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Partner Shuffle | DARLING in the FRANXX

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After Mitsuru and Ikuno start showing problems syncing up, Nana suggests they try a partner shuffle, allowing the pilots to try out different combinations to test out compatibility. Ikuno asks if she could try piloting with Ichigo and, despite promising Futoshi she would be his partner forever, Kokoro asks to be paired with Mitsuru. Crunchyroll Collection brings you the latest clips, OPs and more from your favorite anime! Don't have time for a full episode but want to catch up on the best scenes? We've got them! CHECK OUT OUR OTHER SERIES! Learn about your favorite anime studios! 👉 http://bit.ly/AnimeAcademyPlaylist Need new anime recommendations? 👉 http://got.cr/QReviewPlaylist Watch FULL anime episodes 👉 http://got.cr/WatchFullEps SUBSCRIBE 🌟 http://bit.ly/crunchyrollsubscribe FREE 14-DAY CRUNCHYROLL TRIAL 🌟 http://bit.ly/2hOGDI1 Crunchyroll is the destination for the world's largest and latest lineup of anime and manga. Crunchyroll brings hit anime each season, straight from Japanese studios to millions of viewers globally, translated professionally in multiple languages. Watch free or go Premium to enjoy in HD or without ads.! FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Crunchyroll TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Crunchyroll INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/crunchyroll TUMBLR: http://crunchyroll.tumblr.com
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Text Comments (220)
xd (6 days ago)
fuck kokoro and fuck mitsuru legitimately two of the worst characters in any show ive seen in a while hands down
i see todoroki i click (14 days ago)
I actually like Kokoro unlike some people.
Iskander Crank (28 days ago)
Well, I always thinking that Futoshi's eyebrows it "cochold horns". In this way it's so fu...ng true
Ambur Price (1 month ago)
Why is everyone calling Kokoro a thot? I really don’t get how breaking a promise and choosing to shuffle partners makes you a thot. It’s not as if being partners was like being in a relationship. I don’t know, I just don’t get it.
Jordzye (1 month ago)
Unpopular opinion: they're both wrong
2:00 *Top 10 anime betrayals*
rockgamer 3000 (1 month ago)
I kinda wished that when Ichigo went with Ikuno, that Kokoro would choose my boi Goro. Goro a nice wholesome boy that deserves better than Ichigo. Mitsuru was just kind of an ass, considering what he did the first few episodes to Hiro over something he can't help. He bullied him for forgetting about the past. Mitsuru literally tried to steal his partner before doing it to Futoshi.
Aviansie (2 months ago)
i kinda liked her character up until she did this & since then i disliked her character.
Deniz (2 months ago)
Ikuno and Futoshi could die like I care.Fucking plot devices
NPC #1337 (2 months ago)
I have to imagine the thought process going in Zero Two and Hiro's heads. "Partner shuffle?" Them: "Fuck you."
shirokuma (4 months ago)
juuzou緒尾いおあ (4 months ago)
C mamo
ryan jex (5 months ago)
AngryZombie808 (5 months ago)
the best moment of the anime
Hsjjsjsjjs Ndhebenhx (5 months ago)
@gordinho na TPM .com
DIQ Piq (5 months ago)
I didn't like how kokoro did this I stoped watching because of this
Pharaoh of Card Games (5 months ago)
Girl, you just don't break a promise like that. That has been Mitsuru's gripe in the first place.
Nater K (6 months ago)
Zero Two: "Switching partners, you say? Yea, I kinda want to pilot with Mitsuru again." Mitsuru: "Oh you can just go ahead and fuck yourself."
Max Max (6 months ago)
What episode
derp_ plays (6 months ago)
T͟ H̵̢ O ̵T҉ ͜ ̷͘M U S ͢͢T ̨͢ ̢͡B̀ ͘Ȩ̀ ͢K̕͜ ̨͝I͏ ҉͞L L͏ ̛͠È̢ D
Isabella Gorman (7 months ago)
I miss mitsurus old hair :(
〆れーむ (7 months ago)
The Anonymous Army (7 months ago)
Is ikuno gay?
The Anonymous Army (7 months ago)
2:09 kokoro so cute😍♡
Ders snek in me boots (7 months ago)
Put Evil morthy theme
イケシャKath_ (7 months ago)
Futoshi is like : Im done with life
Areebah Hafeez (7 months ago)
I did ship Kokoro and Mitsuru but ater this.. nope.
GamerBoy 1999 (7 months ago)
Shut up! I told you to drop it!
Nicoletta Caputo (8 months ago)
Which episode is this?
Brightsmile Puppylove (8 months ago)
Goddamn gaysuru and cuckoro lol, I feel bad for them tho.
Anime Sensei (8 months ago)
Kokoro's NTR shit ruined the whole thing for me! With respect to other opinions, I don't find cucking entertaining, it's just painful. I can't drop the show tho, because I'm curios now! I want to see what would happen with Hiro and Zero Two, so I'm just gonna keep suffering the NTR feelings here and there until the end of the anime.
manovrsb (6 months ago)
What about when Ichigo's been getting cucked from the second episode all the way up to here?heck she and Futoshi were in the same boat until Futoshi had to move on and accept Kokoro's feelings while Ichigo never bothered and wanted to keep Zero two away from Hiro so she could have him for herself(and she has the power to her advantage).
Anime Sensei (7 months ago)
It gives the NTR feelings the way the plot was made. No need for the anime creators to say it aloud like "You hear people! Futoshi and Kokoro are a couple, okay?"! Just making them together from the beginning, making Futoshi say things like I'll protect you, Kokoro-chan.. etc, that makes you see them as a couple. Sometime later, Kokoro cuckolds the ugly fat boy Futoshi, and chooses the handsome bastard Mitsuru! It hurts, dude! It really hurts!
Dave K (7 months ago)
NTR? Since when were Futoshi and Kokoro a couple?
gorrilaboy22 (8 months ago)
2:12 half of fandom reacts.
rockgamer 3000 (1 month ago)
I personally wouldn't have minded, if it was anyone else. Goro should've been the man to get with her at the end. My guy ended up with no one at the ending.
Frank the Skeleton (8 months ago)
_Kokoro did nothing wrong_
AqworldsMew11 (5 months ago)
NO go back in the whole!
Courtney Williams (8 months ago)
I have a question, I saw in one of the eps that a girl and the blonde hair guy switch roles when piloting a franxx, if that can happen then why can’t two girls pilot one?
Lemon (8 months ago)
*Fucking thot*
N Hisako Complex (9 months ago)
A lesbian and a bisexual person forced into a team, how cruel.
I am your father (19 days ago)
0nlinee no he not , he ask hiro to pilot with him when he was younger.
0nlinee (7 months ago)
He's not gay for Hiro, just jealous that Zero Two chose Hiro to be her partner, Thats why he volunteered to pilot with her and got fucked up, He also may have had some sort of affection towards Zero Two but cant blame the guy
wcthesecret (8 months ago)
not bisexual
I NEVER SLEEP (9 months ago)
Or you know it could just be kokoro just wants to help
Average teen girl (9 months ago)
Kokoro looks like Rei from Sono Hanabira. I thought she was a closet lesbian lol
Jv Player (9 months ago)
girls hate fat boys that's the truth
Leonardo Henrique (9 months ago)
I like her with Mitsuru, of course she should have talked with Futoshi about it, but it''s fine, he'll survive lol
Adia Arthur (1 month ago)
AqworldsMew11 he is fine 🤷‍♀️
Grill (5 months ago)
AqworldsMew11 Oof
AqworldsMew11 (5 months ago)
Sure just give the guy an eating disorder he'll be fine.
CistudeSuisse (9 months ago)
It was very obvious to me that Ikuno had feelings for Ichigo in this scene. Especially when she got mad at failing with Ichigo.
Momoka Sagara (9 months ago)
Ichigo, needs to have a heart for Ikuno and try connecting with her for real next time (I hope for EPI16 onward) she was serious, ya know? she should give her a real chance, to show her, her secret and also she might need a new partner anyways by now so... why not someone who is cold to everyone except her? They really shouldn't let her be stuck with the "D" when she wants the strawberry..., It might even draw out her full potential (would be a valid reason for the creepy adults, i suppose..except one of the stamen dies...that would accelerate things a bit, i guess)
E.N.D. AnimeLover (9 months ago)
Ugh, this ep kind of frustrated me
Jonathan Nutma (9 months ago)
top anime betreyals
Top Ten Anime Betrayls.
Jonathan Nutma (9 months ago)
red crimson (9 months ago)
She a thot
John Giles (9 months ago)
The sheer cucks is strong in this anime😋
DV (9 months ago)
Twice Momo (7 months ago)
Mezzy (9 months ago)
FunPack Family (9 months ago)
Fat boy got me upset for his actions
Uzumaki Naruto (9 months ago)
This is fucked up anime
Top 10 Anime Betrayals
S L (9 months ago)
Ikuno's voice gets softer when she's talking to Ichigo...please Trigger and A-1 give this girl a happy ending.
MsAbixxx (9 months ago)
I think they are both in the wrong. Futoshi can be overbearing with his feelings at times and does not seem to notice when Kokoro is unhappy. Yet Kokoro really should have told him sooner if she wasn’t happy with him. Yeah she’s doing it now but perhaps she should have done it sooner. It leads back to the problem of women feeling the need to be nice to a guy and constantly say yes to him so as not to hurt his feelings. Even if it means she is unhappy or uncomfortable. She kind of feeds his fantasy that they are a perfect happy couple, just because she doesn’t want to hurt his feelings. But it would only hurt him eventually.
Kenny Yen (9 months ago)
Looking at the comments supporting Kokoro, I guess people nowadays dont understand what morals and common sense means. That brainless snowflake of a thot needs to man up and tell him she's not interested. How hard is it to tell him you wanna switch instead of making a promise you cant keep? It's partner shuffle, so logically speaking it's not like Futoshi can't find someone else. Think, girl, think!
AqworldsMew11 (5 months ago)
I know a lot shy people that can say when they don't want to be with someone and she said yes with a smile.
Tobi Falekulo (6 months ago)
Kenny Yen she ain't a guy 😂
Frank the Skeleton (8 months ago)
She's a naturally shy girl as shown, of course she wouldn't be able to say no. Besides, he was being a bit creepy with it too so I don't blame her for trying to switch partners.
Dani (8 months ago)
Kenny Yen No
TCM Raven (9 months ago)
My thot detector is going off
Rico Zeek (10 months ago)
Kokoro u thotty
TRUNG MAI (10 months ago)
Thot meter goes off the chart
Weeblord Doom Master (10 months ago)
T H O T D E T E C T E D, must destroy
brainfuck.waifu (10 months ago)
git cucked
Weeb Jones (10 months ago)
Begone THOT
Ger Vang (10 months ago)
Fat boi is disturbing and gross also glasses girl is kind of a bitch lmao.
Daniel Tanoeihusada (10 months ago)
Though not completely her/ his fault it still kinda a dick move. But it does make kokoro mitsuru and futoshi more interesting character. I cant wait to see how they interact after all this
S.S. Name (10 months ago)
Does she even have a real name other than Zero Two
Double X (9 months ago)
None of them have real names, just numbers. Their "names" are just nicknames. 1-5 is ichi-go, 5-6 is go-ro(ku), 2-1-4 is fu(tatsu)-to(u)-shi, etc.
Reina Himemiya (10 months ago)
Everyone telling that Mitsuru is gay for Hiro and that Kokoro is bad, but no one noticed that Ikuno may have feelings for Ichigo more than friendship?
Tensai Shinshū (4 months ago)
sleepyprinny she did
• Complexsions • (7 months ago)
carlogv *Your.
• Complexsions • (7 months ago)
Reina Himemiya *Everyone is saying.
DV (7 months ago)
Reina Himemiya Confirmed
sleepyprinny (9 months ago)
DemonZanth Ah. I see. True enough. I wasn't sure if that's who you meant. Idid like how perceptive Zero Two can be from just a taste. That said. It's pretty obvious which team Ichigo plays for...dramatic irony n all.
Mr.Brightside (10 months ago)
These hoes ain't loyal
Sydney Carton (10 months ago)
Hopefully it’s just a meme calling Kokoro a thot. And if people think it was his fat that made her leave, you’ve got a lot to learn. More than anything, girls are not a huge fan of being treated like they need CONSTANT protection. Even after being dumped, Futoshi just keeps spamming “PROTECT HER PROTECT HER!!” Bitchh, does she look like a helpless puppy to you? Ironically what Futoshi lacked was substance. “Being nice” does not mean idolization and objectification. So he wasn’t even doing it right. Kokoro was just too timid to say “no” and never really had another option. To her, if things didn’t work out, it could risk their numbers and get them killed! The second she knew there was another option, she took it! Better than leading them both on!
Overloaded Gaming (10 months ago)
ForTehNguyen (10 months ago)
top 10 anime betrayals - kokoro
Matty LaSusa (10 months ago)
Kokoro is still best girl
Thot Slayer (4 months ago)
Not after this cuck shit
go away please (4 months ago)
What the fuck u saying.
AqworldsMew11 (5 months ago)
idonotmakevidsyet (10 months ago)
Midna (10 months ago)
Midna (9 months ago)
lol, ofc i was mad. it was right after i watched the episode.
Maddogsquid (9 months ago)
Projecting much?
El (10 months ago)
Yuya Sakaki (10 months ago)
looks that lady? is a bitch
Joshua Lee (10 months ago)
Thought there'd be more dislikes... oh well.
micah white (10 months ago)
This dude hella gay but Kokoro really wants the D
Malena Nieva (9 months ago)
Well...they f*ucke 🤷‍♀️
Some Couch Potato (9 months ago)
micah white well... she gets it, so....
Sebastian Bak (10 months ago)
Kokoro... You cold bitch. Futoshi has been nothing but kind to you!
Ismael HDalyth (10 months ago)
Kokoro breaker
Lorenz von Navarro (7 months ago)
Ba dum tss
Lone Wolf Cello (8 months ago)
Noelle (10 months ago)
That should be her last name
Ninja NikNik (10 months ago)
Ismael HDalyth I see what you did there
Angry Robot (10 months ago)
Why are people hating on Kokoro? Because she broke a dumb ass promise that she OBVIOUSLY can't keep? Futoshi's a delusional and clingy dude who put a lot of pressure on Kokoro because of his overbearing feelings. Kokoro did nothing wrong. Futoshi needs to grow up. Also, Kokoro's interest in Mitsuru has been teased episodes prior. Did people REALLY not see this coming?
Noelle (10 months ago)
Surprised Robot yes fuck you
Justinitiative (10 months ago)
Ger Vang Honestly it doesn't matter what age they are in the show, because their emotional growth has already been stunted by a lifetime of indoctrination. Still, I don't think a 16 year old has the emotional maturity to deal with these types of situations with any sort of tact anyway.
Ger Vang (10 months ago)
Lmao so what if they're 16.
Ahmad Kromah (10 months ago)
Its despicable because she didn't speak to Futoshi first. Girls like her are "too nice" for confrontation but allow themselves the issue of having a overbearing person on them by not simply saying "no" or "sorry, cant' whereas stronger willed girls don't have this issue as much. It isn't like the fatso was going to deck her or die if she simply told him 'I don't like you like that'. He was just going to cry and get it over it at some later point. I get the boy was overbearing but she had some responsibility too because she told him "yes". I liked how overwhelmingly realistic this situation was lol. Uncool, fat/uninteresting nice guy gets rejected by the pretty nice girl who chases the "cool guy" (lol but Mitsuru's a bitch) so that she can help fix his emotional chip but treats her like she is whatever...Its too real.. Also the child thing. A lot of these kids in anime get treated like as if they're adults. These are adults writing kids who probably long sense forgot what its actually like to be adolescents.
Justinitiative (10 months ago)
Surprised Robot You realize these are 16 year old kids right? Just like the subreddit, another classic example of someone projecting their morals onto kids who don't understand their own feelings.
Alison Aracena Medina (10 months ago)
So...is Mitsuru gay for Hiro or something like that?
0nlinee (7 months ago)
He was just jealous of Hiro, he wanted to prove to everyone that he is better than Hiro at piloting Stralizia with Zero Two but we know how that turned out. Also I think he had an affection for her, maybe.
N Hisako Complex (9 months ago)
Well he ends up being bisexual when he has A CHILD WITH KOKORO THE FUCK
Alison Aracena Medina (9 months ago)
Being gay for someone doesn't makes you 100% gay 👀
Alison Aracena Medina Nope If he was he wouldn't have cum into kokoro ' sugar walls.
Average teen girl (9 months ago)
Alison Aracena Medina maybe
TheHomBros (10 months ago)
Still kinda messed up regardless, was futoshi being a typical overbearing guy? Yeah, but kokoro still made a promise, and if she did want or need a way out she should have talked to futoshi about it. I dunno id say both are in the wrong.
John Skauge (4 days ago)
I feel like in this universe I would give futoshi a pass for the way he acts. Yeah he's a creep and all but it's not like you can say, "there are other fish in the sea". That girl is probably the only girl he wants and is scared if he loses her he'll have no one else (which is seemingly true until the end). In no way am I saying what he did was okay, but I'm not gonna dock points for acting that way in this dystopia. A lot of people here don't seem to take in the fact that the environment they grew up in has a major factor. He was probably singled out for being fat and the only person that was genuinely nice to him was Kokoro. Not fully understanding how he feels he grabbed on and held tight. It's kind of hard to be aware of your situation when you're left in the dark your whole life. From the outside looking in we can clearly see. He... just didn't know any better.
Kaisr Yoshida (5 months ago)
Pharaoh of Card Games It was more of a forced thing since she's not the type to oppose openly. Peer pressure is utter shit.
Pharaoh of Card Games (5 months ago)
Kazuto Yoshida Except she did. You need to watch the beginning of the episode.
Kaisr Yoshida (6 months ago)
Notice she never said, "I promise Futoshi-kun!" She was just like, uh-huh, she didn't want to flat out say no to not hurt his feelings. She's already a sailed ship with Mitsuru anyway.
BEYOND BIRTHDAY (7 months ago)
TheHomBros you can suck it up now XD both sides aka kokoro and futoshi have different families now... coz mitsuXkokoro has sailed XD
randyitachi100 (10 months ago)
Remember guys nice girls are nice to everyone not just to that one person
Joe Devaney (7 months ago)
randyitachi100 I think the problem isn't that Kokoro isn't nice. It's that she's too nice for her own good.
Dariel artisting (10 months ago)
8man was in the correct all time xd
randyitachi100 (10 months ago)
julio espinola ayyy u got the reference
Julio Espinola (10 months ago)
randyitachi100 hi Hachiman
purkle200 (10 months ago)
"Also, lose some weight" - Zorome/666
Brian Mendoza (10 months ago)
Koko did nothing wrong. Everyone is obliged to to own feelings. Also it wasn' a pinky promise :3
Thot Slayer (4 months ago)
The cute little slut cheated on the fat fuck cause her pussy wasn’t satisfied with him. She wanted a taste of the bad boy “Sasuke” type of dude. Trust no thots no matter how sweet they seem, they’re all hoes on the inside.
Noelle (4 months ago)
Fuck kokoro
AqworldsMew11 (5 months ago)
She didn't even say sorry after breaking that promise. She should've been honest from the start. I still don't like her for that.
Lol olololol (5 months ago)
Brian Mendoza well I mean it's kind of like I promised to get you a sandwhich, but then I just eat the sandwich in front of you
Leonardo Henrique (9 months ago)
Brian Mendoza ikr
coloronthewalls (10 months ago)
I saw that coming, since they met (accidentally) in the garden
Noelle (10 months ago)
coloronthewalls same
Flower (10 months ago)
get that thot out we dont need crybabies
SaikaVA (10 months ago)
dat cockblock
Orsy Velasquez (10 months ago)
fatso needs to grow a pair real bad.
rockgamer 3000 (1 month ago)
+yonyLA8028 Futoshi gets a good ending anyways. He gets a pretty good looking wife, and has kids too at the ending.
Entropy (3 months ago)
+Raven Corvinus projecting?
Raven Corvinus (8 months ago)
And of Course you jump on the Guy because he´s fat. Superficial much ?
jayjay86443 (10 months ago)
Matticus Video ...only to cry about losing kokoro some minutes later in front of the beaten mitsuru if i'm not mistaken. "KOKORO IS MINE IT'S NOT FAIR Q-Q"
1jo98 (10 months ago)
Mitsuru x Kokoro ship has sailed
CrimsoNeo (10 days ago)
They got married, had sex and had frickin childddddddddddddd
kawala Dy (4 months ago)
AqworldsMew11 (5 months ago)
Cor sijtsma (7 months ago)
4 kids, my man has been busy
Ultra Violet he’s a father of four kids now.
1jo98 (10 months ago)
Noelle (10 months ago)
Ethan Robert (10 months ago)
Richard Hernandez (10 months ago)
Most women cant be trusted. Not all of course but most who I've met always have their own agenda even the married ones. Not saying this guy's or any better though.
Lollypop (1 month ago)
Okay retard
Murdock (1 month ago)
Richard Hernandez holy shit. You’re not a nice guy you’re just a straight up neck beard. I have a feeling that one of your sayings is ‘there’s no love, it’s just your hormones wanting to reproduce”
Thot Slayer (4 months ago)
Frank the Skeleton cheating is still cheating. She should’ve been honest with the fat ass instead of breaking his heart and going off to ride the bad boy’s cock.
Frank the Skeleton (8 months ago)
That's a very general statement that may or may not have sexist undertones... Besides, he was being overbearing and she was uncomfortable, it's logical for her to try and switch partners. I mean look, he's trying to guilt trip her into staying with him.
MrKiron12 (9 months ago)
Richard Hernandez *Sees anime literally once where girl rightfully cucks fatso virgin* _All woaayaaaaaaamen r evul tots_ *Also watches anime to gain opinion on women instead of watching a chad or talking to women*
jako997 (10 months ago)
Still find it messed up that she broke the promise. Kinda fucked up for a guy that loves you.
Noelle (10 months ago)
jako997 ikr
Cloud nyne (10 months ago)
You could see it coming since the episode where they first met in the green house, they started having these one-to-ones and it was obvious that Kokoro felt more connected to Mitsuru because she could talk to him and confide in him. I think if she didn't act on it her compatibility would have just dropped with Futoshi anyway
Keyon Griffin (10 months ago)
Fatoshi needs to stop being clingy.
Justinitiative (10 months ago)
Om Nom Nom I thought his asking for that promise was a little goofy, but apparently so did she because she laughed right after she made him the promise. I'll keep it G with you, I think he was being childish, but Kokoro knew that he was going to be upset by doing this, and I have doubts that she switched partners because she was crushing on Mitsuru. She wants someone to baby and shit. Mitsuru was vulnerable and Futoshi wasn't. I think all of these people saying he worshipped her didn't watch the show that closely. I mean, he had all of what, 5 lines up until that episode? If you watch the new episode, I think the writers were setting this KokoxMitsu ship up as an old bait and switch for the audience. I could be wrong, but I think Futoshi will get his by the time the show is over.
Om Nom Nom (10 months ago)
The Justinitative Did you not feel uncomfortable for Kokoro when Futoshi was practically worshiping her the whole episode?

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