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Do Male Dominated Jobs Point To Gender Differences In Intelligence?

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✔️SUBSCRIBE✔️ https://www.youtube.com/user/BeateChelette/videos?sub_confirmation=1 Moving toward equality, we still see both male dominated jobs and jobs held primarily by women. In this video, I discuss educational and occupational gender imbalance and talk about whether gender differences in intelligence are to blame. Are women smarter than men? It does seem they’re slightly better educated. In 2017, women earned 53% of doctoral degrees in the US, marking the 9th year in a row that more women than men earned doctorates. But consider what we study in pursuit of our careers: Women earn 75% of all doctorates given in public administration. Most doctoral degrees in health sciences also go to women (70%), as do education doctorates (68%). Men focus on STEM subjects. Of doctoral degrees awarded in engineering, 76% go to men. Three quarters of math and computer science doctorates are earned by men, and 65% of physical and earth science doctorates go to men. Why the imbalance? There are no gender differences in intelligence that prevent men from going into female dominated occupations like teaching and nursing. Likewise, women succeed as much as men at male dominated jobs in engineering and technology. Yet we gravitate toward occupations traditionally held by each gender. Industries should strive to attract both men and women, because we all benefit from the unique contributions of both genders. Team intelligence is found to be greater in teams comprised equally of women and men. All-male teams exhibit the lowest team intelligence, while all-female teams have higher team intelligence (slight gender differences in intelligence evidenced here?). However, the BEST teams are equally mixed. Let’s work together for gender balance and break the trend of female held occupations vs male dominated jobs.
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The Women's Code (1 month ago)
What’s your opinion on which gender is smarter? What do you think about gender imbalance in education and at work? Please comment!
The Women's Code (10 days ago)
+Leo Rodriguez LOL - obviously not in your case.
Leo Rodriguez (11 days ago)
+The Women's Code the brain of man is bigger, end of the discussion
The Women's Code (11 days ago)
+Leo Rodriguez that is the criteria? How many men have raised those 100 best chess players?
Leo Rodriguez (11 days ago)
How many women are among the 100 best chess players?
MGTOW Redpill (20 days ago)
Haha equality why dont say to women work in oil rig or road instructions or collect trash oh that well be bad equality we need more women rights than men and women privilege fake equality
MGTOW Redpill (18 days ago)
The Women's Code than dont cry about pay gab and your feminist fake equality
The Women's Code (18 days ago)
Obviously this is the single argument that you have. It is so emotional and not based in logic. If you were to look at the data which is what smart people do, you'd see that women were not permitted in most of the jobs you are referring to. Fake arguments.
1652HCU (1 month ago)
When will people accept that men and women are different, that doesn't mean lesser or inferior. Most people I work with, myself included, are university graduates. The difference is that the majority of men, studied part-time to earn their degrees, this goes for STEM and other fields of study. Another difference is that the men are in much higher earning fields, mainly engineering.
1652HCU (1 month ago)
+The Women's Code In my opinion, women are more academic, but less practical, meaning that women learn easier, but men are problem solvers. This is the basis that usually made the most effective research and development teams.
The Women's Code (1 month ago)
Thank you, you are adding great insights to the conversation.
Sydney James (1 month ago)
No they don't Beatte ....we have got to realize women and men are human beings ....i still remember you standing up against the witch hunt of MeToo ....for some one so accomplished to have said this .....it makes you a humanist and i don't care even if you call yourself a feminist ...you are one of us and might i venture to say what an fascinating and attractive humanist in the making ....:) Sorry the legal profession is a bit hectic ....just got off ....will try and read all your posts ...they are a great source for opening your mind ....salute !!!
The Women's Code (1 month ago)
Thank you Sydney ;D , I appreciate your comments. I will be speaking in Silicon Valley about the role of men at a STEM conference. I will be using some of this channels comments (anonymous) to demonstrate some of these points. Both sides have to get something. The goal is a humanized workplace. It doesn't work for anyone right now.
James Bascombe (1 month ago)
Women not going into stem. No suprise there. It was Not to long ago the Government kept tract of who was better at what in schools. Men alway did better in Math and Science. Women did better in English and so forth. As to 50/ 50 in everything. I say let people do what they want for a career. Why try and force it. So to more women entering colleges. Hell if I had to take a how not to rape or a consent course. I would stay out of college also. The one thing you did not say is how women are coming out of colleges with a lot more student loans than men. As to us men being teachers. No man in his right mind would put himself into that kind of dangerous position.
James Bascombe (1 month ago)
+The Women's Code sure I don't mind.
The Women's Code (1 month ago)
Thank you James, as always you have added a powerful but arguments of the male point of view that make me feel sad. Is this really what men experience when women said you need my permission to pursue me?  I am speaking at at STEM conference in Silicon Valley in May, may I use some of your comments (without your name) to demonstrate some of the points how men experience equality in some cases?

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