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MLP: Friendship is Magic - Rarity's Cutie Mark Moment

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Rarity tells the Cutie Mark Crusaders the story of how she got her very special Cutie Mark. Subscribe to HasbroStudiosShorts: http://j.mp/LkHWOx My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: http://j.mp/1d1tuZ7
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Text Comments (223)
Gacha life Helena Lin (19 days ago)
? Hasbro?!
Aqil Aghita (1 month ago)
So cute
Luna Lunar (1 month ago)
Wha? All the ponies have their cuitie marks at the same time?( in the day tgat Rainbow Dash makes Rainboom(
Kiki Animation (1 month ago)
0:21 is that appleblom teacher?
Aftab Ahmad (2 months ago)
Good story of the cutie mark but rarity said(they have to be spectacular and the performance is TOMORROW!!!and if it took 1 hole day to get there won't it another hole day to get back then why was performance done on time and I know she is a unicorn but fillies ponies are unable to make the teleportation spell work because it uses to much magic so it remain a mystery to 0 All
Jane Doe (3 months ago)
Meagan Campbell (3 months ago)
0:20 who else saw ms cheerlie Forgive me idk how to spell it
Fionamarie Batongbakal (3 months ago)
A rainbow dash fan
Chelsea Ignacia (4 months ago)
Wait, doesn't when Rarity find a rock sence, Rarity say "A rock?!" but this video doesn't have it at all
Meagan Campbell (3 months ago)
Chelsea Ignacia ya where is it?
Ling Wen zingshe (4 months ago)
Riski (4 months ago)
If you think about it...without rainbow dash none of them would've had their cutie marks
Monerah Cabato (5 months ago)
Oh jem .s
flamingunicorn10 love (5 months ago)
I see miss chery
Raven Queen (5 months ago)
So many gems!
Olivia Taylor (5 months ago)
Ben Sam (5 months ago)
Love Rarity! Shes my wife’s spirit pony 💎 💟
Its Pinkamena pie! (5 months ago)
Yep rarity is one of my favorite too ❤️
Sonya Douglas (6 months ago)
can you make the main six alicorns plz
Xunburst (7 months ago)
What's the name of the piano song in the background?
Aisyah Azzahra (8 months ago)
Rarity is my faforit, i love it
olimpia vasileiadou (8 months ago)
Μπράβο ραριτη σε αγαπώ πολύ.
ItsSaku -Chan (8 months ago)
This is all because of rainbow dash wheh dash do the sonic rainboom
Elizabeth Gable (8 months ago)
Jean Jalcovik (10 months ago)
Hate this video
candyy girl (10 months ago)
i very love with rarity!
l love rarity
Fatima Suelan (1 year ago)
in 0:21-0:22 i saw  sweetibells teacher ms. cherly
Clark Kent (1 year ago)
rarity pintar jahit
Timber Humphrey (1 year ago)
filly Rarity is adorable! ^^
shreya roblox (1 year ago)
I like rarity
Hi, I'm Hot Rod (1 year ago)
Was Rarity living by actually living by herself? Who to say that Rarity was working in her parents home?
bapak awang (1 year ago)
fluttershy fanssssssssssss
Steven J Flynn (1 year ago)
When i saw this episode I didn't know Rarity went to school with Cheerlee
a b (1 year ago)
1:20 it Lyrra and Bon Bon!
Baby cheerilie is a cake
Raissa Ruiz (1 year ago)
congrats rarity
Lps Minty Snowflake (1 year ago)
Raritys voice when she was a kid was cute
shahd ahmed (1 year ago)
Did you know that rainbow dash sonic rainboom let rarity pinky fluttershy and apple jack has the cutey mark?
707 Defender of Justice (8 months ago)
shahd ahmed Did you know its rude to put spoilers in the comments section without a warning
That's what she said (1 year ago)
shahd ahmed yes
Tonni Bear (1 year ago)
I actually think Rarity might be able to predict the future. Her horn must've known Rainbow's boom was gonna come, so it took her there to the rock. Plus, Rarity looked down at her 'flank' and expected it to be there.
Gale Brunette (1 year ago)
wow cooll
Caitlin Roberts (1 year ago)
1:08 cute
Michael the wolf (1 year ago)
Jojo Sawa fan page (1 year ago)
0:59 now that's a desti
I love rarity
resonabledemon (1 year ago)
Rarity has ocd
hi hasbro
mel mercado (1 year ago)
aaaawwww like if rarity id cute and her voice
Alangrutha Siva (1 year ago)
Alangrutha Siva (1 year ago)
Rarity, your one of my favourite ponies💎😊💎
Mark Rishel (1 year ago)
Reisiwjsjjxjsmkkmkmkmmkmkmkmmkmmkmkm,km,km, kid. No. V. Fun. VHF. H,f chic. H. Vur sister sister woman woman who is the real love sister of sister woman who is the woman
Michael Lites (1 year ago)
Great rock(not)
Shakira Raukx (1 year ago)
I wish I was a pony and a cutemark ☺☺☺
lil gamer unicorn (1 year ago)
I really like the movie My Little Pony
Bella Cipher (1 year ago)
To be honest. I would of just sold all the gems online to gets loads of money
Michell Mimi (1 year ago)
they all have there cutie mark in the same day
Knroad Kaisermühlner (1 year ago)
that rock witch has gems in it is calld a geod
Adnan Jassim (1 year ago)
i mean is and tge word i have is nothong
Adnan Jassim (1 year ago)
i dont care if ur name spelling os wrong I have
Walter Schivo (1 year ago)
If the play was tonight, why did it seem like it took days or 'years' for Rarity to find that rock and getting her cutie mark from the day of the rainboom that Rainbow Dash did as a filly?
Aqua Marine :3 (1 year ago)
1:13 my face whenever I see somethin cute
Rhonelly Oamil (1 year ago)
don't say my name jacob
Junko Playz (1 year ago)
Did you know that Ms.Cheirly was in 0:22?
Bias Wrecked (1 year ago)
I hope Hasbro Studios only work for My Little Pony even Equestria Girls MLP cause' I love watching MLP!!!
That one British Nerd (1 year ago)
So everypony got their cutie marks after rainbow dash did the sonic rainbow?
Joseph Clegg (1 year ago)
how come cutie marks used to just ping onto their flanks and now the foal has to float up in the air with lit up eyes and all that? XD
tae tae's wife (1 year ago)
its a called " Magic" and "rainbows"
cactusTeaa (1 year ago)
0:21 the pony with the fruit costuim is a recolor of aj!
shishi Chan (1 year ago)
pinkie pie fan too
C!CHARA (1 year ago)
What episode and season plz
connorpercival4 (1 year ago)
707 Defender of Justice (8 months ago)
connorpercival4 Nah bon bons just a teen probably back then
Irene Fox (1 year ago)
Wait was that Cheerlie
andrea silvester (1 year ago)
Tadas Abramavicius (1 year ago)
Elfego Cruz (1 year ago)
She's my fav
lord Miley (1 year ago)
oh help I can't stop laughing
Taku Genji (1 year ago)
so the play opened that night.... but to get to the rock she had to travel for an entire day....  So...What about this statement doesn't add up?  Either she got her cutie mark differently or she made the outfits for the next month play as well.
Miaoxian Tan (1 year ago)
Filly Cheerlie! Is that a straw costume?
ThatPianistGirl (2 years ago)
0:21 Cheerilie back in time
Gloria Ramos A (2 years ago)
Yenny Liusiana (2 years ago)
what the cute dress
Bealynn (2 years ago)
Hailey Smith (2 years ago)
#Rarity worst pony ever!!!!!!!
707 Defender of Justice (8 months ago)
Hailey Smith I appreciate your opinion but Rarity out of all the mane 6 is the one that I can relate the most to so for one I think she's stunning and amazing.
nibbles123 (2 years ago)
did you know the one with the yellow main at the end did you know thats rainbow dash i know it is rainbow dash because i have a magazine that hade cadence on it as a prize and one page showes all of the main 6 as fillys and rainbow hade a yellow main
707 Defender of Justice (8 months ago)
nibbles123 No since rainbow dash lived in cloudsdale at the time
nibbles123 (2 years ago)
+Twinkle Girl believe me its acutely true the magazine said rainbow dash next to the picture
Fallen Hope (2 years ago)
0:21 a Pinkie Pie fan :)))))))))))))))))))
Jagjit Minhas (1 year ago)
said goiogyour
Georgia Leeder (1 year ago)
Sky Diane
Sky Diane
Fallen Hope (2 years ago)
Hailey Smith I was taking about that blue pony next to Cheerilee
Jomark Villestas (2 years ago)
Cherilee's childhood is so cute she was dancing with other ponies
Kubix!! (2 years ago)
\|/ /|\ come to Britain ponies!!!
Jabuklina :p (2 years ago)
00:20 Is this Chirllie?
Rusty Fork (11 days ago)
Then why did you ask?
Adnane Ahyoune (2 months ago)
Jabuklina p 2 year's ago 00.20 ls this Charlie?
Karen Golar (3 months ago)
Jabuklina :p+ Cheerlee
Mandy Peters (4 months ago)
Hemma (2 years ago)
SOOO cute my fave character
mirian lopez (2 years ago)
hola rarity estoy emocionada de que mireis el mensaje que escribi para que vengais a mallorca por favor miralo en un concierto vuestro seria uno de los mejores dias de mi vida venid a mallorca en 2016 por favor
RAINBOW DASH Moza (2 years ago)
my you di ma werdy
Meloh Bandito (2 years ago)
Hugh this Unicorn Magic it wwas night then morning ?
Gilliana Mortel (2 years ago)
if rarity said " the performance is tomorrow then when her horn take her it turned to night and day so she must be late in making costumes right? im so a invistigator
Did a brony make this?
Hane2016 Bee (1 year ago)
RoseThe Best ص ضض ض ضذض
RoseThe Best (2 years ago)
+Giant Bacon But lauren faust made these too
Blu The Vixen (2 years ago)
+Giant Bacon Good point XD
+Blu The Vixen Well Isn't The CEO Of Hasbro A Man?
Blu The Vixen (2 years ago)
It was Hasbro, duh
Rosangela Azeredo (2 years ago)
Rebekka Sherriff (2 years ago)
Look. O. lol o. O. B. oollh. Jb bjhojh kooh jjhjlh j. L jo lb lb l. Llllllllllllllll lll.lll
Hane2016 Bee (1 year ago)
Rebekka Sherriff قضقض
Hane2016 Bee (1 year ago)
Rebekka Sherriff ذقضقضضضذذ
Ebonie Bailey (2 years ago)
wow Raity it must took u days to get to that big rock how you get back home and school in time for the play???
Chloe And Her Pens (2 years ago)
Why is chearlea a kid when rarity is a kid?
Velvet Blush (2 years ago)
+Coffee Girl why would you think that? Rarity owns her own fashion empire and everyone else lives on their own and have jobs...
Chloe And Her Pens (2 years ago)
oh ok xD. because  I always thought that chearlea is an adult and the mane 6 are something like teenagers xD
Lightning Flame (2 years ago)
Because they are the same age now so they were both kids in this video

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