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E4 Skins - BBC Switch Interview

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The cast of Skins interviewed by BBC Switch. www.bbc.co.uk/switch
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Text Comments (79)
skexlon (3 years ago)
kaya jumped at luke XD
rizki adriana (3 years ago)
who is kaya avoid?
rizki adriana (3 years ago)
+Emilia Clare thank you em :D
Emilia Clare (3 years ago)
+nagita slavina "Megan in the mornings" Megan plays Katie
Debra Bigmessing (3 years ago)
pandora's very attractive here
Victoria Lee (3 years ago)
I really love them no matter in real life or characters!!!
benlarden224 (4 years ago)
Kaya said she would marry ollie!!!
Amanda Mendes (4 years ago)
Looks like Kaya was about to say "Luke", but then changes to Lily because he was there hahah
jack looked so serious when he said pubic!!!
Clo Sanz (5 years ago)
*For "snog" :p I love them so much
Clo Sanz (5 years ago)
Everyone just love Lily too much :) Kaya even pickled her for "song
Z Dilay (5 years ago)
LOL, Cook was never a favorite of mine and Jack sounds and acts exactly like Cook but I have to admit he has a good sense of humour, he made me laugh when he said 'And she has my male attention!'
sssofiam (5 years ago)
I love them all so much.
Caitlyn (5 years ago)
Kaya's face when she says "Megan in the mornings." omfg
Sabrina Spencer (5 years ago)
"I get changed in front of luke now" DEAD.
rebelrebel95 (6 years ago)
love that bit at :40 - :52 when Jack casually refers to himself as Kaya's ex boyfriend, like omfg I didn't even know they dated!
Twisted Tales (6 years ago)
0:56 friendzoned on tape
Banu Oz (6 years ago)
I think Kaya was about to say "Luke" but then she thought it'd be too awkward and said "Lily"
roamingsun (6 years ago)
ITS NICK GRIMSHAW. also I feel like luke doesnt like kaya that much? idk why
Camila .Vargas (6 years ago)
Kaya's face when she said Lily... holy crap XD
McFlyy (6 years ago)
Ketmak (6 years ago)
Everyone have a thing for Lily :D
Melanie (6 years ago)
LOL everyone wants Lily <3
floppygirl101 (7 years ago)
Funny how no one mentions Thomas
Herworlddx (7 years ago)
Aha what did jack say about boyfriend and kaya? i missed that !
floronzandthemachine (7 years ago)
"Hi, I'm Luke Pasqualino, sex god of skins and I play Freddie. Huuh." how can you not love Kaya?
Yazmin Sanchez (7 years ago)
I love lily and kat :)
Rachel Anna (7 years ago)
I love this cast!:)
Patricia rzfmhrv (7 years ago)
hannnnnnn ! :P
xxcandyluvahxx (7 years ago)
this is tooooo freaking cute :) i could watch it over & over hahahaha
thatwasbuttery171717 (7 years ago)
Hmmm... Something makes me feel like she doesnt exactly love him like a brother ;)
Clare (7 years ago)
@TheLilypap rollercoaster
msjeopardy24 (7 years ago)
i love how luke prepares to back off first b4 he says kaya..his expecting he'll be hit..lol
msjeopardy24 (7 years ago)
@mlight93 yeah me too..
mlight93 (7 years ago)
I love that Kaya wants to snog Lily and Luke wants to marry her. ahahaha <3
rareflorence (7 years ago)
@camiicat he said she wasn't punctual
Leonardo Zivanovic (7 years ago)
lisa is amazing and sooo pretty i love her luke is great as well
Lucyfer (7 years ago)
effy and freddie's nickname could also be "eddie," but tht wouldn't be the most appealing name...:)
Vanesa Orejana (7 years ago)
Luke's answer to who he'd wanna snog. "Any of the twins. Either of them."
mallikahd (7 years ago)
@AsIReallyAm Not prepared.
Savanna Lee (8 years ago)
oh my god, jack singing oasis. haha love it. x
mallikahd (8 years ago)
When Kaya goes "Megan in the mornings" she reminds me SO much of my best friend, like her expression.. Makes me miss my best friend so much! :p
omg ilove british accent <3
Joni Anne Mojica (8 years ago)
When they do interview with the cast it always like they have the same partners. like Kaya and Luke, Lily and Kat, Lisa and Megan or Merveille, and Ollie and Jack.
Rraine Hanson (8 years ago)
@kkkpn omfg i knoow right!
Rraine Hanson (8 years ago)
what does the interviewer/ollie/jack say before Jack says 'Kaya' in the beginning? i couldn't hear properly
CheliOs Rock (8 years ago)
@Kcdream22 they're talking about the scene where they were talking through the door I think. The ending of Naomi's episode :)
Wehavetocreate (8 years ago)
i love generation 2
Kristen Arsenault (8 years ago)
everybody says generation 2 is so bad. i think both generation 1 and 2 are fantastic and it seems like they all get along <3
nickisbeast3 (8 years ago)
hahaha i love how luke already knew kaya was going to hit him after he answered kaya to "avoid". so cute haha.
SvSddes (8 years ago)
cup of tea? hahaha
Kristina Da Silva (8 years ago)
Haha Kaya who would you Snog? "lllily" Didnt see that coming lol! i miss them all so much! Skins <3
kcdream22 (8 years ago)
What scene are Kat and Lily talking about?? I don't understand what Lily said?
friesmatter (8 years ago)
pubic lol
Stinky Cheeseman (8 years ago)
I love how Luke leaps away from Kaya when he says he'd avoid her because he knows he's about to get punched
Loriedana Ballesteros (8 years ago)
mmm that'll be a scene kaya and lily
Kat Casandra (8 years ago)
hi im luke pasqualino sex god off skins and i play freddie, haaaaah. AVOID? .. luke: kaya. kaya: WHY??!!!! [while trying to hit him] haha lmfao. i love how they're always mocking each other and fight.
GabbyMarie LKJ (8 years ago)
Hilarious. Kaya said she's snog Lily :)
airoh puenol (8 years ago)
3:40 i smile everytime
airoh puenol (8 years ago)
Kaya is amazing
Ad Libitum (8 years ago)
Where did kat get her jacket from :O im in love !!
lilmiszmeh135 (8 years ago)
lmao the ending XD
Eva (8 years ago)
I love Jack.
julia (8 years ago)
jack said "pubic" like he was saying the most serious thing ever.
Lianne Parkhouse (8 years ago)
I agree, Kat's jacket is adorable! Looks like it might be from H&M? But I'm not sure. Anyone know?
Ellen Morton (8 years ago)
kat's jacket is amazing. anyone know where i might be able to get one? :).....
Iver (8 years ago)
anyone just realise thomas wasn't here? lol took me a while to figure out someone was missing
SerendipitalAmity (8 years ago)
I've never seen such a charismatic cast in my life! They're all hilarious but in different ways.
Melinda (8 years ago)
I love everybody in this in series. I'll miss them very much. Especially, you Kaya! You're my love. Heheh. :)
xRia94 (8 years ago)
cook is god.
Evelyn Uribe (8 years ago)
what's ill-prepared?
Tea O (9 years ago)
hahah jack <3
Fabi (9 years ago)
luke and kaya are so funny
othrockzmysockz (9 years ago)
I love Jack =) <3
neonbrights (9 years ago)
lol wtf is Jack doin at the beginnin? haha
Poois Parrot (9 years ago)
3:40 haha looks like he's found his new career path
JaneBae (9 years ago)
You can tell Jack takes acting very seriously, that boy will go far. I love them all though. All the skins cast need to go in the big brother house together (I don't live in the UK, but I'd watch just for that) Gosh Lily and Kat are beautiful, I know everyone loves them but its so true. And Meg and Lisa seem like the sweethearts of the group!

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