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history of the entire world, i guess

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Text Comments (222841)
Michael Manfredini (13 minutes ago)
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Rae B (13 minutes ago)
bigger stars burn out and die with p a s s i o n
Grace Bella (52 minutes ago)
*i feel smart after watching this video*
Ahmed Barzaq (1 hour ago)
Promila Sagar (28 minutes ago)
No I am watching in 300000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
why you do this (1 hour ago)
I just watched 4 minutes and 53 seconds of it and I’ve already had enough
Dan The Monster (1 hour ago)
Found in my recommendations
VJ825 Molina (1 hour ago)
Holy crap that was long. And very informative.
Jumpingpig 1313 (1 hour ago)
Italy conquered Ethiopia, Liberia was never colonized
Starry Mixies (1 hour ago)
11:58 Itz not that hard, fam. -A goddamn Malaysian.
Luke lulz (1 hour ago)
Man, i learn here more than in school
Dylan Riggs (2 hours ago)
Man I love this video! Thanks YouTube for re-recommending it to me. Like years later.
Royal Panda (2 hours ago)
How do you feel about this getting 63million views😂
Pure Gaming (2 hours ago)
In the Soviet Onion
Alana Harris (2 hours ago)
I never realized the land splitting apart part, but now I know that’s Pangaea and continental drift, I feel kinda smart
PAPA DANKI (3 hours ago)
RELIGIOUS PEOPLE: if there's no god how then was the universe created? ME: *HI YOU'RE ON A ROCK FLOATING IN SPACE....*
Kusu Ken (3 hours ago)
I dont get it. How can nothing create something? How do you know that? Can you give an example of things that created from nothingness?
중학생 (3 hours ago)
I made my science project with your video, And now i get A+ I think you're very ingenious to make this video
John Doe (3 hours ago)
I just learned a lot about religion 🤔😂 thanks 👍
Samantha E. (3 hours ago)
6:14 *well he’s not wrong*
PAPA DANKI (3 hours ago)
Chester Inguito (3 hours ago)
This is better than my history class or any history classes
Victoria Rose (4 hours ago)
"Knock knock or wait clop clop"😂😂😂
Dylan Fallon (4 hours ago)
*how did this haaaapen*
Jackt (4 hours ago)
8:56 Ignore me.
alexdoesstuff (4 hours ago)
”whoops half of Europe just died” *We could make a religion out of this*
ThatOneCockatoo (5 hours ago)
Let's get this to 69 million views boys!
damn daniel (4 hours ago)
Look at these *nipples*
damn daniel (5 hours ago)
*look at these nipples*
Jasper Bot army (5 hours ago)
I got pranked
Gabriel Ramillano (5 hours ago)
ive never disliked a video so fast before
Actually learn't something
MIN SUGA GENIUS (5 hours ago)
Wow.I learned a lot.
Charlotte Foong (6 hours ago)
You forgot to mention Malaya changed its name to Malaysia. Just to help ya
Hazawarlock (6 hours ago)
Everything about this video is Clever
The Captain (6 hours ago)
Sneha 2004 (6 hours ago)
*_Living organisms in earth:_* 😂 *1st: Organisms* *2nd: Animals* *3rd: Humans* *4th: Aliens?* 🤨🤔
Sneha 2004 (6 hours ago)
*_History of the world got confused after humans entered this ball._* 😂
Sneha 2004 (6 hours ago)
Oh hey!👋 😂, I’m not from India I’m from 17:40 😊
Hey sneha aap india me kaha se ho....?
Sneha 2004 (6 hours ago)
*_Since when was history this interesting?_* 😂
Kavi nai...
Jeffz (6 hours ago)
Finally I've found the correct teacher for me
Gasoline (7 hours ago)
Watched this right before my History Final. I got a fucking A+ with extra credit. I was high too. Thank you!
Maximillian Matrix (7 hours ago)
Goodbye Bill wurtz 😢.
Maximillian Matrix (6 hours ago)
SosoEl3aw I guess..
SosoEl3aw (6 hours ago)
He still makes vids
Sam Danielle (7 hours ago)
I watched this after going to my history class for 8 years and its weird to think that i was able to understand my lessons with this 20 minute video more than how i understood it in ny actual class. Im not even joking.
Bott Yuup (7 hours ago)
I got this sound bouerd
unreleased (7 hours ago)
i’m gonna leave this here just in case i watch this in any of my classes in school hi does this count as extra credit
Ninjabob25 (8 hours ago)
I wish australia got more than mentioned once
bethy uwu (8 hours ago)
when teachers say "you have to learn bc it might be useful later on!" this is what they meant
Ya_AimGod_Jesus (9 hours ago)
I died when he said that Japan raped Nanking (look up Nanking)
2,945,142 views (9 hours ago)
*I never get bored of this*
bekkie (9 hours ago)
South African appartied ended in 1994, when Nelson Mandela became the first black president
Vinoothna peruri (9 hours ago)
Damn! said Amsterdam
Ace Herbal Solutions (9 hours ago)
Correction: Indus Valley Civilization occurred prior to the Yellow River Civilization
Tyk (9 hours ago)
I can sing almost all the songs in the video. That’s how many times I’ve watched this. Help.
Sharon Bowron (9 hours ago)
This guys funny
Nova ann (9 hours ago)
It’s been 5 minute of a YouTube video, but I feel like I’ve been in a year long social history class,’with a really cool teacher that cracks jokes and wears plaid
Guitariano (9 hours ago)
6:13 Wow that's like, the Ten Commandments in a nutshell. 😂😂
Dmitry9000YT (10 hours ago)
Emily Dunham (10 hours ago)
ThE SuN Is A DeAdLy LaZeR
heyyissBangtan (10 hours ago)
Have to go back in the water to make babies 😭😂😂😂
Captain trash can S (11 hours ago)
Is it wrong I’ve learned more about how the world was by watching this that in school? It’s cool and interesting with flashy things witch is good for my ADHD this should be manditory everywhere for school
Fuzzle Berri (10 hours ago)
Captain trash can S I’ve been learning about the earth since 2nd grade and I’m currently on 7th and I only just now learned what quarks were yesterday
Tommy Patterson (11 hours ago)
He has nighmares
YourFriendlyKiller (11 hours ago)
*made a few years ago* YouTube: *it’s rewind time*
patthemightymat (11 hours ago)
When some one gets a sun burn *ThE SUN IS A DeAdLy LaZAr*
The school can teach this too to kids but it takes them 12 years and makes nonsense while this makes so much sense and just 19 minutes so beat it school
majomushi (11 hours ago)
i love that this has 0 south america history
P Series (11 hours ago)
damn amsterdam, we gotta start pillaging some stuff
Nicole Fisher (12 hours ago)
When I die I wish to die with passion
Michael Tufillaro (12 hours ago)
Oh Yeah Yeah (12 hours ago)
Why can’t we just watch this in history class instead reading textbooks??
Epix Crafter (12 hours ago)
This is surprisingly educational
Obi wan Kenobi (12 hours ago)
You should not be so ignorant about religion and try to understand it
Dusted turtle (12 hours ago)
12:44 wait how's Japan there
fooker mooker (12 hours ago)
That's the Carribean
fooker mooker (12 hours ago)
This makes me feel groovy, likes pelican.
reaver shark (12 hours ago)
Anybody: History:China broke again
Brian Mo (12 hours ago)
how to pass AP World History 101
Just some bush (13 hours ago)
My History teacher is a G for showing our class this.
#TeamFuture (13 hours ago)
central america is not a country .-.
JoeBobThe3rd (13 hours ago)
63 million views. Holy shit. This video blew up
Steven L (13 hours ago)
Land *Exist* Human Niggas *It's Free Real Estate*
Rodrigo Antolinez (13 hours ago)
Shouldve mentioned Simon Bolivar, he ended the Spanish Empire, but otherwise what a classic video.
FBI (13 hours ago)
When Elon Musk buys the American education system and just replaces it with this one video: *Reality can be anything I want*
Theory Ames (14 hours ago)
How much lsd am I on or did someone put weed in my spaghetti
Drewdaddy07 Gaming (14 hours ago)
When the earth is a YouTube video
BatmanGold (14 hours ago)
15:47 is the 20th hilarious thing in this one video.
fooker mooker (12 hours ago)
Who won?
Can we go on land? NO why? THE SUN IS A DEADLY LASERR ..oh ok
Caleb Hu (14 hours ago)
i want a hippo-mobile
RILEY ALFRED (14 hours ago)
LizLuvsHorses _ (14 hours ago)
I need a clean version so I can send this to my teachers 😂
RILEY ALFRED (14 hours ago)
Let's invent a thing inventor said the thing inventor after being invented by a thing inventor
tr33 (14 hours ago)
taste the sun
I'd like him to sum up Kardashian history...
Queen Firestar (15 hours ago)
You mean to tell me that the first living thing on Earth was a sentient tampon that fed on chemical soup! My, what a world we live in.
xXMagicalzXx (15 hours ago)
Vanessa Rose (15 hours ago)
How to pass AP world
Dae'Quan Thomas (15 hours ago)
Who needs school amirite?
Joseph Rogers (15 hours ago)
*refrences quote*
surely you jestin’ (15 hours ago)
This is probably not going to make an ongoing chain, but... Hi, you’re on a rock floating in space.
surely you jestin’ (15 hours ago)
some of it’s water. fuck it, actually most of it’s water.
Allen A (15 hours ago)
pretty cool, huh?
Simple Beans (15 hours ago)
Alexov Brusilov (15 hours ago)
Damn, I feel bad for the natives of North America including Mexico and Panama (more or less), they got they're land taken by the "americans", this Is also a fact that is forgotten simply to paint the u.s in good light..
happilytinychaos chaos (15 hours ago)
this made me question all of the teaching my history teacher taught me

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