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The Cast of Going In Style Play "Never Have I Ever" // Presented By BuzzFeed & Going In Style

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When you're Hollywood royalty, you've seen it all - See Going In Style, in theaters April 7.
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WHite Flame (14 hours ago)
they all professional actor.... do understand acting role
Aliana Roman (3 days ago)
Alan Arkin just forgot about the sign 😂
Brian Philip (4 days ago)
God and Batman and another guy (Sorry, I don't know him)
GeorgeTV (5 days ago)
How much did they pay you?
Ya boi Nachin (9 days ago)
The holy trinity
Iosif Dzhugashvili (9 days ago)
Michael Caine is my papa
Fourty Four (12 days ago)
Buzzfeed sucks who are the crackers next to Morgan freeman
Asura Lord (12 days ago)
This was just an audition to see who I want as my grandpa.... They all got the part
Yosafat Kushariandi (13 days ago)
Michael cain is so relatable
Bel Ess (14 days ago)
Han Ming Oh (15 days ago)
That’s one legendary panel
Ultra Zexx (16 days ago)
Asking Morgan Freeman if he wished for a different voice 😂
Johnathon Wiggins (23 days ago)
He's voice makes me horny
Sam and morgan look so diffrent 😂
Josiah Hoy-Tisdale (1 month ago)
Are these SOLID ALIBIS. Get it
Nadia KB (1 month ago)
i dont know, but i feel like everybody confused morgan freeman and samuel l. jackson at least once!!!!
Neptune S (1 month ago)
"Talk low, Talk slow and don't say Too much."
anne montilla (1 month ago)
z. (1 month ago)
Michael Caine keeps going on tangents.
Vicky 12 (1 month ago)
Seriously, who mistakes Morgan Freeman for another human being!? 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ ...Somebody who thinks all African-American A-list actors of a certain generation look the same? 🤨 Ok I didn't even want to play the racist card, I just can't get over the airport anecdote, I'm sure in real life too those two still look very different!
Dorbor max (1 month ago)
Io buzzfeed ya ass get off my home page.
Tamera Sucaet (1 month ago)
When I imagine what the voice of God would sound like, it sounds just like Morgan Freeman.
Golden Shoe (1 month ago)
Mr. Wayne 2:44 Good memories
Nabil Talukder (2 months ago)
I just love. Going in style
Waffl Kitty (3 months ago)
I love Morgan Freeman. He's such a good actor and a great guy.
queen Queen (4 months ago)
GeekyGarrett (4 months ago)
I guess when Micheal Caine met John Wayne that wasn't the last time he'd be saying "thank you Mr Wayne"
tech four9 (5 months ago)
So Alfred met mr. Wayne
Abdullah AlHazer (5 months ago)
"Some men just want to watch the world burn."
Natalie Itliong Fechter (6 months ago)
Michael Caine what a legend!
Grammar Nazi (6 months ago)
How does someone mistake Morgan F for Sam L Jackson lmao
bluej511 (6 months ago)
Sir Michael Cain is truly a class act.
BlueRainbow1002 (6 months ago)
2:45 "Mr. Wayne" ;)
fy crml (7 months ago)
2:49 Talk less, smile more.
DiegoGonzalezas (7 months ago)
well I men those 3 as criminals would be epic Oo
suleiny beltre (7 months ago)
I love them so much lol such a great trio . They have great chemistry
Adam Schnepp (7 months ago)
We all know buzzfeeds budget died after this.
Nerd Inc (7 months ago)
my god, all of these men are. but Michael Cane is a national treasure with so much wisdom.
george h (8 months ago)
These guys are the best!
LoL Lyf (8 months ago)
Look how old they are its gonna be sad when they pass away
Kristina (8 months ago)
@3:39 Alan Arkins face while he's thinking and the other two thought it was a no brainer xD
Ali Blablabla (8 months ago)
02:09 wise words
alara (8 months ago)
i don't think alan gets the point of never have i ever
Roderick Norman (8 months ago)
Mr Wayne!!
Abdulelah aljhny (8 months ago)
Best 3 in The World
Some dude (8 months ago)
I could listen to Sir Michael telling stories all day. Literally
kattahj (8 months ago)
If the film is half as entertaining as these three being themselves, I want to see it!
melanielandon96 (8 months ago)
"I'm so proud of my body that I show it off at every opportunity." he looks damn serious hahahah you gotta love Morgan Freeman
TheWaterCoolerGuy509 (8 months ago)
I like that. Michael Cain was saying “Mr. Wayne” long before he was Alfred.
Declan Morden (8 months ago)
I love how Michael said thank you mr Wayne
SpaceJam.on.blueray (8 months ago)
Morgan Freeman got SAAAAAASSSSS
Lejon Brames (8 months ago)
I thought that was Bill Russell, Adam Silver, and Danny Ainge lol
Scott Crosby (8 months ago)
The funniest thing I’ve ever seen
squiggly mustache (9 months ago)
Who the hell mistakes Morgan Freeman?
Muge Aydemir (9 months ago)
"My mother told me not to do that."
Ewan Robertson (9 months ago)
Mr Wayne
BurnRoddy (9 months ago)
Turtle boi (9 months ago)
Talk less smile more
egg egg (9 months ago)
Morgan freeman is a legend.
Racket Tattoo (9 months ago)
they need to make a movie where those three are old retired assassins but they hate each other so much that they come out of retirement to kill each other but because of their old age they make a lot of mistakes.
Athraxes (9 months ago)
Those three have such amazing chemistry
M M (9 months ago)
Thank you legends. I need to own asap
Castorofthestars (9 months ago)
Ivy Hoss (9 months ago)
I love how Arkin is only half playing
Mohammed AS (9 months ago)
2:07 👍
Lady Haha (9 months ago)
I love all three of their voices
Pikasaurus (9 months ago)
Now this is what I love to see from BuzzFeed
Daniel Zuk (9 months ago)
This is priceless.
Mr. Sir (9 months ago)
''Have you ever Googled yourself?'' ''No my mother told me not to do that''
pickle rick (10 months ago)
Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light. Though wise men at their end know dark is right, Because their words had forked no lightning they Do not go gentle into that good night. Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay, Rage, rage against the dying of the light. Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight, And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way, Do not go gentle into that good night. Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay, Rage, rage against the dying of the light. And you, my father, there on the sad height, Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray. Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
HD obunga (10 months ago)
TheNinJustice (10 months ago)
The three legends in one area.
Thomas Chernicky (10 months ago)
What This? A decent buzzfeed video?
sindre (10 months ago)
they acutally smoked weed btw. my friend told me.
Sebas Garita (10 months ago)
OMG Put the 0.5x reproduction speed😂😂
Darth Sidious (10 months ago)
It was samuel l Jackson who were in disguise and calling morgan freeman samuel l jackson.
Eluminary Xarrais (10 months ago)
1:01 wow Samuel L Jackson is starting to get pretty old 😆
juicy pickle 999 (10 months ago)
Morgan's voice is the most iconic thing ever
GigaByte (10 months ago)
I have a thing I do. Whenever I come across a buzzfeed video. Instantly dislike
"Hay it's Freeman" half life 2 reference
Ed B. (10 months ago)
Its suppose to be a drinking game.
Just a random channel (10 months ago)
3:38 look at Alan arkin, lol these guys are funny
How old are they? Im feeling lazy yo research it my self
DiabolicalAngel (10 months ago)
Omg this is great LOL
Commissar Purity (10 months ago)
3 legend
Der Mond (10 months ago)
Morgan Freeman is so adorable!
intldawn (10 months ago)
I love how Morgan Freeman isn’t even trying to hide his annoyance for this and Alan Arkin is only barely playing the game. 😂Michael Caine always has a story to tell. I could listen to him all day.
Nzarama (10 months ago)
they are what many of us will never be at that age....i think, it such an achievement to be so alive in your 70's and 80's and still famous
Cheery (10 months ago)
I thought he was gonna say "Talk less,smile more"
kemy dorfeuille (10 months ago)
Saw Morgan Freeman in the thumbnail, never clicked on a video so fast
TenTonNuke (10 months ago)
You can't give guys like this a 4 minute video. Just one of their stories takes at least 10+ minutes and it's worth it. Stop pandering to the ADD generation and play the whole thing.
me sayed (10 months ago)
1:20 I have never laughed harder in my life
hira rana (11 months ago)
Seriously only 4 mins u got big big in their respectable they talk low they talk slow n they talk meaningful thy deserve more thn 4 mins
Morgan O'Brien (11 months ago)
That movie was great.
Joseph wm (11 months ago)
Morgan Freeman should be siri.
Sullivan Hodges (11 months ago)
Is Mr. Wayne also Aaron Burr?
LuanM HiWild (11 months ago)
Já quero um canal so deles três. Melhores✨💖✨💖✨💖
Siena Hernandez (11 months ago)
"Oh thank you mr. Wayne" did sound familiar
Beauty H. (11 months ago)
When ever I’m Saad I watch this I get 10000 happier 💗💗

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