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Tom Brady and Michael Strahan discuss motivation

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Tom Brady sits down with FOX Sports Michael Strahan. Find out what drives Tom Brady.
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bambam (8 months ago)
Seriously just get the defense right then the Pats have no worries. No 2017 defense again.
Dan Wesolick (10 months ago)
Not a patriots fan. But Tom Brady is the best QB of all time and is quite humble and a true role model for our kids...
Mohamed Ali (11 months ago)
I RESPECT this guy...
Keri Vincent (1 year ago)
this dude is brilliant, humble, intelligent, & a winner
nachowailing (1 year ago)
One more Tom !
Sports Lover (2 years ago)
I 💙him
Waco Johnny Dean (2 years ago)
As humble as he may seem in this interview, the Brady hate for me is quite simple. Number one, he whines too much. Number two, he whines too much. Number three, go back to number one and two. In all seriousness, I don't like him or the team bc they are so good! They've broken my heart countless times and at the same time whenever they lose, it makes my day! lol... They are like flies. They won't go away!!!! I may not like them, but I have much respect for them...
N. W. Dood (1 year ago)
Waco Johnny Dean you whine more about Bradt whines than Brady whines. When does Brady whine? He gets hit. He gets up. He may have a word with a ref when he sees something. He wins games.
Edward Hernandez (2 years ago)
The GOAT ! Crazy how people hate and don't appreciate
Fahad Tariq (2 years ago)
Tejas Patel (1 year ago)
and we got that ring :). Now it's Blitz for Six
trey armstrong (2 years ago)
chickenceiling (2 years ago)
Why does Brady always look so awkward and about to cry
Charles Dockery (2 years ago)
chickenceiling when anyone talks about something they love, they tear up, like it's hard for me to talk about my children without tearing up. Brady just really really loves football, lol wow... he may have to be on suicide watch after he hangs up the cleats.
robertjames12 (2 years ago)
chickenceiling he is just super focused I know people who make that face
thanksfernuthin (2 years ago)
Danger Man (2 years ago)
El más grande de todos los tiempos del fútbol americano
Jon Luisi (2 years ago)
Lol, he brings up 2007 and Strahan was probably thinking yeah we stole that from you
N. W. Dood (1 year ago)
Eric Artis "earned"
Eric Artis (1 year ago)
The New York Giants earn that Vince LombardiTrophy from the New England Patriots that year in theSuper Bowl.
Sam Jones (3 years ago)
tom brady screaming FUCKKKKKKK!!! on live tv is pretty raw. love that man
Owoulda lookatthat! (3 years ago)
3:33....awkwardness! Lol! He had the greatest season ever.50 tds and Went 18-0 until strahan fuked it up for us!!
Owoulda lookatthat! (3 years ago)
How could u not love this guy? He 100% real! And such a nice guy. But don't get it twisted. He's a baaaaddd boy!!
Bryan Pena (3 years ago)
Most awesome tom brady interview...never seen him keep it this real
Eden C (2 years ago)
Doc James (3 years ago)
My biggest bummer with regard to football...not having Michael on the Pat's. I always wished we could have. He's a good man and that would have made him a good Patriot.
E Prenzlin (3 years ago)
Great interview! 
CDH (4 years ago)
How does anyone hate this guy again?  Every interview he comes across as incredibly well spoken and humble.  I think people are just jealous of the Patriots success.  
ryanoco7 (2 years ago)
because he wins in every facet of his life... lol
Eden C (2 years ago)
+Patriots26 facts
Eden C (2 years ago)
I think they hate his team more than him
Patriots26 (3 years ago)
They dislike him cause they are jealous of his success and the fact that the media over exaggerates Spygate calling him a cheater.
giantsknicksyankees (4 years ago)
Hate on the Pats and Brady, but dude is class. Props on his part in the Strahan tribute. Still remember Strahan flexing after he sacked him in SB 42
turtle42387 (3 years ago)
+giantsknicksyankees I remember that game like it was yesterday.  I am a Steelers fan so I had no rooting interest, but in all honesty, I thought you guys had no shot.  But your guys defense line is what won you guys the game.  I think you guys hit Brady like 25 times, I mean just put a whooping on him, and he kept coming.  I already had respect for him and thought he is the best, still hate him bc my Steelers can never beat him, but after that game my respect for him went up even higher.  I remember listening to a few radio shows and Justin Tuck and Strahan were on it talking about Brady and the respect they have for him and stuff after that game.  It was a good listen.
AirForceA7x (4 years ago)
strahan and giants stole one Super Bowl from brady lol
Rocksteddybelmont (2 years ago)
AirForceA7x they didn't steal anything they won it
Jules Soliman (3 years ago)
Gotta give him credit. He and his defense BEAT the GOAT. Not Eli and his Lucky ass.
Jules Soliman (3 years ago)
Gotta give him credit. He and his defense BEAT the GOAT. Not Eli and his Lucky ass.
gamedemon89 (4 years ago)
HAH... that pause when he mentions 2007... 18-1 baby
Andrew Young (4 years ago)
Brady and Strahan= Class
shawnshelle (4 years ago)
Family is 1 and football is 1) A... I love it... This just shows you his love and what makes him the greatest of all time....
falloutmaster233 (4 years ago)
Pretty harsh Stephen p.... What you wanted to make his babies????
Stephen P. (4 years ago)
i hope tom bradys kids get cancer and die.. tom brady doesnt deserve children
Stephen P. I can't stand Tom Brady, but you got problems.
lblKL (3 years ago)
+Stephen P. Be careful. Karma rules.
justin mercado (4 years ago)
+Stephen P. you hate him because? you have not one good reason to hate him. joke or no joke, theres honestly something wrong with you. unless, you're the one with cancer and your wife and kid died? even if that did happen, dont wish it upon another.
Ajf81096 (4 years ago)
The people out there who have given Brady tremendous crap over the years need to take a moment and think about this for a second; u may hate him for winning all those championships and putting up glamorous numbers every year; but this year Tom Brady had to struggle, he had to work, he had to hustle with an offensive core that was just all-in-all weak, inconsistent...and goddammit did it pay off. Just like Peyton Manning, Brady put his team in a position to play in the Superbowl with a receiving core made primarily out of rookies, a wasted Trade in Danny A, running backs with constant fumbling issues, a WR named Julian Edelman who up until this season had not even caught 100 passes in his career and the loss of All-Pro TE Rob Gronkowski, whilst the other does jail time. As a result earned the respect of tons NFL supporters (even those who have doubted and hated him) all around the country for they way he performed, his determination, and willingness to scrape away whatever win he could have, even against the toughest NFL teams. For those who thought Brady was only good because of the receiving core he had, think again. Analysts and Supporters around the league alike will probably remember this season more for what Tom Brady accomplished with a depleted offence (not to mention the depleted defence aswell) rather than Peyton's record setting season that ended with a real punch in the face.
Hawkeye 525 (4 years ago)
It's funny that people hate brady and yet why watch the videos with him in it
Eden C (2 years ago)
lol then they wouldn't have anything to complain about
Jantzen Focht (4 years ago)
You know what I like to say? I like to hate these people as players but not as people.some guys are bad people but most of these guys are good people. I just hate what they do to the opposing team.
Fiahder Doe (4 years ago)
lol ikr people are useless
NYG5 (4 years ago)
people only hate brady because ESPN was always all over his nuts
IsaacH1273 (5 years ago)
i'm surprised strahan didn't bring up 18-1
GRIMLOCK07 (4 years ago)
That would be in Poor Taste for Strahan to bring that up.  We all know who won, that's what matters. But if Brady had bought the 18-1 Subject up, than that's a different story. 
alex vwenz (5 years ago)
I'm not a Pats fans but I have so much respect for this guy. Year in and year out who does more with less? No No Gronk, Hernandez and Welker and the guy still goes out there and have crazy production. To me that's why he's the best.
george kim (5 years ago)
nsalerno12 (5 years ago)
For all of you wondering about that mysterious reason why people hate Tom Brady. Its a very simple reason actually. In today's world, If you dont back the best, you are against the best. Gotta love how EVERYONE LOOOOOOOVVVESSSS Drew Brees, like Drew Brees can do no wrong. Heres the difference between Brees and Brady. Tom's Better in every way as a Quarterback so haters gonna hate that. And Brees doesnt win as much, and he plays for New Orleans. No one gives a fuck about New Orleans, While everyone hates Boston cause they win so many championships since Brady took the field in 2001 (all 4 major sports). Thats why he is hated. He is the King Pin godly winner along side David Ortiz, of a city that is rivaled by many. If you dont back the best, you are against the best. The more Hate He gets, the more respected he actually is. Why isnt Peyton hated as much? Once against no one gives a fuck about Indianapolis and he only has one ring. P.S - for those of you who dont respect Brady because of his style. You are a fuckin homo! People like Aaron Rodgers better than Brady simply because he wears flannels and Brady's wardrobe is worth more than your own life. lol commical. As a patriots fan, i can honestly say that if Brady came out of the closet tomorrow, all that would say is that no one could beat a gay guy for the last 13 years. Like how do Jets fans feel that a flamboyant dude has beat their ass the last decade+?. lol  But lets face it, hes arguably the perfect human.
baiteme (5 years ago)
Tom Brady ate a little too much HUMBLE pie before this interview.  
Tung Huynh (5 years ago)
After Ray Lewis and Revis talked about Tom. Now, Strahan. Class
Tung Huynh (5 years ago)
What are you saying? He is the contender every year.. Even right now. The worst Pats roster there is. Pats are still a contender.
Tung Huynh (5 years ago)
yeah.. When Talib left the game for right before 2nd half. I knew it right away that we will give up the lead. Last week WE ALL WITNESS TALIB. SHUT OUT Jimmy Gram. Best TE ever. Zero catch.. It explain how Talib injury affect the game plan.
Tung Huynh (5 years ago)
Dude. 18-1 sound awful. But damn we enjoyed it. it was heart broken. Now that i look back. 18 fucking 1!!! 18 wins in a ROW. How many years would it take for you team to win 18 GAMES? just saying.. Stop hating. You people are hating on Tom Brady for no DAMN REASON. STILL DONT KNOW WHY. Wives or girl friend loved him more than you? is that it? Im just wondering
drkInxgud (5 years ago)
basically what he meant is screw NFL network screw media stop comparing
connor mcleod (5 years ago)
You honestly can't hate on this man he is both a great player and humble just to name a few qualities but if your are one of those haters its probably because he's stomps your team every year
BIGMUTHAFNBLUE (5 years ago)
Brady ... how did 2007 finish for you.?? Said it was a great and one of your best seasons... BAHAHAHAHAHAHA 18-1!!!
Daniel Frankul (5 years ago)
Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! did you just not listen to what he said, different players, coaches, teams.... football is the biggest team sport... YOU CAN"T compare they are both great.. you can't tell who's better... brady said it BEAUTIFULLY.. what he says makes so much more sense.. it's actual logic..
Kevin Overstreet (5 years ago)
Ok..Manning is a better regular season QB, possibly the best of all-time in that aspect I'll give you that but when it comes to the playoffs everyone knows he is a choker, just look at the playoff record! Brady is the superior QB where it matters!
Lakeem Allen (5 years ago)
even he said that his defense won those superbowls....manning is better...shut up critics
theaghimself (5 years ago)
dude your probably a fucking Bills fan or something your just jealous we have a winning team every year and you wish you had brady, you probably go on all tom brady videos say shit about him. obsessed
Will Richards (5 years ago)
hes been to 2 superbowls since then, sure he lost but he still played in them. he has had his best season post-spygate, your just a stubborn fuck who doesnt know shit about football
Trollololololful (5 years ago)
It doesn't matter what he says. Actions speak louder than words, it's the way he carries himself that shows his arrogance.
Jmc1285 (5 years ago)
oh i see so you're saying if they cheated then welker would've caught that ball!!! tyree wouldn't have made that catch! samuel would've caught that pick!! seymour would have made that sack!!! gronk wouldn't have gotten hurt twice!!! and talib wouldn't have pulled a hammy, which allowed boldin to dominate!!! It all makes sense now!!!! you see you're a really smart guy!!!
Christopher Smith (5 years ago)
Marino hasn't won a SB ever. Leave, Your stupidity gives people migranes.
Christopher Smith (5 years ago)
Christopher Smith (5 years ago)
MRIORNMANBEAST, have a snicker, you get a little bit retarded when ur hungry.
Christopher Smith (5 years ago)
What a beast.
HueyLewisFan22 (5 years ago)
Typical Brady, perfect answer for everything. Super Bowl number 4 coming to New England this year baby!
Nelson (5 years ago)
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Ali (5 years ago)
I want that hat so bad, wish he would sell them!
Justin Gillen (5 years ago)
I wish there were more Ravens fans like you.
leo1337hs (5 years ago)
The Patriots are gonna shock the world this season.
SupaMario81 (5 years ago)
player chilling with each other, fans fighting.
Jignesh Patl (5 years ago)
Words cannot describe brady as a QB and as a Person..all he earns is games & respect..#True Genious..
IronMan50780 (5 years ago)
I guess your right. Wait in those 10 years he threw 50 TDs as well as going 16-0 gone to multiple pro bowls and multiple conference Championships as well as Super Bowls which in each instance The Pats came a play away from winning.
Rico Gomez (5 years ago)
In both of the super bowls since 2004 he has handed the ball over to his defense with a lead, with less than 6 minutes to go. The man can't call defensive plays or get good defensive talent. Sure he hasn't won a super bowl since 04, but he has done his fair share to accomplish that! Not to mention AFC title appearances.
Beast (5 years ago)
Tom brady. Best ever
Lawrence Smith (5 years ago)
there are so many Ravens fans who don't give Brady the respect he deserves just because of the budding rivalry between NE & BAL. I'm glad you're not one of those fans. mculatie- great guy/youtuber. future 100+ THUMBer
Lawrence Smith (5 years ago)
when was the last time rybo30 won a super bowl?
rybo30 (5 years ago)
Hasn't won a superbowl in 10 years.
Andrew Boone (5 years ago)
Respect between two great athletes
Paul McLaughlin (5 years ago)
Damn you and your professionalism, Strahan. I'd have *loved* for you to have made a comment when Brady talked about the success of 2007.
spacetime (5 years ago)
mculatie (5 years ago)
great guy/player. future HOFer
E-dub147 (5 years ago)
Here come people saying he's an arrogant "crybaby" Dude is unselfish, doesn't call himself the best instead gives credit to his team, and he was man enough to sit face-to-face with a guy who ruined his perfect season in the big game. Tom Brady is great. I also have a new found respect for Michael Strahan.
Michel Kinkela (5 years ago)
Great player
MrBrad412 (5 years ago)
Tom Brady is the best quarter back to ever live. He is also a great guy
fangman21 (5 years ago)
How can anyone say he's arrogant... Never talks about his game it's always team team team. When they chose him as top player in NFL 100 all he said was he thought Peyton was better and he credits his team around him for helping him play at the highest level he can. Much respect to Tom Brady

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