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The Truth About Voting: Part 3 - Yay Obama! | True News

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Soooo, you chose the brother over the granddad - and this libertarian could not be happier! :) Freedomain Radio is the largest and most popular philosophy show on the web - http://www.freedomainradio.com
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MrSporkster (8 months ago)
Yikes, this didn't age well.
tankdogization (1 year ago)
Holy crap! Stefan had black hair.
Firosh Saris (1 year ago)
David O'Sullivan (1 year ago)
How prophetic!
qwertymanor (1 year ago)
here from the future
sharperguy (2 years ago)
"Test the thesis about real change within government based upon the widest possible divergence of potential candidates that has ever been seen and likely ever will be seen in any democratic sphere" Even more relevant today than it was then. Time to test this thesis again.
Britt McLean (2 years ago)
in democracies people elect their leaders and are justly punished for it.
Checkmate (4 years ago)
I didn't know about Stefan until recently, unfortunately. Many of us knew exactly what he was saying at that time as well, but we just couldn't GET ANYONE TO LISTEN! The cattle just jump from one thin lie to another, never stopping to think.
Rising ATLien (5 years ago)
We can go back many administrations on the war crimes thing...
Bel Rick (5 years ago)
Stefan your predictions were so true
Firosh Saris (1 year ago)
Erlend Buflod (3 years ago)
It is spot on. The last few minutes were some hard hitting speech aswell. Great stuff!
Nick Gibson (5 years ago)
Well, Obama has proven without a doubt that gov't is a violent waste of space
Daniel Jonsson (5 years ago)
I would assume that the answer is nothing. He doesn't want a government so why argue what actions it should take. Furthermore he is very pro the non-aggression principle.
Kavetrol (5 years ago)
Yes. They should have just attacked the country they didn't like the most.
MotesYT (5 years ago)
You spoke as to asymptotically not really representing a rapid growth of a function, like the exponential, but the above function, as well as tan(x), etc, all have vertical asymptotes, so I think asymptotically could mean a sudden growth to infinity. It just depends on what you consider the independent variable.
MotesYT (5 years ago)
y=-ln(-t) t minus to take off to infinity.
MotesYT (5 years ago)
Asymptotically also makes sense. Asymptotes can be horizontal or vertical, the asymptote of y = tan(x) is vertical. Difference between exponential and asymptotically would be that the exp. is defined, if very large, for all x or all time, whereas asym. becomes undefined or "reaches" infinity at a particular x or time. You can also make y = exp(-x) have a vertical asymptote by solving for x and making y the dependent variable or time.
Wiifan4life (6 years ago)
Wow. Everything this guy said about Obama is so true.
Paulie Felice (6 years ago)
Oh boy howdy, this is funny right after we RE -elected him.
Volun Tarist (6 years ago)
1) Anarchy has never ever been really been tried 1b) because, when we had something that looked like anarchy, we did not have a public well aware of it is perfect moral to kill every man who initiate coercion 1c) It's a very very very simple task to kill man regardless how well he is protected The only thing anarchy needs is a well educated public when it comes to ethics and healthy moral, including understanding it's right to use ANY necessary means to get rid of initiation of coercion.
Fathoms2004 (6 years ago)
In order to have a dictatorship you must first have a domesticated population. The only way you can accomplish this in the modern world is through compulsory attendance laws forcing every citizen to attend education camps during their formative years. In a free society where people are not trained in the mental habits of servility, they will no longer believe in the very concept of rulers. Throughout the entirety of human history lavery/dictatorships have been an effect of statism, not freedom.
nickabeta (6 years ago)
So you actually are an anarchist. Sorry that is utterly illogical. You claim that fascist/ socialist systems always collapse under their own inefficiencies, anarchy has an even shorter life span. One guy with a big stick and anarchy becomes slavery/ dictatorship.
3377ftw (6 years ago)
Most of what this guy says is spot on, but occasionally he creeps me right the fuck out when he gets really excited
Libertys Son (6 years ago)
Very interesting watching this video 4 years later. As Stefan predicted, nothing has really changed under Obama. The government is bigger, our debt is astronomically bigger, and most, if not all, of the previous administration's policies have been continued. Hurray for our 2-party system.
goose1077 (6 years ago)
It's funny, sometimes I forget this is 4 years old. Everything is exactly the same.
TheDarkPan (6 years ago)
Brutal policies appeal to people because people have masochistic tendencies to follow strict and strong leaders. That's why jocks and bullies get the girls. But of course, the more blatantly bloodthirsty a government's policies and neo-taxes get, the more people they are also going to wake from the Good Statist hypnosis induced by the corporate media etc. A voter needs to STOP taking bad choices up again, from remembering what the pseudo-opposition actually did when THEY were the ones in power.
glasnikov (6 years ago)
I'm pretty sure that could not have been expressed better than you did. Thanks.
Brady Lacko (6 years ago)
Nothing has gotten better
namaste2911 (6 years ago)
'Staggering amount of change to our system' ~ yeah...that's what we got & that's just what I was afraid of in '08. It's all so contrived & has been forever. Bush had to suck to get the people to accept his strategic opposite which ended up being Obama who effectively seduced the populous with charisma & empty promises. A flurry of legislation was the same play book Hitler used to rise to power...& why would any rational person think a descendent of a formerly enslaved race could oppress others?
Wow, one of your best "rant's" ever. You so called it on Obama as well. Nice one.
ROX NOX (6 years ago)
This guy is a prophet!
Michael Price (6 years ago)
No his prescience isn't scary. What's scary is that all those allegedly intelligent, allegedly concerned for the good of the people professional commentators didn't spot all of this. Well except for a few who work for reason.com, anti-war.com etc.
TheRosa63 (6 years ago)
so people in gov lie all the time and give false hopes, nothing new I never believe anything they say or promise in fact the more wonderful the ideas they promote the more suspicious I get. satan is the father of the lie so it no surprise his servants do to. luke 4:4-8 in order to be in power one has to worship him, this is what he offered jesus for one act of worship. he turned him down, talk about a trustworthy king. rose
robyn jones (6 years ago)
I just want to know two things..is this guy American? If he is then he is the biggest arguement for immigration reform I've heard to date and didn't anyone tell this lame that IF YOU DON'T VOTE, SHUT UP AND QUIT BITCHING. Be proud to be American!! Hate the government but love your country! Straight backed and proud! Don't listen to this punk ass lame. He is not helping us, he's boosting his ego and playing his listeners like a fiddle.
buddybleau (6 years ago)
There was a time that I believed it was terrible to have the right to vote and not doing so. But there is something much more foreboding. That is voting without a clue on what you are voting for. I strongly believe there should be a literacy test before being allowed to vote. If you're ate up with dumbass, "YOU CAN'T VOTE"!
Greig Mair (6 years ago)
It must be just a little pleasurable to know you put this out, right at the beginning of Obama's presidency and to be bang on the money. Your credibility just gets better and better.
lochinvar00465 (6 years ago)
What baffled me about the "popularity" of Obama was that when I asked supporters to justify their position, all they would answer was that he would bring "CHANGE", and yet NONE of them could actually specify WHAT CHANGE. All they could think of was that they didn't like what was going on and they wanted it changed in total ignorance of history that clearly shows that the "change" could be for the worse. Even more they completely ignored that the SYSTEM that is the root of the problem.
Pedro Llorens (6 years ago)
"you can not rape someone into loving you" Psh, you just don't try hard enough, Stef.
Michael Brown (6 years ago)
Can someone put together a video putting news/articles/facts next to each of these predictions to prove Stefan's accuracy?? That would be awesome...
libertopian (6 years ago)
@andrewsurtees Hans-Hermann Hoppe is also in this category. His entire theories are built around assuming government is self-interested. The conclusions and predictions? Like a laser.
ih8ronpaulh8ers (6 years ago)
This is so creepy.
Andrew Tyson (6 years ago)
@randytate There is no logical reason for anyone to be offended at the mere use of "curse words." All part of the matrix.
Randy Tate (6 years ago)
I'm always close to sharing your videos but then you drop f-bombs near the end and ruin them.
l1xx3r (7 years ago)
Wow... I remember seeing this video when it come out... now I see how right stef is... I never thought Obama was going to be great... but I didnt think stef was so right...
Hank Henker (7 years ago)
Andy Surtees (7 years ago)
Your level of foresight is in a category I now call "Schiffesque". The formula is, first presume everyone in government is self-interested, then follow that through to its logical conclusion. Given how simple that is it's amazing that only a handful of people called the last few years correctly. And our shiny-headed friend was one of them.
ShadowCrowX (7 years ago)
I'm with you on the redundancy of government, but at the same time, If there was no government, who would take care of deciding what buildings to build and on vacant land? Also who would fund the hospitals?
R. Douglas Barbieri (7 years ago)
@vermontroller1984 Oppressive anarchists. LOL. Is that like Free statists?
@sundancekid122 You can start not to join the imbeciles who shouting and holding up signs with the name of another thug for president. Stop voting helps also.
Mmm, well I guess Stefan Molyneux is quite accurate “avant la lettre”. Everything he said here is reality now.
TheDawnAmber (7 years ago)
Now it's 2011 and it didn't change - it's gotten worse ;(
mbmonkable (7 years ago)
I love watching this video 3 years later.
IronicallyChristian (7 years ago)
Shit man. Good call.
cchessmaster (8 years ago)
Violence in self defense is a virtue.
Cognitive Feedback (8 years ago)
you are my hero
sechenry6 (8 years ago)
@ulysseinvest Thats ok I will forward for you, hold your head up high and don't ever doubt yourself.
sechenry6 (8 years ago)
@vermontroller1984 I think what they really want is you to stop forcing your way on them. They want you to do your own thing, just don't bully them about with collectivism light which by the way continues to grow in America.
Dimitri Yuskov (8 years ago)
@ulysseinvest ahahahahahahhaahaha that was funny man.obviously we are screwed, lady gaga makes more sense these days than economics.
LunkwillFook (8 years ago)
Briliant !
letterizer (8 years ago)
@DanMorin007 im saying it it a good thing i didint vote because i knew my vote really was worthless mainly to my self
Dan Morin (8 years ago)
@henshinman: I have not voted in more than 15 years, since I discovered voting is giving power to politicians. If politicians says it is important to vote, it is because it is important to THEM. Think about voting for a "religious leader" to lead the country to GOD. If everyone votes, then you have a religious leader. On the other hand, if nobody participates, then this religious leader has no power. Winning an election is like winning the lottery (the opportunity to plunder for 4 years)
letterizer (8 years ago)
thank god i didn't VOTE
Awesome Bent (8 years ago)
Yeah. His predictions were right on the spot.
Freemarketeer81 (9 years ago)
Be reasonable and be truthful.
Freemarketeer81 (9 years ago)
And it's a year later...thousands of more troops in Afghanistan, billions of dollars in bailouts, and Universal Healthcare...LOL. Violence does not work, it can't work. Spot on Stef. Keep up the good work.
:Clive-Albert (9 years ago)
Hi Stefbot, I've put a few links out to my followers on twitter, they make sense to me. I have noticed that your first videos in any series of videos are always well attended, but falls off on every other one, so why not make all points on one video, instead of making a series. Keep up the pressure. You have converted me, as I'm no longer going to vote in the illusion. Thanks
Ikem Krueger (9 years ago)
You would make a good preacher.. xDDDDDD
SixthtySixthSix (9 years ago)
superb mechanism regarding obama response, correct prediction iraq withdrawal delays - whether or not legislature delays - implemented predator strikes to attempt supression predicted respones in middle east, afghanistan escalation and mass embedding
peteheatb3 (9 years ago)
Great prediction, I always thought this when obama talked about change. In reality, hes a politician, he gets elected for what he says he will do when hes president, not what he actually DOES when hes there. Once hes already there, its a matter of simply doing enough to keep from being thrown out. And thats all he has to do. Its horribly frustrating with politics in general.
ks100001 (9 years ago)
Ohh, to see this stuff on television... But I guess that's like Obama Change - ain't gonna happen. Hope in one hand, shit in the other, and see which fills up first. :)
t-a-i-l (9 years ago)
i love this guy. He says everything I wish I could articulate.
John Delano (9 years ago)
"white knight"? Sorry, Stef. He's a half white knight.
Joe Black (9 years ago)
Haha, naw dude. You: "You frieking anarchists are more oppressive than the govt. What you really want is everything your way." That comment of yours shows no thought or understanding of anarchism. The last thing anarchists want to do is oppress people. Oppressive anarchists is an oxymoron. What we want is the freedom of people to do what they please so long as violence is not involved. You wrote "die!" I take offense to shit like that. Have a good one mikey :)
Joe Black (9 years ago)
hmm that about sums up your intellectual capacity to think for yourself.
Ray (9 years ago)
We have a health care system that is heavily influenced by government forces. Medicaid /care do not reduce the cost of health care by make it more expensive, Surely that is fractional socialism that has failed. Not to mention lack of tort reform in america has american's paying not for just Dr's but lawyers too(costs imputed via malpractice insurance).
daniel lee (9 years ago)
very well said.
RyanPig (9 years ago)
sharonda beamon (9 years ago)
67jkey, u are way off base. wake up 2 what u already know. this is fanasty land. it seems that nothings real anymore. we have a complex dealling with reality and the reality is, stef is on point with each and every one of his comments.we have to look within ourselves to create the change around us, and not to look for strangers & phony politians 2 "save"us from what is to come.we as individuals have 2 do our part. & collectively we can create real change& not just phony barack obama rhetoric
Villa Trullo Rosa (9 years ago)
So, what you are advising young people to do in order to gain more civil liberty, justice and prosperity for all is to disengage from, and actively (I assume peacefully) work against the democracy? Interesting proposition. Especially to the part of the Worlds population who have yet to even experience the benefits of democracy. And the evidence that you have to convince me that that would actually work is that the current system is "evil"? Excuse me, who are you calling a dreamer again?
Fudolux (10 years ago)
its funny and sad how people vote for rich bastards who live in other ,,reality" not affected by their own decisions ; after the change for the better didn;t arrive people get dissillusioned BUT few years later they go vote AGAIN this time for ,,apples" vs ,,oranges", but both are rotten . People are so fucking dumb and ignorant. maybe they deserve their fate ?
AJ C (10 years ago)
This might be a dumb question, but if the French like socialized edicine so much, how come they all have to be forced at gunpoint to pay for it?
JesseKantstopolis (10 years ago)
I think your annihilation of statism is going to have a real effect on bringing about human freedom.
YouAreABamma (10 years ago)
Rofl. "Mr. Moccachino"
stealthswimmer (10 years ago)
Yeah we're in agreement. Folks like us are already on the same page. I'm just saying that some folks actually think what government is doing is good, lol. We also gotta address those folks and bring some to our side as well.
stealthswimmer (10 years ago)
When you say "we need to step away from the illusion..." that we'll get change and what we want out of government...see the thing is that SOME people actually ARE happy with the outcomes. Like some people that loved Clinton's administration and some people that love Bush's administration. We have to win the battle of ideas and show people that freedom is the right path to take.
albee1000 (10 years ago)
You at some point make mention that we deserve a beautiful world. Not to be negative - aw, heck, yeah, I'm negative. I'm bitter and angry at the human race. I've suffered a lot of abuse and mistreatment, and that's just how I see things. There, I've said it. Now, with that in mind, how would one justify that "we" deserve a better world?
jerami101 (10 years ago)
When I was in the Navy, I learned about all the weaponry and was impressed at their ability. But at the end of the day it's all just ways to kill and destroy. Nothing impressive about that! Just think where society could be if man had put his energies toward peace instead of war! Peace and Love!! With that you can have freedom!!
spj (10 years ago)
correction, we didnt vote. it is only part of a meaningless, ritualistic event, like betting on a rigged fight between two boxers who are getting paid by the same people, just to keep you entertained. and protesting aint gonna change a thing, it might only bring awareness to other folks, which, nevertheless, is good. but if a bully is beating you up, he aint gonna stop just couse you keep yelling his name and saying "hey, stop it, i dont like it" you're gonna have to get up and punch him
SuperiorRobot (10 years ago)
Wow, you've given me a lot to think about. I really enjoy your show, but my main issue is how to combat monopolistic behavior inside a stateless society. Any videos directed at this?
joshv89 (10 years ago)
Well they sure are doing better than you lot lol
Michael Price (10 years ago)
"Pay off the special interests who donated to his cause"... You forgot the finance industry, they're some of the biggest givers.
PhilosophyWatch (10 years ago)
Fantastic video. Well said, and congrats on the coming little one!
JackDangles (10 years ago)
well, it's important to remember that we didn't elect a dictator. Although Obama might want to pursue his own agenda the people have to stand up and demand that we get the hell out of the war, but people have to get off their asses and start protesting!!! Of course he probably will not keep his promises, but we have to call him on it and repeatedly! We can't just do nothing. Real change occurs with civil disobedience and activism. We can't give up. We must demand change!!
FractalGypsy (10 years ago)
Powerful ending, sir. I've said many such things to my friends over the years. I hadn't known until you said, so congratulations on the little one in the oven! I have one as well, probably coming out around the same time. I know I don't have to tell you that they more than anyone else are the reason we're speaking.
wildreams (10 years ago)
Glad to hear u are against it:) Well I do "Hope" a lot. In the worse case scenario that he doesn't fulfill his promise, he's just another lier like Bush, thats is certainly the worst tragedy. All we can do is to do like what stef said, be behind him all the time and hopefully pressure him to fulfill his promise. Even Obama himself said change never comes from top down but from btm up. We do have a part to play. I personally believe he meant his word, you dun have to take my word for it, lol.
wildreams (10 years ago)
Lastly, im confused with ur position on the war, do u want us out of it or stay in it. Did you think it was a mistake or morally just? On one hand u are criticizing him for never going to withdraw our troops, on the other, u claim that once we withdraw we will not "stand a chance". So what u suggest we do, send more troops to kill every "terrorist" till the last 1 is dead? Status quo: waste lives waste money?
wildreams (10 years ago)
I dun see where your hate is coming, pls calm down. Firstly, I believe the Iraq war is a MISTAKE that cost us many lives, we have no business in there. Moreover, whats going on in Iraq is a civil war, which Iraqis need to settle among themselves. Second, I believe once we are out, the insurgents and terrorist will leave because there is no more US soldier to kill. If we gather enuff support from the neighboring nations, the terrorists will never get to power in Iraq.
vixelpixen (10 years ago)
Obama already threw it out there that he'll likely need another term in his acceptance speech, as if that would come as a surprise.
wildreams (10 years ago)
He did say we will leave a "residual force" to train the Iraqis. Anyway, I personally believe he will keep his promise to withdraw the main force out of Iraq. I will not bet my money on this(why should I?) but we shall see.
wildreams (10 years ago)
very true
wildreams (10 years ago)
I think Obama really mean his words. Just my gut feeling. And similar to your video, he is inviting everyone to get involved in this(check changedotgov). But, what you say is also possible, after all history tends to repeat itself. Hope Obama keeps his promises.

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