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News: #MeToo Retreat To Beat Who? (TFM 42O)

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Text Comments (462)
Cyber Maverick Gamer (1 month ago)
Kill the cucks and manginas.
Cody Vector (2 months ago)
What is “Hockey Mask Time”? Lol
Andrew Gallo (3 months ago)
I ghosted my last girlfriend and took my dog back. Now i.m being charged with criminal trespassing even though i told her thru text i was going to her place with the key she gave me to pick up my dog. I broke up and ghosted her a week later. She went you the cops a month later telling the cops i broke into her apartment. Now, i'm out thousands and have a trail coming up. Insane. Fucking insane
Slim Morden (4 months ago)
My wife, a former feminist asked--I explained that since 10 years old I had been building muscle, learning skills and during this time automatic responses developed. You spent until your 30's in a woman's world. When I asked could she ever return to the world of women? "Never"
Vilo Aufricht (5 months ago)
Being brutally attacked by adult, mentally healthy person, I do not care about gender at all and just fight back effectively.
erik brooks (6 months ago)
A girl who want's to Wrestle for FUn, I'd Let them Win and get on top and Too,
Chidi Akara (6 months ago)
A parasite will invariably destroy it's host.
bob smith (6 months ago)
females have there tests, rules, and standards!!! but MY standards, rules, and tests are much HIGHER!!!! WANTED!!! one good submissive woman with pleasant, kind, giving, considerate personality, must be able to cook clean and sew. must be attractive, must be good in bed, must have good job and lots of money, must like hot rods / corvettes!! PS please send picture of car!!!! sadly and unfortunately for normal unsuspecting males, ALL new age females are egotistical, grandiose, out of touch with reality, arrogant, disloyal, disrespectful, finicky, users, abusers, EXTREMELY selfcentered, sly, mind gamers, vengeful, double standard, uncaring, insensitive, spoiled, egotistical, users, one way, TAKERS, manipulative, narcissists, and crybabys!!!! they only want to ridicule, use and abuse the dum dum, braindead, manginas, cucks, soyboys!!! if you understand this and are able to outmaneuver them in any dealings or relationships, they will realize TRUE STRONG MALE SUPERIORITY, then quickly just vanish and give you the silent treatment at which point you realize you just won and avoided devastation / destruction emotionally and financially!!!!! use the pres Trumpster techniques of turning the oppositions techniques against them and WIN WIN WIN!! MGTOW forever!!! silly silly out of touch dum dum liberals, fenemists, and manginas!!!!!
Jim Johnson (6 months ago)
Mitchell Alexander (6 months ago)
Ahhh... At this point I'm so paranoid I trust no one other than a Robot or the Direct Seizure of the Means of Reproduction and the achievement of Embryo-genesis through Technology for Human Civilization to continue. I've always believed that if someone cannot be trusted with power, then they must be forced to use it 'correctly' or have it wrested from them, or worked around through other means to destroy the Problem. (And this was my thought process even as a Progressive towards rich people).
MadFurry MGTOW (6 months ago)
Is it me or are women just being sociopaths for the sack of fuck all? I mean clearly they are showing all the signs of it.
ClamShatter (7 months ago)
women are equal and deserve better treatment.... just kidding they should suck my dick. i never thought i would unironically agree with this song!
ClamShatter (7 months ago)
you and wildsmile are fucking killin it right now!!!
Shikharesh Bhattacharya (7 months ago)
She needs a dozen kicks in the ass on a daily basis for the rest of her filthy, miserable life.
Ace Report (7 months ago)
“Men literally produce performance enhancing drugs in their testicles”. Compulsory castration is coming soon guys. Why? EQUALITY
XIV Words (7 months ago)
black men are just as delousional
XIV Words (7 months ago)
china got beat by joey buttafuco
V IE (7 months ago)
The dollhouse bit is a joke right? lol
TheBunkerBuster 105 (7 months ago)
Whelp. Time to get the AR-15s and the M1911s and start a fuckin rebellion.
Mr crazy (7 months ago)
Actually now that I think about it 25 - 30 year old guys will just go overseas for a while (and probably never come back) which will actually be quite beneficial for everyone else becuase less competition, hell this is actually quite an intelligent idea
A Man Going His Own Way (7 months ago)
Makes you question why society is destroying patriarchy? Make weak men with no rights and collapse the society and establish a new type of system of control. 🤔
MrPrankmastergeneral (7 months ago)
Just pointing finger is enought to ruin a life.
MR M.I.A (7 months ago)
MGTOW now Or #youcouodbenext
The Man (7 months ago)
well, we know what needs to be done. STEEL YOURSELVES! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WJcIyy65KY
Coiled Steel (7 months ago)
Sorry to disagree with T.F.M., but most pedophiles "groom" their victims, like Asia Argento DID with the 17 yr old she screwed with, since he was only 7! 😣🤔
Coiled Steel (7 months ago)
"Masculine" ( with bulging muscles), looking women, with weak looking men, a porn fetish now.
valuevillageripperoffer (7 months ago)
These two articles made me happy. Finally justice!
Parker Shaw (7 months ago)
It is all because the life has become too easy in the first world like USA. People with little marketable skill can still make a living by pushing false narrative as if a real issue, so they appear to have some value for the society. Contraceptive pill liberated women in the past and high-tech AI love doll and artificial womb will liberate men soon. That will forever change the human civilization.
Joshua Demers (7 months ago)
Man this is good! Excellent video!
kevinbenko (7 months ago)
I have been watching your videos since shortly after you had first appeared on YouTube. I like the way you think! Yes, I tend to agree with most, perhaps all, of what you say. Thank you for your videos. Thank you for you attitude. Have a good day, man.....
qjtvaddict (7 months ago)
Jail them for not accepting responsibility and milk them to destroy their lives.
qjtvaddict (7 months ago)
Let em die fuck em. The ones who survive will reproduce and replace these losers.
qjtvaddict (7 months ago)
This solidifies my stance muscle strong women ONLY all the others not worth it
Anne B (7 months ago)
Any normal woman knows even a scrawny guy is so much stronger than she is. His upper body changes during puberty....even if she’s fit/exercises she will never have that upper body strength. There is a point around 16 where she may resent this, because she’s just realizing these changes, some girls could keep up pre-puberty with the boys and now there is no way. This is why men were never supposed to hit women, they can kick there ass so easily. They can usually even just restrain her pretty easily. And women used to not push men too far, especially when your arguing and he starts saying he needs to walk away...you let him because you want to avoid him going off and getting too angry. Because domestic violence was a family matter, and police/courts didn’t want to get involved. Now its a 180, women are hitting men. I think what are you doing? One strong punch and you could be knocked out. The only reason she would do this is knowing she holds all the power with the police and courts. I think the only recourse for men now is to record everything. Body cams, your phone, whatever. The problem with all these false claims is they delegitimize real cases. Maybe with enough proven false claims the laws can get more balanced than just automatically assuming women are honest, men are predators.
Lolo Lala (7 months ago)
What if your a Centralist TFM? Your neither right wing or left wing. Would you still be falsely accused of rape?
Warren Wantoobe (7 months ago)
Warren Wantoobe (7 months ago)
Women defer through obfuscation to avoid accountability and responsibilities for their actions. Women seek some form of titillation throughout their adult lives and as such end up in angst and mental torpor and then cry out to be rescued from their choices and consequences they've made throughout their adult lives. Women are weak, inferior, and a burden on society.
Dio Brando (7 months ago)
Unless they are taking steroids. Like female weightlifters . Even then they're still weaker than men.
John D (7 months ago)
Rose McGowan vs asia argento: top anime rivalries
While I agree that the metoo movement is used as a hammer for feminism to crush it's adversaries, I wholeheartedly endorse their attacks on Hollyweird stars. I don't care how hard Harvey Weinstein worked, how much Kevin Spacey worked on his acting, or Les Moonves brought CBS up, if they are out raping, molesting minors and sexually harassing people then they deserve to be persecuted. It is disturbing to me that people today could even suggest that someone's success and work ethic could or should excuse them of their crimes. I have seen this in drug addicts and I have seen this with sexual predators who happen to be rich. It shouldn't matter how successful you are, you deserve the same sentence as a broke ass person doing the same thing and in an irony it took the metoo movement to get at some of these insanely powerful dudes. I say good riddance.
zeta reticuli (7 months ago)
Women should be like battery hens, just there for BREEDING.and LAYING.!!!;-)
Travis Spires (7 months ago)
national geographic sept 2017? artificail womb used to grow a sheep.
P. C. (7 months ago)
The LEFT will eat itself ... great to see the founding mothers of MeToo going 69 , all teeth !
P. C. (7 months ago)
TFM you are a racist ; because vagina ! Listen and believe ... damn it . ;)
boitahaki (7 months ago)
Women lying, color me impressed
Dusk Hollow (7 months ago)
False allegations are evil, and the woman who made them should be stoned. But we MGTOWs need to realize Trump himself is just another woman who's going to screw us in all the wrong ways.
Joel Evans (7 months ago)
7:27. They will not die.... enough control groups would be established because women don’t have the impulses men to to jump in, they will want a security net. Point is TFM your still right because if you open that can of worms what WILL happen is they will just create legislation for it, lots of money to their kids or more safeguards costing 3 times the fiscal cost but the end result? = half those men lose their jobs to YET another failed social program that men were dumb enough to allow Again. Fool me once ? shame on you. fool me twice? Shame on me.
John Richmond (7 months ago)
Balanced patriarchy = '..everyone's happy...everyone's needs are being met..' @11mins 51 secs. That is just unintelligent gibberish. where is this 'balanced patriarchy' in human history you dimwitted monkey? stick to turd throwing. I seriously suggest intelligent MGTOW follow happy humble hermit. This monkey has lost it recently.
John Richmond (7 months ago)
Turd Flinging Monkey  No examples of that patriarchal society, eh? Huuum.
John Richmond (7 months ago)
...should read '...he doesn't 'agree'...'
John Richmond (7 months ago)
Turd Flinging Monkey  Grow up tfm. You sound like an SJW screeching when you are critisised. It seems you must be aware that your output has slipped, hence your weak 'talks s**t' insult. Anyway, hhh is far more considered and he does 'agree'. All MGTOW are going their own way, correct? Now. Why not tell me about the patriarchy I ask about in my post above? It would only take a word or two.
Turd Flinging Monkey (7 months ago)
*talks shit and calls TFM unintelligent, and proceeds to recommend everyone follow another channel that agrees with him*
Brian Orellana (7 months ago)
You know here and there i take a look at like conspiracy illuminati channels like a call for an uprising for example.He puts out videos about how there's now fashion shows with men dressing like women.The christian crowd over there can't seem to understand what's going on with men.Maybe tfm should educate them.
Brian Orellana (7 months ago)
Yeah cause i was thinking that they do come up with videos and issues that make like a crossover to were mgtow redpill content solves the problem.
Turd Flinging Monkey (7 months ago)
men tend to instinctively try to blame other men (i.e. jews, the illuminati, etc.) as a way to avoid holding women accountable.
John Richmond (7 months ago)
tfm's output is degrading. Men can fight women and won? Who knew? Tremble Connor McGreggor....
aussiebear22 (7 months ago)
Notice how this behaviour has become the standard characteristic of Left-wing women? => The same type of conniving, vindictive, and deceitful lot that are part of the Feminist Movement. => Always pulling the gender card. Always lying. Always backstabbing. ...Suffice to say, when you encounter one, have a recording device on you or walk the other way. Don't waste your time, energy, or your money on them.
Daniel Vasconcelos (7 months ago)
i don't know if thats a retreat ... sounds like an advance
Vegas Mgtow (7 months ago)
To bad the cops/ courts won't prosecute for perjury/ false police reports. That could work ?
Vegas Mgtow (7 months ago)
Al Bundy was right, "women understand women and they hate each other.".
Dirk Steel (7 months ago)
Women will drive a car they don't know how to operate, and apon destroying it, blame men for building cars.
Taking away woman rights is the solution.
John Smith (7 months ago)
Women will throw you under the bus, even if they don't even know you, but if they can get free stuff, they will also pretend they know you. One day, not so long ago, I get this random call on my intercom, I say 'Hello', and I receive a 'Hello!' from a female voice. I'm like 'Uh, who is this?', and the girl is like 'Oh, it's an old friend, can I come in?'. I knew that was BS cause I've never been friends with a girl. I said 'What's your name?' and she says 'Oh, it's Janice'. I'm like, 'I don't know a Janice', and she's like 'Right', all pissed and hangs up.
John Smith (7 months ago)
Moral of the story? All relationships with women are bullshit. This just goes to show how women view men.
Rice Guy (7 months ago)
someday we would have to cut our penises off to avoid rape acusations
Douglas Stejskal (7 months ago)
Serena Williams threw her feminist hissy fit because her jock strap broke during the match and she didn't have another. What an asshole! Typical. Female "sports" are all a ludicrous farce anyway. Fifth-rate "athletes". The best females in the world can probably beat a mediocre high school boy. Ginned-up, contrived, fake, welfared, subsidized by the men (the real athletes), titled IXd, affirmative actioned joke. Laugh at them. Out loud. In front of them. What a country!
Dark Lord (7 months ago)
I'm not mad at them honestly I feel sorry for women. They've been filled with the lie that they can compete with men.
MGTOW GAMING (7 months ago)
Damn....I like that phrase...'Your opinion has been noted and ignored'.......BEAUTIFUL! XD
simple rick (7 months ago)
artificial wombs are at best over 100 years away, none of us will see a tleilaxu child born in our lifetimes. can we stop talking about them, and just get to restoring the patriarchy yet?
Lurch USA (7 months ago)
Hockey mask time? Indeed!
Mr F (7 months ago)
The mug on this pig screams low IQ, which explains the whole leftist SJW persona.
John Smith (7 months ago)
wow. two peas in a pod betraying each other. based on the history im sure nobody expected that i guess there is no honor among thieves eh? if they had dicks they'd probably shoot each other in the dick. "that's not cool butters you don't shoot a guy in the dick. that's just....that's just weak.."
Women .are dumb idiots worse than we men dont even know how to retreat and take back what they said
GysKing1 (7 months ago)
This is absurd! Its to the point where its just too easy for them to erase us from society. We inherited a zoo and right before the old keepers handed over the keys they let all the animals out of their cages and gave them shotguns. Now we have to run around cleaning up crap trying not to lose our heads. We're responsible for the zoo but the animals have to feel like they're in charge. Truth is the shotguns aren't really loaded.
MrIronhorse1 (7 months ago)
I hate that anytime I send any of my kids one of your videos they have to listen to the dollhouse commercial the end. LOL
Blz Ahz (7 months ago)
When you give your wife power over your house and assets, she will kick you out - making the nest theirs decorating it to their liking and such. What you see here (in western civilization) is the same thing on a macroscopic scale. I think it's a part of their innate instinct; when you look at the animal kingdom the same can be seen there: a female takes over the nest a male has built then the male's function is to bring in food to the nesting female. Since it's an instinct, it feels right and justified.
Jose B. (7 months ago)
Did you hear about Mark Cuban giving 10 million to some women’s domestic violence institutions? What a moron.
Mr crazy (7 months ago)
Great men are only allowed to date women who are 25 years old or over and now MEN are going to start acting more like women, now the smart, rich and honest men will only date women with jobs, responsibilities and large saving's of their own, rape will increase, mgtow's will increase and female murders will also increase, WELCOME TO GENDER EQUILITY WOMEN AND CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE SUCCESSFULLY DRAGED MEN DOWN TO YOUR LEVEL, you have now turned men into women and now you will have to deal with it
Kurtofon (7 months ago)
Funny how people smear MGTOW for being the same as feminism when it's almost the polar opposite. They Reeeeee, MGTOW has often intellectual conversations, they eat each other up, we support one another, they spread Lies, MGTOW spread truths. Keep spreading information som the West might survive, thanks for the real education.
Joe Black (7 months ago)
Women are pathetic, I mean that with every being of my life.
Mingo (7 months ago)
The strongest super villain : #Metoo The Accuser
Agt.BADASS (7 months ago)
And to think Anthony Bourdain killed himself over all this crap😠😢
Bro Napartay (7 months ago)
@8:08 I have a solution if I am every accused of rape by some THOT and I suggest that every man takes my advice... Just say you are gay!!! Women can't counter that argument, and now you can counter sue them for discrimination and you come out as the victim, checkmate THOTS.
richardlbowles (7 months ago)
It appears that crying wolf has reached epidemic proportions. Doesn't anyone ever think twice before throwing out these accusations?
Heywood (7 months ago)
This hoaxer was trying to say the Trump supporters were racist against her. FAKE RACISM
MGTOW-Balance (7 months ago)
when it comes to these issues, this is just another perfect example of why my hashtag is 100% correct: #FuckYouToo
Sal The 21st (7 months ago)
Whats hokeymask time
Magnificent Golden Beast (7 months ago)
Several years ago, before I knew about MGTOW, I played co-ed musical chairs at a Halloween party. I treated the chicks just like the men and the other men let the chicks win seats. I didn't and won. I was the life of the party -- not.
Pancho Villa (7 months ago)
bunch of morons you dumb ass don't have a woman go find you a man fucking morons
AntiquityCar (7 months ago)
Make Celestina Great Again.
Iconix MGTOW (7 months ago)
First thing you learn at Communications degree....Fuck the truth, give me the facts
Mickey Turner (7 months ago)
Everyone, do what I am going to do. I am moving to eastern Europe or Thailand. Since they hate feminism and men still have the authority in the family, I will find a woman and start a family there. If most of the worthwhile men start leaving America for those countries, feminism will collapse because either feminism ends or America will end.
playloud247 (7 months ago)
The "based" East meme is a myth. Feminism already took hold of most of these countries the moment they started opening up to western influence. Look at the divorce rates, stds (HIV rates!), abortion rates, men's health in those countries, etc. Just because you have a temporary advantage as a foreigner in those countries does not mean that all this "nice conservative girl" facade is true. I speak from experience.
Matt Smith (7 months ago)
Any woman who accuses man of a crime he did not commit who winds up paying the price for it reserves the right to beat her ass within an inch of her life.
Christian J. (7 months ago)
It will eventually become the case that women will have to come with a WARNING sign - "Stay well clear - Capable of delusional hysterics, irrational abusive behaviour, will rape underage boys at will, will refuse to work, will steal everything you have, will falsely LIE about anything she feels is uncomplimentary, disease carrier from sexual activity..
arch entity (7 months ago)
betatalk357 (7 months ago)
All the more reason why: 1. Gender segregation should be enforced. 2. If not, men should invade women's spaces to be as rough, crude, rude, gruff. No matter how triggered they get. 3. Let women get injured or killed. There is no talking sense to them; pain is a valuable lesson. And it's about time there is no more white knighting. Women will NEVER stop complaining, so give them something to cry about. We're not going to evolve until men start rediscovering themselves and stop sacrificing themselves to a culture that is leading to our extinction. Either we evolve and survive. Or we devolve and go into extinction.
Dio Brando (7 months ago)
betatalk357 they need be drawed and quartered
Marcara081 (7 months ago)
5:34 - "I'm a responsible adult who can handle herself in this world!" Goes on welfare. In one ear and out the other.
Rusard Castillo (7 months ago)
6:44 I dunno, it seems like a pretty good idea to just let women die. It sets the example that women are indeed the stupid, weaker sex and no amount of egalitarianism/feminism will be able to disprove it.
Marcara081 (7 months ago)
Misogyny: noun hatred, dislike, or MISTRUST of women, or prejudice against women. Seems to me that the default should be mistrust. And if I could psychologize for a moment: It also seems to me that when feminists say that all men are misogynistic, what they're really communicating is that all men NEED TO BE 'misogynistic' i.e. distrust women. Makes you think. It's a 'methinks though dost protest too much' scenario where women can't take responsibility for shaping men to be what they need to be to navigate/control women. That is, feminists can't say what they really want (like all women). So instead, they frame the point of 'men should distrust women' as something bad. So instead of advocating for it, they advocate against it. But at the same time they accuse all men of it regardless i.e. 'all men are misogynistic'. And then they do everything in their power to hammer this point home and attempt to make men true misogynists. tl;dr: So basically they isolate what they want from men, turn it into a negative, accuse men of it, then do everything in their power to make men manifest it of their own volition. Then and only then will men become what women want them to be and all without women taking any responsibility for it. But what's really fucked up is that it's so crazy that IT IS WORKING.
Andrew Mattox (7 months ago)
These are good points. Feminism didn't change women, it just allowed women to be what they really want to be. Women are liars, pretty much all of them wear makeup. Which involves lying about what they really look like. As far as saying that it is working, I'm not so sure. It may be working on a certain % of guys. But definitely not all. 70% guys not married (90% of the guys in STEM). *The guys in STEM are less likely to be married. Their manipulation doesn't seem to be working on them. In any case, women are playing with fire. If they get what they want, then society collapses. Even if they "win" they will ultimately lose. Women don't see the long game.
vidyaWolf (7 months ago)
6:45 "if you let them succeed or fail, they will fail" -ok 6:48 "and if you don't save them, they will die" And this is somehow a bad thing? Thinning the gene pool NEVER did humanity any harm. You are alive today because your ancestors shrugged off the fucking plague and two world wars. Remember what Drago said.
qassault (7 months ago)
Artificial wombs already exist. There was a lamb born from one earlier this year, I think. They are being developed to treat premature births.
Pat Riarchy (7 months ago)
So it's the reproductive abilities of most females that saves their ass from extinction. I wonder what would happen if men had control over their own fertility. I wonder what would happen if men do not need a female to reproduce. Females have been very vocal that it is their right to have a kid without a father. Each time a man uses a Birthing Clinic he does the Human species a favour by helping to eliminate all mitochondrial afflictions. Everything about his baby boy will be exactly as nature intended. So evolution carries on regardless except in the Human species the starting point has been moved a long way forward. I've said before that feminists always come out with the opposite of reality. A perfect example is A Woman Needs a Man Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle. We will prove beyond irrevocable doubt that reality is A Man Needs a Female Like a Fish Needs a Lobotomy. I think all this could be considered as natural evolution. When Nature can no longer use a species then the species becomes extinct. Females have been a necessary part of getting us to this point. We no longer need them. They are holding us back. This is a matter of extinction. As extreme as it may sound it is the reality we face. We will be struck by a big lump of rock at phenomenal speed. Yellowstone Super Volcano will go off. Best thing to do is not be here when it happens. We will terraform Mars in 110 years from now. There is no other choice. First man on Mars in 2029.
@pplebite (7 months ago)
*A S I A A R G E N T O I S A PEDDDDDDDOOOOOOOO!!!* Don't care! She's a PEDO! I will no longer refer to her as Asia, her first name is now Creepy Auntie!
Mike Mann (7 months ago)
holy shit I was thinking the same thing😂😂😂 she definitely fits the look of a crazy aunt that has 100 cats, chugs whiskey and antidepressants!
stray cat (7 months ago)
https://www.dangerous.com/49605/boy-13-arrested-cuffed-and-dragged-from-school-over-metoo-allegations/ this happend yesterday. Please look into this and talk about it.
MGTOW MONGER (7 months ago)
We could just let enough women die so the % of female voters to male voters is much more favorable to male voters... say 40% women 60% men so the simps can still be outvoted most of the time? 45% women 55% men... that would not be enough of a margin. 33% women 66% men would be ideal except that we'd be in worse condition than China at that point but politically it would be ideal. I mean if the women are going to die anyway if we let them play with knives let them play with knives - they want to play with them... ;)
Andrew Mattox (7 months ago)
Indeed, it would be wrong to interfere. Observe and record. That is all.
Mangesh Yadav (7 months ago)
Convert to Islam, praise Allah, support sharia law. Patriarchy restored, life is good.
MGTOW MONGER (6 months ago)
+Mister Man Smith I'll move to Sweden later after I'm fully ordained an Imam. https://getordained.org/blog/how-do-i-become-ordained-as-an-imam
MGTOW MONGER (7 months ago)
alayhi s-salām - Mohammed, may peace be upon him!

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