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MLP: Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks EXCLUSIVE Short - 'Music to My Ears'

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DJ Pon-3, from My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks, struts to her own beat on her way to Canterlot High! Subscribe to HasbroStudiosShorts: http://j.mp/LkHWOx My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: http://j.mp/1hhpNiC
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Mc juggie squad (4 days ago)
DJ Pony 3 (4 days ago)
I ca see her eye lash though her glasses. are they sun glasses. they look awesome on her. and I like at the e d with the music.
DJ Pony 3 (4 days ago)
I like her style.
DJ Pony 3 (4 days ago)
I saw her look both ways. 👍
X5 (6 days ago)
How come she doesn't even talk? they run out of people to voice for her I suppose
Winston's Grove (7 days ago)
KDREW - BULLSEYE!!! IVE SEARCHED THE ORIGINAL SONG AND FOUND IT! (Kinda) I don't think the tones are just a coincidence. Look it up.
DJ Pony 3 (8 days ago)
I have wireless headphones and u put Bluetooth and then IT plays from my headphones and i listen to the same song as her.
DJ Pony 3 (8 days ago)
by sliver spoon and diamond tearia (I don't know how to say the names) there is a dog in a bag
DJ Pony 3 (4 days ago)
BM Marcelo (13 days ago)
Dubstep on the street!
CheyKat Galaxy (14 days ago)
This is exactly why she's my favorite character
orange soda (18 days ago)
a man i remember this being my favorite video in my early days of youtube when I still watched videos on my old 3Ds before I had a phone
The Joker (20 days ago)
Does Vinyl Scratch even talk
Carl Boragay (16 days ago)
Miami Catgirl (22 days ago)
This video is basically me when I pick up my iPod
Marcus Magbanua (24 days ago)
Come on😡😡😡😡
Marcus Magbanua (24 days ago)
It's loading for a long time
SurvivalOfTheFakest (24 days ago)
She's so cool and never talks.
Zeina Amr (25 days ago)
Who’s back in 2018-9 ?
Marcus Magbanua (25 days ago)
I'm gonna do that💜💚💛❤️💗💖💕💞💕💞💝💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎📀📀📀📀📀📀📀📀📀📀📱📱
Carl Boragay (26 days ago)
Weird flex but OK.
cookie kitty playz (28 days ago)
Love how the teacher took her headphones and she had another pair just a walk-in on by XD
the monster (30 days ago)
epic music like that is awesome
Kitten's Meow (1 month ago)
2:15 to 2:24 I’ve actually done that when a teacher takes my headphones 😂
Startista (1 month ago)
I hate dubstep (or whichever genre this is) but I love these shorts omg
That one Crocodile (1 month ago)
0:30 Dam how heavy is she?
SurvivalOfTheFakest (1 month ago)
1:33 Pinkie breaks the slow-motion scene.
trolling noobs (1 month ago)
Hmm......mmm really cool😎👍
Zomberablack (1 month ago)
Even celestia can't stop the beat.
Stᴉtchᴉe (2 months ago)
this is how i feel when i walk to school with untangled headphones
Eiruni [cherry] (2 months ago)
Why is this so bad?
Hige The Wolf (1 month ago)
Its good
Y no fue una mujer sino un hombre
Hola Saludos hasbro ya se quien son pero ya se el verdadero creador de mlp de los de antes.....
Liz Naylor (2 months ago)
Only Quote:What Can I Getch Ya?
sharkboy439 (2 months ago)
KDrew - bullseye
Carl Boragay (27 days ago)
Petkas Production (2 months ago)
1:32 - Everyone slowed down except for pinkie or she is super fast.
trolling noobs (1 month ago)
She is a hacker
Zane Ro'Meave (2 months ago)
Reminds me of Bullseye - KDrew
Asriel Dreemur (2 months ago)
It's a mirecle!
Meiatrix (2 months ago)
I like how Pinkie is fast even in slow motion haha
trolling noobs (1 month ago)
OofMasterGeneral 555 (2 months ago)
Full version where hasbro?
Killmer (2 months ago)
Maybe high quality upload somewhere? :3
Hạnh Hồng (2 months ago)
I love this song
jj05 (2 months ago)
Dang I remember when these were new.
Pinkie Pie (2 months ago)
Music to my ears Music to my ear Music to my ea Music to my e Music to my Music to m Music to Music t Music Musi Mus Mu M Mu Mus Musi Music Music t Music to Music to m Music to my Music to my e Music to my ea Music to my ear Music to my ears ITS ROCKIN’ MUSIC TO MY AMAZING EARS!! 🎼 🎶 🎵 🎸 👂
Natt Tenshi (2 months ago)
It was at this very moment I realised .....Vinyl is best Human-Pony
Natt Tenshi (2 months ago)
Also this song is AWESOME
EXKY _ (2 months ago)
La música que estaba escuchando me recuerda a Bullseye xddd
няша поняша (3 months ago)
Dj 👍
David DJC (3 months ago)
Vinyl will only talk if it’s Nowacking. It’s true lol
Megan Sutton (2 months ago)
@David DJC She does it best
Green Bird (3 months ago)
Miss those times.
cioda (3 months ago)
Why does everyone have freaky long Bayonetta legs?
Sinaiat Neelatman (3 months ago)
Behind the goofy smile is #16YearsOfNegatives plz don’t reply On the other hand she’s amused by everyone closing their locker at once. How does nobody else find Cranky doodle donkey funny? And there is where my ideas of the elements of Generosity, Empathy, Honesty, Loyalty and (not laughter) Humour. Because she looks indifferent but never says anything because she can’t.
SmolBeanVids (3 months ago)
Wish I could listen to music all the time like Vinyl xD
Rj Anderson (3 months ago)
Can disc even talk
Jayanne souza (3 months ago)
DJ❤😎 radical ❤😍👏🎶🎶🎧
Samurai X (3 months ago)
DUSTEP PESADO PAPUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Agus Slamet (3 months ago)
HI! ! (3 months ago)
что за серия?
Green Bird (3 months ago)
Это не серия, попросту короткометражка к выходу второго кинофильма.
я токое смотрела , лишь на российском языке
NICOLLAS MASTIL (3 months ago)
1:30 Pinky just braking the laws of slow motion...
NICOLLAS MASTIL (3 months ago)
Alicorn wannabe (3 months ago)
The cop was hot
Lea Seewald (3 months ago)
Felix Heath (4 months ago)
I love this song, mostly because of the trippy visuals.
piakirei28 (4 months ago)
the music is my language
Bb The boss (4 months ago)
Gladis Morales (4 months ago)
CrazyOtakuGirl 11 (4 months ago)
Ryan Lorenzo (4 months ago)
The world is not ready for the love between Vinyl and her headphones.
Noah Green (4 months ago)
Vinyl knows the golden rule of headphones. ALWAYS have a back up set
AzzyFu202 (4 months ago)
Me after I have my coffee
Dr. Duckz (4 months ago)
As soon as that first step came, *EVERYTHING* changed.
Jayanne souza (4 months ago)
Carl Boragay (4 months ago)
Justin Y, where r u? Comment this video!
Red Dragon rose (4 months ago)
Dj pon-3 very cool
sorrybaeix (4 months ago)
She's my favorite character in all of mlp
halie thefoxx965 (4 months ago)
Awesome!!!! I'm a big fan of vinyl!!!
lamatracaxxx (4 months ago)
whata smart gurl
lamatracaxxx (4 months ago)
im puting in rolbloxs
Carl Boragay (27 days ago)
Epic minigames
Super BIG video Studio (4 months ago)
lonely. sunflower (5 months ago)
Omg, she looks so badass!
OfficialDr3am5tep (5 months ago)
Sounds like "Bullseye" by KDrew
Jake Mtz. (5 months ago)
Love it! ❤❤
Super Saiyan Diclonius (5 months ago)
Yeah, this is me every day.
UnicornMatt 2008 (5 months ago)
GNAnimations (5 months ago)
I'm not satisfied until I get derpy/muffins/ditzy/bubbles/stoneface/brighteyes/______
Donna Cloudeagle (5 months ago)
Legit me when I play music
freddy fun (5 months ago)
Did hasbro copied the song called bullseye by KDrew?
Tanya Castelan (5 months ago)
i lisent to this every day now that i have headphones
Wawaluigi Time (5 months ago)
-quickly scans the vide- wait who needs that much honey in Their tea
TIANO C-G (5 months ago)
Love the music! 💙🎧🔊 Kinda like me when I do a groovy Jim while Waltzing around outside with my headphones.
Rainbow Dash (5 months ago)
Me on the street. xD
Sham Abdullah (5 months ago)
facebomb bye
Сита Котаро (5 months ago)
katerina erashova (5 months ago)
Как девченка с красноватым хвостом на одну сторону оказалась в кафе когда она была на улице.
Dj song
Luiza Chan Studio (5 months ago)
Luiza Chan Studio (5 months ago)
eu te amo Habro; )
Véronique Sané (5 months ago)
j'aime trop cette music elle est trop cannon
Eu e ela somos paresidas eu passo quase o tempo todo com os fornes 🎧🎶🎵🎼📱

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