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Gay Couple's Everyday Life Through Comics

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Hope you enjoyed this compilation video of Husband&Husband Comics! Subscribe for more, or follow the links below to read the comics. Love ya! --Comics: http://www.instagram.com/husbandandhusband --Webstore: http://www.husbandandhusband.myshopify.com --Links to order Jonathan's book: https://amzn.com/B01JXG0KB0 (kindle) https://amzn.com/1537029622 (physical book) --Aaron's Comics: http://www.instagram.com/husbandandhusband ---We love mail! P.O. Box 66 Wilsonville Oregon 97070 ---Consider helping a couple creative dudes out with our Patreon for more vids, comics, and more (every bit helps :): https://patreon.com/husbandandhusband ---Welcome to our mostly normal life living as a gay married couple in Los Angeles. If you wanna see more, subscribe below: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=husbandandhusbandvideo Follow on Instagram for our weekly comic, art, and life stuff in between: http://www.instagram.com/husbandandhusband Just a pair of geeky, gay married dudes who live life spreading love and positivity to the world. xoxo Love ya!
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Text Comments (739)
EdgyBedgy (22 hours ago)
Gayest shit on the internet lol
Lukas Mannlein (1 day ago)
Mein Gott! Es war so idiotisch!
Lada Aydinyan (1 day ago)
А кушать на российском?))
Create Creations 2 (1 day ago)
Pause at 5:01 .......... is the guy in the blankets doing............ •—•
brouihj croisegh (1 day ago)
Unfortunately this is something I won't experience ever. huhuhu!
I just wanted say. Wether you do not want to hear it or read it. Gay people are nasty, Why, think about it possible people. Is it okay to put in things on their asshole, IDGAF. But it's wrong. Not normal, the ass hole is to take a shit, who eats from their ass and shit from their mouth? Gay people are disability people, they have a defect on their system or brain or something. Now the want to teach our children os okay to put in stuff through their ass hole. That's wrong. Just because a man or a woman broke your heart or whatever reason. Naturally I its wrong , same sex idealogy is wrong.
Wagner Monteiro (13 hours ago)
Fuck U
I’m Fine (1 day ago)
Anyone guys wanna hmu. 💛 reply for my snap
Charles Mccarty (1 day ago)
You gay people go to hell one girl one man l hit gay people
J F (1 day ago)
Being gay is shit.
Daisy May (1 day ago)
Awww 😍
Ashten Davis (1 day ago)
This is too cute
Rocky Jemasa (2 days ago)
I can't stop puking after watching this disgusting videp
Rocky Jemasa (2 days ago)
Destruction of the world is justified now
ɖaռҡstʊʄʄ 101 (2 days ago)
AsdfSamurai (2 days ago)
Cute couple? All I see here is pair of sickos who are penetrating each other...
Diego Martinez (2 days ago)
Jen Crom (2 days ago)
MMMMMMM GAAAYYYYY, sorry someone had to 😞
Ok, you made me chuckle a couple of times.
zayn kazmi (3 days ago)
his is a fairale for me...i wish i could live in a counr where i can find m parner for lifetime
daud abdi (4 days ago)
being straight and watching this
Néstor S. (4 days ago)
Oh then.. judging from this comic Jonathan's a top. Well... awkward.
Lin-Lin Renita (5 days ago)
Eeeeeewwwww eewww eeeweee🤢🤮
TAZ SLAMBER (5 days ago)
please could you put subtitles in Spanish in all your future videos
Latecea Galbearth (8 days ago)
Omg they are toooooo cute
MR.Kwiatek 14 (9 days ago)
Jejku, jakie to słodkie😂😂
Fabio Freitas (9 days ago)
Love is love ❤️ https://youtu.be/ekxNX9sI8Gc
kokyoto (9 days ago)
everyday, us gay people love to summon gay spirits and get sorted into the gay house at hogwarts
5:00 My boyfriend always do
Lilith Ag (9 days ago)
*Qué genial*
Keanu Molinyawe (9 days ago)
So sweet
Krystal eye (9 days ago)
this just describes what my future relationships might look like (if i ever get one)
So Mari (9 days ago)
Gay ass muthafuckas
jockin sled (9 days ago)
We need a real life version
giulia leonardi (10 days ago)
And so?... The same things that a etero couple does.😐
Joms Valencia (10 days ago)
Hi hahaha sana all 😂💔
Pesho Peshovskia (10 days ago)
Fuck this
crystal Fire (10 days ago)
Rated 18+,jk guys
Judy Merrick (10 days ago)
that's so cute
Judy Merrick (10 days ago)
i just thought about marble hornets ships ! like Jay x Alex (Jaylex) or Tim x Brian (Brim) ❤❤❤❤💛💛💛💛💚💚💚💙💙💚💚💙💜💜💜💜
Shakeel M (10 days ago)
Hahaha, oh god the blanket part.... soo mee hahaha
romulus_le (10 days ago)
Hey the Story is so funny and true... like at Home ;-) Thank you
Ghufran Walla (10 days ago)
Fuck u LGBT fuck all of u. Vagina is btter than cock fck
The Zwide SA (10 days ago)
this the whitest shit i ever seen in my whole life
Jonathan Jones (10 days ago)
Ugh torture lol
Madi Ami (10 days ago)
Pass the tomato kind sir 😂😂😂😂
Dabs sss (10 days ago)
Fuck you gays!
J F (10 days ago)
Being gay sucks, good looks and a moral compass don't guarantee shit. If I were to give advice to a younger gay guy I'd say to just get out there and live fast... Get yourself in clubs... Otherwise you'll end up like me... 26 with barely any sexual experiences to speak of and even fewer boyfriends. Throw that moral compass out the window and play around. 👍
Niko Shirindzi (10 days ago)
The HarryPotter Hat *dying*
melody (10 days ago)
youtube needa chill w these random ass recommendations
Fercho VG (11 days ago)
Bah Only fiction. Reallity is other is very sad.
Aesthetics San (11 days ago)
First time I see your videos i subscribe so fast
once buddy (11 days ago)
Wait this isnt normal.
김예은 (11 days ago)
Omg sooooooo cute
equalism 42 (11 days ago)
I worry that while the cartoons capture some funny moments that might occur, they do not show young gay guys the true wonder of finding a true sole mate that only gay relationships can offer, and that everything else is a second rate compromise compared to a real gay relationship!
Far Crew (11 days ago)
the curious one (11 days ago)
Why am I recommended this
Itzpayday 123 (11 days ago)
This is pretty gay
Sara Rocks (11 days ago)
How do u shave ur butt...asking for a friend
Chetan Raikwar (11 days ago)
Liam Alk (11 days ago)
hope that later on I will have such a great husband habeb. Have you done more comics? I would wish. If yes, where? If not, make sure !!😘🥰😍😍😍😍😍
Liam Alk (11 days ago)
Love it!!!! Wonderful!!!
md nill hossein sagor (11 days ago)
AB sosmed (11 days ago)
Stupid human
Tone Deaf (12 days ago)
5:02 da dessert is his dickkkkk
Tone Deaf (12 days ago)
The pokemon lol
Tone Deaf (12 days ago)
Its not that innocent. They just FUCKKKK
Shear Trevo Charles (12 days ago)
filthy breeds
Byron Rieckman (12 days ago)
#GayGhost s-sorry
Clem TWD (12 days ago)
1:16 baby shark doo doo doo..
pit timtim (12 days ago)
heheeeee love it
Basrah's world (12 days ago)
Octavia Cryer (12 days ago)
Well my girlfriend used to shave me when we were together, I didn't know that one needed a whole room for that. This is different. I love it by the way.
Rune Deblauwe (12 days ago)
Nothing against these comic's... but why is homo becoming synonym for sex...
Mezak Zambono24 (13 days ago)
Aww cute 💙😁
fade fade (13 days ago)
I miss the friend😢 I want a friend to live together😔👬 We live forever with love👬🙈😔😢
gizli bilinmez (13 days ago)
zara’s father and ramosh😂😂🤣
Nisanth Nisanth (13 days ago)
I am single ,it makes me jealous 😳
Suraj Wakpanjar (13 days ago)
Great I love it
आपका watsaoop 😎😍😚😚🖕🖕🖕👈👌💋नंबर दो आभी💋
Antoni Timofey (13 days ago)
The thing that made this video be in my recommended done a horrible mistake, I'm gonna kill the next homosexual that i will know, i'm gonna track him and stab him on a dark street like the last one. You animals are the worst problem around the world.
Michelle Chira (12 days ago)
Antoni Timofey go away homophobic
Fer Origama Origama (13 days ago)
so beautiful😍😍😍 loved it
CLE 91483 (13 days ago)
0:55 lmfao imagen being an animal seeing your owners fucking right in front of u lmfao. thats weird ass shit.
CLE 91483 (13 days ago)
3:58 seriously me when i play Slither.io….
Jefferson Mantes (13 days ago)
I love it :)
Leo Jeanpol Lopez (13 days ago)
I want this relationship💖💕
白花吗如maru (13 days ago)
Too sexual for my liking, I mean "everyday life" ?
Alx Carey (13 days ago)
I like it!!! Many shorts are mine... The bed... The pizza... The buttock... The dessert... Like if u share with me!!!
Bombenhagel 666 (13 days ago)
Well...that was cancerous
unerringsky 9781 (13 days ago)
Why am I like this
I have a no boyfriend so i am very sad
Blaze6432 (13 days ago)
I am hoping for a day when "Gay couples" won't exist anymore. That 2 men can just be a "couple" just like a man and a woman.
Alvin Goli Cruz (14 days ago)
We do That also .hahaha .so cute
Fire Witcher (14 days ago)
David McCourt (14 days ago)
Why is the majority of the video sexual?
Luìs Mansilla (14 days ago)
Siam Samir (14 days ago)
If i had a boy friend like that❤🙄
trần hải đường (14 days ago)
Ha gaaaaaaaaay
Zoozy G (14 days ago)
The cat is me
Tian Peter (14 days ago)
Thanks for demonstrating those lovely love. 😍
Darrenatics 24 (14 days ago)
AIDS is in the air 😍😂😂

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