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MLP: Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks - "Welcome to the Show" Music Video

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The Dazzlings weave their powerful magic on the crowd! Subscribe to HasbroStudiosShorts: http://j.mp/LkHWOx My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: http://j.mp/1GMQ3bK
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Text Comments (1984)
woah they having nightmare
みやの (21 days ago)
Ice Cream (28 days ago)
Uwes Alqorni (1 month ago)
Like it 😍😍
Ruth Cornejo (1 month ago)
It sounds weird leave a like if u agree
Its more than i thought
Matthew Truong (1 month ago)
1:43 Finished you!
Savanna Carey (2 months ago)
Adagio Dazzle (2 months ago)
That’s NOT how we wrote the song
Lilya D (2 months ago)
No. Wrong. Incorrect. Never again. Painful.
Hunter x Hunter FanGirl (3 months ago)
Well i wish they could've won they're better than the rainbooms anyway Plus their my favorite characters in MLP my three waifus
Marion Ette (3 months ago)
Cass Harig (4 months ago)
Rainbow Dorable (4 months ago)
I've read through the comments and the only one sentence I can say: GO BE A VILLIAN FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE/LIVES!!!
Moanya H (4 months ago)
2018... Nostalgia...
Yammy Campbell (4 months ago)
Hasbro have u been paying attenion to your game equestria girl
Content Deleted (4 months ago)
To much of auto tune
AkīsOma chan (4 months ago)
the best song of MLP
Sena/GachaStudio (4 months ago)
I really think they need a movie where the Dazzlings come back
naz ocan (5 months ago)
I like it
my,freinds doraimon (5 months ago)
my,freinds doraimon (5 months ago)
my,freinds doraimon (5 months ago)
my,freinds doraimon (5 months ago)
Rainboom is the best.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Яша Кузнецов (5 months ago)
2:43 Легенды Вечнозелёного леса - Legend You Were Meant To Be [Девочки из Эквестрии 4 / Russian dubbing] TheDoctor Team | My Little Pony Russia 3,3 млн просмотра 10:04 Kids Makeup My Little Pony with Colors Paints Alisa Play Dolls Equestria Girls MLP & DRESS UP Kids smile TV Рекомендуемые вам 2:12 This Day Aria [1080p] Doomwyte 52 млн просмотров 5:06 My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Scarlet Project ShisuKun 30 млн просмотра 12:20 Девушки из Эквестрии, все песни. Equestria Girls all songs (Russian) BronyTypical Рекомендуемые вам 2:22 MLP: Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks - 'Under Our Spell' Official Music Video My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Official 10 млн просмотра 22:04 Мультики Май Литл Пони. Возвращение гармонии ч2 Дружба - это волшебство! Рекомендуемые вам 1:41 [Brazilian Portuguese] Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks | Theme Song [HD] MLP Multilanguages 1,9 млн просмотров 5:27 Rainbow Rocks | Welcome To The Show BronyTypical 1,3 млн просмотр Радужный рок! Песня на российском! Финальная битва. ProstoNastya 5,3 млн просмотра We Will Stand For Everfree | MLP: Equestria Girls | Legend of Everfree! [HD] Letupita725HD★ 5,6 млн просмотров Welcome to the Show The Dazzlings - Topic 214 тыс. просмотра Сборник мультиков Май Литл Пони. Праздники Дружба - это волшебство! Рекомендуемые вам Welcome to the Show [With Lyrics] - My Little Pony Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks Song MLP songs 170 млн просмотров All songs from My Little Pony Equestria Girls Friendship Games (2015) WithLife 15 млн просмотр MLP: Equestria Girls - "Under Our Spell" Music Video Hasbro 10 млн просмотров MLP: Welcome to the Show (EG dolls) Mlpfreak3 4,9 млн просмотров Cafeteria Song (Helping Twilight Win The Crown) - MLP: Equestria Girls Pinkie Pie 83 млн просмотра MLP: Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks - "Welcome to the Show" Music Video
Giant Potion (6 months ago)
Nice job whoever at Hasbro made this
ThatGamingAsshole (6 months ago)
Ok sooo...Google "Destiny's Child"...now look at the Dazzlings. I see what you did there Hasbro. ;-)
Astra Ruler of the Vine (6 months ago)
TVP MUSIC (6 months ago)
1:29 hasbro you need to put up a seizure warning here
Xternal Affairs (6 months ago)
Star Butterfly (6 months ago)
I like more the dazzlings than the rainbomms
Família Craft Silva (6 months ago)
DanDeer Mixer (6 months ago)
*Am I the only one here that liked the Dazzlings song and the rainbooms song?*
Wandy De Mota (7 months ago)
Fuzieultdfurvitijttuvek Y si no Jir
Millimeters of Mercury (7 months ago)
I love that this song is in freaking 15/8.
Andreea Morgenstern (7 months ago)
Lime green. Ya know they are evil.
Sir Wabutan VX (7 months ago)
O Gameloft, hear my plea. *Add the Rainbow Rocks songs to the Equestria Girls minigame.*
Ender Animations (7 months ago)
Out of the whole school there's seriously NO blind OR deaf people!?!
Asia Daud (7 months ago)
MikeyGoesBOOM (7 months ago)
I love how you put the non-noticeable sounds in and make them louder. It makes the song much more entertaining to watch.
Asia Daud (7 months ago)
Asia Daud (7 months ago)
Asia Daud (8 months ago)
Asia Daud (8 months ago)
Asia Daud (8 months ago)
Asia Daud (8 months ago)
Elf (8 months ago)
I wonder why a lot people don't realize this is the early version of the song, or Im wrong but theirs a lot of proof for it. Especially how in all the soundtrack releases, all different languages use the early versions of all 3 songs, because if you listen to, lets say the soundtrack for Under Our Spell in Spanish, it uses the leaked early version of under our spell, and every other language for Welcome to the Show uses this version for there music. How is it that hard not to realize this?
Eliel Leite (8 months ago)
is my favorite music
Melissa Magalhães (8 months ago)
Isso muito favorite music welcome to the show
C_upCookie Roblox (8 months ago)
Toasty Slayr (8 months ago)
Wanna know the REAL reason why the Dazzlings soumd so hardcore and phenomenal? In music terms: *Adagio* (Dazzle) is a slow passage, movement, or work, especially one using adagio as the direction.  *Sonata* (Dusk) is a long piece of classical music that's usually made up of several parts.  *Aria* (Blaze) is a long song accompanying a solo voice.
Ahmet Ugurlu (8 months ago)
Lucas Silva (8 months ago)
Al love you
Becky (8 months ago)
Best Alternative Ending Ever!
Miss Moltres (9 months ago)
Aria's forehead 😱
Amaya #Bæza :,v (9 months ago)
Ah love the part 1:29
Reverse Fuhrer (9 months ago)
Palpatine: The hate has made you powerful.
Vortex5921 (9 months ago)
Dazzlings did technically use magic to win tho. Without magic they cant sing twinkle twinkle little star.
Z Tuber (9 months ago)
The dazzlings need to come back.
Zanar Naryon (9 months ago)
The anime hairstyle stays on, but the gloves come of
alyssa Carnes (9 months ago)
1:17 is so beautiful though... I just love those vocals
Bree Iero (9 months ago)
Does anyone know what happened to the video of this song that had like 140mil views? It just randomly disappeared out of nowhere
Miss Moltres (9 months ago)
You know what disappoints me about kids movies? The villan always loses. I wish the Dazzlings won. We need a whole series on them with their beautiful voices.
Sena/GachaStudio (4 months ago)
Miss Moltres why does that disappoint you? They are evil. They don't deserve anything. The villian loses to teach children that evil is bad. You want children to think evil is good??
Braian XD (9 months ago)
Cual SCP escucha esto? 😂😂
Silvia Soto (9 months ago)
Nope not good at this part 1:29
Ice Cream Dream (9 months ago)
Ikr, epilepsy warning next time, please!
Мне нравится девченка с фиолетовыми волосами
Violetgalaxyshimmer (10 months ago)
BiPolarSaiyan (10 months ago)
Man, It Been 3 or 4 years now.. :/
Butterfly Purple (10 months ago)
Soul Eater (10 months ago)
Nice music
Meredith Silva (11 months ago)
I love how the Rainbooms aren’t in it. I mean I love them tbh but the Dazzling s were the best villains Harsbro ever had. They should show up again in the series!
Nathan The Hedgehog (11 months ago)
Imagine if the dazzlings did go to crystal prep instead of canterlot high ?
Shaila Prifti (11 months ago)
Emily Morrissette (11 months ago)
On a rate of 1-100 who is better the rainbooms or the dazzlings
qui regard en francais ? xD
Soul Eater (10 months ago)
La Fille Du Diable 59490 MSP moi
Sonata Dusk (11 months ago)
this is my favourite song😊😊
Fatkhur Mohamad (11 months ago)
wow amazing
Lui Popee (11 months ago)
To the people asking where the rainboom parts are, I think I figured it out. This video is supposed to be if the main six didn't escape under the stage on time, see Sunset is looking up in worry. This is kind of like a 'villain win, heros lose' thing.
Adagio DAZZLE (11 months ago)
Welcome to the show
ρ ο τ α τ ο ε (11 months ago)
Where can I get the normal one instead of the Canterlot records????
Volker Knapp (1 year ago)
If I throw a rock at the dazzlings would it affect the horse things?
Weeb Trash (1 year ago)
Ironically this was probably their weakest song in the entire movie. Like aside from the awesome visuals, the first two were much better.
Well hearing the song complete for these girls has a nice different way of play. A chance to hear the complete song without the interference from the other song.
Mariia the Hooman (1 year ago)
I think that the Dazzlings kind of look better at 1:27 than when they fully transform
Mariia the Hooman (1 year ago)
I was looking for a version without the Rainbooms and I finally found it
God Kun (1 year ago)
so are they possessed or something because I never watch MLP juzz the song
Stephanie Marquardt (1 year ago)
Look closely at 0:14, Aria Blaze is still wearing her arm bands when later she's wearing sleeves.
shannon bryant (1 year ago)
Hello I love the song
Maltese Mapping (1 year ago)
when will they befriend the sirens?
Candygamer 1035 (1 year ago)
Venom The Symbiote (1 year ago)
Am I the only one who was rooting for the Dazzlings instead of the Rainbooms?
Candygamer 1035 (1 year ago)
I like the rainbooms and the dazzlings but I like dazzlings more 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
vanda matos (1 year ago)
Excellent! I love video
Jackeline Gomes (1 year ago)
MeM & MeM (1 year ago)
I like how there's no flash warning-
Casey Jeffery-Greer (1 year ago)
Is that a Chaos Emerald on Adagio's belt?!
Tanicia Payne (1 year ago)
The Dazzlings are desperate teenage girls
Katelyn Bodiford (1 year ago)
Sonata Dusk looks like Ember McLain from Danny Phantom and she's the cutest and she should reform if she returns in Equestria Girls
بدراء عواض (1 year ago)
Raehanna Johnson (1 year ago)
I Always Like The Villans
hnoodh _8 (1 year ago)
ععععععععععععععععععععععععععععععععععاااااااااااااااااااللللللللللللللللللللىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىىى عالى كارتون

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