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Top 10 Surprisingly Overpowered Anime Characters

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Top 10 Surprisingly Overpowered Anime Characters Subscribe: http://goo.gl/Q2kKrD and also Ring the Bell to get notified // Have a Top 10 idea? Submit it to us here! http://watchmojo.com/suggest You've gotta hand it to these heroes and villains, they're way more powerful than they look. For this list we're looking at shows like The Seven Deadly Sins, One Piece, Dragon Ball Super, Dr Slump, Mob Psycho 100, Overlord, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Sword Art Online Alternative: GunGale Online, The Disastrous Life of Saiki K, A Certain Magical Index, and more to find out who is the most broken and OP anime characters that look like wimps and losers! Be on the look out for favourites like Escanor, Zeno and Arale! #10. Llenn #9. Tony Tony Chopper #8. Sebas #7. Pride #6. Kusuo Saiki #5. Touma Kamijou #4. Mob #3, #2, #1: ??? Check our our other channels! http://www.youtube.com/mojoplays http://www.youtube.com/mojotalks http://www.youtube.com/msmojo http://www.youtube.com/jrmojo http://www.youtube.com/watchmojouk WatchMojo's Social Media Pages http://www.Facebook.com/WatchMojo http://www.Twitter.com/WatchMojo http://instagram.com/watchmojo Get WatchMojo merchandise at shop.watchmojo.com WatchMojo’s ten thousand videos on Top 10 lists, Origins, Biographies, Tips, How To’s, Reviews, Commentary and more on Pop Culture, Celebrity, Movies, Music, TV, Film, Video Games, Politics, News, Comics, Superheroes. Your trusted authority on ranking Pop Culture.
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Text Comments (5007)
DAT BOI The legend27 (16 minutes ago)
Full demon mode melodies is stronger then max power escanor
Im Mr.Renzs (9 hours ago)
Yeah where is saitama 😬
Yashi Plays (13 hours ago)
He can only one punch every top 10 characters 😂
Yashi Plays (13 hours ago)
Where is saitama?
aantontube (16 hours ago)
Jb Bogoy (22 hours ago)
Escanor can't defeat zeno ....he can erase him or the entire universe on an instance.....
Steph (1 day ago)
what about yachiru and ururu from bleach
Kai Roberson (1 day ago)
ha i had a comment now i don't
Debam Chakraborty (1 day ago)
Only bashy kids would cry for zeno not being on number 1😂😂
Adar Newman (1 day ago)
they didnt show escanor asking who decided that? you? i am the one who decides those things
FUNKY BROS (2 days ago)
I dont know how escanor can beat zeno...
kimberly wachsman (2 days ago)
Saitamas not on here cuz he’s not surprising overpowered is blatantly op, that’s the joke.
kimberly wachsman (2 days ago)
Escanor? He’s very powerful but has a MAJOR disadvantage! seeing as how he can only fight during the day or has a source of sunlight. Without sunlight he’s completely useless. I still love him though:) but I don’t think he’s number 1
Any Q (2 days ago)
Where is Saitama? :vvv
wide range channel (2 days ago)
Where's saitama aka one punch man ?
ToxicTea (2 days ago)
Read the title
Daniel Araya (2 days ago)
Chopper overpowered? LoL he is one of the weakest members of a mid-tier pirate crew
Ben Nguyen (3 days ago)
Do you know why you can’t compare Saitama and mob psycho 100 cause there made by the same person so there are very simulator even the eyes and the face
Jonathan Kasiano (3 days ago)
Are u forgetting saitama?
backpacked-zoo (3 days ago)
Yea but did you consider Saitama from one punch man? Someone who can destroy every enemy he encounters with ONE PUNCH?! He had to have gotten some kind of credit
EsCaNoR or SAiTaMa?
Ichiwo Konnichiwa (3 days ago)
Don't get why so many people are asking about Saitama. The title of this video says "Suprisingly Overpowered Anime Characters". Where's the surprise in how overpowered Saitama is?
Çhris Çrosszeria (4 days ago)
Hahhh saitama where are you
Sans The Skeleton (4 days ago)
What About Me??
Cybill Ann Ramirez (4 days ago)
Praise the sun ☝
EscapeThe Death (4 days ago)
why must you include DBZ here now i need to press skip
Unstoppable Gamez (4 days ago)
List of more people who should be here: •Deku •All might •Kid Goku •Meliodas •grand priest •That mouse god of destruction •everyone from AOT •Android 17 &18 •etc....
Xkaku xkaku (4 days ago)
One piece chopper ain’t that strong
CamPinOY (5 days ago)
Zen is more powerful than escanor he can erase universe and fucking sun of escanor hahaha
Azurely Productions (5 days ago)
I was skipping around but you probably forgot to add Meruem... smh
Geovanny Galvan (5 days ago)
Why wasnt zeno in 1st?
Leo Henadi (6 days ago)
Choco Monster (6 days ago)
kaneki ken (6 days ago)
where's kaneki and rin okumura?
Really Amazing (6 days ago)
Why isn't Rai from Noblesse in any overpowered characters list ??
Dharmender Kumar (6 days ago)
Where is one punch man
ThunderKnight FTW (6 days ago)
Planets revolve around Escanor
ThunderKnight FTW (6 days ago)
Only Escanor decides whose strongest
ThunderKnight FTW (6 days ago)
izuku mido (7 days ago)
Rummy Devil (8 days ago)
Alucard the strongest still
Oishi Spicy (8 days ago)
Kumagawa is the most overpowered
Pusty Franek (8 days ago)
Two sins of pride in this list lol
Wang Winston (9 days ago)
Chenggong Lee (9 days ago)
Escanor takes #1 for most badass too. And almost as nonchalant as saitama
Amero Goldman (10 days ago)
Dishant Khatri (10 days ago)
Praise the sun
DC_amp88 (10 days ago)
Sebastian? How is he OP when there are other servants of Enz that are stronger by a lot?
Joshua Castro (10 days ago)
You talk too much
May Zhang (10 days ago)
this list has two pride sins *hmmmm*
Cho Gath (10 days ago)
Who decided that?
I've been away from any social media for a while but I'm surprised for the turnout for Escanor.
yewsuf (10 days ago)
Did you just make a list of unassumingly powerful anime characters without as much as a mention of One Punch Man? Gtfo.
Play intro Gaming (10 days ago)
Team nanatsu no taizai
helshemer draken (11 days ago)
Question: where is Yujiro hanma?
Don Webber (11 days ago)
Rimaru tempest can beat all them. By eating them
Yoda (11 days ago)
The Sun, Escanor revolves around.
Bash (11 days ago)
Escanor can defeat Chuck Norris
Yugdeep Kapoor (12 days ago)
Where is goku and sataima
YamatoBSD (12 days ago)
Ainz Ooal Gown??
Israeli241 (12 days ago)
Don't underestimate Escanor, he evaporated an entire lake in an instant.
CS _Gaming (12 days ago)
One punch man Seven deadly sins Naruto top 3
The Man (12 days ago)
Well one oft he one's I thought deserves to be on the list is Ichigo's father from bleach. when he was first introduced he was just a doctor with eccentric behaviour and wold start a fight with his son only to lose (this is before Ichigo managed to get any powers). He was a joker and a comic relief character. Then we had the Aizen arc. Aizen revealed himself and defeated pretty much everyone with little to no effort, even some of the strongest Shinigami captains went down like fodders. Ichigo's dad was well rusty as he noted it's been a long time, while everyone has been dropping like flies against Aizen and has been training etc (though they did fight those powerful hollows prior) you got Ichigo's dad for a brief moment going toe to toe with Aizen seemingly able to push him back even for a moment. While ultimately he was unable to do much, he still manage to fight him for a while with the help of urahara and yoruichi which they seemed to have at least done better than many other captains agaisnt Aizen.
Krispy Dubs (12 days ago)
Where is lord twigo and mumen rider
Ehl Water (12 days ago)
99% of Escanor comments ☀️ 👆
Kishor kumar (13 days ago)
East or west goku is the best
spompofleks (13 days ago)
Where D F is Saitama ?!?!
Emo_Pug (13 days ago)
Anyone else get startled at the begining
Vlad the Impaler (13 days ago)
Rimura Tempest should be on this list. Small, squashy and aparaently harmless and it turns out this cute tiny slime is actually able to eat anything and survive almost anything.
sword saint (13 days ago)
Escanor: why would I hate someone who is weaker than me.
Sir Memes A Lot (13 days ago)
Ew more Dragon Ball.
drink me (13 days ago)
Onepunch man not here bullshit
PETER ZARI (14 days ago)
big ***** is #1
Praise the Sun God, Escanor. "Enough said"
XGadget ID (15 days ago)
Where is Tom&Jerry? I bet goku cant kill them.....
benri bro (15 days ago)
Why Broly is not added in your list ?
Dylan Spooner (15 days ago)
Demo looks like a child he should of been 1 especially if he can erase universes
Christian Limpiado (15 days ago)
CausedZcPeak (13 days ago)
Christian Limpiado I don't think slime reincarnation was out when this was uploaded....but yes he should definitely be on the list.. :)
Asia Yusuf (16 days ago)
chingjen eruku (16 days ago)
Just wait for assult mode melidos the real badass 😏🔥
X_ Rayy (16 days ago)
I love sikek
X_ Rayy (16 days ago)
I love overlord
X_ Rayy (16 days ago)
I watch 7 deadly senes
X_ Rayy (16 days ago)
I watch GGO
Sorry I'll take king of everything anyday to be my team. Lol super op
Hansilog 203 (17 days ago)
Melusa 36 the video's title is Surprisingly but saitama is not surpising
Jo E (17 days ago)
3 commandments Galand (Wish she died the first time) Malascula (Wished her died to but not nearly as much as Malscula) Esterosa
prithvi raj (17 days ago)
why zeno is in no 2 he should be because he has the power to erase universes
Charles Stock (17 days ago)
One punch Man?
funny times (17 days ago)
Saitama cane destroy the whole univers with 1 poke
Lem Boi (18 days ago)
6:33. Take away his hair and his sitama
Demonic Slayer (19 days ago)
Escanor can legit not die he got full countered by his own attack but just said: ‘I felt a little bit of pain’
Vhon Jerwin Tomacruz (19 days ago)
Hmm... Where is Yamcha?
shehraam turk (13 days ago)
i dont know maybe the narrator got scared to say his name
IGamerBoy (19 days ago)
This doesn't seem to be in order... Also, where is Saitama?
wheres Pikachu?
Toxic Productions (19 days ago)
My attacks have no effects on you who decided that, your darkness consume my Magic Who decides that, Dawn Sun, I I will be the one to decide, Escanor you Bastard!, Brother!
Lonly Wanderer (19 days ago)
2:48 does that mean Walter's on the list?
Ninja Hombrepalito (19 days ago)
The Disastrous life of Psychi K, Kudo Psychi . Dragon Ball Super, Xeno
Ninja Hombrepalito (19 days ago)
2:40 xD
Agung Prasetiyon (19 days ago)
Wait ? Where saitama ?

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