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How Dr. Martens' Are Made

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We visited Dr. Martens' only UK factory on Cobbs Lane in Wollaston, Northamptonshire. This is where Dr. Martens makes its iconic "Made in England" collection. The factory employs 50 workers that make about 100,000 pairs of boots per year, which is only one percent of what the brand makes as a whole! See more from Dr. Martens: https://www.drmartens.com/uk/c/made-in-england The INSIDER team believes that life is an adventure! Subscribe to our channel and visit us at: https://thisisinsider.com INSIDER on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thisisinsider/ INSIDER on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thisisinsider/ INSIDER on Twitter: https://twitter.com/thisisinsider INSIDER on Snapchat: https://insder.co/2KJLtVo Produced by: Claudia Romeo, Leon Siciliano
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Text Comments (2046)
andrew daley (12 hours ago)
Make them all in England your getting a very bad name for quality people will start buying copies and then you will not have a business in ten years from now you may Laugh but I'm usually right I predicted Woolworths would go bust 15 years before it did people said I was mad but were is that company now mmmm.andy England
Josef Rietveld (21 hours ago)
I promise, my next ones are "made in England"
PULIX PULIX (22 hours ago)
They are overpriced and, of course, overrated. They are just like any other boots which cost half the price. BUT, people buy it as a statement. Nobody buys them for their 'durable' capabilities, let's be serious here. Timberland is durable also, Helly Hansen and even Caterpillar. But when you wear a Dr.Martens people will look at them and think 'wow, this guy has a lot of money paying 300+ on a boot that looks like all the other boots'.
Marianna Barrett (1 day ago)
Those yellow boots are my favorite things ever, I need them to start making them again
Alan Heath (1 day ago)
My pair the the soul went in heal inside but had them for over 10 years.Want a new pair but want vintage boots like mine in 80s.Not keen on made in china or others.
Ilene Kilburn (2 days ago)
Thank you England👏. I l😍ve Docs
michael jackson (2 days ago)
Heavy hard and ugly
Plain Fries (3 days ago)
English shoes always have ugly lasts. This is not an exception.
Gee_cee -me (3 days ago)
So... we are just not gonna mention how the majority of styles are made in China? Only a very few style (s), are actually made in England.
Kim Mason (14 hours ago)
Found the person who didn't actually watch the video. They explicitly state that around 1% of their products are made in England. Back to your fail-boat, Nigil!
Paulie Walnuts (4 days ago)
oh what no docs made in india or Taiwan editions lmao!
Amina Alliyah (4 days ago)
Really pleased to see an array of ethnic workers! Love this 2k19 energy
Armando Sturzenegger (4 days ago)
I'll rather buy some Franco Cuadra boot's. Gorgeous, durable, handmade and at 75% le$$.
Prouds Art (4 days ago)
My favourite boots, I got a pair, the 1460 hardlife, and they are super durable! Wearing them almost daily for 5+ years now. The black has only faded a little and the front of the shoe is a little damaged from wearing, but that's it.
lionrence (5 days ago)
Now I know why mine broke so quickly... The sole wasn't properly fused and sliced clean off horizontally. What a shame, a beautiful boot but only lasted me two months, I wasn't too happy about it.
Biggus Dickus (5 days ago)
I love my steel toe Dr. Martens work boots. I'm a heavy equipment operator and my feet are on steel pedal controls all day. The soles of these boots are second to none.
They're so cool that, if they were cheaper, I'd buy another pair more at least.
Pupsius Pupuliukas (6 days ago)
always wonder why they moved the bulk of their production overseas...they may talk about tradition but money is king......I bought a pair for £20 and another for £40 and £60...see how long they last...40 years ago you bought a pair and they were guaranteed forever...think that guarantee is no longer on offer..which means the quality is not what it used to be..
Nikki Arguello (6 days ago)
This is literally the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen
Ooh Daddyyy (6 days ago)
emo version of timberlands + bluntstones
Josemilton Rodrigues (7 days ago)
I want one in every color
Pelt Down Posse (8 days ago)
It's sad. It's like buying a Gibson guitar. It's gonna cost you...the rest are made in China...
Some Retard (8 days ago)
im more interested in seeing how its made in china/taiwan
Ej_hej (8 days ago)
Hihihi i have Them in Black the fur! I love them <3
Willow Greenwood (9 days ago)
i just got a pair of dr. martins!!!!
Ngà Nguyễn (9 days ago)
What is the name of upper leather?Thickness? Thanks.
SeniorChaChaCha (10 days ago)
Will I be considered a snob if I'd rather get a Solovair?
GeekyChic (10 days ago)
This just really makes me want to rewatch Kinky Boots
P Demont (10 days ago)
Made overseas now.
smerd1 (10 days ago)
Just a shame they are a crazy price now days, when I got my first pair they were £10.95 my last pair were £45 and now they are over £140 in some shops 😱. Still great boots though.
utkarsh mandana (10 days ago)
I would rAther buy the chinese one
fnaf is great #foxy (10 days ago)
Wow, I'm too broke to pay for decent shoes
Wrk Hrse (11 days ago)
I bought a pair of Dr. Martens from the “official web site.” They’re made in China.
Laura Salvatore (11 days ago)
I have 2 pairs. One of my dogs chewed on the upper leather part..😣
Rebel Rollit (11 days ago)
My shoe of choice back in 1990s. You were too cool for school if you had pair of these.
JUST ME (12 days ago)
Cool video!!!👍
Lukas Cabahug (12 days ago)
Actually good, durable ethically made boots
hanady samin (13 days ago)
I have a pair that’s like plastic on the outside and it’s very hard for me to walk with them just because they are big 😂😭
Molly Brown (13 days ago)
I’ve had my pair of DMs for Four years and they are perfect - moulded to my feet for a perfect fit and look brand new. My dad has had his for over twenty years and looks amazing still.
LUD WIG (13 days ago)
Bought a pair made in asia .. after 5 years they are still in good shape, never had any troubles with them. Just sayin... The England made are not much different. i recon the leather might be slightly better, everything else looks the same
I have a pair that was inspected by rose, shout out to rose
Robin Marriott (14 days ago)
I live in the village these are made, I walked past the Cobb’s Lane factory every day on the way to school and EVERY kid wore Dr Martens. As a result, nobody who lives here wears them as we have all been scarred for life from years of our parents buying them because they were cheap from the factory shop in the village.
grace foxwellx (14 days ago)
emma chamberlain just entered the cuat
bakar billionaire (14 days ago)
Worth every penny ❤️❤️😍👍
Laviola Yulinda (15 days ago)
Here in southeast Asian countries such Indonesia, Malaysia, etc Dr Martens are made in China even you buy it at the authentic stores. There are only few of them made in UK, and most of them are hand carried
Eren McCune (15 days ago)
I had a pair of Dr Martin's unfortunately I grew out of then but recently I've bought myself a new pair as there was a sale and I couldn't resist now these boots should last me forever as long as my feet don't grow too much
Toxic (15 days ago)
Danny's a pimp
Billie Bella (15 days ago)
Still have mine 13 years old with only a few scuffs and creases,I have had to replace the insoles though.
Dana's #1 Fan (16 days ago)
I just wish the sizes were accurate
Abhay Achal (16 days ago)
Very good but not my taste Thx anyway
Thomas Partida (16 days ago)
Now where to find them since all the docs I’ve bought in the last 15 yrs are all made in China.
Just AMY [Cang Tram] (16 days ago)
Where's the part in which they slaughter the animal for their skin to make the shoes?
bobzilla saiz rawr (17 days ago)
I got a pair of the chromexcel ones you can see them making, absolutely love em
sailormoon (18 days ago)
can we get a video of the factories in china making the boots?
bobi6262 (18 days ago)
Chinese production or any other country, it's really shit. Dr. Martens made in England (I have 3 pairs) it's good quality. I have 2 pairs of Solovair and it's very good quality too. The problem with shoes made in England is that there are few models available. The Dr.Martens brand has lost a lot of credibility by relocating its production. A lot of people buy Chinese thinking they're buying English, it's not good. why make shit in china? why can't the chinese make good shoes?
GertySaurus (19 days ago)
I got 2 pairs for Christmas and haven’t worn either yet, but I love these boots!
Azure Blue (20 days ago)
😄 Bravo 😄
black black (20 days ago)
Why is it so satisfying
Christine Kristin (20 days ago)
Planning to get the Jadon 8 eye boots!! I am so excited😍💛
Clementine Monroe (20 days ago)
All employees must wear the shoes to work, I used to work there. Not really.
Michael Seeger Hanmann (20 days ago)
Best boots ever.😊 I have a pair of 1460 black.😊 You Can use them to all circumstances, and mix them to different clothes.❤️ Its a dream to walk in for my feet.❤️ I love them.❤️
GeneSun (21 days ago)
The boots I've worn for 40 years are Docs. They always fit perfect. After standing on concrete floors for 50 hours a week, my feet never hurt. I have fitted Italian dress shoes that aren't nearly as comfortable.
Mister Zeer (21 days ago)
Esistono Dr. Martens ancora prodotte in Inghilterra? Quelle di adesso sono prodotte in Cina o Tailandia, e non sono più la stessa cosa. Che gran peccato!
mpscats360 (21 days ago)
woah! this totally explains why docs are a little on the higher end and helps me understand the justification for that price. it makes me appreciate it so much more as well. Love it!! Love docs
Isabel Cameron (22 days ago)
I just bought a pair today and they are super cute and comfy! I recommend buying a pair even if it is more than $100.
Ms. C. (22 days ago)
I’ve got mine in San Francisco and they are not made in England !!! Why ?
ASMR Apple (24 days ago)
Mine are made in Vietnam...
Dylan De Jong (24 days ago)
So proud of owning public boots and steel toe for work.
sunny nice (25 days ago)
Do they also use Human Leather in making their shoes?
koez koez (25 days ago)
The most painful shoe experience ever.
The KPOPgurl (25 days ago)
Can’t wait till I get my Docs
Boulboula Dari (25 days ago)
sabribri (26 days ago)
Mine are made in Vietnam.. are they real ?
Alyssa Kali (26 days ago)
Is it vegan leather?
al capone (26 days ago)
Its quality shoes when whites do it
woresh GamePlus (26 days ago)
I want a Dr. Martens x Vetements so bad :(
Lola Y Cloe (26 days ago)
Me encantan!!! 🎉
ana peinado (26 days ago)
You have to buy Spanish shoes made in Comunidad Valenciana or Toledo. Very good quality.
Kristian Brandt (27 days ago)
The better quality and attention to detail, not to mention product integrity, is a good thing. Problem is the presentation and steep price which comes with the Made in England stamp is somewhat in conflict with the shoes rebellious image.
Noodles Poodles (28 days ago)
I really really reaaaaally wAnt oNE😭
Joey Quiroga (28 days ago)
Clown boots
sugaz 209 (28 days ago)
Please stop makig them so painfully tight😣😢😖
chimmy chum (28 days ago)
Deserved it's price though
faten jedly (28 days ago)
Hi so guys plz do u have any idea if i can find some dr martens shoes in turkey istanbul plz guys i need help
jonathan milla (29 days ago)
Those shoes are ugly as hell
I bought my first pair of Dr. Martens about a month ago, black once with roses embroidered, so beautiful!😍🌹 I've heard alot about Dr. Martens being very durable, I take good care of my new babies and I hope they will stay with me for many years🖤❤
Cartman Brah! (30 days ago)
I bought a pair of dr. Martens the soul ripped off in week one I emailed them pictures and pictures of my receipt all they said is they could give me a discount on another purchase that was BS im never buying a pair again
Ben Wells (30 days ago)
Them blisters though..
Noor Diamond (1 month ago)
High quality raw materials n high quality control. Not just the expensive price for the prestige n not just what the trending is right now. That's why this product has many followers 😊 n it deserve get many loyal cust around the world 👍👍
santa lofty (1 month ago)
bad luck but if you buy a pair of DR MARTENS most change (90%) are from AND made in china
J.R. W (1 month ago)
I’d like to see the works boots made I have a pair with metatarsal and there super rugged lol
Yoshiro ANIME GAMER (1 month ago)
I really want to find original Dr Marten shoes 😥
fondoo (1 month ago)
The most uncomfortable shoe ever
Ruben Trevino (1 month ago)
These aint boots
Pitis86 (1 month ago)
The rest are made in.... wait for it.... https://youtu.be/RDrfE9I8_hs
B K (1 month ago)
Narration would have made this 9/10 video a 10
William Polk (1 month ago)
I LOVE my Dr. Marten's!!
xrcrx ftfghjg (1 month ago)
look uncomfortable
marlon magana (1 month ago)
What is the name of the yellow ones??
Simpasaurus Smooth (1 month ago)
I guess the rest 99% are made by slave child labour in asia as any other modern comercial brand, am I right?
Paul Caldwell (1 month ago)
He says because it's melted, the sole can't come unstuck. I've had two pair that came apart. The rubber sole just came off. Dr. Marten was a German. These boots are made in England, but they were created by a German in Germany. Dr. Marten was a German soldier in WWII.

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