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Females lack Intelligence. They tried to ban it

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Moon TV's Leigh and Jason discuss female intelligence
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Text Comments (42)
I am Hassan (17 days ago)
Funny but true 😁
Tad Ficus Catus (5 months ago)
John Key looks like Penguin from bat man.
Tad Ficus Catus (5 months ago)
These guys are such great trolls.
Qianimate (7 months ago)
interesting points raised here by Professor Hart and Dr Hoyte
starflash08 (8 months ago)
Females make great archaeologists.. they love to dig up the past!
williek7 (8 months ago)
looks like 14 woman have watched this
Goku Black (9 months ago)
Females suck
antiXerum (5 months ago)
Double nice
TheLoneWolf_NZ (6 months ago)
Only the decent ones
celine (10 months ago)
I know this is meant for parody and comedy but is it bad I kinda agree with them on some points hahahah
Firefly Guitar (11 months ago)
emergerq (1 year ago)
Females primarily make emotional based decisions similar to children. Women are essentially adult children. The male mind built civilisation, females are simply not capable of this. The worst thing a company can do is appoint a female CEO or have them on their board and/or allow HR (usually females) take control of the recruitment process. If you see your company do this either start selling your stock /take a short position and look for a new company. You're welcome.
Goku Black (9 months ago)
DarkEternal6 (1 year ago)
Hahahaha! The fucking telephone part was priceless.
Wingman (1 year ago)
Bahahaha you 2 little stirring shitheads!! :P
Fleur Upton (1 year ago)
"They're designed to communicate with babies" lol love these two!
Cool Coyote (2 years ago)
looool perfect
Raymond Gabriel (3 years ago)
Fucking funny
Matt Higgins (3 years ago)
hahaha how the fuck does this not have more view.
nz comedy is a bit unknown unfortunately
sV3Z1 (3 years ago)
Not many if any, female philosophers that is! Women are not as smart.
joshua fiddy allen (3 years ago)
i love these two .
Ben Pamment (4 years ago)
love it
keith7g7j (4 years ago)
Is that one on the right one of the Dookies of Hazard?
daniel callaghan (5 years ago)
''its fun but just not as functional'' XD
Dan Zhukovin (5 years ago)
I have met, like any other person, probably close to a million women in my life in conversation. None of them have the capacity for reason.
kahurangipiata (5 years ago)
enjoy single life
too bad theyre all happily married
Chungus (2 years ago)
kahurangipiata it's a joke.
Michael wong (7 years ago)
who are the muppets that disliked it... thats what id like to know.
Balint Pokoly (7 years ago)
best part is when he locks the doors. hahaaaha
jonnytt11 (7 years ago)
lol.. so true. A man and a woman have the same brain but use it in different ways. For example, in a mans house he will arrange the couch in the lounge, the fridge in the kitchen and the washing machine in the laundry whereas a woman will put the fridge in the toilet, the couch in the bathroom and the washing machine in the in the master bedroom. Why? Because they are fucking retards.
drbeserka (7 years ago)
Hilarious! A delicate topic!
MackaliMesut (7 years ago)
braybraymitchface (7 years ago)
Ahaha so gold some people are going to take this seriously
Test Account (1 year ago)
tell them to keep their mouths shut and legs open
Fly Where (1 year ago)
people in my house already have, i'm currently talking to a married woman while i type who is telling the other girls in the room that im a sexist! this is a real story that happened.
Michael Jensen (7 years ago)
funniest thing since hamsteaks
fw (7 years ago)
haha funny stuff! I'm liking this radio show
Hunson Abadeer (7 years ago)
haha a womans brain is the whole dashboard and a guys brain is the strip down the middle! i love it!
Lochlan.EJ20k (7 years ago)
Gotta love Leigh Hart and his amazing Sense of humour. Thank You very much.
Hunson Abadeer (7 years ago)
i love that guy, Leigh hart can have his way with me if he wants.

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