 months ago)
Here is something for everyone to consider: Remember when Julian Assange was LEGALLY telling everyone everything about the corruption in the U.S. Government and agencies such as the flaky CIA? Well, the rogue illegal agency, CIA, wanted to shut down Julian to stop him from telling on them so they studied which women that Julian Assange dated in the past and went to them and first offered a lot of money to lie about Julian about him raping them and when that didn't work the CIA simply threatened them and then they did comply and so these two women lied and held a press conference and stated that Julian Assange raped them. This way a bogus arrest warrant was issued so the CIA could bring him in and kill him and claim he committed suicide. BUT, Julian is not an idiot and Julian predicted their move and sued for sanctuary in an embassy in London where he is still protected today. Now, fast forward to Donald Trump, Stormy Daniels and the very flaky attorney avanatti. The CIA did the same thing to Trump but it didn't work and John Brennen got fired for it. Now, the fired John Brennen has teamed up with the criminal minded Schumer. Christine Ford's father was CIA and her mother worked for the CIA and Christine trail blazed MK ultra mind control techniques for the CIA which connects directly to John Brennen. John Brennen who was fired from the CIA and held a grudge against Trump went straight to Schumer for political access and they are using the same technique on Brett Kavanaugh in a desperate move to deny Trump the power to do his job later, after the midterm elections. That's right people, its John Brennen and Schumer that are using Blasey Ford and friends to smear Kavanaugh and using Senator Flake and Susan Collins to stall the confirmation of Kavanaugh. John Brennen has got himself on a liquidation list so he is about to be retired very soon by wet methods and that has nothing to do with Trump. Lines have been crossed and payment is owed, collectors are in course and Flake is about to get a very interesting visit and all of this information is just rumors through the DOD grapevine ……. probably nothing at all for Mr. Brennen to worry himself about although some of us have front row seats... .. .
eclipseNF (3 months ago)
These psychology experiments are highly fascinating
hamyncheese (3 months ago)
Kavanaugh is a poor judge and an uninteresting and talentless person. He is the RINO version of Hilary Clinton - a tool.
Kim Anh Tran (3 months ago)
Democrats is Antifa = Represent for Communists!! Wake Up American!! Believe or not? I was in tears watching Kavanaugh defends himself from being falsely accused! How the hell Christine Ford can sleep at night? She liar for money and she ruins Kapvanaugh his life and his family! Shames on Evil scumbag Christine Blasey Ford!! Wake Up America Freedom is not Free!! Democrats is Antifa = Represent for Communists!! Wake Up American!! Democrats always using sexual assault harassment innocence people, it going for so many years! Look at the way these Devil when they attack Judge Brett Kavanaugh, scare me to death, they all too dirty politicians, just because Kavanaugh he follows the Constitution! But Democrats Commie they attacked drag him down to the mud exactly same as Communist way!! Is this country still belong to United States? Here is United States, must be American way!!
Anna Warner (3 months ago)
I thought you are anti religious. Why you are praising religion so much in case of Kavanaugh?
stlgtrace (3 months ago)
Outstanding video, Stefan!! Your intelligence, frankness, insight, willingness to present all facts, etc. makes you a hero to me! Blessings to you my friend, always!!!
Elisabeth Wawersik (3 months ago)
Thank you for posting your videos on the whole Kavanaugh/Ford debacle. I've watched a lot of videos on this from both sides, and a lot of them got so heated on the subject, and yours stand out. You're so calm and you put on the facts and your opinion so straight forward it's refreshing. So thank you again and keep it going. I really enjoy your videos. :)
Sunni Payne (3 months ago)
This whole idea of believing of women because she is a women and the man is the bad guy is absurd. This whole process has been a waste of time, tax dollars and has put an acquisition agaisnt a man I believe is innocent.
Arthur Fiorillo (3 months ago)
WOMEN ARE THE SUPER MOTHER OF LIES, and they teach their, daughters, well I blame the parents of Dr.Ford snake beget snakes!
Lori C (3 months ago)
The new tactic in this age of Sexual Assault Awareness is to partially believe the victim thereby maintaining a facade of compassion and concern for victims. You concede that yes she was probably assaulted, however she couldn't possibly have been assaulted by Kavanaugh. Even though everybody knows he was a sloppy Lush. You get to pick and choose which parts of her story to believe and of course you have to believe that she was assaulted because we all know how common sexual assault is. It's a lame attempt at political correctness to say you believe half of her story but not the other half. Own it!
Sean Fitzpatrick (3 months ago)
I learned about that infamous study while I was in college and a agree that it is shocking (pun not intended); however psychological studies need to be repeatable in order to ensure validity and the Institutional Review Board was established to prevent undue psychological trauma from the participants. Given that this study did cause significant trauma to the "teachers", there is no way that experiment would be repeated in this country. Even as I write that last sentence, it makes me wonder to what extent I might go through in the name of "science"? As an (unsubstantiated as I am not citing any sources) example: the Japanese government performed some horrifying experiments on their prisoners of war; these "experiments" gave at least some (if not great) data about the human condition. So do we use it? That presents a severe ethical quandary. What about experiment performed by the NAZI's? At what point is the information (or potential information) worth more than our ethical boundaries? Do we side-step our scruples by striping the humanity from the test subject? On the other hand, if a person (or people group), who is uniformly condemned as bad, do the evil dead already and there is a lot of good that can be gained from the information, what should we do with it? If we make any use of this data, we are almost excusing the evil action; however, are we to deny the positive results of using it. As a hypothetical scenario: say through a series of horrific experiments, a cure for an especially malignant cancer is discovered. What do we do? By most standards of Western morality we would absolutely denounce the "scientists." But would we also then leave those to suffer from this cancer to die? Like the Trolley problem, there does not seem to be a right answer...
mlasko74 (3 months ago)
Ive been getting a kick watching the body language expert vids that have popped up in the last few days pulling that lady apart. I don't believe a damn word that woman says.https://youtu.be/uGxr1VQ2dPI. Thats a good one.
Thunder (3 months ago)
If no media or Democrat comes out to denounce this then what the hell else do you need to know?
Truth Seeker (3 months ago)
Ford - She just so happens to head up the CIA Undergraduate Internship program at Stanford University. Why wasn’t this brought up?
Flawless Strategy (3 months ago)
lol, haven't listened to you in like a year (Since you teamed up with McGinnis, et al. and basically said MGTOWs were losers who can't get laid.) and now I hear you claiming that atheists can't be moral? Why don't you fucking become a Christian already? Or maybe an altar boy, since you can't seem to get their dicks out of your mouth. But I guess it made more (financial) sense to swap MGTOW viewers for Christian ones. Oh, and look, the MGTOWs are still here, too; still drinking the Kool-Aid. Bonus views! And the Christians are still here too, saying the same shit, "OMG, I like this guy even though he's atheist, cause he strokes muh ego." Shame how a supposed philosopher and truth-lover uses so many fallacies.
Stefan Molyneux (3 months ago)
not an argument ironically
John Murray (3 months ago)
The electric shock experiment...come on....how could someone think that was legit...I can turn up the juice and torture someone, or even kill them if I wanted ...lol
Kazek Lokuciewski (3 months ago)
Dude. The establishment ALL profess faith. It makes people think they're more honest. It steers the sheep away from invoking justice themselves.
Enemy Of moron (3 months ago)
First mistake everyone is making Is this. Assuming that a woman's career means something, ie Ford is a pyschologist etc etc. Understand this first. Women are the greatest of pretenders (liars) in all settings Professional social or otherwise.
kernelsanders (3 months ago)
This isn't the smashing pumpkins #dissappointed
Mike The Stand (3 months ago)
The cost to Brett Kavanaugh to be found to be a lier is very high, I would say too high even if you put religion aside. His whole profession is supposed to be honest and to have a reputation of dishonesty as a judge would make him no judge at all.
Jon Williams (3 months ago)
There is know way to know who is telling the truth but what we can do is see who is the most consistent as people who lie tend to have a hard time keeping there fact strait and the fact she has a lot of inconsistency's in her story as well as the claims against kavanaugh seem to be inconsistent with know facts about him makes it seem more likely he is innocent
David Soo (3 months ago)
Can her memory be programmed through hypnotic suggestions or other methods like that in the movie Total Recall?
Paul Charles (3 months ago)
Trump, Kavanaugh, Catholic Church....An unholy trinity Coon, Flake, Blumenthal.......................A Holy Trinity Trump, Kavanaugh, Kim........................A Devil's triangle Trump, Kavanaugh, Graham.................A Kinky Devil's triangle Kavanaugh, Trump, MItchell.................A Devil's (MILF) triangle Kavanaugh, Mitchell, Crassley.............A Sick Devil's (MILF) triangle Kavanaugh, Graham, Crassley.............A Superfreak Devil's triangle Kavanaugh, Trump, Supreme Court.....Now that's just silly!!!
Bat Robbins (3 months ago)
Cory Booker asked K, repeatedly, in a badgering, harassing manor, "Do you wish that (allegations/proceedings) hadn't happened?" His purpose in asking was to inflict emotional harm to K, and to leave no possibility of K clearing his reputation. K attempted to refuse to answer, which is the only appropriate response to a "Do you still beat your wife" type of question, and Booker persisted like a nag. No one wishes to be slandered, and bank robbers wish not to be jailed. Dems were grooming Ford as they questioned her and needling K. Professional conduct was appalling.
madma11 (3 months ago)
Any evidence men are abused more in relationships than women?
StareNot (3 months ago)
You seem to be equating telling the truth with being good, which are things that might not always be in aligned. You also seem to be missing one major reason to want to be good, and that's a simple quid pro quo, I enjoy it when someone is good even if I don't stand to gain nothing by it. It also feels good when I see people doing good actions even when I'm not involved, so why wouldn't I do the same?
Jason Hanerfeld (3 months ago)
Stefan, I really like your posts and vids, but I think you’re a fucking idiot when it comes to people who don’t believe in God and their moral compasses.
Michael steffen (3 months ago)
I am lucky, I have really bad hearing and can`t hear female voices well,their tone is just to weak. I just smile and nod yes to everything! They probably think I`m deaf and dumb...LOL Easier to be MGTOW
Grendal Snap (3 months ago)
Why is it that Ford reminds me of Garth?
Claudia Weil (3 months ago)
Pretty sure we all know PLENTY of Christians who lie, steal, rip people off, commit murder, etc. You definitely can NOT pretend that people who claim to follow Jesus Christ are any better than anyone else.
Czeckie (3 months ago)
oh so religious people don't lie, interesting
Shawn Moore (3 months ago)
Look at her body language and listen to her “believe me” voice.. Def a god damn liar
Michael Zimmermann (3 months ago)
You dropped the ball here. For you to claim that religious individuals have a conscious or morals as opposed to those that aren’t religious is bullshit. I’ll give you a perfect example from how some of your pure religious types think when it comes to morals or doing right. Sunday afternoon and bob walks out of church in a white suit, whiter the mr clean. Now through the week it gets dirty and by Sunday morning it’s as black as a tuxedo. Well holly hell a little time in the confession both and bingo, a new white suit. I know for a fact this is how plenty of religious individuals think. Meanwhile individuals like myself who think religion is for those weak of mind or weak of spirit, individuals who are not religious actually have higher morals. I have morals because I know it is one of the very few things that actually bring worth, pride. Your net worth will never make you feel worthy, or your station in life, the place you live or the education you had. You are how you behave. You are your values. That’s why people have morals and do right. It’s because it is a part of them, not out of a religious fear. Religion is a crutch for the weak. It’s a nice story but after that don’t ever try and tell me that some old pedophile in a black dress has the ear of god.
Michael Shannon (3 months ago)
Molyneaux and Packman should debate. This preaching to the choir is getting old.
Javawocky (3 months ago)
25:10 and this is why the philosophy of the nonaggression principle should be the cornerstone of youth education.
Death24 (3 months ago)
Not so fast: http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/crux/2013/10/02/the-shocking-truth-of-the-notorious-milgram-obedience-experiments/#.W7KVn2hKhhE https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milgram_experiment?wprov=sfla1 https://digest.bps.org.uk/2017/12/12/interviews-with-milgram-participants-provide-little-support-for-the-contemporary-theory-of-engaged-followership/
Santomon (3 months ago)
Hmmm I think you might want to take a closer look and maybe go deeper in your analysis 🤪 jk!!! Great job!!!
Timo Friesen (3 months ago)
I believe people are born bad. If a baby had the strength of an adult it would kill you.
Cultural Curfew (3 months ago)
Wow this is one of our best videos yet, what they are doing to Kavanaugh is beyond evil. If he goes down so will our entire democracy. You're not probably going to read this but I started watching your videos years ago and I'm a huge fan, I even started my own Youtube channel with movie analysis and their ancient stories behind them. If i can be a tenth of what this channel is I would be extremely proud of myself. Thanks for the inspiration and keep making more like this :)
Lori C (3 months ago)
I don't understand the line of reasoning where in you assert that victims will be more reluctant to come forward if we believe dr. Ford. Wouldn't it be the opposite, that victims would be less likely to come forward if dr. Ford is NOT believed?
bruce11lee (3 months ago)
I'm going to start keeping detailed calendars from now on.
Blujonny11 (3 months ago)
Religious people also use the shield of religion to hide from their true selves. I haven't seen Kavanaugh's yearbook obviously but if he was an abstinent person who most likely shielded himself from sexual type interactions or who was intimidated by young women when it came to sexuality it seems rather strange that his yearbook had plenty of references that showed him as someone who regularly attended 'frat house' type party environments and that he was considered pretty 'cool' by all his drinking buddies. Now maybe all his buddies were religious also but it seems to be a bit strange that him and most of his friends seemed to have drunk alcohol in similar fashion and that they considered him pretty 'cool' but somehow he had some kind of aversion to sexuality. To me that's a huge inconsistency. He was abstinent throughout high school and college yet in what seems like a very extroverted party existence during that time he was considered 'one of the boys?' Like I said there's a huge inconsistency there that hasn't been fully explained by any stretch of the imagination. I mean Ben Shapiro's abstinence until he was married looks totally defensible but this guy I'm not sure.
Lexidecimal (3 months ago)
Damn, Stefan... That one just needed the "Dom, dom, Dom" closing musical exit... Very intense. As always, exceptionally critical and accurate. My thoughts are provoked, in a good way. Dire times indeed.
northeastrocker (3 months ago)
"Religious people tend to be more honest". Did I really just hear that argument? Wow. As someone who was raised in a strict Roman Catholic environment, I can tell you personally that the numbers of shitty, hypocritical, backstabbing Christians are legion. As someone who later rejected this garbage but still somehow finds the truth important and valuable, I'd refer you to the old Golden Rule, which applies regardless of philosophical background.
Darlene Echols (3 months ago)
Stefan, I hold you in high regard for your intelligence, logic, reasonableness, sensibility. Only it saddens me that you do not accept that we are created by God or what the Bible really teaches. I totally understand rejecting mainstream religion and it’s falsehoods, such as hellfire, rapture, etc., which are NOT scriptural. As much as I would love a friendly debate on the subject, I am not here to do that now. I just want to share one scripture that applies to this generation. 2 Timothy 3: 1-5: “ But know this, in the last days critical times to deal with will be here. For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, haughty, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, un thankful, disloyal, having no natural affection, not open to any agreement, slanderers without self control, fierce, without love of goodness, betrayers, headstrong, puffed up with pride, lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God, having an appearance of godliness but proving false to it’s power, and from these turn away.” Yes, there have always been such persons but not on the scale we see today; anyway this is just part of a composite sign of our day. Most people simply do not realize the timeless and practical wisdom found in the Bible, which has survived countless attempts to destroy or suppress it throughout history, the overwhelming evidence archeology provides to support it, the accuracy of its fulfilled prophecies, its sound advice for happy family life, it’s extremely bright message about our near future. The empire of false religion has confused and mislead the masses. The Bible answers all of life’s toughest questions ( aids to finding these answers for yourself available at JW.org with zero obligation) dogma excluded. People are groaning under the weight of this system of things and the lack of true justice. Hope really is in sight. I expect many to ridicule what I am saying and I have total respect for free will...Still it’s hard to be objective without relentless years of studying the Bible for yourself.
drstrangelove09 (3 months ago)
Why be good? Because it produces a better society.
Dean Tait (3 months ago)
If in USA, PLEASE VOTE RED IN NOVEMBER on the 6TH. Save our Democratic Republic from these leftist, liberal, lunatic Democratic Socialist pigs. Just MO.
Darlene Echols (3 months ago)
I have known psychologists before that couldn’t help themselves, in more ways than one. And she really appears to have issues, LOL...I fear in her case it may be financial
Mike Renfro (3 months ago)
I have a MS in psychology. Thanks for mentioning the Milgram experiment. In my opinion it is easily the most important work in psychology. There are lots of very interesting variants on the experiment that were conducted before they questioned the morality of conducting the tests. I encourage everyone to check it out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdUu3u9Web4
Savvy Chipmunk (3 months ago)
Stefan is great, and for once I love and appreciate all the commenters here, what great insight and honesty. We have to find a way, men and women, to resist the Brave New World method of 'intimacy' where with complete lack of feeling or collaboration people book time to frack the opposite sex. Although seemingly prudish, avoiding casual hook ups is the best way to develop relationship, trust and compassion. The whole sixties' 'revolution' is coming full circle and fracking everyone up.
Revocate Life (3 months ago)
Love how he just randomly throws in “the left is responsible for pedophiles” 😂😂😂 okay 👌 buddy.
Taze Roiu (3 months ago)
We should look at this as a precedent for hearing out the afore-decried Clinton accusers, and I think Cathy O'Brien whose memory is quite clear and wrote a book and whose daughter is a broken woman in rehab. Yes! Senate time is not so precious, is it?
henrymac77 (3 months ago)
givingthe way a polygraph functions, there should not be any Cravings given to it unless a toxicology report is also provided, and unless administered by unbiased accredited sources, they're meaningless
Mark Prettyman (3 months ago)
Shame that you had to damn all atheists as not having a moral compass. You believe in the same made up Abrahamic god as the Muslims you hate and who's compas you revile. Being brought up with a moral set of parents is enough to instill a set of values - also being happy in life can be enough, not the need to control/bonk everything.
William Keys (3 months ago)
The DEMON RATS deserve everything coming there way. Blatantly obvious MANIPULATION of a troubled and infantile woman, after she requested CONFIDENTIALITY. 36-year-old dubious and flimsy allegations. Blasey-Ford can't remember the date; time; place; arrival or departure re the allegations. All witnesses, including her best friend, DENY her story. Her own therapist notes DO NOT corroborate her story. She lied about having a 'flying' phobia. She lied or was lied to by her legal counsel re the Senate offer to visit her in California. DEMON RATS at work.
John B (3 months ago)
Dr Blasey Ford gave wilful testimony knowing it to be false (unsubstantiated) and should be prosecuted for Perjury and Criminal Libel especially against a JUDGE and being a psychologist as her profession otherwise other people making false accusations for their own agenda will continue. I suspect Blasey Ford is one of those people who have jumped on the anti Trump train and moreover because she is Jewish wants to satisfy the Zionists to have a Jewish person sitting on the Supreme Court and was and is to be well rewarded for her effort. That is the clear motive here. Read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion if you have any doubt, especially when it is known that many cases could question the validity of Military Tribunals for treason and crimes against humanity carried out for the most part by .......Zionist Jews. BTW no Jews were murdered by Nazis in concentration camps in WW2, that is another story dreamed up by Israeli Zionist Jewish propaganda to feel sorry for them as they systematically bankrupt every country with their fraudulent monetary system. This is also why the Jews are despised and historically have been deported from every country they have occupied, another myth is that they believe in god, they do not and is confirmed in their Talmud, the Rabbinical interpretation of the Torah Jewish Bible. With the prosecution of Blasey Ford then one could expect a similar prosecution of Feinstein for Criminal Libel for leaking the letter or her resignation as a Senator and member of the Judiciary. Whether the charge of Criminal Libel could be made against other people of the Judiciary committee who oppose the nomination is another matter though I note they are mostly Jewish too.
Seth Apex (3 months ago)
funny thing about the millgram's experiment. people who are told about it before hand are less likely to fall for it.
Cindi LouWho (3 months ago)
OMG this has been bothering me all week, since she's testified. Why does this sound familiar!!!?? THE MOVIE THE ACCUSED!!!!! Very disturbing scenes, but the crime of criminal solicitation! She says Judge was cheering! Then she says they were "PINBALLING" off the walls. PINBALL MACHINE WHERE FOSTER WAS RAPED. This is so disgustingly deceptive!
911arrow (3 months ago)
Kavanaugh is the victim and she should be have a felony. Anyone who falsely accuses a person of a sexual crime should go to prison for a long time and fined heavily. Not just a fine because some are rich and they can take a chance. A Long jail sentence in my opinion is the only way to stop this non sense. I cried during his hearing and I know men cried as well. Their words. What happened hear is so so wrong. I Hope she goes to jail for a long time.
Thomas Bryant (3 months ago)
Great observations and information. Makes a lot of sense as well.
Jeeve Seventynine (3 months ago)
Never heard of that Milgrim experiment but that is very interesting, depressing as well. Has the human race really gone insane? It sure looks like it imo.
GraceFaith Janet (3 months ago)
This was a good i necer trusted her being a victim of vicious lied by a usual suspect i can relate to kavanaugh although subject matter was different
GraceFaith Janet (3 months ago)
False lying against men is American history remember how white women used to just say a black man looked a way and thousands of blacks and mexicans were tortured, lynched and burned now they mo ed on from black men to conservative it's American nature's old as America which is a burial ground all the Native American Africqn Irish blood spilled karma coming back
jbondhpotter jwayne (3 months ago)
When praying Tuesday night, not for my will, but that the Truth may come out whatever the Truth may be to protect us from evil. God told me over and over one word. Naboth. Naboth. Naboth. People fail. People lie. But always, always believe God. 😉
zeta reticuli (3 months ago)
This was nothing more then a KANGAROO COURT.!
Olivier Cohen (3 months ago)
I really like the point you made about how much fake and manipulative dr ford (I don't use uppercases for people I don't respect) is. But as a conclusion, to your reasoning, I think you left out the essential. If she is what you said she is, and the way the WHOLE thing was brought up (dims, press, hollyfadingdwood, etc... ) there must be a lot of people involved in the 'matter' (lawyers, congressman, press, etc...), that is, in my vocabulary, a CONSPIRACY. And I think, much more important than the analysis of if she telling the Truth or not, it is to know WHO are involved in the Commission of this kind of Crime. And that must be told from the very beginning of this dreadful Affair... Ps: what I take from it is that the dimms are prepared to sacrifice any men's life in order to guarantee their murderous philosophy that is called Pro-Choice
rudy ruddiger (3 months ago)
Isn't the real problem that people can convince themselves of what they want to believe in? They will endlessly find justification for their beliefs. This is actually a neutral comment. But I would like to hear people's thoughts on it
Matthew Griffith (3 months ago)
I actually witnessed an attempted murder about two years ago. Four witnesses actually contradicted my recollection of the events. In fact, I actually assigned the wrong identity to the instigator. THAT WAS TWO YEARS AGO!
Polyphonic Dissonance (3 months ago)
"....knowing that this was a shocking result..." https://i0.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/005/165/PFFFFT.png
Bea Torres (3 months ago)
My prayers are with Judge Kavanaugh and he's families
Sonya Trejo (3 months ago)
Woah. I knew Moleyneux got friendlier with Christianity, but goddamn.
Grendelmonster8u (3 months ago)
It’s not a court case and he can’t spend his life in jail or even long because, for one, she would have to take him to court before a judge and/or jury, 2) assault, rape and such charges are short especially when it does not include bodily harm. As it stands now, she wouldn’t get far in court. Everyone the FBI seizes gets a trial too. These hearings are just Ford attempting to besmirch his reputation so he’s not elected. Depending on the state’s laws about statute of limitations, she could try to bring him to court, but something tells me she won’t do that, so she’s not about justice for her alleged pain and suffering and righting a wrong in a legal fashion, but just saying he’s a bad man and unfit for SCOTUS based on teenage events. It’s similar to gossip and our employee manual actually said you could be reprimanded for gossiping and that it is bad for company morale and can hurt people’s jobs. Depending on Maryland’s laws on statutes of limitations for crimes, she should have filed a report for assault 36 years ago and brought him to court which she could have when Bush appointed him if it was still affecting her or if she’s so sure it was him, she could have talked to him about if he remembered her. If Democrats are exploiting her then she allowed them to do it. She’s going to have reconcile with her dishonest tactics despite whether it really happened or not...I don’t know. His friend was in the room she said. So is his friend lying? Was she really pulled into the room? Did he really cover her mouth in some scary way? She thought he might kill her with the other guy there? It’s all so unethical and messy. People have lost a lot of faith in our government...can’t get straight answers.
Cody Todd (3 months ago)
Just think that the Allies killed hundreds of Nazis during the Nuremberg trials. Those people may have participated but we know they did it "against" their will (and often under the punishment of death if they refused).

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