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↓ OPEN THIS FOR MORE INFO ↓ Here are my TOP 10 ways to always look expensive!!! As I mentioned, this isn't the most important thing in life - but we all love to look “high end” and lux! I hope you enjoy this video :) SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL HERE: http://bit.ly/2jly5Nd (2-3 videos per week!) ❤ EBATES - Get Cash Back when you shop online. Sign up here: http://bit.ly/2fyX8WI --Get $10 welcome bonus when you spend $25+ ------------------------------------ ITEMS MENTIONED: Neutral Shirt I'm Wearing: http://bit.ly/2spNsVE Nude Pointy Heels: http://bit.ly/2tIc8Ne Navy Denim Pointy Heels: http://bit.ly/2sqcLXR MIRANDA FRYE JEWELRY: London Necklace: https://mirandafrye.com/collections/necklaces-1/products/london-necklace Cora Necklace: https://mirandafrye.com/collections/necklaces-1/products/cora-necklace?variant=34943637006 Liv Threader Earrings: https://mirandafrye.com/collections/earrings-1/products/liv-threaders (*Use code SHEA to save 10% & get free US shipping!*) Gucci (Striped) Belt: http://bit.ly/2tJ7zlG Gucci (Classic Black) Belt: http://bit.ly/2tIq0qC GREAT WEBSITES FOR AUTHENTIC PRELOVED OR VINTAGE LUXURY ITEMS: The RealReal: http://bit.ly/2tJwtl4 Vestiaire Collective: http://bit.ly/2sqXOVa Too Faced Natural Matte Eye Palette: http://bit.ly/2sqfa4P Too Faced Red Liquid Lipstick (Lady Balls): http://bit.ly/2sqaXOw Military Jacket: http://bit.ly/2sqbi3K Leather Jacket: http://bit.ly/2tIQMyY Floral Trendy Shirt: http://bit.ly/2spMkBz ------------------------------------ FOLLOW ME! Lots of luxury bag and outfit posts! INSTAGRAM – @Shea.Whitney https://www.instagram.com/shea.whitney/   EMAIL ME! [email protected]   WRITE ME! PO BOX 136 West Sunbury, PA 16061   ------------------------------------   FILMING EQUIPMENT USED: Canon 70D: http://rstyle.me/n/cbpbnnb8fn7 Sigma 18-35 F1.8 Lens: http://rstyle.me/n/cbpbn5b8fn7 Studio Box Lights: http://rstyle.me/n/cbpbqib8fn7 Microphone: http://rstyle.me/n/cemjjnb8fn7 Editing: Final Cut Pro Music courtesy of: NoCopyrightSounds - Youtube: Konac – Home   *Disclaimer: I use affiliate links.  As a customer, you do not pay any more or less because of an affiliated link. A small percentage of the sale will go to the person who generated the link. Thank you for your support in my channel!
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Text Comments (4703)
Snowball Falls (4 hours ago)
I don't know why I hate pointy shoes but I hate pointy shoes lol
Jennifer Letterman (10 hours ago)
For years I gifted all of the Girls we knew a set of Pearl earrings, the necklace and the simple bracelet set from our local jeweler. Just noticed my nieces wearing hers at Christmas and she's grown up and married now xoxo. Pearl's are timeless and I felt that going off to College Formals etc., be nice to have. I think every young woman should have her own nice set of pearls to go with her little black dress, a formal, even a Statement T and a Boss Biker jacket, mixed up with some silver...
zrinka bunic (23 hours ago)
Maybe to have a title, how to look classy. :) Or to have it as next video. I like your stile and work.:)
Iwona Iwona (1 day ago)
The stupidest topic ever.
Marilyn Recinos (1 day ago)
Thank you Shea. Good tips.
Nic Ole (1 day ago)
I'm watching this as I paint stars on my jeans lol
Ashling Murray (1 day ago)
The idea of looking expensive, otherwise known as looking rich. You aren’t, so you’re basically asking people to look like someone they are not. The thought of looking expensive (especially when you aren’t) I think you seriously need to think about what matters to you, random strangers thinking your outfit is expensive (even when you’re wearing a $5 shirt) who cares?! Read a book, educate yourself, be a better person, be kind, have class, have manners, all these things are important...nobody cares how expensive you look in a $5 T-shirt?!
Temis Quiroz (1 day ago)
nice try i wont subscribe, i love your videos thoug
Belinda Labunog (1 day ago)
thqnk you very much cool suggestions...love it
Mandy Simmons (1 day ago)
all true.  I live in the burbs now and when I go back slumming in the poor areas again to get bargains...I dress down in clothes I used to wear all the time.  Now I'd rather have 20 nice pieces of mix and match than have 100's of clothes I used to have to wear.
SuperRegina9 (3 days ago)
I am new to your channel and loving it!!!🎊
lilgucci rolex (4 days ago)
My rich teens wear gucci,and balenciagas
anne k (4 days ago)
Why are all fashion blogger talking too much!!style more and talk less please.
Manuela de Sousa (5 days ago)
You girl keep doing what you are doing and what you love and share what you love and believe in. Don't listen to those hater that have nothing else to do of their lives and are jealous of your joy, beauty and success. I am very amazed on your success after barely 2 years on YouTube ! thank you for sharing and rock it !
Erica Solis (5 days ago)
Love It
Renee Ittah (5 days ago)
You are to loud .it look chip
Sylvia Cox (5 days ago)
Too much talking, too little showing.
Liz Lom (6 days ago)
Red lipstick....im a poor girl with expensive taste ,but i love your ideas and taste,ty so much
amhauck (6 days ago)
You are adorable! Watching your videos is fun and you always look great!
Diane Robinson (6 days ago)
You give good streamlined advice for people who have a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear. My further advice is to own whatever you wear; people will be attracted to you. You will appear to be comfortable in your own skin, a rare find today.
Haseeb Shaikh (6 days ago)
Hi I have subscribed now Love the video
BKLNHobo (7 days ago)
As a resident of Manhattan for more than a decade, trying to look expensive is misguided. Most people size up your status based on how you speak (diction, subject matter and content) and carry yourself. That said, Melania Trump is a good example of an "expensive" woman. Fit and thin and very well groomed in a way that looks effortless. None of her clothes have obvious logos, and she generally doesn't do neutrals. The colors, styles and cuts are always interesting enough for people to wonder what she's wearing.
Healthy Jesus Girl (7 days ago)
Interesting! Love the jewelry. Personally, life is short. “IN” the world, not “OF” the world. We have to be careful. Def love light, neutral, “natural-looking” make-up. Age-appropriate matters too. Read lipstick — going to try it!! Thanks!
Regina Go (8 days ago)
Tying a designer scarf/bandeau/twilly to a less expensive label bag is not classy at all, it is very pretentious. Never attach a more expensive scarf to a cheaper bag. The bag should always be more expensive than the scarf etc.
Diana D (8 days ago)
Check out cool clothing designs. BUY NOW. Store= https://teespring.com/stores/first-rate-clothing
Hard to get bright colors
Любава (9 days ago)
#1 way to look expensive?  Teeth . . . ...........
Christina Persaud (9 days ago)
Good advice on how to look expensive, but I encourage you to have some more creativity in your clothing choices. Yes neutrals are great on anyone, but falling in love with patterns and design is amazing too! Looking expensive may be your goal, but you're also lacking that spark of originality. On a side note, congratulations on having a successful channel! :)
trevizolga (10 days ago)
Keep nail polish color neutral and classy.
Linda Johansson (10 days ago)
If you think Shea Whitney, who has 566K Subscribers and 5,141,234 views has missed the mark, think again. The title she chose may not be correct in your eyes, but it got her viewers here (including all of you), and I'm sure she's praying that some of you will cash in on the links she provided for the items. Believe me, she did exactly what she set out to do, and it was very clever Shea. All You-Tubers wanting to make money on YouTube should take notice. Good Job!!
Paula Jackson (10 days ago)
What neutral lip color are you wearing? Its very flattering.
Alexa Rene (10 days ago)
#alexasjewelz on instagram are very fancy but look VERY EXPENSIVE BUT THEY ARENT LOOOOOVE!!!
Kaththee1 (10 days ago)
Although it is great click bate, I don't like the word "expensive" in this context. "Hey, she is no 2 dollar hooker, is a 2K an evening escort if I ever saw one" But as far as being put together goes, having a personal "uniform" is a great way to pull it off- of course I am not the first person to say that either. Keep your uniform simple like jeans plus long sleeve T, or a tunic and capris, (depending on body type, lifestyle personality etc), and you only need 3 of each uniform piece. So 3 pairs of jeans and 3 long sleeve Ts. You can spend more when you don't buy by the dozen. Another rule of 3 is always, add a third item. It is that third item that elevates the look, be it a scarf, jacket or cardigan. The splurge should be the 3rd item especially if it a jacket because nothing screams cheap more than a cheap jacket. By all means wear well made Italian shoes and purses but if everyone knows what you spent on the bag or shoes, you might as well be wearing cash around your neck. Not all good shoes and purses, have labels on the outside. You want people to remember you not Coco Chanel. There is nothing wrong with a luxury status bag but it can look like you are trying too hard. You don't have to wear minimalist jewelry either. If you own an Irene Neurwirth statement necklace wear it but try to keep it to 3 pieces of jewelry (again with the rules of 3), with only one piece being the statement piece- if any. There are exceptions to every rule and just know why you are breaking the rule. Like say you want to follow a trend to layer necklaces, so you wear simple earrings, a ring and then add 3 to 5 necklaces. Before you go out look in the mirror, close your eyes, if any one piece pulls your eye take it off.
AnnaRose LaRue (10 days ago)
You call it expensive looking. I call it stylin'. :))
Gosia K (10 days ago)
Hi beautiful, I’m in active YouTube member..... I came across this video. As my first. I just hit the subscribe button. I’m new..... I’m excited to see what you have on your account. ♥️❤️♥️❤️🤗🤗🤗
DeLynne Strickland (11 days ago)
Yes girl...pointy shoes😘
Melissa Garcia (11 days ago)
Shea, I am so pleased to say that I already incorporate 9 of your steps in my every day look!! The only one I'm missing is red lipstick! Who knew?? I'm def going to give it a whirl!! As far as designer handbags, I get mine at pawn shops!!! That is one thing I will NOT skimp on....I MUST hv an authentic designer purse but I refuse to pay full price on them when I can find them for $40-$50 as opposed to $300+! I have had friends snub their nose at me because I love my designer bags but they last FOREVER! It's just SMART IMO!! Another shopping secret....I just discovered Poshmark!!! OMG!!! LOVE IT!! As far as jewelry goes, I love Sterling silver and CZ's! Silver and CZ's are both very inexpensive but don't look it. Again, pawn shops are great for jewelry. Also Stein Mart and TJ Maxx are, as well, if u want new. Thx, Shea! I am a new subscriber!! Love your channel!! Xoxo
hana tachibaina (12 days ago)
Pointy shoes look amazing but they hurt my feet...
daisyhinojosa23 (13 days ago)
White straight teeth also help
Margaret shope (13 days ago)
Subscribed! Hope it helps your algorithm!
Twinkle Ferdaus (13 days ago)
so true. u. r. brilliant
Samara De Freitas (14 days ago)
I have this same shirt. In my opinion, it dosent look expensive at all
melina Scappatura (14 days ago)
MsMya1 (14 days ago)
what type of bracelet do you have on?
Jen Bavender (14 days ago)
New to your channel! Just saw the headline on the right and it caught my eye ;-)  ...good job! Great simple tips, several I use all the time too. Thanks!
Julia Berg (14 days ago)
You can never be perceived as classy with such a loud voice combined with a naggy, nasal American accent like that.
Italida Reviews (15 days ago)
Well manicured hair and nails are also a must. Great tips!!
D Valla (15 days ago)
I kinda agree with most of your tips, but I just had to comment that in western Europe, the make up you have wouldn't be considered natural. That is a LOT of make up. Here we consider natural make up the type that looks almost inexistent. It's considered more "upperclass" to wear barely there make up during the day, and turn it up a notch at night or at celebrations. But mind you, it would always be less than what you have now. Either way, you are a pretty girl and keep up the good work!
BushnellEntertainmnt (16 days ago)
Try not to talk to much get to the point! ;) Thanks it's great to have tips but people don't have long term attention span anymore!
Liza Zackry (16 days ago)
Always make sure Ur clothes are clean and neat.. some ppl out here wear the most high end clothes, but they’re wrinkled smh
nini aly (16 days ago)
OMG Shea its been a year and a half 😍😍😍 im here, still in love with your channel the same way!! Your points made so much sense!
Anahi Gonzalez (17 days ago)
Search engine
Cristina Aquino (17 days ago)
Overall you talk to much
Sonita Singh (18 days ago)
Well I am just running through
Jasreen Singh (19 days ago)
I'd rather save and buy something nice rather than spending a bunch at the thrift like I used too I end up throwing it away
Jasreen Singh (19 days ago)
This is a great hair colour on you. Beauty
R M (19 days ago)
Rule #1 don’t carry a speedy like shea Whitney in the thumbnail!! So tacky considering the title ugghh cringe!!!! Carry a bag for style and bc you like it not too look “expensive” it’s youtuber’s like her that are ruining this brand!!! 👎
Claire Eileen (19 days ago)
How to look "expensive": Spend all your money on fashion. You'll be broke, but at least look expensive :D
Lacey Timony (19 days ago)
I also like natural nails and neutral polish without chips to make me look expensive. Something about bright green, designs, fake tips look cheap.
catherine cane (20 days ago)
Why do you want to look expensive? Are you trying to sell yourself? I cannot understand why you have to exert so much effort in making yourself look expensive. Is this required in your job? I maybe wrong but even models when they go to a fashion show they will go there in simple clothes because they dont need to look expensive because the clothes that they wore will not matter since they will not be using them since they will be wearing clothes assigned for them. Even CEO of big companies they wear basic business attire. Honey it only shows that your are a self centerd person
Google User (20 days ago)
You are not ready to spend that much money on a clothing because you cannot afford them
Google User (20 days ago)
Getting compliments from who??
Google User (20 days ago)
You will look expensive when it is really expensive. An aldo pointy shoes will never look expensive they look as cheap as their quality
Google User (20 days ago)
Speedy is considered luxury?
Aravindhan Veeramani (20 days ago)
200$ is cheap for you?? What am I doing with my life
Intan wijaya (20 days ago)
this is no brainer. how to look expensive by buying expensive stuff. plz!
Ritu Mittal (20 days ago)
Jachinoy15 (21 days ago)
10k unlike with 5 million views :)
Jaycee Alba (21 days ago)
Hi Shea your lipstick is so nice!! What brand is it??
judy kopulos (23 days ago)
Nice presentation.
itsmykieee (23 days ago)
TOTALLY agree re the pointy shoes!
KIM WILLIAMS (25 days ago)
I found you looking for knock off Chanel bags today.
ChonoGamer 123 (25 days ago)
Easier way-buy gucci lv burberry and you will look really expansive
PiranhaJaw22 (26 days ago)
my god, this lady talks loud, and talks alot
Trojanette83 (26 days ago)
Great advice video. Thanks for the great tips.
pointy shoes reminds me of casual business
first time here
It's a great video, but showing your bra does not look expensive... Beware!
Life's Lil pleasures (30 days ago)
I’m an active YouTube user
Jaygirl212 (30 days ago)
1:53 for the content
Gayzelle Brillos (1 month ago)
Christmas is coming and we're giving you free bags as our way to say thank you! Message me to claim your free bag!https://www.facebook.com/gayzelle.brillos.5
Stacy Thomas (1 month ago)
Invest in fewer but better quality pieces in a color you love. My mother bought a $300 wool blazer in FUCHSIA. She had that blazer for over 25yrs. That is less than $30 a year.
morningmayan (1 month ago)
Get a couple classic dresses at Banana Republic than have them altered. The French look so stunning because they have all their clothes altered to fit them. Good luck finding a cheap alteration place though:(
Nedasnothere (1 month ago)
Love this video. Very helpful tips. Slay girl!
Sandra Mollett (1 month ago)
are the sleeves on the shirt supposed to not be the same length from the shoulder seam?
Diana Valverde (1 month ago)
I love the video, As a Realtor, I am always looking for a fashion check from time to time as I always need to be looking at the top of my game. Thank you .
Señorito (1 month ago)
I get you. Great vid!
beth benarie (1 month ago)
shela im not a guy im a woman for the 96th time
Charmain Hodges (1 month ago)
I honestly don't know why I'm watching this🤔😂I really don't care about looking expensive
lucreziia100 (1 month ago)
While it is good to be conscious of looking well and tastefully turned on, but this young woman seems obsessed with brands and the superficial status one gains from this.
Frustrated Whatever (1 month ago)
Nice way of asking for subscribers😂😂
Nelsia Loraine-Smithh (1 month ago)
pointy toed shoes........Yes!!
Billie Stone (1 month ago)
All these comments below fail to mention that some of us actually really like certain brands, and just because we have them doesn't mean we are sell outs. You may like the $5 dollar t-shirt, heck, I might like the $5 dollar t-shirt. But I've been saving for a Gucci Handbag for a long time; I personally think it's beautiful. If I could get it cheaper I god damn would, but I like THAT handbag? It's about perception, sure. But no need to be rude.
Real Trini (1 month ago)
That’s her focus?? To “look expensive”??? For what purpose? To cover up deep self esteem issues and make onlookers feel that you’re wealthy? 10,000 people dislike this video. Go figure.
Hanoona Noona Kitchen (1 month ago)
Omg what pice of fabric for 200 hun this is for people who stil rich 200 still break the bank for lots of people
Queen Sheba (1 month ago)
That won't work for everyone. Tnx
Gaye Williams (1 month ago)
Gotts say I think expensive varies country to country and its true my parents are from old money and I grew up with it, but none of these are tips that we live by, most of my mothers jewelry and mine was my grand mothers , my mother would never shop in h and m etc she shops well ie: Max Mara, Reiss etc but it lasts for years she shops more for quality than the label and as a result so do I, money is better invested into education etc than clothes but I won't knock this video I think the young lady looks lovely xxx
cameos2crochet (1 month ago)
Late to watching this, but for you Hater Trollers:. She states UP FRONT what the purpose of her channel is. Fashion, style & beauty. But for some reason, you thought this was the vlog for your OBNOXIOUS Virtue Signalling ! Did you run out of the gazillion places on social media to VS? You must be bored with those already Turn your attention back to sniffing each other's hairy, smelly armpits, or comparing the rugs you've woven " for charity" out of your lengthy leg hairs, and go back to Signalling on Insta or FB. And as for those complaining about her voice etc- let's hear yours. That's ok - she's out there making the $ while most of you all are probably on People of WalMart. ( Cue Jerry Seinfeld- " Not that there's anything Wrong With That !")
Rezwana Sheen (1 month ago)
Rezwana Sheen (1 month ago)

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