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history of the entire world, i guess

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Text Comments (221376)
Joseph Stalin (29 minutes ago)
Who’s here at 69 million views
Team Parkhill (41 minutes ago)
“Damn,” said Amsterdam.
Twisti08 Storm0809 (41 minutes ago)
This is greate
Lance Hoskins (1 hour ago)
History of the world (ETHICAL EXPLANATION) _Once God arted a thing he called 'earth'. We then got stuck in space and we still are thanks for watching bye_
Scott Watts (2 hours ago)
Snowball earth 2: Electric boogaloo
Usmile (2 hours ago)
I gotta play this when we come to area 51, so aliens will know how it all happened.
Nolan Tatar (2 hours ago)
We did it we reached 69million views
Random stuff (3 hours ago)
Hey you’re on a rock floating in space- Me: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO -with WiFi, internet and the WORST INDIAN COMPANY EVER that got beaten by lasagna. Me: ok
Drei Parker (4 hours ago)
Whatever youre smoking, i want it
TheAntonyDude (4 hours ago)
Catswork (4 hours ago)
we should all refer Hitler as the angry mustache model for now on
_Piña Salvaje_ (4 hours ago)
Estoy feliz cuando escuche lo de los olmecas I'm happy know that I heard the Olmec
Dorothy Hicks (4 hours ago)
The sun is still a deadly laser for me.
Samuel Iverson (4 hours ago)
The thing is the beginning of the video was based on evolution and evolution is bullcrap. God made the heavens and the earth. (2 giant flameing planets didn't make the moon.) God made the world to be 4.5 billion years old, 6,000 years ago...........AND HUMANS AREN'T RELATED TO MONEY'S.😡
Samuel Iverson (4 hours ago)
Still it's a funny video good job.😃
weave (4 hours ago)
*let's rape Africa*
JustRandomStuff12435 (4 hours ago)
I wanted to show my 8th grade teacher this in class. (Clean version)(duh)
lιl ʝɛաɛʟ (5 hours ago)
VivianPlays x3 (5 hours ago)
i dig this
Singleplayer (5 hours ago)
0:12 Bill: a long time ago, actually never and also now, nothing is nowhere. When? Never. Makes sense right? Me: wait hold up- de- SLOW DOWN **pause** ... no it doesn’t make sense and what???
Hello Stranger (5 hours ago)
This is cancerous.
The Nonsensical Nerd (5 hours ago)
Nobody else watch this....we’re at 69,000,000 views
radiofeet (6 hours ago)
3:01 roblox
A A (6 hours ago)
I love how Brazil was insignificant through all world history, and now isn't different
KidxFury (6 hours ago)
Friend: "Hey can I have a bite of your food?" Me: 3:02
Jedda Barnes (6 hours ago)
when u nat 20 a history check
Licorice YT (6 hours ago)
1:45 press command+n, I wonder what it does I don't actually know, Im on my iPad.
Nicolás Behncke (6 hours ago)
Mom: Hey you what to go outside? Me: No Mom: why not? Me: THE SUN IS A DEADLY LASER!! Mom: oh okay, here's a blanket.
Turbular905 345 (6 hours ago)
#Luke (7 hours ago)
Show this to aliens when we free them from Area 51.
Madden Bain (7 hours ago)
Here at 69 million views
Salmane Gharbi (7 hours ago)
You forgot Spain trying to take over Morocco's desert (Morocco wins)
CantaloupeSmoothie (7 hours ago)
Bill wurtz: did I miss anybody? Oregon: well pioneers came and- Bill wurtz: nobody asked you.
Dixie Normous (7 hours ago)
I'm sad nothing was said about Canada
Jump Through A Window (7 hours ago)
Fine YouTube e I'll watch this thanks for putting this on my recommend for a year
Salmane Gharbi (7 hours ago)
Me asking myself what's the meaning of life
Etownmaczilla 1 (7 hours ago)
Woww has makes Uranus
SaltyBoi UWU (8 hours ago)
Hey, people watch this video 69M times Hehehehe 69, that's a good number
Blue 1011 (8 hours ago)
Favorite Part: 3:53 because of the jingle
BirdDoesYOUTUBE _ (8 hours ago)
History in a nutshell
General Bitler (8 hours ago)
Add this to the list of YouTube’s most iconic videos
Trong Truong (8 hours ago)
This is very helpful. My teacher should of show us this in class 😅
Spiny (8 hours ago)
Someone show this to the aliens in Area 51
Baxi (9 hours ago)
Jimmy Sado (9 hours ago)
69 million views
WilliKeks (9 hours ago)
12:43 that’s not Japan, that’s Cuba & co lol👌👍🦶
Vatan Kömürcü (9 hours ago)
"i'm not locked in here with you, you are locked in here with me!" -history of the entire world, i guess
It’s Ellei barrett (9 hours ago)
I think Australia should’ve had a bit more... and you never said how turkey invaded greece
tea time commenter (9 hours ago)
more food and more people who came to buy the food now you need people to help make the food and keep track of the sales and now you need houses for people to live in and people to make the houses and now theres more people and they invent things which makes things better and more people come and theres more farming and more people to make more things for more people and now theres BUSINESS MONEY WRITING LAWS POWER S O C I E T Y
Rasinski_Bombasi (10 hours ago)
69 million views *N i c e*
SlueRL (10 hours ago)
18:32 Apartheid means "Weirdness" in Dutch and South-African
SlueRL (10 hours ago)
The Golden Pikachu (10 hours ago)
3:02 "the sun is a deadly laser" little things like this shouldn't be as funny as they are
2:08 England
Suraj Singh (11 hours ago)
Vampire: I can't expose myself at the sun Me: Why?? Vampire: *THE SUN IS A DEADLY LAZER*
E E (11 hours ago)
Comments: THE SUN IS A DEADLY LAZAR 90% MEMES WE COULD MAKE A RELIGION OUT OF THIS 50%. Teacher: Okay what did u learn about history? Me: this 10% And oh boi Heres my comment 1%
SakuraSabre (7 hours ago)
Newco Lux (11 hours ago)
why do I watch this ???
Shaun Mcmillan (11 hours ago)
Every thing is everywhere to and you don't even need and where that's how every it gets.AGAIN WHAT DO YOU MEAN
Roshan Zameer (11 hours ago)
My entire school history syllabus in one video... Great * 1000
Boeing 747-8 For Life (11 hours ago)
69 million views lmao
Shaun Mcmillan (11 hours ago)
0:15 nothing is nowhere and that nothing had nothing. WHAT DO YOU MEAN
Jonah McSnazz (12 hours ago)
Dude, make a kid friendly version if this, please.
voice: Where the hell is Canada
RidireFirecat (12 hours ago)
This has become one of the staples of the internet
Me: **blinks** Bill: *Colombus conquers America*
RUN?! Official Music (13 hours ago)
Joe Nohs (13 hours ago)
69milion views noice Michael Rosen reference
Mary Potter (14 hours ago)
Shard (14 hours ago)
14:26 favorite part of the entire thing
SL1pP3Ry Sl4Ps! (14 hours ago)
best history lesson ever
madmanmatty 8 (14 hours ago)
Thank you for existing
8enzo the Oblivious (14 hours ago)
69. Nice
JRT Griffiths (15 hours ago)
“Whoops, half of Europe just died” Ever so casual, as you do
Sunny (15 hours ago)
you know how people over exaggerate how many times theyve done something pretty useless. well im happy to say ive actually watched this video too many times more than i should have. i have remembered every single line. help
Xander T (15 hours ago)
the raping of africa (and to a lesser extent, asia)
Flipside Gacha (15 hours ago)
Me waiting for the big wierd expansion of Sweden like (Aaand it wasnt mentioned)
PencilManTV (15 hours ago)
69M views. Nice
Pidgeotto Guy (16 hours ago)
69 million views
Jacob Legault (16 hours ago)
But... Wheres canada? I always knew that country was too good to be true...
Andrew (17 hours ago)
69 million views... noice.
Skeptic (18 hours ago)
69 Million Views
T- Series (18 hours ago)
Btw at the moment 69!!!
Bhanu Sharma (18 hours ago)
Play the video In 0.75x speeds .....thank me later
Jadhostgamer072 (18 hours ago)
Teacher: what is the sun? Can one of you tell me? Me: the sun is a deadly laser Teacher: uhh okay, what is the moon? Me: It made a huge mess!
Fortnite SMG (19 hours ago)
9:19= how are your cats doing?
Luna Silvermoon (19 hours ago)
history is boring. Shut up and watch that video.
UNDERTALE FANGAL 2.0 (20 hours ago)
3:02 me avoiding going outside
Muhammad Afiq (20 hours ago)
FireFistStudios (20 hours ago)
I like how he answered the question at the end in the very beginning. By the way, where the hell are we? Hi, you’re on a rock, floating in space. Pretty cool huh?
Ray Mints (9 hours ago)
Oh, yeah. I noticed it, too.
SRF Weeb (21 hours ago)
Arthur Lecomte (21 hours ago)
This is the best video in the history of YouTube
Courtney Daly (21 hours ago)
Why was this in my recommenced page...? No regrets watching this It’s so factual 😤👊
Icekaps (21 hours ago)
*Im scared to blind and miss a whole century*
paulezas 3000 (21 hours ago)
I cannot even get from here to there without buying a boat ( shows a plane)
Dia Shaikh (22 hours ago)
I'm taking this with me to Area 51
Freeze Justice (22 hours ago)
Who’s here before 69 million views?
Freeze Justice (22 hours ago)
Who’s here before 69 million views?
Freeze Justice (22 hours ago)
Who’s here before 69 million views?
If this was my history class,I would go everyday
Maria Anna (22 hours ago)
Ayyyyyyyy 69 million viewssssss
ONUR ERGİN (23 hours ago)
𝓱𝓲𝓼𝓽𝓸𝓻𝔂 𝓸𝓯 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓮𝓷𝓽𝓲𝓻𝓮 𝔀𝓸𝓻𝓵𝓭, 𝓲 𝓰𝓾𝓮𝓼𝓼

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