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Megan from Skins chats to mybliss.co.uk

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Emily Larmore (5 years ago)
I say like a lot too:) lol
Mayem11 (5 years ago)
Meg is my favourite twin!
Morgan (5 years ago)
OMG I love her!! I love Kat too but ahh I just love both of them to death!! They are just such amazing people...the twins lol OMG I love Kat and Meg <33
Margot Klink (5 years ago)
honestly one of my favorite characters.
Herworlddx (5 years ago)
who else started looking out for real kissing/fake kissing scenes?
Alice Dayton (5 years ago)
The interviewer is the most adorable person ever. She's so much fun in all of these interviews.
Jenelle BS (6 years ago)
Meg is so honest and funny!
Jenelle BS (6 years ago)
i love luke too. lol
Rachel Hudson (6 years ago)
she so fancies luke
lilsis (6 years ago)
hahaha she was properly kissiing <3 so cute! I guess that's why Merv picked her as best kisser! LOL
SenDo Salvatore (6 years ago)
Awww ... i love meg
WhereTFisDeja (6 years ago)
Luke is the cutest boy I've ever seen on this EARTH.
Herworlddx (6 years ago)
LOL, I love how the interviewer was like 'But Jack is HOOTT' I almost fell of my bed xD
NayaDzienny (6 years ago)
Watch Doctors, that character Kat plays says 'Wowzer' and the interviewer says wowzer. That's quite funny ;)
tapat88 (6 years ago)
@carlo88moe haha maybe you're right with nick. I mean Cook changed a lot on s4. he had depth and he showed he can be vulnerable and well good. i think those who were shown as bad in every first series of each gen ends up getting better on s4. like cook, katie, and tony. this is vice versa for the likes of cassie, emily, and franky. sweet and lovable in the first but becomes complicated and kind of a bitch at the second series. i still like them though. that makes things more interesting.
carlo a. (6 years ago)
@tapat88 dude, com'on now, theyre ALL rip offs of one character or another, there's only so many nuances of a teen....but nick seems like he has hidden depths, more than a jock as he seemed to be in the first series of gen3, i think he'll be the one of the lot come series 6 who shows the most growth, he has a lot of baggage, maybe that will foment into a grave character change
thecesarfabregas (7 years ago)
How did she say she like the guys?? And what she said about jack o'connell? I think jack and meg would be a lovely couple!!
tapat88 (7 years ago)
@azerty12321 Yeah it feels so different in a not-skins kind of way. It sort of feels more american teen show to me coz of the cliches. I dont think its the connection only but maybe with the other added factors as well. I watched gen 2 first so gen 2 was my 1st. I found gen 2 better for me even if gen 1 was the original. Still Gen 1 was really good. Gen 3 was fail for me coz of the inferior characters, acting???? sucks!, and storylines were boring. Not to mention unattractive cast in general.
msjeopardy24 (7 years ago)
tapat88 (7 years ago)
@SoFreakinK I kinda like mini too.. she seems like an interesting character. Yeah but i don't like Nick... for me he looks as if a rip off of cook/tony. so far i don't like most of the couples or love triangles in gen 3... i kind off like minky... although they're not official. but the weird thing is, they look more realistic or they have more chemistry than all those forced couples...tbh.
Kevin Théorêt (7 years ago)
@tapat88 I completely agree with you. I must say that season 3&4 were the best eva ! well i kinda like mini and nick in season 5 but... I totally prefer second genn.
tapat88 (7 years ago)
@SoFreakinK I didnt know the 3rd gen had fans??? haha lol. Series 5 sucked by the way. Bring back gen 2. I think people would have much preferred that. Gen 3 cast are horrible actors... not to mention dull looking. I kind of feel sorry for them coz they had to go after gen 2's cast which i believed had the most brilliant and good looking people in all gens.
Shauna O Sullivan (7 years ago)
She does such a good impression of Kat :L
rareflorence (7 years ago)
i think kat is a better actress but i like meg more as a person :)
Daleksaresupreme1 (7 years ago)
she is the underated twin
Max Wilkins (7 years ago)
She is sooooo fit -3
Kevin Théorêt (7 years ago)
the 2 persons who dislike this video are fans of the third generation. IM IN LOVE WITH MEGAN PRESCOTT <3 shes hot and shes funny :)
Rraine Hanson (7 years ago)
@olympusissoawsome what interview/video was that?
Christy Forrest (7 years ago)
the questioners voice sounds as if she's narrating a fairytale or something
Elisha W (8 years ago)
I'd kiss Luke for real too!
fazirra zawawi (8 years ago)
@BrandNewShoe channing tatum.. he is hot..
Nyasia Manning (8 years ago)
lmao her imperssanations of kat are hilarious
reismayesproductions (8 years ago)
what's the first question the interviewer asks between meg and kat? and like 5: 53?
SocialDisease609 (8 years ago)
Thanks for posting this again!!! Love Meg, such a cutie. Can't wait for her episode this Thursday! Gonna be epic. They should spin off with the Fitch family. I can't believe Meg really kissed the man who played Danny, haha, what a lucky guy.
Musicarqlzers (8 years ago)
6:45 Love Her Kat`s Impersonation! She is really CUTE!!!! XD
Musicarqlzers (8 years ago)
4:30 Shut Up! Shut Up Twins!! LOL
Musicarqlzers (8 years ago)
thanks for posting again.. ;]
CJ Matombe (8 years ago)
cheers mate
mickiejames08 (8 years ago)
I love meg so much it's rediculous
CJ Matombe (8 years ago)
Can someone please tell me what question the lady asks at 6:03 ? I don't understand it...
57apache16 (8 years ago)
sweet! it works properly now
Mariana Barros (8 years ago)
She is awesome!!!!!

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