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Life Is A Runway | MLP: Equestria Girls | Rainbow Rocks! [HD]

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My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks Song: Life is a Runway Watch in 720p! ----- Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
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Text Comments (787)
faustolicious (24 days ago)
The life is a highway, I will rid... wait
Fluttershy (1 month ago)
Life Is A Runway, (Runway) Listen, Here's What It's All About I Tell You Life Is A Runway, (Runway) Time To Bring What's On The Inside Out! Into The Li-i-i-ight! Into The Li-i-i-ight!(2 Times) Life Is A Runway When You See It My Way, Take All The Good Inside, Make It Beautiful. Fashion Is The Way To Start, Showing What's In Your Heart, Call It Superficial, I Call It Irrefutable. Oh Oh, Oh Woh Oh Oh Oh, Oh Woh Oh Life Is A Runway! You Can Be The Girl That You Wanna Be, With A Little Love & Some Accessories.(Life Is A Runway) Don't Be Scared To Show You Have Personal Style, Just Go Do Your Thing, You'll Make Everyone Smile.(Life Is A Runway) You Can Be The Girl That You Wanna Be, With A Little Love & Some Accessories.(Life Is A Runway) Don't Be Scared To Show You Have Personal Style, Just Go Do Your Thing, You'll Make Everyone Smile.(Life Is A Runway) Life Is A Runway, (Runway) I'll Show You What It's All About, I Tell You Life Is A Runway, (Runway) Time To Bring What's On The Inside Out! Into The Li-i-i-ight! Into The Li-i-i-ight!(2 Times) Into The Light.
Michelle Liu (2 months ago)
Leah Rowden (2 months ago)
Into the LIGHT!!!!!!!!!!
Leah Rowden (2 months ago)
1:44 Best part!
Leah Rowden (2 months ago)
This is so cool! ❤️
Leah Rowden (2 months ago)
One Direction- Best Song Ever (Rarity’s Version)
Stellar Winter mlp (4 months ago)
Rose look so pretty
Derpie is beautiful I never see her with some beautiful fashion dress
Rocky 3:16 (7 months ago)
1:00 that sude hahahahahaha
Anne Smith (7 months ago)
At 2:00 I can't tell if she's saying "light" or "life".
JW dyer (7 months ago)
YouTube moderators ruin everything
Dierdre Cabral (7 months ago)
*Poof's through dress like Zach King magic* ...............the next ZACH KING!!!!
0:58 Look at Tennis Match's face in the background: "Boy, you're not buying into her s**t, are you?"
Charles Mcdermid (8 months ago)
Derpy is best model
Zoey Dhade (8 months ago)
It's a good song and it's catchy and when ever I come home I listen to it's because it's a good song
Of course this song is about dresses
Carolina Natalie (8 months ago)
This is not from Equestrian girls 😤😡👎🏼
Zoey Dhade (8 months ago)
Carolina Natalie it's just a music video
Komila Zutshi (8 months ago)
i have raritys hair wig and that dress and shoes and doll because rarity is my favrout pony and also i love this song .
FC's The Meme (8 months ago)
and I thought the pony version of Rarity was sassy enough, but I stand corrected.... sigh
FC's The Meme (8 months ago)
indeed life is in fact a run away bullet train
Sharkingdomss Skdss (9 months ago)
Catherine's Channel (9 months ago)
king sans (9 months ago)
Hasbro come up with original music titles life is a runway rip off of life is a highway
Poipole Lover (10 months ago)
Poipole Lover (10 months ago)
Justin Seagull (10 months ago)
Wait... Isn't Cheerlie a teacher in CHS?
NIKEYAMI (10 months ago)
Great video
Timber Humphrey (10 months ago)
you're the best Kazumi!
mercedes faustino (11 months ago)
Le copiaro unpoco a los shop kins
Electro Breeze (1 year ago)
Love Derpy that way
BINGYONG JI (1 year ago)
Shumona Nessa (1 year ago)
funny bulk felt shock
Jamie Bronstein (1 year ago)
simplyginger 123 (1 year ago)
Fashionable derpy
Just Nixey (1 year ago)
"You can be the girl you wanna be"... But ama guy :T
DA Wizad (1 year ago)
Cedrickjastine Co (1 year ago)
1:40 Rarity The Derp Again I Thought She Don't Know How To Be A Derp
Cedrickjastine Co (1 year ago)
Rarity The Derp 0:24 WTF
angelica cisneros (1 year ago)
Parkman (1 year ago)
Life is a runway and I want to were it all night long
Shiraz Keidar (1 year ago)
the eg version to art of the dress. love it.
Random User (1 year ago)
my favorote song!
Shelene Keller (1 year ago)
this songs so cool i like to design fashion so i totally get this song.
Kossi Battah (1 year ago)
you. rock rair
Kossi Battah (1 year ago)
love you you rock woah yeah
IAmMaria (1 year ago)
Omg Rarity makes FANTASTIC clothes!
Aria Johnson (1 year ago)
I love Rarity, I want to be a fashion designer when I grow up XD.
soccer girl (1 year ago)
Aria Johnson Well you will be one and I think you will make awesome dress and others
Twilight (2 years ago)
Ӏíƒҽ ʍɑվ ҍҽ ɑ ɾմղաɑվ, ҍմԵ ղօԵ հɑɾժӀվ ɑղվօղҽ ʍɑkҽՏ ςӀօԵհҽՏ ςմՏԵօʍ....
Creative Pony Pie (2 years ago)
If you read the title and take the letters from the beginning of each word you get the word LIAR. Life Is A Runway = L.I.A.R. So, life isn't a runway?
Hermes kun (1 year ago)
Creative Pony Pie No, you're just dumb and look way too far into things.
Syahirah Belva Tanitha (2 years ago)
even awesome look at 1:04,1:09 and,1:11 she makes new dress magic
verdiana chiccaechicco (2 years ago)
molto carina questa canzone
Mary Ann Manalo (2 years ago)
its rarity, serusely am i the only one who nows her.😤
Lurrio 55 (2 years ago)
Hola :,v
Hola :v
Isabella Diaz (2 years ago)
Why does she sound like adagio dazzle?
Lavender shy (2 years ago)
it's just a clip
meowmeow fluttershy (2 years ago)
i like this one she looks like candy with dimonds she was thinking like fashionnista as a pop star she look really pretty
최문자 (2 years ago)
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Tingting Li (2 years ago)
i can stich
y sus dos usos fiel DNS noches indie
Yoj Yagne (2 years ago)
Yoj Yagne (2 years ago)
I like Rarity she is beautiful and I am beautiful!
GamerOfGamers (2 years ago)
Life is a Runaway
GamerOfGamers (2 years ago)
Life is a Runaway
LiLy Thu Anh (2 years ago)
i didn't saw this song in the movie equestria girls rainbow rocks did any of you if you do , please give me the name of the movie that you saw this song
GalaxyGal (2 years ago)
it's life is a runway
Aarmau Senpai (2 years ago)
It's not
Lanz Chester Enterina (2 years ago)
it's a special music video, part of the encore series of Rainbow Rocks
Appel White (2 years ago)
Ich finde es sehr cool
Suryia Tahir (2 years ago)
I love rarity so much
Lailani Tyler (2 years ago)
I'm gonna break the replay button.
ISS600 (1 year ago)
here 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00
Phuong Hoang (2 years ago)
it so beautiful 💙💎💍👗👗👑👑👸👸👸👠👠👠
Rinu Riyas (2 years ago)
woohoo! life is a runway when you see it my way! thats the best line ever in this song
Ava to Beeach (2 years ago)
Ava to Beeach (2 years ago)
Lilac (2 years ago)
This makes me question is Rarity really wears concts and glasses.
Kim Giau (2 years ago)
Bao cong an
Karizma Simon (2 years ago)
where do u find some of these???
Emina Terzic (2 years ago)
Phuong Hoang (2 years ago)
how do you have dose picture to do that
carl the human cupcake (2 years ago)
I ♥♡♥♡♥derpy
Earl Dave Dollosa (2 years ago)
rarity always ware her eye glasses when shes making dresses
Ahsenafra Bektas (2 years ago)
Kankri lici9us (2 years ago)
Jennifer Godinez (2 years ago)
Jana Alami (2 years ago)
Shopia Jane (2 years ago)
i love this song
Ioana Video (2 years ago)
Ωραιο το τραγουδι αλλα η Rarity ειδικα...ΚΟΥΚΛΑΡΑ!!!Τι αλλο να πω?Ειναι και καλη μοδιστρα! 👌
ethera55 (2 years ago)
This song show real Rarity :3
Desteny Salgado (2 years ago)
life is a runaway😂😂😂😂🌼🌹🌸🌈⛄🌺
manuela miselli (2 years ago)
【Elly_Chan】 TM (2 years ago)
I love song
mi-a placut foarte foarte mult! hihi!😂😀
s h o o k (2 years ago)
Gon Hadid (2 years ago)
אמא שלך זונה
no (2 years ago)
1:22 I was expecting Derpy to fall over 😂
Dierdre Cabral (7 months ago)
Izzy me too
Blue Note Music (2 years ago)
Rarity has a new best song
Tho Huynh (2 years ago)
lol at 0:30 they copied the"elsa way" of walking
Abbykitten123TV (2 years ago)
ALL my clothes are fancy.
Chrissy Murray? (2 years ago)
not mine most of mine are jeans and sweat shirts and sweat pants
Elizabeth Lee (2 years ago)
Mine too!
Eloy Juarez Villa (2 years ago)
Jenson Jat (3 years ago)
Love it

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