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Ugg Boots Shopping Winter 2018

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Ugg boots shopping winter 2018- Shopping for Ugg Boots and I saw two pair I want. I like the flip sequin Ugg boots in silver and the Gold glitter Ugg boots. So cute. They also had the customizable Bailey button Uggs in red. I have those in Grey. Which Uggs are your favorite? The music I used is Savannah by Diviners ft Philly K provided by NCS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1I9ITfzqFs NoCopyrightSounds is the record label that connects content creators with the finest sounds to enhance the creativity and popularity of their content which is safe from any copyright infringement. • NCS Music is free to use for independent Creators and their UGC (User Generated Content) on YouTube & Twitch WELCOME to AYNSLEYHASFAITH 👸🏼 My YOUTUBE channel where I post SHOPPING.VLOGS.HAULS. I am SO thankful for my Subscribers! ☺️ I appreciate ALL likes 👍🏼 And I love the KIND comments 💗 Subscribe for videos EVERY week ✌🏻Hebrews 6:19 ⚓️ We have this HOPE as an anchor ⚓️ for the soul, firm and secure. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain💕
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Text Comments (23)
Grace Corbello (4 months ago)
What outlet were you shopping at?
aynsleyhasfaith (4 months ago)
It’s in GA. Thanks for watching 💕
GirlzOnlyKnow Advice (5 months ago)
What store is this
aynsleyhasfaith (5 months ago)
civildawn (5 months ago)
My favorite ones are the boots with bows on the back ❤️💜🧡💛
Dae Nickens (6 months ago)
Omg they’re all so cheap 😦
civildawn (5 months ago)
Dae Nickens wut they are almost over 200$!!
Amanda McNair (6 months ago)
All so cute!
MsRosie34 (6 months ago)
I wanted to see the sequined boots in person so I could gauge the true color. Thanks for this video. I ordered them yesterday. I can't wait till I get them.
aynsleyhasfaith (6 months ago)
I want those too, they are too cute. Thanks for watching!
ᗷᖇE Bre (6 months ago)
I love uggs they are so cute 😍
aynsleyhasfaith (6 months ago)
Me too! I want to buy the flip sequins ones ☺️
Dwayne Zollinger (6 months ago)
This is my favorite time of year when I can wear my uggs best winter boots. Love the slippers next on my list great video..💕
aynsleyhasfaith (6 months ago)
Thanks so much!
Khyra A (6 months ago)
I want those black sequins ones ❤️🥰🥰😍
aynsleyhasfaith (6 months ago)
Those are nice 💕💕
Khyra A (6 months ago)
Love this uggs r my favorite
Ruby vela (6 months ago)
So cute😍
Ruby vela (6 months ago)
aynsleyhasfaith (6 months ago)
Thanks so much 💕
King Joey K (6 months ago)
Winning video
King Joey K (6 months ago)
aynsleyhasfaith no problem I’m all about the ugg life myself I completely understand lol
aynsleyhasfaith (6 months ago)
Thanks so much 🌟

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