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What kindergarteners taught me about gender | Batya Greenwald | TEDxCU

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Children begin to form a sense of gender identity between the ages of two and three. Cultural indoctrination or self-expression? With surprising and touching stories about children and the continuum of gender, kindergarten teacher Batya Greenwald straightens you out about all the ways you never knew you were bent. Her stories from 15 years of observing children might help you be a better guide to all children--even the one inside yourself--allowing you to be fuller in expression and more uniquely who you are meant to be. Batya Greenwald is a Nationally Board Certified Teacher with more than 15 years of experience teaching elementary school and kindergarten. She is a lead faculty member for the PassageWorks Institute, a nonprofit organization which teaches educators to integrate social, emotional and academic learning, mindfulness, and cultural responsiveness (passageworks.org). Batya also facilitates courses for Girls Leadership Institute, teaching girls and their parents how express who they are and what they believe, and empowering them to create change in their world (girlsleadership.org). This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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Manuel Dassault (4 days ago)
Claudeus Gothicus (5 days ago)
Why is nobody asking the most important question: what exactly is causing our biology to be screwed up? Why are 1 in 2000 babies -or- 2 babies a day are born with nonconforming genitals? Why are we not looking at what is causing this to happen? Obviously there is a reason why our natural biology is being affected; just like how we now know manmade chemicals in the environment can cause similar changes in certain wildlife populations. Why aren't we asking the question 'why is this happening'?
Cicholas Nage (27 days ago)
oh no she had to bring up segregating boys and girls. still makes me angry that they used to always let the girls out first at the end of the day because "girls are better at doing this thing than the boys" however, gender IS binary, but anyone can express themselves however they want and i won't care. (feeling slightly girly doesn't make you a woman or 1/25th woman)
Rachael Platt (1 month ago)
Excellent! Thank you for sharing!
Rayk (1 month ago)
I'll never understand America and their made-up gender issues. I'm a guy who dances and plays classical instrument and in my country _nobody really cared about that_ . But when I talk about that here people have such a reaction that's either weirded out or exalt me as some sort of progressive idol. Why make such a big deal out of these?
Rayk (1 month ago)
Indonesia. Perhaps I'm just lucky to be in a good community, but East Asian cultures in general don't mind things like men doing arts or women doing intensive sports.
Shea Hicks (1 month ago)
Rayk That sounds absolutely wonderful. I think everyone should just be able to feel free for doing what they like, regardless of gender or perceived “coolness”. Which country may I ask do you live in?
Ambi Cahira (2 months ago)
When I grew up I always saw children be allowed to be curious and try different things. Makeup, nail polish, skirts, playing with trucks, dolls, the mothers heels and purses, and so on. Kids were just playing, trying and exploring and I'm so happy it was allowed in my town.
MannyBot (4 months ago)
More often than not; the first words we hear from our doctors as a baby is "It's a boy!" or "It's a girl"....However hardly anyone realizes that only a second before we are assigned our gender we were natural. For just a moment, we were all an "It". So why is it so hard and "taboo" to live outside the binary now? ☿️
Mike Bell (5 months ago)
You say that anything outside the gender norm boxes is seen as breaking the rules - and the consequences can be dire. Not so. Girls and women can act and dress more in the 'centre ground' as tomboys and society accepts them and even praises their achievement. It is boys/men who are most under the straightjacket of gender-norms.
MUGO Jr (5 months ago)
look the moment you make it safe for the (in-between) by leveling it out you also hurt the more male or more female
Freyja Svansdóttir (2 months ago)
How does making the world safe for non-binary hurt boys and girls?
Jude Allen (5 months ago)
I'm a transman about a year away from college and the only times when I was little that my gender occured to me before puberty was when my mom and dad wanted to put me in dresses or I had to wear a shirt or the teachers would call those lines... I was always jokingly called a boy anyway and I had friends of both sexes. It was evidently only a shock to me because when I started coming out and asking to be called male pronouns in my first year of highschool everyone I told said something along the lines of 'So you finally figured it out' which was a major relief. I'm glad things weren't so stressed for me when I was younger.
Jeanette Yao (6 months ago)
"people who live outside of the gender norms"... there are no norms. Everyone is unique.
Freyja Svansdóttir (2 months ago)
You might wish there weren’t, but there most certainly are strickt gender norms.
Sarah Fey (6 months ago)
Mind. Blown.
Nupur Sharma (7 months ago)
This is commendable , even children agree about these stereotypes being irrelevant . We should open up our minds and stop judging a person on their gender identities
Bilbo Baggins (7 months ago)
I've done the research
Bilbo Baggins (7 months ago)
I feel I am deadpool.
Monique Urdialez (7 months ago)
She a strong and understanding person!!!❤️😎👍🏼
Janet Smith (6 months ago)
When I was very young, my mother would take me shopping with her. I loved this one department store. On the second floor there were beautiful formal dresses. I wanted one. I sometimes would climb up in the attic and dress in my mother's old clothes. Perfectly normal for a young girl. No, I didn't know at the time what boys and girls were about, but dressing as a girl seemed right for some reason. Genitals just didn't factor into it at that point. What I was doing was part of growing up, just like any other girl.
kath david (7 months ago)
I began to observe how gender was being played out in my classroom... YOU ARE AN AUTOMATON.. EXTERMINATE.
kath david (7 months ago)
Looks like a man. probably is.
kath david (7 months ago)
The comments from sheeple below who are falling for this... madness.
Doug Fulton (10 months ago)
Very well spoken! God Bless Her! This World needs to be more understanding and accepting and loving and caring for others! Too much hatred and discrimination out there.
alpha lobster (2 months ago)
You dont know anything about God if you support this filth, and child abuse
Ryan B (10 months ago)
How can somebody claim to be a woman when they have a male body without depending on sexist stereotypes?
Lester Brunt (1 month ago)
+Freyja Svansdóttir Then what exactly is a woman?
Freyja Svansdóttir (2 months ago)
Narciso de Almeida (10 months ago)
So if someone is not well in the head we must just say you ok lolololo you crazy woman.
Irene (11 months ago)
Born and raised as a girl, feel like a girl and mostly dress like one by choice. But I have a 'boy brain' and I'm a professional tech. However I wonder if my boy brain is a result of my amazing (single) late mother, who tackled everything and taught me how to do so as well. She did my hair and dressed my body as the cute little girl she always wanted, but banned Barbie dolls in favour of Lego and didn't train my brain to be anything other than a critical thinker. Thanks mum, you were the best xx
Alex Thompson (10 months ago)
Irene you don't have a boy brain you are a girl that acts girly. As stated by you.
david carr music (11 months ago)
Ted talks are now covering religion?
Freyja Svansdóttir (2 months ago)
Sure, this one isn’t but there are others that talk about religion.
Narciso de Almeida (1 year ago)
People these days know less about the Soul and the Spirit,this gender issue is a spiritual issue.
LM Edwards (1 year ago)
She tells a good story but it runs contrary to what the professionals in the field have found out.
Lucy Spencer (1 year ago)
I am a trans women on the brink of a social transition and about 2 months ago while I was at my job at a child care center I was playing kitchen with a 4 year old girl and she told me she could have one type of doughnut because she was a girl and that I could have another type of doughnut because I was a boy. I was very offended by this but it would have been completely unreasonable for me to scold a 4-year-old for this, so instead I went along with her game by acting sad about not getting what she called a "girl doughnut". A few minutes before her parents picked her up she gave me a "girl doughnut"! I was so happy that I got through to her without having to shame her.
omercic jusuf (9 months ago)
wow true story not funny
Jamie (1 year ago)
I love finding stuff like this it makes me so happy ~ Nonbinary kiddo
Thomas B (1 year ago)
There are only two genders. Biology and facts don't care about your feelings
Dee (1 year ago)
nonsense!This is child abuse, this teacher must be arrested for brainwashing children!
claire higgins (1 year ago)
Good Job. Wish I had a teacher like you. 👍
Fox (1 year ago)
gender is binary, being masculine and feminine doesn't define your gender. a feminine boy isn't a trans girl and vice versa. gender is also biological, unfortunately not enough research has been done yet but from some research I have seen it's to do with how your brain forms
Ian Chambers (1 year ago)
I think it during the Edwardian era that pink was for boys
Ultima Thule (1 year ago)
INSANE woman ...
Uriel Uriel (1 month ago)
Nothing insane about this.
DynamicWorlds (6 months ago)
+kath david yes, we see evidence of trans people across many cultures and in some of the earliest stories in human history, but it's social engineering. Ty for red pilling me you brilliant man /s
kath david (7 months ago)
Thank goodness someone can see it for what it is... social engineering... must of been orchestrated by the tavistock institute. MK ULTRA. we are all being mind controlled... some of us can see through it.
jkmakeupmaster143 (1 year ago)
Yes I hate being told act like a lady
raja clear (1 year ago)
bad propaganda. gender is not social contruct.
Amanda Weidmann (1 year ago)
[Chtho] (1 year ago)
raja clear i tripple doggy dare you to ask a lion what day it is.
Calvin Pope (1 year ago)
Dude everything is a social construct, ask a bear what time it is, or if its a boy or a girl, it will say nothing, because bears do not have the social construct that humans made up.
Rib. (1 year ago)
I wish you were my kindergarten teacher...
Lona Carter (1 year ago)
Absolutely a beautiful message so that we all become more understanding and tolerant to those we might find different than ourselves.
Verena Vermás (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for this explanation. I as a Transgender went through many problems during childhood, puberty and adult until I finally decided to live what I really am. This woman speaks to my feelings within a gender-binary society.
Guineapigbmx (1 year ago)
what about boys or girls that over compensate to prove they are what is expected of there asigned gender, then later on in life, 20, 30, 40, or older, they come out to family and loved ones, but all they know is to act macho or feminine. this is my case inside i feel female out side is totally and obviously male. and its killing me, im 45 and risk losing everything.
Helen Lackey (1 year ago)
In preschool there was a constant debate on whether there were boy and girl colors
I like TED Talks better when it was run by scientists,  not pushing the LGBT Pedophile agenda.
YummyMangoJuice (1 year ago)
...and I like it better when I don't come across comments like yours, but we can't have it all can we
Lucid Abyss (1 year ago)
My gender is mayonnaise.
John Smith (1 year ago)
Typical unscientific oversimplifications based on excessive enthusiasm.
Erin Prather (1 year ago)
When and where I grew up, being Transgendered was not an option. There was only two choices, Conform or suffer the consequences.  No, the desire to be another Gender did not go away, and it ate at me every day, but once again there was no choice!  No one would have given a damn how I felt or if it was changeable.  They would look at me and say, "I'm sure you will change your mind once you have been beaten to a pulp enough times!"  That was how they saw things.  If you were  a square peg, they believed they could beat you into the square hole come hell or high water.  So I kept it to myself in a deep dark place.  I was unable to form friendships cause people though I was hiding something and it scared the hell out of them, but I knew they could not handle the truth so I kept it shut.  I came out only in my mid thirties.  I felt better about myself finally getting it off my chest and they made my life miserable for it ever since.  Miserable conforming, but miserable going against the grain when everyone you love turns on you.  It is hell either way.  Trust me all the bible reading and conversion therapy changes nothing!
DynamicWorlds (6 months ago)
BowtiesAreCool (1 year ago)
My little sister is almost five and since she was three I've been asking her what she thinks is for boys and what she thinks is for girls and I remember first when I asked her things like if girls can have short hair or if boys can wear dresses she answered yes but now she responds by giggling and saying that it's funny/weird. This is why I want to become a teacher so that I can teach kids that they can wear and do whatever they please unless if it's hurting someone else of course
Chris Bee (1 year ago)
I adore this talk and shared it to my Facebook group, which is dedicated to transgender and non-binary individuals. I reject the gender binary and spend most of my days wearing a pair of men's boxer shorts under a cute skirt. I will very happily state that my sex, my birth assignment, is female. I tend to present female for the very simple fact of wanting to wear clothes that fit and are comfortable. My gender, however, does not fit, and I find myself unable to sufficiently explain the feeling to others. Also, I have fertility issues and have had two miscarriages late enough for my children to have developed genitals... one child was XXX (so female) and had a penis, while the other had ambiguous genitalia. If I wasn't involved in the transgender rights movement already, I would have become involved at that point. I've now found myself extremely interested in genetics and epigenetic's regarding transgender individuals. If I could ever actually afford to go to school, I would love to pursue medical and scientific research avenues in order to look for a possible genetic factors that could contribute to a person being born with ambiguous genitalia or the internal transgender identity. For some reason my brain connects my fertility issues which gave me intersex children, with my own identity. I'd love a chance to look for that possible correlation.
bollyblob (1 year ago)
as always, again the solution is education but...someone needs to educate the educators...and even more importantly the parents aswell
DiVerse (1 year ago)
why do u really want to know? because most boys and most girls - i said most not all - will pose different challenges. thats all. i think its a harmless question but this video did help me better understand the issue and be more open minded. i just think the question of whether its a boy or girl is pretty harmless. Why do we ask people "whats up?" or how they are doing? it's just what we do. we dont really want to know always know how they are doing lol. it's like we ask people is their dog a boy or girl. its just fun to know.
nopegirlcu (7 days ago)
What if we actually would like to know how someone is doing? They usually respond with only a few words. "Good" "Okay" "Bad" "Terrible" "Amazing" "Wonderful" " F i n e " And that may be fine in some cases, but what if you see them looking sad and you want to know why?
DiVerse (1 year ago)
sadly, when people do a revealing of what sex their baby is, some people hide like something pink inside a cake or something (for a girl) or blue (for a boy).
DiVerse (1 year ago)
hahahhahaahha the boy who made the comment was in princess clothes lol - i wonder if that's true.
Karen Ohana (1 year ago)
I totally am against this attempt to normalise transgenderism.. note that I have a transgender in my family.. a person that I love and cherish and accept.. why then am I against? because the result is not just clothes.. its lifelong dependancy on pills.. its surgery that is non trivial and dangerous.. and irreversible.. and often this is on teens or young adults.. and guess what.. people change their minds. Before, during and after surgery there is tonnes of mental anguish.. and the person may not be happy with the results. If we were talking about annorexics.. who see themselves in a way that the rest of the world doesn't.. would we all be fawning like idiots to try to accomodate them, or would we lovingly take them to a mirror and show them reality and tell them to learn to deal with it?
definitely human (8 months ago)
Karen Ohana I think you are forgetting to take into consideration how trans people actually feel. Sure they take pills and have surgeries done on them if they want to but not only is that non of your business its also what makes them happy and more themselves. You shouldn't argue against happiness.
Alex Thompson (10 months ago)
Natalie Salajczyk just like trans people see themselves as another gwnder.
Natalie Salajczyk (1 year ago)
Actually people with anorexia have body dysmorphia so when they look in a mirror they don't see reality, they see an overweight body where there is a starved one.
Morgan Brianna (1 year ago)
At 8:41 I said to myself, "Just imagine if you didn't have to wear a bra?"😞
David Daring (1 year ago)
The kid needed therapy, and the failure was allowing this child to go untreated.
solomonii0 (1 year ago)
Matthew 19:1-8 — Did Jesus say anything about homosexuality? Of course, when asked about marriage, Jesus issued a sweeping condemnation of all sexual relationships outside of the male/female model established in Gen 1:27, which he specifically cited. Romans 1:18-32 —Though most of the passages deal with the male perspective, for the first time there is a specific mention of female homosexuality.  And as the verdict comes in, we discover it too is a depraved condition brought on by a sinful nature. 1Cor 6:9-11—The only passage of scripture that clearly acknowledges former (ex) homosexuals in the church. They are listed along with other ex-sinners who have been changed by the power of Christ. It is certain that Pastor Paul knew there were former homosexuals in his local church and he celebrated their freedom in Christ Jesus. With a completely different tone in comparison to the volume of harsh, negative reaction to the unrepentant homosexuality, scripture here ends with the tremendous hope and goodness of God. Galatians 5:19 — Many areas that the apostle traveled to take the gospel indeed were very accepting of homosexual practices, yet he did not back away from communicating the sinfulness of such practice. Corinth, Ephesus and Rome as well as  other major cities of the ancient world, were all too often cesspools of all forms of sexual immorality.  Undeterred, Paul drew from sources familiar to him and forged them with New testament teachings of God’s grace to forgive and cleanse. In the letter to the Galatians, he teaches that the “works [not plurality] of the flesh are manifest. The flesh or sinful human nature is always considered and enemy to God.  Ephesians 5:3-7— Paul repeats his warnings against “uncleaness” to the church at Ephesus. Colossians 3:5-7 — Paul issues his third warning against “uncleaness” to the church at Colosse. This time he adds instructions on overcoming/controlling the sin. Believers are to mortify or deaden themselves and exercise self control (a fruit of the Spirit) over such actions. Homosexuals claim that denying the free expression of homosexuality is "suppressing one's true self", but scripture clearly instructs that we are hold our bodies in check and refuse it participation in sexual immorality. This passage further emphasizes that no one should expect to escape the “wrath of God” except they repent. 1 Tim 1:10 — the law was not made for the righteous, but for the “lawless and disobedient.” The law (of Moses) encompassed the ceremonial, judicial and moral components of human interaction. Christ neutralized the ceremonial aspects but upheld the judicial and moral aspects, tendered with grace and mercy. Hence, homosexuality remains a sin "worthy of death" but yet qualified for forgiveness through repentance. The phrase Paul uses “defiling themselves with mankind” is another link of homosexual behavior to disobedience and uncompatible to sound or acceptable Christian doctrine. Titus 1:16 — This is an aggressive attack and exposure of the psychosis of those who are “defiled” and commit “abominations". Again, let us identify the source of the Apostle Paul’s strong condemnation. When one accepts what God has pronounced  abominable (by God’s own definition) and rejects the created model which God has pronounced good, a process of hardening and mental perversion begins to take root in the mind. Such is the danger of justifying sin. Sin corrupts the mind and conscience (the seat of individual integrity and morality)  rendering it incapable of making spiritually sound decisions. Jude 1:4,7,19 —   Jude forcefully revealed that like the Sodomites, certain men in the church had gone after “strange flesh.” I believed Jude was describing contemporary "gay christians".  His choice of phraseology is a combination of two words: heteros and sarx meaning “another flesh with the same quality.” His inclusion of the word flesh pointed to the homosexuality (not the inhospitality) of the Sodomites. Similar to the Apostle Paul, Jude selected strong language to convey the serious of the charge facing the church. Allowing unrepentant homosexuals into Christian fellowship without applying the same standards of admission applied to other sinners would be a spiritual death nell for the church. Repentance is the major action a sinner must take to be accepted into the family of God. Rev 21:27—The final book of the Bible, finalizing a complete picture stunning denouncements of all forms of homosexual conduct. From Genesis to Revelation, the Word of God firmly establishes once and for all the sinfulness of homosexuality, but also provides a wide opportunity for repentance and redemption through Jesus Christ. Homosexuality, as seen through the eyes of scripture is a spiritual aberration, a result of the fallen nature of man, a disease of the soul. It produces nothing life giving, in essence opposite of the nature of God who is life. Therefore it “worketh” or produces abomination which is death.
Kaiima Griffith (1 year ago)
hey all I created some shirts that I wanted to represent us all Pride Month is coming!! https://teespring.com/new-onthespectrum https://teespring.com/onthespectrum https://teespring.com/kaitees
Caden Boettcher (1 year ago)
Preach! I have trans friends and if anyone messes with them I'd knock them on their bottie hole!
Treka Double (1 year ago)
First objection. Yes gender is based on biology. Because men brains et females brain aren't built the same, you can pass test and see if a person has a brain that works more like one of a female or one of a male. Gender is in the brain, so gender is biological. So is gender a spectrum? I would be really happy to know if the brain of a non-binary person tends to have a mix of masculine and feminine reactions, But in the video she talked about someone that was biologically in their brain a girl, so it's still a binary. For the intersex: I'm sorry but it's a birth defect, it's not a third category it's a baby with a part of their body that hasn't well developped. I don't say we shouldn't help or care for intersex people, we totally should protect them and find the best solution for them. If I can make an analogy we should say that the number of arms a person can have is a spectrum too, since you can be born with none, one, one and a non-completely-developped arm, two... we don't say that because it's sounds silly. Well developped baby have two arms, like well developped babies have either a normal penis and a normal vagina. And i still think that because there is only a tiny percent of people that are transexual people, we should make arrangements for them and trying to make their life easier but we should'nt build a society that is meant for them at the first place, like we don't build the society for blind people since they are still rare, we shouldn't make a society that focus entirely around trans-people. Yes we need to protect them, accept them, help them. But some of them want so much that it's not reasonnable.
Paul Barker (1 year ago)
Sex is not "assigned" at birth! There are two chromosomes that when paired determine our sex. There's the X chromosome, and the Y chromosome. The male sperm carries one of these two chromosomes, X or Y. The female egg carries only the X. Therefore, which sperm penetrates the egg at conception determines sex. XY pair = male. XX pair = female. Therefore, sex is determined at conception. It's that simple! If a child thinks they are other than what their determined sex indicates, they should be tested for Klinefelter syndrome. If they don't have Klinefelter syndrome, they should be told the truth, that they are male, or female, and should be helped to understand it's ok to be what their biology says they are. Children's minds are still developing and should not be encouraged in a direction of confused gender identity. Such encouragement ought to be considered child abuse. If they have Klinefelter syndrome, then perhaps they should be able to determine for themselves how they want to live, but if they merely have a genital deformity, they should be raised as whatever their chromosomes say they are, and perhaps corrective surgery should be considered. Gender is a grammatical classification, not a determination of how one feels. I think It has only recently been reclassified as a determination of how a person identifies themselves.
Žan Novak (1 year ago)
Ow you allowed a boy to be a girl in his mind. How fucking funny that is.
Prior to the 1940s boys were wrapped in pink blankets and girls were wrapped in blue blanket after 1940 it switched it is only recently it switched and men were perfectly straight and they were guys these parents are influencing the child allowing them to dress up girly instead of encouraging the masculine side
Prior to the 1940s boys were wrapped in pink blankets and girls were wrapped in blue blanket after 1940 it switched it is only recently it switched and men were perfectly straight and they were guys these parents are influencing the child allowing them to dress up girly instead of encouraging the masculine side
Sala des Rosiers (2 years ago)
That was my kindergarten teacher, isn't she amazing ❤️
Klein Aapje (2 years ago)
Loved this!
Hoppy Bunny (2 years ago)
No feminist teacher is ever going to whisper a lot subversive crap nin my son's head to make him feel ashamed of being a man or male. Feminists forget its not their place to encode gender values into my kid's head, that's my job.He's never going to wear pink, prance around like a girl or play with barbie dolls. Unlike these feminists, I'm going to raise sons that are actually proud of being male because unlike feminists I'll teach them about positive associations with being male. They will hunt and fish, go on trails, hike, build things and learn to appreciate who they are instead of what some man-hating feminists think he ought to be by erasing any aspect of his growing masculinity.
Tom Kelly (1 year ago)
Blackburn 9 I am so very glad to hear a woman with the same perspective as me. I am a father with 2 daughters so I feel way less pressure than you surely do because it is obviously the boys and men that are being taken down at the moment. I keep saying that there is a force that is dividing and conquering us. From my perspective you are spot on that feminists, LGBT..., and SJW's are the ones pushing their toxic agenda. But the result is the same. We are being divided and conquered. I'm not sure how to turn this ship around and fight the real players but I would suggest that the members of the groups listed above are pawns who are making real problems but the real trouble makers are elsewhere. I mean youtube and Facebook are creating echo chambers for us all. when we hear news from outside our echo chamber it is really grating. Anyways I am glad to hear that your son is doing better in the all boys school. I am considering transferring my girls from public to catholic school. So far I haven't seen any major issues though.
Samantha F (1 year ago)
What if he wants to wear pink? If he doesn't that's great, don't make him wear it. But are you actively going to stop him from wearing pink if he does like it? I don't understand what positive effect that'd have on him.
Hoppy Bunny (2 years ago)
Its fascinating how, you can't actually address what I've said on its merits in terms of content from a person, (myself) who believes as a parent men concerned about their children must be triggered or overreacting if I don't mindlessly accept questionable social theories from a person completely unqualified to decide and determine the influences and system of values from a child she isn't raising..I don't have to be toxic to understand her points derive from pure quack pseudo psychoanalysis. Just because something appears novel, postmodern and trendy doesn't make it correct. Its time people stop being afraid of scamsters like her hiding behind a false benevolence and stop doubting themselves and their ability to make meaningful decisions for their children until they are old enough and responsible enough to make informed, educated choices. But nits doubtful that means anything to you. More likely, you probable believe if an seven year od boy starts thinking he;s a girl, chances are you'd not sit down with him and explain that he's not and is too young to fully understand what he lacks lived experience to truly determine.
cuddler (2 years ago)
its ibi He got triggered very hard, and just heard and understood what he wanted to hear and understand. You can easily tell he has no daughter.
its ibi (2 years ago)
blackburn9 also stfu and stop overreacting because no one is going to force your son to be a girl, rather than act irrational just listen to the many observations she's made over the decades as a qualified teacher and at least consider some of her points. No need for toxicity!
SpaghettiStuck (2 years ago)
I don't think that I've ever heard anyone explain this better.
Martin Kanev (2 years ago)
god I wish we had more people like her in the world
Delta (2 years ago)
Ha when I was a 4th grader I had a Pokemon backpack and this little shit tried to tell me my backpack was for boys. He was in Pre K but STILL!
Zeller Baseball (2 years ago)
This woman disgusts me
Peyton Nico (2 years ago)
Joseph Zeller how do she isn't doing anything wrong
Asama Hoesaegi (2 years ago)
Those children make me cry. (In a good way)
Sophie Derbyshire (2 years ago)
That. Was. AMAZING.
Edgar Martínez (2 years ago)
Teaches gender studies... dresses just like a woman.
Big Foot (2 years ago)
Edgar Martínez Just because one is aware of all the options doesn't mean one has to take one that's unusual
Michael Greene (2 years ago)
“So the final conclusion would surely be that whereas other civilizations have been brought down by attacks of barbarians from without, ours had the unique distinction of training its own destroyers at its own educational institutions, and then providing them with facilities for propagating their destructive ideology far and wide, all at the public expense. Thus did Western Man decide to abolish himself, creating his own boredom out of his own affluence, his own vulnerability out of his own strength, his own impotence out of his own erotomania, himself blowing the trumpet that brought the walls of his own city tumbling down, and having convinced himself that he was too numerous, labored with pill and scalpel and syringe to make himself fewer. Until at last, having educated himself into imbecility, and polluted and drugged himself into stupefaction, he keeled over--a weary, battered old brontosaurus--and became extinct.” - Malcolm Muggeridge Living your life expressing something that you're not is lying, not only to the world around you, but to yourself. A man can have surgeries, take hormone therapy, dress however he like, but he is not a woman. And despite all this "make-up", every cell in his body screams that he is a man. And all of this "make-up" fights against your DNA, the unchangeable truth of who you are. This is why the suicide rate among those who have had surgeries, who have transformed their gender, is still 20x that of the average man. They've bought a lie about who they are and have never come to grips with truth. They do not accept unchangeable reality. And they will spend their entire lives drugged up on hormones pills fighting this fight instead of searching out the truth because we have a society that tells them to follow their feelings instead of truth that there was nothing wrong with accepting who they truly were born. Muggeridge had it right, we are a society that has, "educated himself into imbecility..."
Alex Cohl (9 months ago)
"The make-up fighting against your DNA" you refer to makes absolutly no sens. The DNA may hold a gender assignment but the conception and transformation of the ovocyte will assign a phenotype. And both might be different, opposit. You seem to blame the scuicide rate only to the mere fact that trans folks have transitioned. But what about transphobia? The struggle of acceptation in everyday life situations, finding a job, finding love, building a familly or just being accepted by your familly and friends???
Stepanina Williams (10 months ago)
Michael, believe it or not, God created you to be a MAN. So act like one for first time in your life. You were born a male child. Do you in ANY way think that it was an accident? For surely I tell (as does God's Holy Word) He (God) knit you together in your mother's womb.
[Chtho] (1 year ago)
Michael Greene our suicide rate is so high because of dumbasses like you. not because we are trans
René Henriksen (2 years ago)
The World in general never will get ready for this. Unless before in a 1000 years maybe......
Sam Hardy (2 years ago)
the reason we need to know the gender of people before we even know them is because our stupid language doesn't have a gender neutral pronoun.
River Smith (2 years ago)
there are actually quite a few. the most common one is using they/them as a singular pronoun, which is grammatically correct
Zainab Beny (2 years ago)
I really wish she was my teacher
Awesomebawss (2 years ago)
Mikey didnt like being in the boy's line because the boy's line was for boys and Mikey was a boy. Mikey sounds like he has some mental issues and should go see a doctor to get that shit looked at because Mikey seems to be confused about what his penis means.
Panonymous Bloom (9 months ago)
Everything aside "Mikey didnt like being in the boy's line because the boy's line was for boys and Mikey was a boy. " literally doesn't make any sense.
[Chtho] (1 year ago)
Awesomebawss you dont get to talk about trans people like that unless you know how transitioning works. which you obviously dont.
Fearless Dreamer (1 year ago)
woah i smell stupidity and ignorance
April Sunshine (1 year ago)
Ladies and gents, this is what ignorance looks like
Maximus Midnight (2 years ago)
The story about kindergarteners and the gender rules is so touching.... beautiful.
KennM12 (2 years ago)
people talk about babies being born with different genitals and everyone always says sex is what's between your legs. that's not necessarily true. if you want to reach the simplest, most accurate and scientific definition of sex it involves what chromosomes someone has, not their privates.
Zax Riposte (2 years ago)
KennM12 birth defects? I'm sorry chromosomes TYPICALLY determine genitals
KennM12 (2 years ago)
that's absolutely not always true. MANY people have chromosomes that do not match their genitals. for example a someone is born with male chromosomes, but their testicles fail to function correctly, and the person is born with apparent female privates. just google it.
Zax Riposte (2 years ago)
KennM12 genitals are determined by chromosomes dumbass
Awesomebawss (2 years ago)
Kae Jade (2 years ago)
Okay first, I am ftm transgender. I found out when i was 9. Secondly, my little brother started asking my to be a girl. This happened for a month. On Christmas he got power puff girls toys. He looked at them for 10 seconds and threw them where the rest of the toys were and he looked to embarrassed and he hasnt touched them since. Not even once did he look at them after. My parents asked him if he wanted them or to trade them for something else. He kept them. Lastly, he has been physically bullied by this 3rd grader, he is in kinder. I wanted to kill the girl the first day he came home with a gash on his head. The second time he came home, he said she bashed his head up against the window. A vein had popped in his ear. I am starting to think it was because he was a little more feminine then the other boys.
Awesomebawss (2 years ago)
Finding Lukas so what? tell that boy he can play with those powerpuff girls! It might be considered a bit gay by the other boys but so what?
林子倫 (2 years ago)
So, kindergarteners know more about biological science than biologists? Okay ... Did kindergarteners also teach you the ideologue of 'gender is a social construct' didn't come from biology but came from Cultural Marxism?
Aparna Aggarwal (2 years ago)
eilidh smyth (2 years ago)
The boys section has all the cool clothes which is annoying because I as a female would try to wear them and they don't fit properly and with clothing even from babies girls clothes are pink and boys clothes are blue but my favourite colour is blue
Meadow Rae (6 months ago)
I'm not sure how old you are, but if you just want to wear masculine looking clothes try the men's section. A men's XS is equivalent to a women's medium. I buy basic men's T shirts all the time because I just have wide shoulders. Men's shirts are longer because men tend to be taller (which is important, I wear a 34C bra...don't exactly want to be wearing a crop top all the time.) Plus, the XS shirts tend to go on sale often, lol. I can wear a boys' medium usually, but sometimes they are just too short. So if you size up from that a Large women's would probably be a Medium in the men's section.
bebopbountyhead (9 months ago)
Oh wow: society isn't set up for you specifically? Sounds hard.
Andrea Mendenhall (1 year ago)
eilidh smyth There are many of girls clothing items that are not pink . My one year old granddaughter has tons of clothes that aren't pink ...
Mentalidade Logica (2 years ago)
No wonder why Gender Dysphoria is on the rise lately! Funny thing is that Sweden has been doing this type of indoctrination for decades now, and guess what, women still do typical women things and so do men. Can't fight Mother Nature, feminists.
Fox (1 year ago)
gender is biological, gender dysphoria is on the rise because 1. teens want to be edgy 2. more trans people can talk about themselves
Mentalidade Logica (2 years ago)
+Anonymous User I am glad to hear that you spared your son from this barbaric act. Good for you! Once adult, one should be able to do whatever one wants (within legal limits), including genital mutilation, I have no problem with that. By the way, it is NOT hyperbole and yes doctors who do it on a routine basis for their $1000 a pop, should be vilified, because it is a dangerous and unnecessary barbaric act. One that kills 100+ babies per year just in the US alone; one that costs millions in repairs; one that screws males later in life. Last time I had this conversation with a male, who took your perspective, I sent him a link and it upset him. The link was about a comprehensive research on how male genital mutilation not only negatively  impacts on pleasure but how there is a hidden psychological impact on males later on their lives, similar to how one feels when loosing an arm or a leg. Sorry, you will have to look for it for yourself, I do not want to inflict pain. Watch the video called "Dr Money and the Boy with no Penis". I know that it is only one example, but it applies to this conversation in regards to genital mutilation, sex and gender. I have numerous other sources, the conclusion is similar. Look be guided by Nature, 80% of males on Earth are not mutilated, and there is problem, there never was, including in countries who forbid this barbaric practice, for money.
Anonymous User (2 years ago)
+Mentalidade Logica I'm male. I'm circumcised. I agree the practice should stop. I don't agree with your hyperbole. I did not have my son circumcised. I don't think people who do choose to circumcise should be vilified to the same degree as those who choose or perform FGM.
Mentalidade Logica (2 years ago)
+Anonymous User Like I said your rationalized attitude towards male genital mutilation and the rationalized attitude of those doctors, who claimed that there are benefits to female circumcision are both = BARBARIC! Cut yourself, do you not bleed, feel pain? Ask your male mate or friend to do the same, using the same sharp knife, in the same place, what the hell do you think his reaction is going to be, one of enjoyment? Now what if someone else decide to do that to you both, without your consent -no problem?
Anonymous User (2 years ago)
+Mentalidade Logica It's not barbaric, and it doesn't stop the from using and enjoying their penis. Women who undergo FGM are unable to have normal sex every again. They are unable to orgasm. They are unable to live a normal life. Stop acting like circumcision is in any way comparable.
FujoshiPeanut (2 years ago)
I was shocked when my brother starting saying "This is for girls, this is for boys." at the age of 3.
kath david (7 months ago)
This is all very sinister stuff.
Fox (1 year ago)
that's because kids learn gender roles at a young age
Michaela Suorsa (2 years ago)
God bless her soul, I really loved listening to this. I really wish the whole world understood her.
Samantha F (1 year ago)
You know that living as the gender they identify with treats gender dysphoria right? So it is good for people to live as the gender they identify as.
Mentalidade Logica (2 years ago)
Oh I don`t know, maybe because feminists*control* the education system, per experts who were once feminists.
Mentalidade Logica (2 years ago)
You say that sex and gender are two different things. Well, if they is no association then 1) there are 7 billion genders and 2) what term do we use for things usually associated with one's sex? Perhaps you forgot what I wrote above and that was gender dysphoria hardly existed before. People were just call homosexuals and there not as many suicides. By contrast, nowadays GD is a problem and there are high rates of suicides. It is being taught in many schools, at very young age too, along with how to have anal sex or perform fellatio (for 9 year olds). The schools, feminist controlled *are* the problem. "Mentalidade Logica and how is that feminism ideology" > You can't be serious? Anyway, listen to Dr J Fiamengo, Dr Sommers, CAFE and others. They say the same thing, that schools have been hijacked by feminists; boys are being drugged in big numbers to behave like girls; no release valves like recess which impacts more on boys; etc. By the way those ladies were/are feminists themselves. Another thing that schools are teaching nowadays is White Toxicness, brought to you by the same Marxist ideology that gave us feminism.
DarthYuYevon (2 years ago)
By the way, the title is nonsense. The Kindergarteners did not teach her anything about gender. That specific transgender women's existence did. And from that experience this teacher decides to push the idea of gender neutrality. Not even the transgender women is gender neutral, wtf!. It's not about neutralizing gender, that's not the point. The point is allowing people to be who the are, not persuading little boys to do typically girlish things and pretend that there is no biological element to gender. Can't wait for society to fall apart because people are taught fantasy.
DarthYuYevon (2 years ago)
+Bethany Blair No worries. What I said earlier I could have more clear on.
Alex Blair (2 years ago)
So sorry. Thanks for your reply. I misunderstood what you were saying. my apologies.
DarthYuYevon (2 years ago)
Yeah, neutralize gender, until the boys grow up and realize that no heterosexual woman will date a guy wearing a pink dress. Where did these rules come from? Heterosexuality. You want to change the rules on gender? Rid society of heterosexuality. Until then, straight girls will desire the typical masculine guys, straight guys will desire the typical feminine girls, all while people like her preach how wrong that is, and fake that is, and we should all be gender neutral. Even she is not gender neutral. Ah, the fake science.
latifa M (1 year ago)
DarthYuYevon she didn't make a study , one boy !
DarthYuYevon (2 years ago)
+Susie Zenkert Hi Zen, and thanks for your response. You mentioned that the video is it not about forcing everyone in to gender neutral yellow clothes and taking away every gendered object. Rather it's encouraging youngsters to defy what society tells them to be and find out for themselves. Thats not at all what this video was about. It absolutely is about pushing for gender neutrality by claiming that no object is for girls or for boys, that everything should be viewed as genderless whether it's a color, toy, clothes, etc. . The color pink is not for girls if you're a gay guy who identifies more with girls and likes wearing pink, but it absolutely is for girls from the perspective of a girl who identifies as female, and sees all the other females wearing pink, which she can see is seperate from the boys in class who want nothing to do with that color. It's also a color for girls from the perspective of a boy who identifies and male, and sees that all (most) of the girls in class decorate themselves with pink while the boys don't. It's not about the color, it's about natural identity and humans chose things culturally to gender identify with. . These types of girls and boys naturally hate the idea of identifying as the opposite gender to them, and to kids around 4 years old, this is absolutely not learned just like it's not learned for the transgirl to identify as female and join in on the color pink. This lady ignores that entirely by pushing the idea that pink, toys, etc, just doesn't matter, that everything is gender neutral, so boys go ahead and wear pink dresses. That really pisses off boys and girls who don't like being pushed to identify as the opposite sex/gender, and I've seen it. . You mentioned that you have a nephew, 4yrs, who loves princesses and dressing up, oh and ninjas. This does not make him a girl, gay or weird. I agree with you. I have a son that naturally identifies so strongly as male that he wants nothing to do with things that girls tend to strongly identify with. That doesn't mean he's been socially programmed to be this way, and he should be allowed to chose not to wear pink if that makes him feel uncomfortable, which it actually does. Although in your son's case, if he is not gay or transgender, his liking of dressing up like princesses does make him weird to the girls that he may like romantically who view him as the strange kid who identifies as the same as she does as a female, as I've seen what some girls do to boys. My point is parents and other adults can pretend that objects should not be for either gender, but that doesn't change the natural reactions that cisgender straight boys and girls have on this, and how they naturally treat each other when it comes to gender/sex identity and sexuality. . You mentioned that it is his job to figure out what is right for him, not society's. To me it's actually the parents job to help their kids understand themselves by actually truly knowing their children and helping them to succeed based on that knowledge. If your son for instance is gay and flamboyant but afraid to show it, don't let him waste 20 years trying to pretend to be straight and tough as he tries to "figure it out for himself". Actually be a parent and help him be who he really is and help him to be successful in gay relationships. If your son is straight and is depressed because he can't seem to find a girlfriend because he's constantly sabotaging himself by never showering, or brushing his teeth, or wearing pink dresses to highschool with makeup, maybe he still cry's any time he makes a mistake like kids do, have a talk with him about how he can better his chances with girls by evolving into the world of maturity, and enlighten him on the fact that girls are turned on by mature guys. Ask him whats more important, crying all the time, or getting girlfriend? Not showering, or getting a girlfriend? Still talking in baby talk, or getting a girlfriend? Wearing pink dresses, or getting a girlfriend? Because eventually this same conversation will be had about getting a job. Whats more important son, using foul language every 2 seconds, or getting an awesome job. It's our job to parent, not allow our children to live a life of confusion, but to help better who they naturally are. . I agree it's okay that you're pansexual, and dating a transwoman, thats awesome. I don't see anything wrong with that, I myself find some transwomen super attractive and some have great personalities. . Again, thanks for your response Zen.
DarthYuYevon (2 years ago)
+Susie Zenkert Hi Susie, and thanks again for your thought provoking response. You mentioned that while you agree that a lot of heterosexual women tend to go for more masculine men, this is far from always the case. I agree with you, it is not always the case, but it is largely the case. Granted that there is no real way to tell which women are hetero and which are not, I will say that almost all of the women who have a preference for say, very girlish guys who could even pass as female with the right hair style and outfit, these women who say they are straight tend to reveal that they are not fully straight after a long enough talk with them about their sexual tendancies from what I've experienced. . You mentioned that this is especially true in alternative subcultures where the idea of masculine and feminine often does not match up with the norm. Usually those subcultures are filled with lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, and sexually fuild women, which is why gender to them means very different things than to straight women, and heteros in general. . You mentioned that there is also pressure from society in large that if you are a woman you should want to marry a masculine and "successful" man, whilst men learn early on that they should act strong and constantly be in search for sexual encounters. As a man, I never learned to be constantly in search of sexual encounters. I was always very turned on by girls as early as 4 years old, and it became more dramatic in Kindergarten and beyond the more I was around girls. This was the natural engine that drove me to search for intimacy with females, none of that was socially learned for me, and I suspect with most human beings unless you're say, gay, and society is trying to force you to desire the opposite sex. You would be putting on a performance in that case, but for most straight guys, this is no performance. The same is true for women who feel pressure to being with a masculine man. It's only pressure if you're not attracted to men in the first place, or your bisexual but have a strong preference for women, and feminine men, but this is not a pressure for most straight women, as this is a natural desire for them. . You mentioned that for catcalling, while there might very well be persons who are flattered, most are not, and that since it is interactions with people you don't know it is impossible to know how the other might react. I agree with you, the issue is most people who catcall tend to be the poor/lowerclass men who come from an environment where behavior is more crude, even the behavior of women who these men tend to learn that this behavior sometimes works on. And so when mid to upper class women are around these men, the catcalls begin, and then these women tend to speak up about it, usually in the internet which is a place that the lower class can't afford to enter since they don't tend to have computers or the time to discuss and think about it. Heck I got catcalled before by girls when I was a young teen in the ghetto, and they were just as crude as the guys who catcall women. It's usually a class issue that both men and women are involved in. . Again, thanks for your response Susie.
Laniya Williams (2 years ago)
All of this true
raja clear (1 year ago)
bad propaganda. gender is not social contruction
Awesomebawss (2 years ago)
Imma Nerd gender IS the same as sex
Peyton Nico (2 years ago)
Awesomebawss I know right all these idiots thinking that gender is the same a sex.
Awesomebawss (2 years ago)
Big Foot then I'm going to a different world because in this one, idiots are respected and followed and thinkers are shunned for stating the truth.
lacuna poltergeist (2 years ago)
This is amazing, we need to be more understanding and kind to all people.
lacuna poltergeist (2 years ago)
+Awesomebawss nah, but your profile picture is. Get help.
Awesomebawss (2 years ago)
Anony X you are cancer to the earth
Susanna O'Brien (2 years ago)
Are you interested in helping further research into gender inequality in education, which is often driven by sexist ideas about what men and women can/can't do? Well I want to do this research in my Masters in Psychology and Education at Cambridge next year but can't afford the £22,000 fees! Please consider donating to my Crowdfunding project #SupportSusanna in which I'm trying to raise £6000 to help me study, research and add to this incredibly important area! More details here: www.crowdfunder.co.uk/support-susanna
Mentalidade Logica (2 years ago)
Ghast the Otaku (2 years ago)
Susanna O'Brien No, that is a load of crap. First of all, if there is a "sexist gap" in education, it currently favors women. Second, you're fucking shameless. Have everyone else responsible for your fees and your debt, just not yourself.
Harry H (2 years ago)
Yep. Haha. That's funny because it just goes to show how fragile and see through so many of our cultural customs are that all it takes is a few questions here and there and they can be broken down as easily as they were put up...
Way Okay Day (3 years ago)
My little brothers school does a running event where they all run around the school for half an hour, this year the shirt color they chose was hot pink and I've seen almost every kid wear those shirts again. I also consider myself very lucky since my parents let us choose our genders and what we played with or dressed in.
Meadow Rae (6 months ago)
I understand what you're saying, but I think that the OP might be saying that his parents aren't enforcing stereotypes when it comes to dress or play. For example, if your daughter isn't into dresses or tea parties, don't force her to wear dresses and buy the matchbox cars she really wants. Don't call your son a sissy if he cries or wants to play dress up. Things like that. I'm not saying we have to go around calling every child "they," but we don't need to make them feel bad when they act outside the norm; it isn't hurting anyone.
Tanya Langille (7 months ago)
Now you're allowed to hang out for a few years after birth and choose your gender? What do they call you during those years? Most people are born one-or-the-other. It seems strange to just let your child wait a few years to choose on the off chance you are in the middle. And believe me, I am all for people who are torn. It just seems odd to allow a child who fits a bill to spend years not knowing what gender they are.
Ghast the Otaku (2 years ago)
Awesomebawss elaborate
Awesomebawss (2 years ago)
Ghast the Otaku I mean seriously your parents are brainwashing you from such a young age...
S. Leslie (3 years ago)
Children definitely need to be having this conversation in school as early as possible so they can start embracing who they are as well as their peers because gender can be a beautiful thing.
ZomethingWithAZ (11 months ago)
Did you even watch the video? Or are you just leaving hateful comments? Because she clearly states that it is not about putting something into peoples mind, but rather to open their minds
Thomas B (1 year ago)
People like you need to be kept as far away from children as possible
Casey Kilpatrick (3 years ago)
Great work, Batya! My daughter is eight, and I am constantly confronted with the first myth you discuss. The best example is McDonald's and Happy Meal toys. Whenever I use the drive-thru (not very often), they always ask "Is that for a boy or girl?" as if it really matters. It never made sense to me why McDonald's can't offer gender neutral toys that promote tolerance and acceptance rather than proliferate gender separation. Thanks for challenging our beliefs and thoughts, Batya! You're amazing and I can't wait to work with you more often.
Alana Gauntlett (11 months ago)
Casey Kilpatrick i
raja clear (1 year ago)
bad propaganda. gender is not social contruction
Mr. Flufftron3000 (1 year ago)
Casey Kilpatrick LMAO "McDonalds is Not accepting of others!"
Eliza Smith (3 years ago)
Grateful that this woman was my teacher. Now I am going for a gender studies minor
Joseph Shaffer (13 days ago)
Male feminists should have to defend themselves just as the rest of us do! If you are a man don't complain and cry when you get beat by a man after claiming men have privilege!
Joe Ross (10 months ago)
Enjoy your 99 weeks of unemployment.
Thomas B (1 year ago)
Gender studies is the worse junk science universities have to offer. Most useless degrees ever
Andrea Mendenhall (1 year ago)
Eliza Smith and your major? Make sure it's marketable of you want to get a job.
Nico (3 years ago)
That was pretty amazing.
Cathy FinkJohnson (3 years ago)
Way to break down these issues into really simple, straightforward examples and suggestions.  Such important work.  Thank you Batya!
donna zerner (3 years ago)
Wonderfully crafted and beautifully delivered talk, on an important and timely matter. We're all affected by gender identity issues, whether or not we're conscious of them. Those children are lucky to have Batya as their teacher, and we're all fortunate to have her in our world!
Stuart Motola (3 years ago)
Great video! And threatening too in a time when many men and women are not clear in their own sense of masculine or feminine, which is why we would reject a transgender person, trying to defend our own sense of gender that we already struggle with. So many men I work with as a men's life coach struggle to assert their own masculinity and are baffled when their women fill that role. The guys feel feminized, women masculinized, and conflict ensues. Gender confusion is very alive in the traditional gender society as well.
Lux Aeterna (4 months ago)
+DarthYuYevon Being attracted to what you are attracted to is because of biology. Telling a 3 y/o boy he can't wear pink because it's a "girl's colour" is definitely because of gender rules and social conditioning. Note the difference. The woman in the video is talking about the latter.

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