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The Fades - Episode 3 - Deleted Scene

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Deleted scene from the BBC3 show The Fades, featuring Lily Loveless, Ian De Caestecker and Claire Rushbrook.
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MusicIsLife (7 years ago)
Rollin Joie Castañeda (7 years ago)
"...or decallusing each others' toenails because we can't reach our own feet anymore" hahaha it's so annoyingly charming and hilarious the way she says it. brilliant actress. love her!
Kayli Smith (7 years ago)
Lily is so good at the sarcasm haha
littleSushiHater (7 years ago)
Love her!!
TheChocoThief (7 years ago)
Haha! Lily FTW :D
Gemma Gaughan (7 years ago)
:L:L "The family that fattens together sticks together!" Brilliant :L

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