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Trans-forming our thoughts on gender | Katina Sawyer | TEDxVillanovaU

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Gender is the primary organizing category that individuals utilize in society today. However, because of the prevalence of normative masculine and feminine gender expression, these expression have become problematically linked with biological narratives. Transgender individuals highlight that there is more natural variability in preference for gender expression than is currently normalized within society. This talk will highlight the experiences of transgender individuals as a way to shed light on a pressing topic which requires a greater amount of attention – the need for greater freedom of gender expression – and will provide guidelines for how to become a true transgender ally. Dr. Katina Sawyer is an Assistant Professor of Psychology, within the Graduate Programs in Human Resource Development at Villanova University. She holds a dual-PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Women’s Studies from The Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Sawyer has published and presented her research on diversity in the workplace, as well as negative workplace behaviors, in many peer-reviewed outlets and at conferences internationally. She spends much of her time volunteering, by advocating for LGBT rights, educating inner city youth, providing career coaching to women in crisis, and working with and advocating for the rights of victims of human trafficking. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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Text Comments (43)
Drive Tone (29 days ago)
You see a boy, 999 times outta 1000 times it's a boy. Sorry about your bad luck, freaks.
Drive Tone (29 days ago)
This reminds me of a Khmer Rouge re-education camp.
Drive Tone (29 days ago)
These idiots have too much time on their hands.
Hedgemist (4 months ago)
I am female (born with the right female parts). I imagined myself playing with a toy train, short hair and wearing shorts. I love being female. No one 'decided' for me what my gender was - I am what I am - a woman. Does this woman ever come up for air? God, it's frantic.
AnOpenThought (5 months ago)
As a senior trans male to female and working with the general public within the retail market I am addressed as Sir a lot of the time while I have earrings on, long hair, a female blouse on, using a soft voice and a bra on, not a DD but a smaller A or B cup bras. Why, because I work in the electrical area of a big box retail store. Most of the ones that work in the area are men, if I was a cashier​ I question if it would be an issue.
Jensen (7 months ago)
Thank you Katina. This is an amazingly powerful speech. I'm disappointed that your views, likes, and comments are not greater than they are. This is so very deserving. Thank you for being a passionate ally.
Janny Marie (7 months ago)
Great Ted Talk Katina, thank you.
Earl Olson (7 months ago)
Wonderful talk, i loved it so much i am going to listen to it again right now.
Sara Anne Fay (8 months ago)
wonderful....especially the example/story at the end.......
ed p (8 months ago)
Oh yea, my kids talk and think the way I want them to (not really!) Children are like sponges? Have you ever had kids, Lady? I doubt it somehow.
Ava Turner (9 months ago)
This is really wonderful. Thank you.
Dorin Tibulca (1 year ago)
I transform my piss in shit and give it on your "gender revolution".
the unUSEFULidiot (1 year ago)
"Gender expression is a social construct" "Everyone has an authentic gender expression" >_< Too much retardation.
Drive Tone (29 days ago)
Basically, it all boils down to rejecting natural born men.
Curtius Simplus (2 years ago)
The war on reality continues ... facts are hatred!
Eric K (5 months ago)
Lock her up!
Zach hacZ (2 years ago)
I wonder how many transphobic comments this video will rack up...
Drive Tone (29 days ago)
As many as it earns, although I question that characterization. Recognizing a delusional weirdo as such is not hate - often enough, it's pity.
W S (1 month ago)
Censor everything you don't like,. I guess that's the only way to keep living in your little delusional world.
Amy Pollicino (1 month ago)
any can be reported as hate speech or harassment :)
Gertrude Lagnese (2 years ago)
It's born in us and then realized through experience and examples. Ignoring biology is ignorant.
Drive Tone (29 days ago)
catwalk33 - If a man or woman has the ability to procreate, they're a man and a woman. Invoking female/male brains in the 'wrong' bodies is simplistic and biologically unsupported.
Drive Tone (29 days ago)
catwalk33 - Invoking hermaphrodites, are we?? You full well know Katina Sawyer and her pals are talking about physically normal guys and gals with mental problems.
James L (1 year ago)
+TortugaMoose get a life
TortugaMoose (1 year ago)
It's you're not your. Get an education.
ThePartarar (2 years ago)
I have no problem with lgbt folks, but this video is personally ridiculous.
sonoki82 (1 year ago)
This garbage has nothing to do with LGB people. It is 100% transgender cancer.
TortugaMoose (1 year ago)
Ugh I'm so glad there's someone out there who has committed to remaining ignorant and stupid. Bravo.
manuforever143 (2 years ago)
Yeah it's a bunch of crap haha

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