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intelligence - men vs women (short edit minus extended questions).mp4

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Who is smarter and more intelligent? Are Men smarter or are Women smarter? We turn to the public for their views and opinions. What do you think? We would like to hear your opinions so please feel free to comment and give your view on who you think is smarter. An extended edit with additional questions will be uploaded soon if you want to check that out!
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Text Comments (179)
Jerome Brown (1 month ago)
Liberal and feminist brainwashing. This is what college does to people. No rational thinking.
Mark Landrebe (2 months ago)
Men are smarter, women may be better educated. F: "....I think women are SMARTEST" (should be smarter) NOTE#1: Where are all the female scientists/engineers ? NOTE#2: A scientific fact - on the IQ Bell curve, women are more tightly grouped, where as men deviate more from the center(100), hence more low IQ's, but also more high IQ's.
Mark Landrebe (2 months ago)
Per note#1, forgot to mention "Wright Brothers',Bach's, Shakespere's, Van Goh's" - who are there female counterparts ?
Stewie (4 months ago)
Sad to see that women tend not to even understand the question. They are just projecting their self-justification to any single details that comes on their mind... Lucky that we have also academic women who have the luxury to rely on facts, stats and common sense instead of 'feelings'.
Thor (4 months ago)
Multi-tasking is NOT a thing, it's just doing a bunch of things....shitty.
Akaakaaka ak (4 months ago)
"I think men are more intelligent".. the man then continues to cite Adam and Eve as evidence...
Why So Serious? (6 months ago)
i need a gun
ryukenb2k (6 months ago)
Hands down men are way more intelligent. And women in general are more better at socialising and have better retentive memory when it comes to multitasking certain things. For example a female lioness is better hunter then the male lion. But in a fight to the death 9 times out 10 he would slaughter her paws down.In the human species us men are generally more creative then women. And us men dominate and sensitive feminist hat it and cant face facts about human nature. These same dummies will huff and puff and spew patriarchy over and over. Women are not smarter then men in general history has proven this. Its only modern times during the last 50 years or so that women have been given so much power that all types of male rights violations have been running rampant. More male sucides,more males get raped,tons of female pedophiles get away with rape young teenagers behind closed doors, biases at university which panders towards females.safe space women only. Women only car park area. Divore court beatdown of men. This gynocentric pussified simping men are going to regret putting women on a pedestal.And more and more men are walking away from women. Turning towards earning more money,Sex dolls,prostitutes. And hopefully when they achieved all the selfish desires they strive for. Eventually most men will end up on the plantation called the pussy temple. And worship at the altar of the Golden vagina. Joking. Bottomline men have advantages and so do women. Each should know their place. Guys stop running after pussy. Women stop being cunts and fucking assholes. And then falling back on nice guys you trick as your door mat.
Camryn VB (4 months ago)
ryukenb2k Sounds like you got too much salt in your diet bro. You should probably go see a doctor about that. He might be able to make you less salty. Can't change your retardness sadly though.
C.E.L Archives (9 months ago)
3:35 another lie women very repressed ,ya and me who put forth their ideas of Darwinism, or string theory or countless other scientist who were men obviously weren't repressed or looked at as odd or insane or bad by both women and men of their generation , and okay so women have more going for them now, where are the women inventors? I still see none trying to come out all I see is most of them following line while trying to claim that they're better .
C.E.L Archives (9 months ago)
So far these women's opinion on men is unbelievably offencive and shallow.
C.E.L Archives (9 months ago)
More of a creative mind ,lol if that's the case were all the famous women inventors , besides a select few women usually are not interested in science or inventing new things they're usually busy trying to control what has already been created , only if it suits their purpose that is.
C.E.L Archives (9 months ago)
What A pompous idiot this lady on the left is 1:11 so men generally go after things that are easier and less challenging , because engineering and construction work is so easy and not challenging at all yet mostly men are the ones in those jobs , if you look at her face she is egotistically absolutely proud you'll notice that her nose actually goes up a little bit after she makes her claim , any man in his right mind would steer clear of her.
Jeffrey Torres (9 months ago)
4:20 finally one humble woman.
Jeffrey Torres (9 months ago)
Oh this white boy is so weak
Jeffrey Torres (9 months ago)
She said men are lazy while being surrounded by buildings built by men.
Jeffrey Torres (9 months ago)
This bitch said women of course then says they are better at business theb why do bitches cry that their aren't any in board rooms.
Jeffrey Torres (9 months ago)
African fishburn is a simp
Dude From North (9 months ago)
Idgaf what these retards things. Mens are smarter and thats confirmed. Mens have 10% larger brains and 5 points higher iq. Those retards crying for not respecting them. Fu, earn it atm i can only see weaknes.
Thomas Dragt (10 months ago)
Hey lady if you're so smart why did you not know that women are not a spieces
You Need Jesus (1 year ago)
She said men are lazy, but all the buildings around her were built by men.
Onyxx Drako (2 months ago)
+Camryn VB Nani?
Camryn VB (2 months ago)
Onyxx Drako Yet you copy your same arguments.
Onyxx Drako (2 months ago)
+Camryn VB you literally copied your comment twice
Camryn VB (4 months ago)
Young Jesus Sounds like you got too much salt in your diet bro. You should probably go see a doctor about that. He might be able to make you less salty. Can't change your retardness sadly though.
Mystic ToMato (1 year ago)
Quite a lot of men said women Number of women who said men : 1 We all know too well which is the most biased gender universe has ever known.
ass hat (1 year ago)
4:05 More emotionally prepared she says. Women please explain to me how you handle emotional things better then men. Please do.
Camryn VB (4 months ago)
ass hat If someone dies, then we’d give sympathy for them. Y’all wouldn’t care. And we’re better at handling stress than you
ass hat (1 year ago)
1:37 yes. now stay in the kitchen bitch.
ass hat (1 year ago)
1:21 Notice how the man has to say " I'm not sexist" but the women are fine saying that they're smarter, regardless that not being true.
Zeka Rzevagska (1 year ago)
Why are man lying? It's completely MAN
HeroicUser (1 year ago)
You can't generalize. You'll always have outliers. I'm a guy, I have Asperger's and a high IQ. I love challenging courses and I would hate to be put in the same intellectual boat with any neurotypicals reguardless of gender. Honestly, the real question is who is smarter, neurotypicals or aspies. And the answer is obvious, aspies.
Rachid Aachich (1 year ago)
That moment when you don't even realize you're an idiot.
human taste (1 year ago)
"men are more logical and rational" why are they always doing stupid shit like jumping in piles of cacti and intentionally hurting themselves you never see a women doing that.
Dude From North (9 months ago)
Subhuman taste Mens brain is more logical and less emotional. It is 10% larger and have 5 points higher iq.
Der Spliff (1 year ago)
Okay. Let's break down what we know. Male brains are about 10% bigger. Male brains contain more gray matter which are the actual Cells we use to think. Some studies show that there is a 3 to 5 points difference favoring males. Studies that proclaim there is no difference between the sexes where possibly biased in the way they set up like comparing 14 Year old Girls to 14 Year old boys. The studies that where done used college students which not represent the average guy or girl. Also no one really tried to settle this issue once an for all. It seems like nobody really wants to know if there is a difference. I conclude out of this, that men are likely to be smarter on average but not that much. The perspective from an above average Intelligence guy might look very different since most womens IQs ranges around the median and in real life emotions which girls do also experience more and harder make people behave in stupid, irrational ways.
Camryn VB (2 months ago)
Der Spliff Uhh no. Actually you have more white matter
Unholy Trip (2 years ago)
Its proven men have smarter and dumber people in there spectrum
Camryn VB (2 months ago)
Dude From North Then why do you have more white matter than us?
Dude From North (9 months ago)
Unholy Trip Thats study is bs. It has done to 13 year olds when girls brains are at peak and boys is not compleatly devolved. Study done to adults has shown that mens have 5 points higher iq and worst tests came from womans.
T G (2 years ago)
4:15 is the only sane woman in this video. Ironically, the mangina interviewer was suppressing her opinion.
T G (2 years ago)
'Feminism', far from helping women, has instead exposed the full inferiority of women in all things far more visibly than was ever possible before 'feminism'.
Camryn VB (4 months ago)
T G Sounds like you got too much salt in your diet bro. You should probably go see a doctor about that. He might be able to make you less salty. Can't change your retardness sadly though.
T G (2 years ago)
+Alksandra Pawluczuk You are not even literate...
listen this is men foult you hold them caged and thats it like a prey now they are bdsm perverted dumb imbecyls with less brain a bird they are special agent and sex servants and maids and lazy and dumb and no creativity at all
T G (2 years ago)
Everything that was ever invented was invented by men.
Eddie Barragan (2 years ago)
Where was this filmed at?
MagicSunshineSkies (2 years ago)
a lot of these women are ignorant but also a lot of the men...
xXN!GHTMAREXx (2 years ago)
men aré better at everything than women. reason is because men can handle and lead situations more easily unlike women they dont use reason but what they feel about something and men aré not lazy because most married men go work to take care of their families
xRob456 (3 years ago)
That girl at 1:45 said that women are smarter because they can cook and clean. Just wow. Women are the maids and men are the inventors and scientists. YES!
Camryn VB (4 months ago)
xRob456 Sounds like you got too much salt in your diet bro. You should probably go see a doctor about that. He might be able to make you less salty. Can't change your retardness sadly though.
John Phillips (3 years ago)
"Women are smarter ,because we cook and clean." 😬 men (and not dumb women) are just you know protecting our country
brickley2000 (3 years ago)
Women are smarter because they get men to do work for them and buy them drinks and dinner
Dodo M (3 years ago)
What??? Women are better because they bring men into this world??? Just wow...
Steven Gruber (3 years ago)
Ironic that all of them seem thick.
Holy shit these women are DUMB! Are you people hearing these answers. Fuck me. So women are smart because they can multitask, emotional and I didnt hear much else. Did that just sound stupid you reading these reasons, yeah. There you go. Female intelligence. BTW these men that said women are smarter, kill yourselfs. Pussies
David. Vox Populi (3 years ago)
Instead of ripping my head off, I'll just go to the source and kill my mother.
Powertuber1000 (3 years ago)
Women can only compete with man on a very limited basis and only in the limited safe environments of her choosing; men do not have this luxury of dabbling and choosing because they are responsible for the advancement and maintenance of our civilization. Women only have the appearance of capability because they are propped-up on these physical and technological foundations built by man.
Camryn VB (4 months ago)
Powertuber1000 Sounds like you got too much salt in your diet bro. You should probably go see a doctor about that. He might be able to make you less salty. Can't change your retardness sadly though.
Mindgamez (2 years ago)
+Powertuber1000 I dunno man, all men love tits.
Dodo M (3 years ago)
+Powertuber1000 Good arguement.
Sage Thinker (3 years ago)
The woman that said men choose easy subjects at uni is insane almost all men choose a STEM subject which are the hardest and women choose the easy subjects
Camryn VB (4 months ago)
Sage Thinker Sounds like you got too much salt in your diet bro. You should probably go see a doctor about that. He might be able to make you less salty. Can't change your retardness sadly though.
C.E.L Archives (9 months ago)
Sage Thinker yeah she was a pompous ass in case you didn't notice her nose actually goes up after she makes her last comment , her body language basically said "i'm better" it actually shows that she more than likely was talking about herself not women in general
Eddie Barragan (2 years ago)
True, the gender gap is huge in those fields and that also explains the difference in wages overall for men and women since most of the careers that are popular with women earn less than someone working in a STEM field.
Christian Davis (3 years ago)
Women are blind
Camryn VB (2 months ago)
Christian Davis Says the people who always vote republican.
5 6 (4 years ago)
I here creativity being brought up though we basically invented everything. Sorry dumb bitch but you need you Fathers seed to be born too. 
ass hat (1 year ago)
You're like the brother I never had.
H Hijazi (4 years ago)
I will be as objective as possible. Here is a theory from an evolutionary perspective (If you're religious, don't be alarmed. You may apply theistic evolution here) Anyways, Men and women are both equally capable of being intelligent, but men display higher signs of intellect simply because they have to. We seek knowledge because being dumb can be a big turn off for girls. Similarly why very few women are comedians. They don't need to be. They can attract a guy without having to resort to comedic intelligence. (Christopher Hitchens spoke about precisely this in one of his videos) I don't think that men are inherently more intelligent. It's just that our sociological standpoint, our need to be attractive to women, is exactly what elicits intelligence in us. That may explain why history is male-dominated. But this theory doesn't explain why there are MANY extremely dumb men nowadays. This is an enigma. ----------------------- To answer one of the girl's (in the video) claim that men are "very lazy": Yes, men SEEM to have a propensity for laziness. It SEEMS as though men are inherently more prone to be extremely dumb and useless. But there's a sociological theory that explains this phenomenon. Society is more open and welcoming to females. Society seems to be more harsh towards guys than girls. And this creates a double bind in a man's head. On one hand, he is ambitious, but on the other hand, he is constantly met with resistance and judgement. I'm not saying that this is an excuse to be lazy. Far from it. It's rather just a potential explanation for the sociological pattern of male laziness and stupidity.
ars tbo (4 years ago)
Just curious and I do not mean to be offensive this is a legit question and I want to know other peoples thoughts on the topic, if women were replaced with men would they be able to create organized civilization. If so how would this impact wars, would there more wars less wars? Also would webhave gotten where we are today or further or a little less.
Vivian Le (4 years ago)
I think men are smarter really...I mean they seem to have more potential to become smarter and almost all inventions were made by men..but maybe I'm wrong because women couldn't vote earlier and stuff and weren't encouraged in science, math, and other stuff in history. I saw a study on iq tests where there were a lot of dumb men but also very smart men...women were in between. Another study was that girls slightly scored higher on an iq test at a younger age compared to boys because they mature earlier than boys. But then puberty comes in and men become smarter than women and their average iq was 5 points higher in adulthood. In other countries there is also less respect for women. I thought it was because men were taller but I've seen many smart people who were short. I agree on women having more common sense and being kind though. They also generally have higher grades than men.
Mark Landrebe (2 months ago)
What the hell does height have to do with intelligence?
Vivian Le (4 years ago)
And more women go to college than men.
Captain Mike (4 years ago)
LPS Hypocritykat (4 years ago)
I feel like I'm going to cry as I read the comment section. I am a kid and this is not the world I thought it was. I was always told everything was equal, that in this modern world injustices such as sexism and racism don't exist, but as I grow older it becomes clear it is not so. We ALL need to help each other and stop being so determined to put ourselves into categories. Men, women, there are differences yes but they are that of insignificance when you consider that each individual is smarter, dumber or exactly like the average of the human race. There is variety on this planet, beautiful variety. We as a group need to stand together and accept that we are all different and have our strengths and weaknesses. We must use this knowledge of variety not for discrimination, but for acceptance. The fact that a man is more likely to loose the children in a divorce case, the fact that women are treated as objects consistently in society, the fact that in America it is legal to refuse homosexuals service and that somehow, we still tolerate cases of racism is unacceptable. I know that there will be plenty of people reading this thinking that I do not know anything, that the words I write are based on delusional facts my growing mind has cherry picked. To that I say, please, do tell me how I am wrong. Not in an aggressive or angry fashion, but with the idea of improving my view. I know I am almost certainly not 100% correct. And most likely you aren't either, but together we can all grow smarter, faster, kinder and happier. So please if you have something to say don't be afraid to, but try to use your words to spread unity, not to divide and to further the ideas of equality and fair society.
LPS Hypocritykat (3 years ago)
Thank you, i just hope my comment helped someone somewhere. :)
evony G (3 years ago)
I am very proud of you for representing yourself as a decent human being. You're completely right, the world is fucked up. It's our job not to fall along with it.
LPS Hypocritykat (4 years ago)
At the end I made an error. I meant to say 'not to divide but instead to further the ideas of equality and a fair society for everyone'
Omni Codex (4 years ago)
Men have more potential to be geniuses. Women usually ride the 2 to 8 line, but men comprise the full spectrums. 1 being and idiot and 10 being a genius. Everyone that was questioned in this video (men and women) were dolts.
Camryn VB (4 months ago)
Omni Codex Sounds like you got too much salt in your diet bro. You should probably go see a doctor about that. He might be able to make you less salty. Can't change your retardness sadly though.
jethrodassam (4 years ago)
Being that women score five points higher on I.Q. tests it would be ignorant and arrogant of me to say men are smarter.
ensayofr (2 years ago)
+jethrodassam you definitively are an idiot... that's for sure
Sage Thinker (2 years ago)
+jethrodassam Haha you are an idiot you said women have a 5 point higher IQ and me and the other guy said it's the opposite and now you are playing dumb.
jethrodassam (2 years ago)
+Sage Thinker I'm reading the last 8 comments. 
Sage Thinker (2 years ago)
+jethrodassam What are you talking about? This is your original comment.  "Being that women score five points higher on I.Q. tests it would be ignorant and arrogant of me to say men are smarter" And he is saying that its the opposite and it's men who have the 5 point higher IQ not women.
jethrodassam (2 years ago)
+Sage Thinker Wow! You can't read. 
Walid Noxss (4 years ago)
the ladie who say we bring men into this world loooooool go read the story of eve and adam adam was ceated firstly he was created by Clay and eve was created by his Shoulder so go search don't juste speak without knowing anything
David U (10 months ago)
Walid Noxss YOU may need to "go search"...Adam from DUST and Eve from Adams RIB....now you have the RIGHT story 👍
Marc Arriaga (4 years ago)
A say men because I'm a man an I'm smarter the most women but I'm also share then most men fuck it I'm smarter then women an men so it doesn't even matter what genders smarter
Marc Arriaga (4 years ago)
+Soyul ChoA sorry you pic shows a girl an it was a joke
Nectarine Smith (4 years ago)
+Marc Arriaga That's not why, and I'm a guy. 
Marc Arriaga (4 years ago)
+Soyul ChoA well ya your a woman
Nectarine Smith (4 years ago)
I don't believe you. 
Chirho Knight (4 years ago)
IQ test can not test all spectrums of intelligence,there are many kinds of smarts, street smart, being a chrasmia genius,wisdom, and tactical. these things are not on a IQ test, just book smarts, i believe true intelligence is a persons atributes, these are so different between people , male or female, out of the top 10 people of the highest IQ in history a woman scored higher then einstien, but einstien abstract thinking had him contribute more to science then(Marilyn vos Savant) her I Q score is 228 score and Einstien was about 160. they believe lenardo IQ was about 190, she beats him too ,but she still does not effect the world like lenardo de vinci , with visions and inventions and science, why, because men are forced to think with left side of the brain and can not use both sides like women do equaly,why women are better learners and muilti taskers, but men compensate with higher abstract thinking, when they studied enstiens brain they noticed the left side of his brain was more develped then the average person, man or woman, she(Marilyn vos Savant) may have a higher IQ score but i bet that part of the brain, that makes you think out side of the box is not like Einstiens,this may be a reason why men lead and create cilivizations(counting present one too), Abdesselam Jelloul was said to have the highest iQ ever, and is a man he is not known for changeing mankind like Issiac Newton, if I had to guess and  who is not on the top ten list of highest IQ ever,man or woman, I say nikola tesla is the smartest known person, he invented all the modern day electronics, the electric motor , transformers transisters,generators, why you have AC power in your house, his inventions effected more people then most of the other inventors, the wright brothers made the first plane, i bet now adays the average women has a higher IQ then most  men, but IQ still does not cover all types of inetelligences, and why abstract thinking is so underated, men are not smarter then women, just most men will think out side of the box more then most women, this is why man will go to space , and women will follow after him,only way to prove women are better at abstract thinking if they make the next invention that changes mankind, like a tracktor beam, hypyer space  jump, time travel,teleporter,things that change mankind, like RC Clarke invented the comunication satulite. I will be fair i looked up all the female inventors and Patricia Billings invented a indestructible and fireproof building material called Geobond,Edith Flanigen was the inventor of a petroleum refining method and is considered one of the most inventive chemists of all time ,there are many other women inventors, mostly i see women improving on inventions that have all ready been invented(like windshield whiper to a car)and not comeing up with things like archimedes principle ,newtons law,and E =mc squared, many of these inventions done by women go unoticed compared to man,conclusion women inventors are not that life changeing, atleast not yet.I am a man I am not better or smater then a woman, but i see things like a chess game ,if we argue or trade points , I see moves ahead, because i am not good at useing my right side of my brain has the ladies.
Sage Thinker (3 years ago)
Good man I believe Tesla was probably the smartest person ever as well 
HarvardRadRes (4 years ago)
Women thinking they're smart= inability to comprehend even their own stupidity.
Camryn VB (2 months ago)
Sage Thinker And yet you voted republican. How’d that Turn out for you guys? I’ll wait
Camryn VB (4 months ago)
HarvardRadRes Sounds like you got too much salt in your diet bro. You should probably go see a doctor about that. He might be able to make you less salty. Can't change your retardness sadly though.
ryukenb2k (6 months ago)
Dayuum what you said was precise,bad ass,logical,rational, commonsense and facts. I just read your comment. Sunday 1st July 2018.
ensayofr (2 years ago)
+DayDreamer actually it is the opposite you idiot
Gotta Blast (3 years ago)
+Masculinist Thinker even better. Nothing against women though.
Powertuber1000 (4 years ago)
Women do not have the capacity to create civilizations.  The female mind does not have the visual and spatial depth of the male mind. They see the world through the simple narrow perspectives of present-tense. A profound philosophical depth is lacking, as are the stereotypical... logic and reason. In the same way, males are the visualizers of all technical concepts… the male is the see’er and visualizer of all philosophies and enlightenments at the deepest realms of thought.   Females perceive reality in a shallow or superficial way compared to the male. Their surface perception is relatively the same as the male, but the deeper visualization of the abstract concept is lacking in their thought processes, because evolutionarily speaking it was not necessary for females to possess these abilities.   The female brain is designed through evolution (due to birth and nurturing) to be focused on the ‘present’ and on ‘safety’, not on risk and discovery like the male. The female mind had no need to visualize or even care about abstract thought, so her brain did not form that way.   The female child nurturing role forced her to live in the moment... the male role forced him to mentally visualize new concepts.   The basic reason for this is brain structure; the males gray matter compartmentalization vs. the female’s white matter connectivity.   This continued false notion of equal capabilities will limit mankind’s potential and hinder the limitless possibilities we saw in the 20th century.
Camryn VB (4 months ago)
Powertuber1000 Sounds like you got too much salt in your diet bro. You should probably go see a doctor about that. He might be able to make you less salty. Can't change your retardness sadly though.
Jay jay Jay jay (4 years ago)
Most men don't have the guts to tell the truth. I agree with the woman at 1:52 who said men don't have the right attitude for women and treat women with no respected. Women got 15 people saying women are smarter than men, and men only got 8 saying men are smarter. Women the winners. Men drivers have over double the amount of crashes than women. Why because us men take shortcuts and take stupid risks (when we shouldn't) which results in crashes, women are to smart for this, in general there are more men in jail, more men lie, cheat and steal, also men are more lazy. Women are to smart to do this. What do us stupid men do start wars, again women are to smart to do this. From a rare honest man.
Camryn VB (2 months ago)
Sage Thinker Ah yes. The same old arguments.
Camryn VB (2 months ago)
Adam C Because as soon as someone brings up their own evidence you immediately deny it and call it FAEK NOOS.
Sage Thinker (3 years ago)
Women better shots have they never heard of the white death from Finland?
Sage Thinker (3 years ago)
U focus only on bad male qualities what about the things men invent build and create 
Captain Mike (4 years ago)
What are you talking about? MOST DRIVERS ARE MEN! Not to say that you think men don't respect females? Huh you must be joking... Men are raised to respect females... Are females raised to respect males? NO! Females ALWAYS say they are better then males... LOOK AROUND THE INTERNET! I could type in are males better shots with guns? Results: Females are better shooters then males... IT HAPPENS ON EVERY SINGLE TOPIC! THE INTERNET HATES MEN! AND THEN!!!! When abuse happens when a male drugs a female people jump in at him... When a female drugs a male nobody says anything... IT'S ALL BECAUSE OF THOSE FAKE FEMINIST THAT DON'T WANT EQUALITY THEY WANNA BE BETTER!!!! WHY CAN'T FEMINISM BE CHANGED TO EQUALISM?  THAT TITLE ONLY FOCUSES ON 1 GENDER! FEMALES!! 
umar apiq (4 years ago)
Oh stop this SHIT , Male Backup male and Female Backup female so it wont over
Buzz Pyle (4 years ago)
I am a boy and I admit that girls have better thinking skills but men have better motor skills but that doesnt mean that all men have lower thinking skills. JUST SAYING boys have better eyesight when girls have better hearing
Sage Thinker (1 year ago)
Still never answered, Why is everything invented by men if women are better thinkers?
Sage Thinker (3 years ago)
Why has there never been a female Mozart or einstein if women are such good thinkers
Powertuber1000 (1 year ago)
You are a boy that has been brainwashed by Politically Correct teachers and others... “LOOK around you”, where ever you are, where ever you go, men have imagined, conceived, designed and created practically everything that exists…everything!!! The male mind is uniquely suited to visualize abstract concepts and then make them a reality. Females know this innately. This is the unspoken reality of our existence on this earth. Women live in a world created by men, a world in which she has no clue, how all of the complex material structures work or even came to exist, nor does she care. It is like she assumes that they should be here naturally, amazingly not showing men the slightest appreciation for their creations. If women were somehow able to have reproduced on their own, they would still be living in caves today, wearing animal skins. Though I don’t think they could have skinned the animal much less killed it.
You realise that women can be smarter than men, but they are babied so much in many societies that they have no drive.  The "difference in the mind" garbage can only go so far as to what it can defeat in a human mind.  Women do act very stupid in western society and are left that way.  I have known women that have parents that pushed them to heights way beyond what many men could do.  It's more about what you teach a mind to do than what it is, that simple.  If you teach an ape to be just an ape, then it will do that.  If you teach a robot to be a robot, then it will be only that.  You see that this whole debate should never have come across.  In terms of society, women are less intelligent on average, but not because they are women.  The whole western sex culture is too soft on women and Muslim societies are too hard on women based on what men think they can obtain.  I argue that women should be intelligent in knowing many facts about life because then they can teach it to their children.  Their children, regardless of sex, will be dependent on their mother for what is to be the rest of their life.  The biggest travesty to ever come across the Earth is a mother throwing away her child by failing to teach it anything of value.  You can be like most of the modern generation and be a mannerless loser or a sophisticated robot, but apparently very few mothers know anything of what they actually think.  Just as society bogs them down, they bog their children down while the father has to struggle to work.  Women should be proud that they are babied and men are treated like trash, but they seem to lack that mental capacity to accept their easy lives.
Camryn VB (4 months ago)
Sounds like you got too much salt in your diet bro. You should probably go see a doctor about that. He might be able to make you less salty. Can't change your retardness sadly though. داریوش اسفندیاری
Ur Gr8 (2 years ago)
you are one of the few people that get it
circa blonk (4 years ago)
Computers are made by men, side walks are made by men, buildings are made by men, cameras are made by men, clothes were first made by men, airborne vehicles are made by men, ground vehicles are made by men, maritime vehicles are made by men, phones are made by men, food is grown by men, the dollar was made by men, math was pieced together by men...I could go on and on about almost EVERYTHING that has ever existed because of human kind. My point is, for that one fat bitch who said "men are lazy" she needs to take a look around, because men also made treadmills and running tracks that she should hop her "non lazy" ass on, and not be so damn lazy.
Camryn VB (1 month ago)
HedgeVerse https://biztechmagazine.com/article/2012/05/mothers-technology-10-women-who-invented-and-innovated-tech There’s my answer. Also men only made hardware programming. Women made software programming. Plus, computer software engineering was once considered women’s jobs so we can take that back from you if we wanted to
HedgeVerse (1 month ago)
+Camryn VB what technology are you talking about??
Camryn VB (4 months ago)
circa blonk Nah. If we didn’t create the required technology then you wouldn’t be able to invent shit
Anthony Ricciardi (4 years ago)
EXACTLY she said there is more women entrepreneur i only know of make up that was made by women! 
Semper Fortis (5 years ago)
the answers of these females just proof that they are not intelligent. women know that men are smarter but they can't admit to it, cause they have nothing else to compare to with men
Camryn VB (4 months ago)
Semper Fortis Sounds like you got too much salt in your diet bro. You should probably go see a doctor about that. He might be able to make you less salty. Can't change your retardness sadly though.
Semper Fortis (5 years ago)
the woman at 1:10 she had totally flipped, it's woman who tend to find things easy to do..
Anthony Ricciardi (5 years ago)
also we had sooooo many women presidents 
Anthony Ricciardi (4 years ago)
+ManWaffle  i know i was being sarcastic 
ManWaffle (4 years ago)
America has never had any female presidents and many other countries have male presidents or kings.we can't use the uk since the queen has no power.
Anthony Ricciardi (5 years ago)
i got on the men side a lot faster after she said woman speshis  HUMAN IS A SPESHIS WOMEN IS A GENDER sorry its spelled wrong 
binishorts96 (5 years ago)
its so funny how women think they are more intelligent.
Camryn VB (4 months ago)
binishorts96 Sounds like you got too much salt in your diet bro. You should probably go see a doctor about that. He might be able to make you less salty. Can't change your retardness sadly though.
Baghuul (5 years ago)
hahah white people are now a minority in london, hahahahahha
Ahba Nuteh (4 years ago)
Its fucking sad, we've got rats everywhere. 
vShoTzZ25 (5 years ago)
mens brains are far different from women, after thousands of years of men building,exploring, inventing and fighting, our minds have grown to be much more intelligent then women. We are far more curious and will do anything to find an answer. We have better imaginations. We can build things in our mind before we actually do it(women have to trie things before they can do it) Men have much better critical thinking skills and it is said that some if not most women dont even have any critical thinking at all. Our eyesight is better, not only can we see farther, but we can judge objects and distances more then twice as good as females can. I can go on and on. Men are designed to be the superior gender, im sorry girls but we are smarter and stronger. its because of how we lived, women staid at home and watched the children, while men hunted, explored, fought and built.
Camryn VB (4 months ago)
vShoTzZ25 Sounds like you got too much salt in your diet bro. You should probably go see a doctor about that. He might be able to make you less salty. Can't change your retardness sadly though.
Anthony Ricciardi (4 years ago)
+vShoTzZ25  i know
vShoTzZ25 (4 years ago)
Its funny because men have being cooking longer then women, cooking meat that is......
Anthony Ricciardi (4 years ago)
but cooking and cleaning make women better lol
francis ganapin (5 years ago)
you right
ire003celtic (5 years ago)
This is so stupid, but i love seeing women being stupied! its awesome!
Scuba Steve (5 years ago)
I did read what you wrote and it was just shit you copied and pasted from a website. And most of it was just nonsense that had nothing to do with the bibles cure from leprosy. Now tell me in your own words what Leviticus 14:2-52 means since I am "ignorant" and "lack understanding". Ironic considering you need to google search and copy/paste. And no I don't want to hear what the entire bloody book means. Now tell me why a book "divinely inspired" by God has such a ridiculous cure for leprosy?
Scuba Steve (5 years ago)
"Your lack of understanding is what's causing your ignorance." Ok dare explain Leviticus 14:2-52. Seems pretty laid out to me.
Scuba Steve (5 years ago)
Really? So God told these men the best way to cure leprosy is to get two birds. Kill one. Dip the live bird in the blood of the dead one. Sprinkle the blood on the leper seven times, and then let the blood-soaked bird fly away. Next find a lamb and kill it. Wipe some of its blood on the patient's right ear, thumb and big toe. Sprinkle seven times with oil and wipe some of the oil on his right ear, thumb and big toe. Repeat. Leviticus 14:2-52. Sounds more like they made this shit up on the spot.
Scuba Steve (5 years ago)
You're acting as if that bullshit story actually happened. The bible was written by men afterall.
HarvardRadRes (5 years ago)
On average, guys actually out perform girls on IQ tests, standardized testing, and math-related/ spacial reasoning across all nations (even in female-dominant society; e.g., Taiwan aboriginals). This might be because of the hunter-gatherer relationship in which males hunt and females gather and care for the young.
Camryn VB (2 months ago)
HarvardRadRes The hunter and gatherer excuse
Maximus Meridius (5 years ago)
They obviously edited out the parts that they disagree with.
Laura Schmidt (5 years ago)
Men are smarter because we are the rulers of this earth. If look at history and everything around you it can be traced back to a man (men). And if woman are in fact more intelligent then men they would never have bin repressed. And we would be the ones wining about that shit hahahahahah
Tealdragon204 (5 years ago)
I agree with this statement
endofdays444 (5 years ago)
It was Eve who was deceived, not Adam. Why do you think the devil went after the woman?
Teresa (5 years ago)
its not the gender that's stupid; its the individual. when will people learn?!?
Kyle Trager (5 years ago)
Well technically not all men fertilize the eggs and not all women have eggs. So um... You're wrong. (=
rhuttner12 (5 years ago)
I hate it when woman say we bring men in this world, Do they realize their eggs haft to be fertilized first. Guess who fertilizes the women's eggs a man. Both are needed to bring life on this Earth.
Camryn VB (2 months ago)
rhuttner12 Technically we did bring you into the world
Lord Of frog (5 years ago)
Men not thinking before they act? Go tell that to the millions of military generals throughout history!
Englishsea24 (5 years ago)
Interesting that each gender seems to vote for their own, when the real answer is we don't really understand each other and think differently. Much as people like to contradict, I think men can multitask and adapt to things, some just need to learn that it isn't just a womans role.
Flotsam Jay (5 years ago)
Each gender has stupid people and smart people, we are equal :P

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