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Ichigo and Zero Two conversation about Hiro | Dark side of Zero Two(Darling in the FranXX Episode 5)

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Anime: Darling in the FranXX Episode: 5 Scene where Zero Two showing her apathy to Hiro's life. So Ichigo hitting her and we seeing her wild side Outro Music: Rob Gasser-Supersonic
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Text Comments (161)
ロクサス (16 days ago)
Gacha DAB (18 days ago)
She was dead if it didnt rain woooo
美的―Sᴛᴀʀ (21 days ago)
This was scary asf
mik mik (21 days ago)
If I was Zero Two I could've just killed her already!!!!
Nobita- Kun (22 days ago)
1:13 oh 02 is sooo cuteeee❤️
Izuku Midoriya (1 month ago)
"mother used to say you are so special" "no one will shine as brightly my dear!" **INTENSE PIANO MUSIC**
shokushin (1 month ago)
1:00 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I think zerotwo almost the tallest in the anime
Gacha DAB (18 days ago)
I'm Sorry (1 month ago)
"Are you trying to suck hiro dry" lmaoaoaoaoaoaoaoao
Christina Crout (2 months ago)
fandechobits (2 months ago)
Zero Two reminds me of lucy from elfen lied
米民 (2 months ago)
Kena M (2 months ago)
uhm, somebody was about to get killed...
海星 (2 months ago)
0:27 ゼロツー正論なんだけど笑
niandre gaming (2 months ago)
Blue hair getting on my nerves
Eoroizo Gaming (2 months ago)
1:00 (Insert Lenny face here)
Ritaaa Balogh (2 months ago)
I hate ichigo.😡
Ren Sebastian (2 months ago)
Name of the music on 1:23 ?
Polar (2 months ago)
The ost is vanquish
GamerBoy 1999 (3 months ago)
Zero Two is kinda tall
Nanami Shino (3 months ago)
Did anyone else get chills down their spine when the music cued in and zero two eyes turned red??? She’s a total badass!
Nanami Shino (20 days ago)
Eternal Space Lol, ikr ;) let's do this again on another clip lolol
Eternal Space (20 days ago)
Nanami Shino glad we had this talk lol
Nanami Shino (20 days ago)
Eternal Space Well either way she's a badass lolol
Eternal Space (21 days ago)
Blinks Once's and Reveluvs are my family as I said earlier Zero Two is wonderfully designed as a character and I agree in the moments where she shines the most leaves us awed. I’m only stating by her words and actions she’s portrayed in the anime made her a very cold insensitive person. But, later on she started to see things right so that’s something to be thankful of.
+Eternal Space She was talking about how badass Zero Two looks at the moment her eyes turned red with that iconic music as the background music. So hmmm
Oakl3y S m i l e (4 months ago)
Everyone hate Ichigo for slapping Zero Two. But I think it was a reasonable thing to do. Ichigo loves Hiro, that's clear for anyone. She's well aware that it's one-sided love, that Zero Two is Hiro's _darling._ Thus she's jealous, but she knows her place. However, that doesn't mean she'll stay silent to possibility of Zero Two swallowing Hiro's strength and soul. All Ichigo did was ask Zero Two to go easy on him. Ichigo's concern is justified, as a duty of a captain to watch over all her members, and as defending the person she loves. However, the Partner Killer didn't seem to care, she acted like Hiro was merely an object, _her_ object. - He could die, you know! - Sure, he could. _But that'd just mean he didn't amount to much._ If you ask me, after _that_ sentence, Ichigo had full right to slap the heck out of Zero Two, who acted all cold and indifferent. People who don't agree with me, are either Zero Two's blind fanboys, or didn't watch the anime carefully. P.S. I'm not fan of Ichigo - on the contrary, I find Zero Two is way more interesting character than Ichigo - but the fanbase's intolerance towards her is just nonsensical.
bloomerry (16 days ago)
Gacha DAB (18 days ago)
Your wrong Its Ichago THATS RUINING MY SHIP
bloomerry (27 days ago)
Aндреј Бугариновић jazz hands👏🏻👏🏻
Z the Booza (1 month ago)
i dont know how to feel, because even before this Ichigo was kinda of a cunt, but 02 did deserve that slap even though i agree with what she said
Dear God , (2 months ago)
This comment deserved more like for speaking the truth
Dave Christopher Rumambi (4 months ago)
What is human to you people? The answer that only ourselves really knows and the only answer that we able to find out.
Marco Setiawan (4 months ago)
Zero Two could’ve easily kill Ichigo if she wants too
F.B.I yusfakhriy (5 months ago)
She's the devil
Little Kitty (5 months ago)
Zero two!
SKY Walker (5 months ago)
Ooh so the thing on her head controls her to not go demon mode huh
SKY Walker (1 day ago)
+Rise of the Godzillas Sooo many explanations :)
it's a limiter headband thing that limits the length of her horns
SKY Walker (2 months ago)
Hmmm ... maybe
Speedwell (2 months ago)
SKY Walker Annnnnnd it was never explained
l Andreea (2 months ago)
Actually.I think it's used for her location.What I mean by that is that the Doctor or whatever can localise her and see where she is. For example , at the lake she took it off so the guards won't come after her cause they didn't know where she was.
unknown person (5 months ago)
Fuck you ichigo just hate her am happy that 02 just fucked her with only appearance of her red eye
Darren Chen otaku (5 months ago)
Putangina mo ichigo😈😈
Jeon Liskook (5 months ago)
Leny Pacaydo hahaha taena talaga sya
Fluffy Puffie (5 months ago)
ITCHIGO they won’t like you because you slapped zero two ZERO TWO IS THE NEW WAIFU
Ninja Wolf (5 months ago)
Y'know, my thoughts are.. Fuck ichigo Fuck her Why wont she just DIE💢💢
Dark Wattpaders (5 months ago)
"Then stay out of it" Zero two slayed it whohu zero two zero two slayed it slayed it slayed it 🎼🎶🎤🎵👏👏👏👏👏👊😎😂 love you 02
bloomerry (16 days ago)
Zero two is BEST GIRL💗💗💗✨✨
Zero two (5 months ago)
Dark Wattpaders well thanks
Grace Lee (5 months ago)
Omg I love Zero Two!!! She’s so badass!! But she’s so attractive and cute at the same time. I fucking hate Ichigo. I’m sorry but Hiro doesn’t like you so leave him and Zero Two alone. No one even likes your fugly ass or your stubborn ass personality that has too much pride in what she does when she doesn’t even do it right and let’s her emotions take control over her actions. I’m team Zero Two all the way and I will never change my 🚢. It will forever be sailing across my otaku dreams.
Zynth (5 months ago)
It's just so damn cool when her eyes lit up 😎😈
el hindu nigga (5 months ago)
And she didn't answer. . 😠
Icha Fayza (5 months ago)
Ichigo is really evil
Pretty Handsome (1 month ago)
You're really stupid.
MiffMiff (1 month ago)
So Ichigo is evil for slapping someone for calling Hiro not to amount to much if he died but 02 isn't for killing all those hundreds of stamens and only using and looking at them as objects for herself? Okay
Aeipathy xprsss (2 months ago)
Zero two isnt for killing over 100 humans?
Sasssk _ (4 months ago)
Evil? Do you know the meaning of villain?
Its Me (5 months ago)
Pretty Handsome (1 month ago)
Zero Two is selfish, yes.
little Erza (5 months ago)
I wish 002 just ended it with "don't ever cross my way again."
Pretty Handsome (1 month ago)
Zero Two was in the wrong.
little Erza (5 months ago)
Zynth yeaaaa
little Erza (5 months ago)
Zero two I just wished it ok? 😂😂😂
Zero two (5 months ago)
Ugh im sorry ?
Zynth (5 months ago)
little Erza Hmm... But this one's good too... It's just so cool when her eyes lit up red 😎
ngi eri (5 months ago)
ngi eri (5 months ago)
楽観死 それが納得いかない(笑)
楽観死 (5 months ago)
イチゴが我慢して、ゼロツーがダーリンとキャッキャッウフフして おとなしくなったら、一応の仲間になった
jack sparrow (6 months ago)
Please dont push hiro to hard😆😆😅😱💑🗿
Alice Liddell (6 months ago)
Ichigo let me escort you to your purgatory
MiffMiff (1 month ago)
Positivitea XD YEP murder is like the BIGGEST sin lol
Positivitea (2 months ago)
If Ichigo is going to purgatory then Zero Two is going to hell lol
Kheisya Anindya (6 months ago)
02 isnt a human i know that when i was watch ep 1 because she have horn if you want to know more about 02 watch ep13
You know what not just a 02 love Hiro,Ichiko too. So she just won't to see Hiro is hurts. And that slap is not her desire.
Blood Stalk (6 months ago)
what is "human" to you people watch ep 13 and you will understand ichigo
jack sparrow (6 months ago)
I cried in episode 14
Emmanuel Scrive (6 months ago)
Yeah, knowing the truth now make's it much deeper.
Ichigo best girl :D
Layla c (2 months ago)
Princess Kayla (3 months ago)
She deserves a bottle of milk
Michi Thompson (3 months ago)
Ichigo is best girl indeed
Zero two (5 months ago)
Fuck her she is trash
unknown person (5 months ago)
You mean best trash you should edit it...
Naruto Namikaze (6 months ago)
Zero two deserved what she got
Zero two (5 months ago)
Zynth (5 months ago)
Naruto Namikaze lemme guess, you haven't watched ep. 13 when you make this comment? 😏
All of you were fighting over a non existent thing. Who's more pathetic ?
Naruto Namikaze (6 months ago)
Schinak haven't gotten the reason why zero two is the best gal according to you ...oh wait I know coz you like jerk off imaging how would it be if you were ever in a toxic relationship with someone like zero two
Naruto Namikaze (6 months ago)
Schinak lol ....it was a rant against a fangay like yourself but you know what they say when you can't beat them name call them My argument was(I know it was too hard for you to get so I'm boiling it down to basic so I get you're level of intelligence to pass on the point ) Ichigo is way better person than zero two is
Raiza Marielle Nicomedez (6 months ago)
How dare you ICHIGO say that to zero two
Pretty Handsome (1 month ago)
How dare you not pay attention to the video. Ichigo was justified.
LaLa Ilayda (6 months ago)
Ichigo why?? I like you but don’t slap Zero Two!!!😡
bloomerry (16 days ago)
MiffMiff ll Are you one of those people that didint watch ep 13?!
Pretty Handsome (1 month ago)
Zero Two asked for it.
MiffMiff (1 month ago)
Seriously, are you one of the blind 02 fanboys? Ichigo asked 02 not to kill Hiro and 02 responded that sure he could die but that would just mean that he didn't amount to much. Are you saying that what she said is not offending at all?
Sasssk _ (4 months ago)
Zero Two is so egoist, wtf.
little Erza (5 months ago)
LaLa Ilayda yeeaaahhh
Cloud 09 (6 months ago)
Anyone know the soundtrack after the slap?
Sakura Hime 2002 (4 months ago)
Darius Lupu (6 months ago)
it might not be but he sure will find what he is looking for using it
Schinak (6 months ago)
+Darius Lupu That is not the official name
Darius Lupu (6 months ago)
Strelizia- Awakening
02 S L (7 months ago)
How dare you ichigo
Pretty Handsome (1 month ago)
Ichigo was right to slap her.
MiffMiff (1 month ago)
rodrick S L What you said made no sense. She asked her not to kill Hiro, not to stay away from him. Honestly, your comment is quite dumb.
MiffMiff (1 month ago)
Marana Chiu "That would just mean he didn't amount to much." If you got that answer when asking someone not to kill someone I mean, wouldn't you slap them? Also if she just assumed things, what do you think Zero Two meant? Exactly what she said!
I'm Sorry (1 month ago)
Erasus (2 months ago)
Zero Two fantards are on assault, be prepared because they will engage you with mindless conversation without any arguments... oh I forgot they have one "hurr durr Ichigo so bad".
Uzumaki Naruto (7 months ago)
How dare she slaps my 02. If I was there, I will kick her face
Zero two (5 months ago)
ซับตามใจฉัน เด้อ ichigo* Or schould i say B*TCH
Zero two (5 months ago)
Uzumaki Naruto nah
unknown person (5 months ago)
Uzumaki Naruto i will kill her before she even think to so any thing to 02
Uzumaki Naruto (6 months ago)
ซับตามใจฉัน เด้อ actually you said to the wrong person. You want to reply someone else comment but you tap 'reply' on my comment😂😂
Uzumaki Naruto hahaha do you know? Ichiko doesn't know how much 02 love hiro. And Ichilo love hiro too. So you don't hate Ichiko because she slaps 02. Everyone will help who love you know and you too. I hope you get it. Actually my English is so bad so I'm sorry if if you don't understand this. Have a nice day
Kezia 's (7 months ago)
ephemeralight (7 months ago)
I think we all knew she wasn't human
Brightsmile Puppylove (3 months ago)
That statement will make a lot of sense and drama at the end of the first half.
liam mercado123 (6 months ago)
Haven't even watched a single episode and the moment I saw her in a thumbnail I knew she wasn't human
Elver Galarga (6 months ago)
she is a dinosaur
Mythicc Fenrir (8 months ago)
Why I have depression after watching this ?
Nelson Draken (4 months ago)
Because you need a true love. nothing more, in my case inst the exception, im get afected by Depression too, and for eliminate the depression i get start for draw.
ηαкαgαмι (6 months ago)
me 2
Anime Moments (8 months ago)
Yeah, i have it to

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