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How Dr. Martens' Are Made

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We visited Dr. Martens' only UK factory on Cobbs Lane in Wollaston, Northamptonshire. This is where Dr. Martens makes its iconic "Made in England" collection. The factory employs 50 workers that make about 100,000 pairs of boots per year, which is only one percent of what the brand makes as a whole! See more from Dr. Martens: https://www.drmartens.com/uk/c/made-in-england The INSIDER team believes that life is an adventure! Subscribe to our channel and visit us at: https://thisisinsider.com INSIDER on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thisisinsider/ INSIDER on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thisisinsider/ INSIDER on Twitter: https://twitter.com/thisisinsider INSIDER on Snapchat: https://insder.co/2KJLtVo Produced by: Claudia Romeo, Leon Siciliano
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Text Comments (1482)
unionironjosh (13 hours ago)
Why are the soles see through now? Oh and why don’t you make the 3 eye cherrys in steal toes but the black ones are. That would complete my collection? Oi! Skins.
Sandy yazier Cruz (22 hours ago)
Avid fan here!!!
Maotaro N (1 day ago)
I have an 8 hole boots that's not made in UK. It's been over 10 years since I bought them. It feels like its going to last forever even though I never take care of it. Purists may only accept Made in England models, but I'm totally fine with Made in China.
Rehan Ali (1 day ago)
What a boot.
Shaun Beasley (1 day ago)
So iconic, instantly recognizable and worth every red cent!
Youstyna Es (1 day ago)
Klasa buty😍
lovelyMissInna (1 day ago)
I love my 1460s, but please tell me why all of my pairs with the exception of a handmedown pair of my mom’s from the 90s all say Made In China/Thailand? Bought directly from the online store as well :\
Jim Stanton (2 days ago)
Haha the boot of the skinhead. Did you all not know that as soon as these first came out they were adopted by racist skinheads and the company has even promoted their connection to skinheads in the past. These younger generations are just shitheads, close enough to skinheads so they might as well wear these. You would think with the loads of information and technology that we have now days, young people would be more educated but they are not.
martha m (2 days ago)
Dms are the best i have 3 paira and theya last so long
Caner Beydil (2 days ago)
Lauren Muraco (2 days ago)
Did it make anyone else uncomfortable when he said DOCTOR Martens?
Patrick Perry (2 days ago)
In my perpetual search for a decent boot I'll have to look into these. Used to wear "red wings" until they became expensive but didn't wear well. I don't mind the expensive part as long as they are durable and comfortable. Red Wing gave up the comfort and durability part. But kept the expensive aspect. I'll have to find where to get these.
Gourgandise (2 days ago)
Now I understand their price. That's a lot of love in there.
mom (3 days ago)
😍😍😍 love those boots..
pannan80 (3 days ago)
China-made crap!!
Völundr Frey (3 days ago)
These used to be so cool, what happened?
Ken Rascon (3 days ago)
It will always be a piece of crap shoe
Amy Coleman (3 days ago)
They're made from dead animals.. Disgusting. Poor animals
Cons Mercado (4 days ago)
These are my favs! I have 3 pairs all made in england. And i can testify they are built to last! You get your money’s worth.
Macan Betina (4 days ago)
The best !!!
YunnieLuff (4 days ago)
I have ones made in Vietnam so not as great quality (or as expensive) as the England ones but still lasted 6-7 years before the sole started giving a bit in the front. I still love them though so I got them touched up.
wukipl (4 days ago)
In late 90's I destroyed my pair in 9 months. Tredair pair lasted 4 years.
Sabine Brühl (4 days ago)
My first pair i bought 1995 is made in england, all the next doc's i purchased are made in vietnam and thailand. No problem with this, people wants to live there already.
Those red ones are litrally on my feet 😂❤️🖤
Yadi obergh (5 days ago)
I have those same dark cherry pascal and I love them!
The best shoes I ever wore.
beer skittlez (5 days ago)
beer skittlez (5 days ago)
Lily Skills (5 days ago)
I love my docs. Just borrowed my aunties pair of doc marten heels and now my parents are getting me a pair of them for my birthday!!
saskia bruggers (6 days ago)
Why are my dr Martens Made in China?!
Pranav Pawar (6 days ago)
these are hella cheap.
VonDa in Wonderland (7 days ago)
They would be absolutely perfect if they had arch support ♥
Miłosz Uciński (7 days ago)
big price for fools
Joanna Rouday (8 days ago)
I wanna buy them so bad but I am broke as f*ck
Grecko Z (8 days ago)
Just wanna say thanks to the american for inventing cheeseburgers and thanks the british for inventing this fine shoes.
ruddi rezza (8 days ago)
I am from Indonesia, Dr.Marten shoes lovers, can I order one pair of dark brown number 41 and how much it costs. Thank you
jack myers (8 days ago)
For those that are looking for good WORK Boots these are not them ! Irish sitters the elk hunter with steel toe ! Roomy and comfortable steel toe doesn't rub and fairly light ! Irish sitter's $129 and have already out lasted both pair of the JUNK.MARTAINS ! ALL meant Dr.Martains !
jack myers (8 days ago)
I have had two pair ! The first pair lasted 21 days ! They did exchange for the second pair ! But 40 days later the samething happen to those ! The right heel insole blow out tearing away from the upper ! Worst $180 dollars ever spent ! I'm a heavey equipment operator so not like I do a whole bunch of walking ! Junk in my book ! Anyone know who to contact to get a refund ?
Ella DeRose (10 days ago)
They’re like iron boots! They are soooo durable!
BEEZYBRAH685 (10 days ago)
Are you srs? I don't fck with these shoes but my cousin does.. for years we've both been calling them "Dogg matins" wtf, smh ..
Hugh Mungus (10 days ago)
now show us made in china
brig loves taylor! (10 days ago)
these are soo cute i have these as my school shoes (not the boots but doc martens)
mizzmolly (10 days ago)
This is a good article on comparing Dr. Martens made in England to those made in China and in Thailand: http://www.alphabetcityblog.com/2009/05/doc-martens-made-in-england-vs-made-in.html
skin19head69 (12 days ago)
Mitchell Moss (12 days ago)
These are pretty well made boots, but they lead people to believe that the methods they are using are superior to others, which they are not. Using a leather welt is far more durable than using a rubber one. Also, only the 'for life' Docs are made in England, the rest are main in Asia with lesser quality control and lower quality materials.
paul watson (3 days ago)
The MIE range are all made at Cobbs lane.I am the Welt sewer in the video!
27ofmay (12 days ago)
I bought such boots in 2002 and still wear them from time to time in autumns and springs. In Russia=)
Brutus Zypher (12 days ago)
Just becareful buying Docs some are made in China not U.K.
JasmineBowyer (12 days ago)
Yay I’m glad I’m from England because I think if I lived somewhere else these would be more expensive there🤗🤗🤗
mrshoppingcart (12 days ago)
I just bought a pair for $100 in the United States which is a very fair price for quality shoes like these
Claude M (12 days ago)
Ah tiens ! Mes dr martens sont " made in taiwan " !
jadore286 (12 days ago)
Dwaipayan Datta Roy (13 days ago)
Happy , I have passed the test now hire me, and send my tuition fees to Stirling for this year, I need to be there from Jan
Dwaipayan Datta Roy (13 days ago)
The same design but red instead of yellow will suit you Mr. Grey hair colour
Dwaipayan Datta Roy (13 days ago)
Will you hire me as a stylist, I will suggest your client about what would look best on them or in what they would look best, I need you to pay my Stirling fees for this year and few pair of shoes every year
Jure Macola (13 days ago)
Only for alternative rock/punk/metal whores
V Q (13 days ago)
Have one black pair for at least 7 years already, they r just so comfortable and durable, I have never had shoes lasting so long and particularly they are just still popular, worth the money definitely!!!!
Isobel Thomas (13 days ago)
I am sad now ,my docs are really bad they are fraying and I have only had them for a month
Keith Caldwell (14 days ago)
I have a pair but both soles have come off
Im an adult virgin (14 days ago)
I-i thought they were doc martons
ava nowshadi (14 days ago)
i never seen or heard of these but they look super cool and looking at the comment section, i wanna get one :D
Super Spice (14 days ago)
The girl who starts walking at 0:40 needs to get her stride sorted out. She's waking like a duck and walks with the side of her foot.
christian gallo (14 days ago)
Non comprerei nemmeno una birra da uno con quella camicia.. Con sotto quella tshirt
Yasmin Kelsey (15 days ago)
I’ve honestly always wanted a pair to come to the realisation that I can’t afford the price, love how much effort and dedication goes to these shoes!
La musica infinita (15 days ago)
Best boots ever. Bomb proof!!!! 🤪👍👍
pudding chan (15 days ago)
my aunt gave me the violet one and i havent used it😂
Derpy Candy (15 days ago)
Ive been wanting to get a pair for a while
Roman Izyum (15 days ago)
bearswhat (15 days ago)
My sole came unstuck from the shoe )-: I took it to a shoe repair and they said there's no way to fix them. They were my favorites too)-:
luv_nane28 (15 days ago)
I haven't been able to find the green boots.
SilverKnight (15 days ago)
It doesn't matter how strong your boots are, nothing can withstand the destructive power of the human foot, may my Dr.Martens rest in peace.
FranMujica Creativa (15 days ago)
Estoy en Argentina donde puedo conseguir esas Botas 😘😘😘
Lucy Maw (15 days ago)
This is my dream job, I got the purple shiny doc boots and my friend got the holographic boots xxx
Jo Mama (15 days ago)
--- FACTS --- In 2003, the Dr. Martens company came close to bankruptcy. On 1 April that year, under pressure from declining sales, the company ceased making shoes in the United Kingdom, and moved all production to China and Thailand. Five factories and two shops were closed in the UK as a result of this decision, and more than 1,000 of the firm's employees lost their jobsIn 2018 Business Insider reported that 10 million pairs of Dr. Martens shoes are produced annually. Of these, only 1% are made in the UK
Yu_gyeom (15 days ago)
I like them but they make my feet look big
Mikayla Echavez (15 days ago)
Ethel Granini (15 days ago)
Why don't you also show where and HOW you get the leather? Your vegan boots are still amazing tho 🙌
Pesi Belau (15 days ago)
I am appreciating the workmanship.
I love mine, they are the best boot i have ever owned
vanessa c (15 days ago)
That’s it. I’m buying the made in England shoes.
emrg88 (15 days ago)
beautiful and iconic!!
Hello World (16 days ago)
My mom had a pair of classic 8 hole hard leather boots for 9 years, then gave them to me and i wore them for another 2 years before i grew out. I got a new pair of 8 hole soft leather, and they are so comfortable,
Kristen Hebert (16 days ago)
I’ve worn my docs almost everyday for three years and they look just as great and just get more and more comfortable.
Joni English (16 days ago)
i thought they now made in CHINA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joni English (16 days ago)
I used to have CLARKS shoes MAde in England !!!!!!
тιred (16 days ago)
Love them 🅱r. 🅱artins
lisa simpson (16 days ago)
It took 10 years for my 1st Doc boots to wear out...then I used that pair for gardening....and I immediately bought 2 new pairs of Doc boots for formal wear. I always have to have Doc Martens in my shoe collection...kinda the 'little black dress', but boots & shoes. & I am a bit snobbish, the Docs need to be made in England...
Interesting video but IRRITATING MUSIC.
Micaela Cardenas (16 days ago)
Love this❤
floof_hair (16 days ago)
"What makes your boots special?" "Fire"
Unicorn Rainbow Poop (16 days ago)
I have a pair they have a great fit and do not break very easily they are very sustainable and mine have lasted a while now.
Thomas Britton (16 days ago)
I want a pair now but I still need a pair of timbs first
fullfool faul (16 days ago)
My dream shoes! 😢
breeatsuga (16 days ago)
my brothers and i all have docs and they're all the same colour so it's really confusing when we're tryna find them ireubhnjerkmhb
Kenneth Perry (16 days ago)
It was us old skinheads that made these boots famous
Kenneth Perry (16 days ago)
Leather is poor quality it used to be the best
adv (16 days ago)
Don't mistake Chinese docs for English ones. The English ones cast $200 More than Chinese ones.
nguyen phamkhoi (16 days ago)
... they're not look expensive as it cost at all... only the leather is nice, otherwise the form of the boots look like a work boots to me, look cheap and the midsole with rubber also look cheap as well, can use to work outdoor, but not suit for office or luxury place.
lisa simpson (16 days ago)
hmm, if you keep your Docs in pristine condition, wipe clean & oil occasionally...you can definitely wear the boots with a formal dress & sexy tights. And the color of Oxblood is unique, a classy stand out in the office setting amongst the boring brown & black loafers..
Cheryl Hernandez (16 days ago)
The process of making these super durable, too cool for comfort shoes are just amazing. Soles were melted. Hah. Just wow. Now we know why it ain't cheap. 😊
Katie jo Kleemeyer (16 days ago)
My dad owned 20’s 10’s and 4’ holes,wore the creepers and his monkey boots too,now he just wears the monkey boots and 4holes on occasion,49 yr old and still reps the old school punk look and diy attitude!
Bibble Is a Kween (16 days ago)
I was at a orchid place and I had bumped into rocks and thought I had scuff marks on my docs but there was nothing. They’re very durable shoes

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