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MyBliss meets Big Time Rush!

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Anas Ali (4 days ago)
What idiot would turn down Kendall?
Princess Hana (4 months ago)
Mostly-ask-James : james, this is lee-loo, my question 2 u is, "dont u think this constant question 2 u & the boyz from all female curiousity-pantsers where ur asked wot do u look 4 in a girl & wots your ideal date/valentines day/make out song ect is just throwin an oil rig into a lava eruption...because these females r assisting u in setting up fixed lists 4 all other females who listen 2 u, fixed lists about delusional fairytales with an invisible hero on a white horse, ur gettin set-up 2 build unrealistic lists with boxes 2 tick off 4 the female-population without your consent & knowledge???" 🙅
lilia peña (5 months ago)
lilia peña (5 months ago)
Iris love kendall Schmidt Love you Iris Kendall Schmidt Love you Love Love love Love love Love love Love love Love love Love love you IRIS Schmidt Love love you IRIS Schmidt Love love love love Iris love Kendall Schmidt Love love
Jessi Sabalaskey (10 months ago)
would you skape me please
Jessi Sabalaskey (10 months ago)
I was in my old room I was singing your cds I got and i'm really good at it
MsLillyBear16 (1 year ago)
@Atikah M yes I will. What's up with using the word "hun"?
Teodora Milanovic (2 years ago)
Love BTR so much 💗💗💗💗💗😘😘😘😘😘
Alyssa Mansano (2 years ago)
Carlitos , Jamie , Logie, Kenny ❤ btr
Bobbi Brown (3 years ago)
I love love love love Kendall I think he is hot hot hot hot! And whoever said they would wrestle John cean u watch WWE by the way this is Alexis Mariana Dunagan I am 11.
Lilly Benefield (4 years ago)
My favorite boy in the group is James Maslow! Hey James, I have an interesting fact for you, I was born on July 16, 2001! We are only 11 years apart.
Josie Ruble (3 months ago)
Hi Josie
Atikah M (1 year ago)
Lilly Benefield aww that is so cute. you gonna find someone nice hun❤️
Alyssa Mansano (2 years ago)
thats so cool I'm in September 12 2000 im 2 days before Logan's and 11 years away from him
jeddabug11 (5 years ago)
Good Logan now come to Colombia!!!!
Spooks & Books (5 years ago)
My dorks aww
FaF2rox (5 years ago)
i would love to arm wrestle john cena
Chris Gladden (5 years ago)
quatros' hdflk's sd'dsdjfner poop shuejsm'sh sn gGaggsgajghGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
daisy ortega (5 years ago)
Logans cute!!!!!!! I take a long time to get ready too!!!!:)
Fabotastic (6 years ago)
"La vida es muy corta para ser organizado" Kendall cambio mi vida con ese consejo akjshdka♥
cayla deanne (6 years ago)
i know. bless
Tasmia Razia (6 years ago)
lol. our insideout oreo
cayla deanne (6 years ago)
you obviously took my comment way too seriously i was joking you idiot
Mariah Gilbert (6 years ago)
GEEEEEEEEEEEET AAAAAAA LLLLIIIFFEE!!!!!! because logan is makking more money than you and FYI he is cool he find you some buisnnes
Mariah Gilbert (6 years ago)
Logan looks hot with sunglasses on and hats and lether jackets BTR Rules and yes logan looks like he's a ladies man Haha
Annemarie Cheetham (6 years ago)
love it that logan and carlos have their glasses on the whole time
PinkOceanPhx (6 years ago)
@HS7427 I have that hung up on my wall. Lol
cayla deanne (6 years ago)
i would like to know why Logan is wearing sunglasses you are not Usher, take your glasses off boy! tryna be cool and shit lol
Amber Goo (6 years ago)
i love having a british accent now :)
shirley carolina (6 years ago)
shames! im from london!
Emma Kotecki (6 years ago)
James's hair flip
Elizabeth PenaMaslow (3 months ago)
I (fun fact!) used to die over it and still do!!!! :blush:
jenjenz1023 (6 years ago)
Now if only the Ladies Man song came out on Elevate XP
Bailey Patterson (6 years ago)
I love how James immediately answers yes when she asked "are u guys ever irritated by each other?"
Elizabeth PenaMaslow (3 months ago)
Me too :'D
Veri Harrison (6 years ago)
I love love kendall voice it make me cry
Samantha Choong (6 years ago)
make up? whats that? haha. I'm kidding but, i honestly don't use it.
Imke Zimmermann (6 years ago)
Life is to short to be organized......oooooh kendall I love you
Believe671 (6 years ago)
Proud to be British.
Ajshjs Ashhsd (6 years ago)
@samanthaclaireee Who doesn't? ;)
gol ap (6 years ago)
ich könnte ihnen mein Herz vor die Füße KOTZEN^^
Emma Tomlinson (7 years ago)
Haha Logan could be Santa Claus! Lol hahahahahaha
Nazlin Schmidtx (7 years ago)
Only stupid and blind people would turn them down.
David BeDell (7 years ago)
Logan: ladies man Me: about 10 crushes ( Logan is one of the crushes) -3
David BeDell (7 years ago)
Logan is a lady's man, I have like 5 crushes!;) (that includes Logan)
krystal hart (7 years ago)
i dont wear make up
musiclovesbest (7 years ago)
The accent is the same with every american citizen...Girls are pretty much the same way with guys with the english accent...
purplebear911 (7 years ago)
@MsJessemccartneylove same here! love him even more now,... if that was even possible lol ;)
Chrissy Adams (7 years ago)
@TheNeptunePisces83 there's no leader in the band . In the show, it's kendall but in real life....NO leader what so ever !
jenjenz1023 (7 years ago)
@racetracksgirl1899 It makes it easier for the fans to see that they truly are close and they don't just say that to keep some act going
Brianna Dinocento (7 years ago)
@sass2962 that was carlos
Brianna Dinocento (7 years ago)
@jenjenz1023 right i love to see two guys as best friends act like bros lol its cute
Brianna Dinocento (7 years ago)
@jenjenz1023 i see it too lol and some cargan stuff too
Brianna Dinocento (7 years ago)
@dance1superstar hes the sweetest
Brianna Dinocento (7 years ago)
@vikwhis11 ikr i cryed a little too lol :P
Brianna Dinocento (7 years ago)
@dancinglabradoodle59 ikr that was like one of my favorite parts
Brianna Dinocento (7 years ago)
@ilvcarlos lol ikr who would be crazy enough or blind enough to turn them down
Brianna Dinocento (7 years ago)
@BeautifulSpirt everybody is beautiful no matter what and i bet you are a very beautiful person inside and out :)
Abbie Cook (7 years ago)
Omfggggg Kendalls so cute ! haha "when you girls talk tous its like kurplffttt"hahaha u gotta love himx
278Nerunee (7 years ago)
Is james' sister older than him or younger? I wanna know
Elizabeth PenaMaslow (3 months ago)
Older. She's 36 and he is 28.
elyse lang (7 years ago)
that amazing girl is right here!!!!!
Ajshjs Ashhsd (7 years ago)
I wanna clean your room Kendall!!! .-.
Ajshjs Ashhsd (7 years ago)
1. Kendall and Carlos, mustard is gross! 2. James, dont call Kendall weak -_-' 3. Logan, don't be such a flirt ._. I luv em but those are just randomness things ._.
Alejandra Cardozo (7 years ago)
They look just hot!! LOVE YOU guys!! You are amazing!!
AwAriDoll (7 years ago)
lol i love logan's theme song now... :D
AwAriDoll (7 years ago)
lol its so cute how they melt over the accent!!! british accent rocks!!
AwAriDoll (7 years ago)
aww they so lucky!! i wish i could visit london!
bluebification (7 years ago)
8:11 - 813 James looks like he wants to say something but stops lol he's soo cute
jenjenz1023 (7 years ago)
@Wubya123 yup. Her name is Ali :)
jenjenz1023 (7 years ago)
@nemiXdemetria you're right. I mean, they would be cute as a couple (if they ever were) but their relationship is cuter when they act like brothers. Some people who ship the boys as couples really take it too far sometimes.
Perrine (7 years ago)
@jenjenz1023 Yes, there are always cute and they seem accomplice, close. But I think there aren't a lot of thing that they're a real couple. The most importante thing is that they're really good friends.
jenjenz1023 (7 years ago)
@nemiXdemetria they are a lot cuter than Kogan. Maybe it's the fact that they're so different from one another yet so similar at the same time?
Perrine (7 years ago)
@jenjenz1023 Yes, I am. I loved Kogan but Jagan is more... I don't know, more cute :) They make me laugh! So much! :)
jenjenz1023 (7 years ago)
@nemiXdemetria lol I love them. too! So I'm guessing you're a Jagan fan?
Perrine (7 years ago)
@jenjenz1023 At 09:31 They're so cute :) And at 09:38-09:39 Logan is the first who laugh! I love them :D
aLiiKezH (7 years ago)
omg carlos is sucha sweetheart hearing him say 'they look so beautiful with out make up so natually'' really made my day he loves us for who we are no matta wah we luk like Logan: 'do u wana arm wrestle Megan Foxs husbans'' Carlos *sits back down* 'oh i thought u sed me do u wana hava arm westle wiv me'' LMFAO
jenjenz1023 (7 years ago)
@nemiXdemetria one time is when Logan is talking about traveling the world and James asks about the Caribbean. All the Jagan moments really are in the time between the middle and the end. :)
Perrine (7 years ago)
@jenjenz1023 When do you see a Jagan moment ? I don't see that :/
Breanna Voris (7 years ago)
*dying I thought Carlos said he wanted to be a mammoth trainer lol.
KpopLuv23 (7 years ago)
OMFG did james say John Cena?!!! :O he likes WWE!!! that's major points for him i luv him even more!!! :D
Julie Brown (7 years ago)
james seems that he is the leader of the group or if i'm the only think that?
Victoria Whisenant (7 years ago)
awwww, the video ended =(
1cali1girl (7 years ago)
chick: "you spend alot of time together with tv or the band, do you get sick of each other?: james: "yes" haha
1cali1girl (7 years ago)
@dance1superstar i know, that's why i LOVE him
Carlos can get any girl he wants because he like them for them!
Jeannie Knight (7 years ago)
I love the way Carlos says 'It just sounds cool.' <3
caligirl784 (7 years ago)
hahah James with his bangs <333
Natalie Steinigeweg (7 years ago)
respect to time kendall, he chews his fingernails xDD full of sweet xDD Time 07:30 min
Georgia Drakopoulou (7 years ago)
I Love this interview!!
jenjenz1023 (7 years ago)
I have to say this... there is so much Jagan in this interview it's not even funny :P
EXO SJ (7 years ago)
Logan and Kendall and Carlos and James Forever!! Love them till the End <3333
EXO SJ (7 years ago)
I love their interviews!! :D there awesome and kind and down to earth guys.. and also funny:D and cute and adorable.. i stil can go on and on hahaha!!! :D
Melina Stamm (7 years ago)
Carlos is so damn Hot <3
MuffinIn13 (7 years ago)
@sass2962 i think it was carlos with squeaky voice: like...
Chrissy Adams (7 years ago)
is it just me that noticed this but in some interviews does Logan voice sound higher and others it sounds lower??? <3333 " You guys have the thing that you take longer at" Kendall: "Like?" Logan ( squeaky voice) : Like.... They all laugh <3333333 wow I love these boys, best thing that happened to me ! besides family and friends of course :) and then carlos is like. " AAH, like" and mimicked Logan voice, or was that kendall?
Thum (7 years ago)
aaaaawww logan...<3
JustJole (7 years ago)
i really wanna know what kendall said to carlos cause i'm a curious girl hahaha the interview was so funny love it
Aby A (7 years ago)
this is so funny! i love their interviews!
Rosie Galloway (7 years ago)
omg soooo funny lmao x
MuffinIn13 (7 years ago)
to the question what they dont understand about girls i thought they would answer: why do they go to the toilet in pairs?
AnySongLyric4U (7 years ago)
LouiseReay92 (7 years ago)
'We all try to flirt and be a ladies man, but really we are all dorks at heart' That's just so cute & one of the reasons i love them so much <3
LouiseReay92 (7 years ago)
I am very proud to be British.
Edda Peschel (7 years ago)
@SpinInCircles2 xeah i met them 4 times already, they are such sweethearts :)

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