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The Cast of Going In Style Play "Never Have I Ever" // Presented By BuzzFeed & Going In Style

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When you're Hollywood royalty, you've seen it all - See Going In Style, in theaters April 7.
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Zacimus Prime (11 days ago)
Yeah Morgan freeman has a perfect voice😄😄😄😄😎😎😎😎😊👍🏻!!!
Marthickles Warlocke (13 days ago)
I love their answers. So practical and funny. Everything makes sense now!!!
Arnoldo Garcia (18 days ago)
2:50 there’s some advice
Karan Shukla (25 days ago)
Legends enjoying themselves
Goodbyemrsaddam123 (1 month ago)
Man..so much acting talent in one place! Michael Caine Googling quip was hilarious!
Tera G. (1 month ago)
1:22 killed me😂😂😂
Qrow Watcher (1 month ago)
These men reminds me so much about my paternal granddad who passed away a year ago, they're all of the same age. God bless them. I CAN LISTEN TO MICHAEL CAINE TALK ALL DAY LONG OH GOSH THAT ACCENT.
the parodying fangirl (2 months ago)
Where is Christopher Lloyd he was a part of going in style
joergen (2 months ago)
Buzzfeed really out here desperate for our attention to put these 3 legends together
Antichrist (2 months ago)
Wtf he said Mr Wayne not Master Bruce?
franklin nwankwo (2 months ago)
There's always something to learn when listening to old people. Thanks
Niiels (2 months ago)
Morgan Freeman: have you ever wanted another voice? Not I. His voice is amazing lmao
mr paccy money (2 months ago)
Morgan freeman is the best narrator
Ralius (3 months ago)
2:08 damn, that makes sense...
Alex Salvador (3 months ago)
Alfred And Lucius Fox Hanging out
Jose Portillo (3 months ago)
"Do ypu wish you had a different voice" Morgan: "not i" Even he knows how majestic bis voice is
Magic (3 months ago)
2:16 morgan fall asleep
Bal kolca (3 months ago)
This is the Uno reversed card on a oreo
Caelan Riley Friesen (3 months ago)
When Micheal cane said "Mr. Wayne" lol I can't not see him as Alfred
Sebastian Elholm Schmidt (3 months ago)
That Morgan freeman guy has a great voice, he should be an actor
VEN (3 months ago)
Gosh I love old people
Noobmaster69 (3 months ago)
The guy in the middle looks kind of like Lawrence Fishburne.
Michaela Harris-Sutton (3 months ago)
How could you confuse Morgan Freeman and Samuel L. Jackson, that makes no sense.
type writer (3 months ago)
Just one word....LEGENDS!!!!!
Cora Schellenberg (3 months ago)
Once you are in the nude, you are no longer in control” YESSSS i loved that wise wisdom from Micheal Caine
Ernst Du Toit (3 months ago)
Please God let these legendary Gentlemen be with us a 100 more years.
David Christie (3 months ago)
Shooting fish in a barrel; having that trifecta in front of a camera.
Reet Bhattacharya (4 months ago)
Make a sequel to Last Vegas 2 with Alan Arkin and Michael Caine
Abdo Abdooo (4 months ago)
Frenkablooddrop (4 months ago)
Mr fox and alfred <3
Fruit Cat (4 months ago)
Most men don't do nude scenes anyway that's mostly a female thing.
Neockwon (4 months ago)
Buzzfeed has confused me
Palanivelu N (4 months ago)
They are all so cute! Omg!
JakoborRazor (4 months ago)
“Not I” -Morgan Freeman
Dylan Hunter Chua (4 months ago)
The duality of man Buzzfeed or your favourite actors
MusicalFool 909 (4 months ago)
Nice dodging almost every question, Alan.
Exploder 45 (5 months ago)
I love Morgan and Michael’s voice
moon n (5 months ago)
Alan Arkin is a gem
Martian (5 months ago)
i just realized Wired,Tasty,Bon Appetit are all buzzfeeds channel....what else? insider?
starry night sky (5 months ago)
love these aged young heart💚💚💚
E . Sh (5 months ago)
Michael caine ❤️Morgan freeman
MaxBlastEntertainment (5 months ago)
I feel like I wish I knew how wonderful Michael Caine was sooner.
varun009 (5 months ago)
"Have you ever raped a woman?" **sweating nervously**
Night Water (5 months ago)
I swear to god when people become old they become children I love it
Ariff WM (5 months ago)
No, my mother told me not to do that.
Music (5 months ago)
My ears, feel blessed! Simply liberating
Carrot Top (5 months ago)
That old man is so lucky......he met Alfred and Lucius
thisgirlismindless1 (5 months ago)
why am i watching this?😂
Tibby Day (5 months ago)
Oh my god, i love them
Max Shultz (5 months ago)
Just counting the days, and day expecting to wake up to find one of them passed from pneumonia complications or something.
Stormbubi (5 months ago)
why is this hardcode subtitled?
Paulo Braga (5 months ago)
I love how michael caine told us stunt tips like we are future actors
oh yeah (6 months ago)
*Never have I ever stuffed my finger up my ass.*
Ahmet Ak (6 months ago)
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harry brokovic (6 months ago)
Absolutely great men that do what they love without thinking about the money!!! Love them
Fcutdlady (6 months ago)
No actor should do a stunt puts a stunt man out of work. Actors can do action.
Ana Vitória (6 months ago)
Michael Caine is so funny I could hear him all day
user name (6 months ago)
god is sitting in middle
Ludvig Bohlin (7 months ago)
Freeman face reminds me somewhat of a monkey! (Absolutely no racism meant!)
Bdhacker101 (7 months ago)
"Once you're in the nude you're no longer in control" - Michael Caine, 2017
ShN Fatehah (7 months ago)
Obviously no one taught them how to play this game
SkY Munky (7 months ago)
they all professional actor.... do understand acting role
Aliana Roman (7 months ago)
Alan Arkin just forgot about the sign 😂
Brian Philip (7 months ago)
God and Batman and another guy (Sorry, I don't know him)
George Hennen (7 months ago)
How much did they pay you?
Ya boi Nachin (7 months ago)
The holy trinity
Iosif Dzhugashvili (7 months ago)
Michael Caine is my papa
Asura Lord (7 months ago)
This was just an audition to see who I want as my grandpa.... They all got the part
Yosafat Kushariandi (7 months ago)
Michael cain is so relatable
Bel Ess (7 months ago)
Han Ming Oh (7 months ago)
That’s one legendary panel
Daaku Daddy (7 months ago)
Asking Morgan Freeman if he wished for a different voice 😂
Keanu Reeves (7 months ago)
He's voice makes me horny
Sam and morgan look so diffrent 😂
Josiah Hoy-Tisdale (8 months ago)
Are these SOLID ALIBIS. Get it
Nadia KB (8 months ago)
i dont know, but i feel like everybody confused morgan freeman and samuel l. jackson at least once!!!!
yung kam (8 months ago)
"Talk low, Talk slow and don't say Too much."
anne montilla (8 months ago)
z. (8 months ago)
Michael Caine keeps going on tangents.
Vicky 12 (8 months ago)
Seriously, who mistakes Morgan Freeman for another human being!? 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ ...Somebody who thinks all African-American A-list actors of a certain generation look the same? 🤨 Ok I didn't even want to play the racist card, I just can't get over the airport anecdote, I'm sure in real life too those two still look very different!
Dorbor max (8 months ago)
Io buzzfeed ya ass get off my home page.
Tamera Sucaet (8 months ago)
When I imagine what the voice of God would sound like, it sounds just like Morgan Freeman.
Golden Shoe (8 months ago)
Mr. Wayne 2:44 Good memories
Nabil Talukder (9 months ago)
I just love. Going in style
WafflKitty :3 (10 months ago)
I love Morgan Freeman. He's such a good actor and a great guy.
queen Queen (11 months ago)
GeekyGarrett (11 months ago)
I guess when Micheal Caine met John Wayne that wasn't the last time he'd be saying "thank you Mr Wayne"
tech four9 (1 year ago)
So Alfred met mr. Wayne
Abdullah AlHazer (1 year ago)
"Some men just want to watch the world burn."
Michael Caine what a legend!
Gramer Notsee (1 year ago)
How does someone mistake Morgan F for Sam L Jackson lmao
bluej511 (1 year ago)
Sir Michael Cain is truly a class act.
BlueRainbow1002 (1 year ago)
2:45 "Mr. Wayne" ;)
fy crml (1 year ago)
2:49 Talk less, smile more.
Rhobar (1 year ago)
well I men those 3 as criminals would be epic Oo
suleiny beltre (1 year ago)
I love them so much lol such a great trio . They have great chemistry
Adam Schnepp (1 year ago)
We all know buzzfeeds budget died after this.
Øystein Aarseth (1 year ago)
my god, all of these men are. but Michael Cane is a national treasure with so much wisdom.

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