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Meet Kent Twitchell from the UGG Collective

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This season, some of us Southern California natives at UGG® HQ are gushing over the artist featured in the collective. He’s known for his enormous breathtaking murals showcased across buildings in Los Angeles, which we’ve been so used to seeing as we are (inevitably) stuck in traffic. His paintings have become permanent landmarks across several buildings in Downtown LA, with his most recent project being his repainting of Ed Ruscha. We were able to catch up with Kent to talk more about his process, outlook on why he’s in love with painting big, and why his connection to Los Angeles is so special. Read more no the blog: http://ugg.com/blog Follow us: http://instagram.com/ugg http://facebook.com/ugg http://twitter.com/ugg http://pinterest.com/ugg
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