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Celebrity Stylist Karla Welch on How to Wear the Classic Boot

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http://bit.ly/1g2kROW Watch Celebrity stylist Karla Welch show five ways to wear the Classic Boot.
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LilRezzy (9 months ago)
Why do girls shave there head to look like guys is beyond me 1:54
lia_ 463 (2 months ago)
girls can do anything they want ♀ and she's not shaving her head to 'look like guys".
Taylor Johnson (2 months ago)
LilRezzy it’s a hairstyle. We have grown as a country to accept and understand more from all genders, so a hairstyle shouldn’t concern you like that. But we each have our own opinion so 🤷🏽‍♀️.
乡snowfrεd (1 year ago)
this boot loog sooo bad
Crystal Wasewe (1 year ago)
fredonaut don't hate if you can't spell 😂😂
Sara W (2 years ago)
What a pretentious and stupid video. Hey, I wear my UGGs when I have sex! They make me feel "special and festive" and I give much better oral sex!
boredom (3 years ago)
Men can wear Uggs too!
MadisonPlaysGacha7 (2 months ago)
boredom lol*
MadisonPlaysGacha7 (2 months ago)
boredom she didn’t say that can’t loo
FORCE NSX (3 years ago)
What about ways for men to wear the men's classic boots?

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