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Outfits For The Snow! | What to Wear When It's COLD!

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Thanks for watching, I hope this helped :) Watch my Winter 2016 Style video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jv-WVSbr67g ------------------------------------------------------------------- Vlog Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSQnVxzU171f5Wv3YrsIN2w ------------------------------------------------------ SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter- https://twitter.com/tesschristine Instagram-http://instagram.com/tesschristinexo Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/pages/TessChristine123/176818872423778. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Shot by: https://instagram.com/moderngypsymedia ------------------------------------------------- Not Sponsored.
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Mireilly Glz (1 month ago)
i’m moving from texas to chicago lmaoooo ! it’s going to be like a completely different world and i’m looking for all the hacks and advice i can get haha
The Holy Land Travellers (2 months ago)
I love all the outfits 😍
neha patidar (2 months ago)
Lovely di
Chelsea O (2 months ago)
I want to get the ugg boots, but afraid to get the sheep skin cuff dirty.. as it will with the slush and snow gets brown/black. snow going past the height of the boot.. how do u keep them so clean?
Tif Fani (2 months ago)
ummm tem here today is -20C, that won't work for me :(, I need parka :(
Eliesa S (2 months ago)
P K (3 months ago)
Is your Jeans warm? How are you, specially your legs able to survive -20 degree !
Sovandara LENG (3 months ago)
Nice, Thank you for sharing.
Rachel Wall (3 months ago)
LOVE your Timbs wow so cute
Oath Peterson (3 months ago)
I like your style, you are cute!
Holly Hawkins (4 months ago)
I know this is old but are those first timberlands the Jayne boots? (The ones that can be worn folded down)
Dmitri Kozlowsky (4 months ago)
I grew up in Chicago 'burbs, where winters are cold but pretty. I served in 10'th Mnt. Div. at Ft. Drum (near Watertown, NY) where it gets to -40. Cold but crispy. But winters in NYC, I found, to be just nasty. Its cold , wet, and slushy, at the same time. Combined with stink of subways. I hate it. In Albany, Buffalo, Syracuse, and Rochester, it is so cold and wet that cars rust out in two years. Two year old BMW in Albany looks like a 5 year old BMW in Chicago, and 20 year old BMW in Miami.
Forever Alone (4 months ago)
First song is my favorite song ❤️😂👍
Kate Ford (4 months ago)
the complexion (4 months ago)
please do another version of this. would love more looks.
BROOKLYN ROOTZ 11220h! (4 months ago)
I know new York weather is crazy!
REHMAT EXPRESS (4 months ago)
Winter Snow Boots for Women Waterproof Anti-Skid House Shoes Ankle Outdoor for Couples. Its amazing shoes for cold regions. For order click the link below. amzn.to/2PVCTtj
Ally V. (4 months ago)
what kind of weather do you think this would keep you warm in? im going to be in 15-30 degree weather!
Bad Busan Bitches (4 months ago)
How the hell do you wear leggings !
KurtlarVadisiPusuVevo (4 months ago)
Why you are soooooo beautiful?! OMG
Jasmeet Banwait (5 months ago)
Loved your video
ez printers (5 months ago)
that's great to see. You can also have a hoodie designed and printed in london. you can visit the website
Leigh Lou (5 months ago)
Which Timberlands are these?!?!?!?!
Prbella05 (5 months ago)
Please what style of timberlands are these? They are so cute
Jeremias Elias (5 months ago)
could you link where you get your stuff from? plz
life.withLakelle (5 months ago)
Braving my first Canadian winter this year, and this is super helpful! Thanks <3
Fearless Of Freedom (5 months ago)
Very nice video...but to much "super" super" is super" annoying
MARGARET ISIED (5 months ago)
What style Timberlands are those? Thanks!!
westlakepanda (5 months ago)
where did you get your wool jacket?
SCOTT VISNESKI (5 months ago)
hi super super video super job super outfits look super super big thumbs up
Jesusita Perez (6 months ago)
Don't forget the 🍷 in that purse and cheese and crackers. 😄😃😄😃😎🙂🤗💖🏁🏁🏁👍👍👍
Jesusita Perez (6 months ago)
God bless Texas 😎🙂🤗💖🕊️🕯️🌟👋👋👋👍
KJayyy Sam (6 months ago)
I live in a tropical country so it's warm all year round! But i'm going to England with my friends and i needed advice on what to wear for 4 degree weather ....this was really helpful thanks❤
Genevieve Haynes (6 months ago)
I live in Massachusetts and this is perfect! Thank you!
MatrixDonna (6 months ago)
Hi @Tess Christine just wondering do the light coloured Timberland boots get real dirty in the snow?
Sharmella Krishnasamy (6 months ago)
I don't know when i will visit cold countries. Let's see then.
suyrriah xo (6 months ago)
Omg I just moved from new orleans to minneapolis and I'm hoping I have some other show options those boots look so masculine is it possible to wear heel boots in snow ??
Romantic Explorers (7 months ago)
Hi Tess, can I ask - do you recommend ordering one size up for the shoes as one wears thick socks and jeans under it? Thanks so much for the great video!
Veggiesaurus (7 months ago)
Do you have any tips for fine hair that is just always static please?
Adrianna George (7 months ago)
I have always hated winter and the snow and this helps me with picking cuter outfits for winter
ツLory (7 months ago)
ya are super cute! <3
suzgolamala hara (7 months ago)
hello i like ur videos, what app do u use to make ur video , i mean edit
jdm mrn (7 months ago)
Do you wear leggings under your jeans?
Jacquelin Jordan (8 months ago)
I have been googling the timbs boots but i just noticed this video was made 2 years ago! I want them!!
Sone (8 months ago)
I liked the first outfit the most
Jessica Senquiz (9 months ago)
Can someone please tell me where I can find those timbs with that color? I cannot for the life of it.
Abbey Andrews (9 months ago)
I live in Australia but I’m German and I haven’t been in forever! But I’m going for Christmas but since even Australia’s winters aren’t cold, I had no idea what people wear !
Simone Stupar (10 months ago)
I loved this video it helped a lot! Where did you get the top that you are wearing in the video for the intro and outro its so cute!
Rio Hemmings (10 months ago)
I'm from England and I'd literally be freezing in any of these. I need my neck, waist and wrists to have elasticated clothing around them and also my head covered. Gotta love my genes!
Jessenia Giron (10 months ago)
What shoes are you wearing?
Danielle Burke (11 months ago)
Could you provide the links for these boots? I love both of them and can't seem to find them :(
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Ahlia Zia (1 year ago)
have a question ur outfits are good but just wondering if basic jeans are enough in snow to keep legs warm. thanks
Summer XO (1 year ago)
It starts at 1:19
Obdulia Ruiz (1 year ago)
Raja (1 year ago)
Hey Tess i love your channel , i would like to know what was the first music background ( the introduction music ) thank you for this amazing videos ! <3 love from France
Hoor tv (1 year ago)
Chhavy Sisowath (1 year ago)
I love ur styles so much.
MissRuthless (1 year ago)
Surprised that you didn't mention thermals or are you just so used to the cold weather that you don't feel like you need that extra layer? When I'm in the snow I feel like jeans, no matter how thick, never keep me warm and the coldness from the snow goes right through them! Do you ever wear anything for extra warmth under your jeans like thermal pants?
NicNacAttack (1 year ago)
Nice lined Tim boots
Best Top Ten Ever (1 year ago)
CameraMom (1 year ago)
I love your style
Nkd (1 year ago)
Super basic
Caitlin Farrant (1 year ago)
Do you have options for coats if you’re allergic to down coats?
Vanessa Singh (1 year ago)
My legs gets really cold easily so denim jeans are not enough to keep me warm in winter especially when I have to be outdoors for a while.
Tory Kay (1 year ago)
super warm, super cold, super all over the place is literally South Carolina...ughh
CapDe Bomb (1 year ago)
Mandydabrat ! (1 year ago)
Don’t your legs get cold in such weather ?
Götz Schlimme (1 year ago)
Ich verstehe kein Wort!
Leahfaithvlogs (1 year ago)
Going on a trip to the city tomorrow and didn’t want to be super cold but still look cute! Thanks girl 😁
Amy Z (1 year ago)
New subscriber! What size did you get in those Ugg’s snow boots?
sus2731 (1 year ago)
… .I dont yhink your outfits will be good for 30° F or less, not realistic
Fitness Doza (1 year ago)
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Poonam Malhotra (1 year ago)
Could you please leave the links below for shopping
ChristiAnn Sevilla (1 year ago)
Love ir!! keep doing it :)
Percy (1 year ago)
Everybody knows that you can't look cute when it's cold as hell outside. I would rather have my hideous parka than freeze to death.
Alana Foster (1 year ago)
I live in Colorado and finally a girl who does this video and does not live in like LA of somewhere warm she gets it 😊
camille holtz (1 year ago)
how can u just wear jeans 😭 ! I wear thick stockings and 2 jeans
Ximena Rivas (1 year ago)
I'm from Florida so I have no idea how to dress for the snow. But my legs get super cold even if I'm just wearing jeans, are you also wearing something underneath your jeans to keep warm?
Mohd Basim (1 year ago)
plez speak less...and show more for what purpose of video....i dont want to listen you....i want to see.....thats it......
Jay Fen (1 year ago)
Perfect winter fashion!
Jessica Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Does anyone know what those timberlands are called???? Can’t fine them on there website
tink268 (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for this video I live in miami and I am traveling to colorado and I had no idea what to buy for winter. xoxo
Sereen Rodriguez (1 year ago)
I love love your style 😍
Grace Gan (1 year ago)
cat nip (1 year ago)
Like the outfits. But I live in Minnesota so I need to wear snowpants XD
Light Johson J (1 year ago)
Watching from Minnesota! Amazing video thanks for the snow babes!:)
Lea-Anne Bolstad (1 year ago)
Anyone no what the name of her timberlands are called or where I can buy them?
BeepDoo BopLop (1 year ago)
When you’re a floridian who wears these outfits for anything 30-50 F ‘degree weather
Cailyn Isabella (1 year ago)
Do you live in Canada? Or USA/UK
Desert Rose_19 (1 year ago)
I was getting so frustrated with the other girls who were sacrificing warmth for fashion. But then i stumbled upon this video Thank you! Now i have some pragmatic and cute styles to try out.
BoxfullofGoodies (1 year ago)
hi there, just wantto ask if your timberland are the fold down version? thank you. you are so pretty
Hanna Mai (1 year ago)
Ur outfits are ugly
Maquillafiando (1 year ago)
I am in love of fourth outfits. I wish it was very cool here. Regards!
cloudsn sky (1 year ago)
When u live in canada and all of these would be freezing
María José Riquer (1 year ago)
You should do a blog!!
Catriona Cameron (1 year ago)
Finally a winter edition styling video that actually has outfits that I can actually go outside with , without freezing myself
Savia Chalack (1 year ago)
It's literally snowing and you're wearing sunglases😂😅
Andjela Skajic (1 year ago)
Finaly some1 who know what WINTER is
Celine Kade (1 year ago)
you have the most beautiful sense in fashion holy shit

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