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Futoshi Being Jeleaous about Kokoro piloting with Mitsuru

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Anime: Darling In the FranXX Episode: 11 Futoshi and Mitsuru quarrel scene Outro Music: Rob Gasser-Supersonic
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Text Comments (177)
Shaqstheman000 (18 days ago)
never trust a thot
Skarbrand (1 month ago)
lol to all the "nice" people pretending like they would go for the clingy fat guy in real life.
Yukina Adeline (1 month ago)
i don't get it.. why are people calling Kokoro a thot??
Dracorlock (1 month ago)
Misspelled "Jealous"
icedwhite mocha (1 month ago)
Ugh his personality is so off putting. I'm not surprised kokoro didn't want him
Yaoi (2 months ago)
Whelp, there goes my heart
稲葉昭一 (2 months ago)
Blaze Vegito (2 months ago)
David Hasselhoff (3 months ago)
Kokoro reminds me of mugi kotobuki so much
Yukina Adeline (1 month ago)
from k-on??? xD true mostly from the hair and eyes tbh
Egg (3 months ago)
Man, they really made Futoshi look different. The character designs for every other boy are great, just Futoshi, although drawn with good artistic skill, is the one that is kind of meant to be the unattractive one for the plot, and therefore isn't as appealing to the fans either.
deku symbol of peace (4 months ago)
0:39 Holy shit he blew everyone away, go fatman!
jiji (4 months ago)
"Try to understand his feelings" bitch he chose to be offended smh its his own fault
Ed the Pun of a Shepard (4 months ago)
Cucking in the Franxx
its CRINGY (4 months ago)
well mitsuru is right WHO CARES WHO PARTNER WE ARE
NIg ga (4 months ago)
summary of this comment section: F A T F U C K
anxieties (5 months ago)
*T h o t o r o*
Force EV (5 months ago)
0:38 Lmaooo
RWBY Shitposter (5 months ago)
Joe Devaney (4 months ago)
"I just don't get it. Why did she choose him? The only reason I can think of is that you girls seem to have a weakness for good-looking jerks." -Shu Ouma, Guilty Crown
Shaikha Hasan (2 months ago)
Joe Devaney relax mitsury isnt even a jerk hes jst being an emo teen
Lil Bee (5 months ago)
Futoshi deserves better
future animator (5 months ago)
U k what. I'm going to skip this anime bc of the drama. It seems to much and ppl kind of pissing me off on who's write and who's wrong bc themselves doesn't know anything about ppl feelings
you should watch it tho, it gets interesting after few episodes. the only bad thing is the community, it's fucking toxic.
Labyirnth II (5 months ago)
"Also lose some weight" 😂😂😂👏👏👏👏
Michael Mello (5 months ago)
Why's Mitsuru pissed with Hiro?
Pharaoh of Card Games (3 months ago)
Joe Devaney Hiro got his memories wiped, and she didn’t until later.
Joe Devaney (3 months ago)
+Pharaoh of Card Games She did, but at the same time, the anime doesn't try to sugarcoat this, and she even acknowledges that she's not so different from Hiro.
Pharaoh of Card Games (3 months ago)
Joe Devaney Except Kokoro broke a promise to ride with Mitsuru.
Joe Devaney (4 months ago)
Never Letmego He also routinely had nightmares about it, so it clearly traumatized him. Truth is, Kokoro pairing up with him was ultimately for the best.
Michael Mello (5 months ago)
Never Letmego From a dick to a pussy. 360 change right there.
YouTube Ruined Me (5 months ago)
0:09 Zorome's such an ass. XD (Totally not foreshadowing)
Buttonmutten (5 months ago)
Man Zorome just got S H O O K! Futoshi just smacked all of them what the heckkk?
Itachi Uchiha (5 months ago)
Mitsuru's boss be like 0:38
Tess The Cat (6 months ago)
I hate kokoro's ship because kokoro is so cute and beauty girl but boys so ugly
Yukina Adeline (1 month ago)
+it's not gay if you suck it just to taste it true, but tbh Futoshi's "care" for her was way too out of hand...
who cares if they're ugly?
mc 707 (6 months ago)
This is called rejection!
Devin XD (6 months ago)
Mitsuru bangsat :v
Joshua Nicolas (6 months ago)
1:16 *smiling* "i hear you" boi does hiro enjoys futoshi's pain? is he getting off on his suffering? the average person would be like straight faced or sad on what is happening to his friend but damn hiro be like sadist and shit... LOL
Ripmam - (6 months ago)
Can we stop bodyshaming him, please?
Abble (3 days ago)
Skarbrand (1 month ago)
+Shaikha Hasan a FAT drawing!
Star Miraculous (1 month ago)
+Shaikha Hasan 🤣
Shaikha Hasan (1 month ago)
Ripmam - hes literally a drawing
Ya know. If he lose weight, will girls come running to him? Tho im a girl too😂
Nefertiti (6 months ago)
Angelo23 (6 months ago)
I like mistsuru x kokoro because i hate fat guys who get cute girls in anime they just dont fit for each other plus futoshi is just a wimpy pervert
blade wind (4 months ago)
ICE wow I must be on that dark part YouTube again right next to the Superman versus Goku debates seriously you people are terrible. And technically he has 3 kids so there's some one for everyone.
Marco Setiawan (6 months ago)
Gelo Games you do know that some people are simply cannot be thin. No matter how hard they diet, they are still fat. But I’m with you, I don’t give a shit if they going to curse me or whatsoever.
Angelo23 (6 months ago)
Well i dont care if i offend fat people i mean its their fault for not taking care of their diet and weight.
Marco Setiawan (6 months ago)
Gelo Games totally agree with you. But fat people will obviously hate us for saying this
Angelo23 (6 months ago)
I dont like fat and wimpy crybabies like futoshi
Paper Please (6 months ago)
Fadlie Hidayat (6 months ago)
Sore loser...
Jon snow (6 months ago)
Shiroyasha (6 months ago)
I feel sorry for him, hopefully he doesn't die..
姫依 (7 months ago)
Peter Hernandez (7 months ago)
fuck , let`s hope that thot kokoro will die by burning alive inside of a franxx
Juv Nail (7 months ago)
Korome: also lose some weight Me: pfft are you bullying him lol
nerf tracer (2 days ago)
Juv Nail zorome*
Average teen girl (7 months ago)
I feel pretty bad for him. Also can we stop with the bodyshaming?
Average teen girl (6 months ago)
Kelly Johana Yeah I know. He's definitely not in a healthy weight range but making fun of his body wouldn't help his problem lol
The Telco's Fans (7 months ago)
Wow wow wow... Just because Futoshi fat you called him just fatty & pervert. Thus, not deserve for Kokoro.
Horacios Asuka (7 months ago)
Dude, you want her that bad, lose the weight 😂
Yukina Adeline (1 month ago)
+-FABLIZARD - idk since he's fat he's oftenly misjudged...
Yukina Adeline (1 month ago)
honestly tho, his "care" for her got a bit out of hand lol
-FABLIZARD - (4 months ago)
Just because he’s fat doesn’t mean he doesn’t have opportunities
Horacios Asuka (6 months ago)
Ultimate Waifu well, thats a start. No pain no GAIN 🤪
Aliyah Rahim (6 months ago)
Congratulations. The dude now has bulimia. I hope your happy.
Shiranai LS01 (7 months ago)
And Hiro never understand girls feeling. What Mitsuru said is true
西谷真琴 (7 months ago)
レヴァントフスキ (7 months ago)
ゆか 自己紹介かな?
Uzumaki Naruto (7 months ago)
Kokoro played his feelings and that's wrong fuck their whole squad is shit
Justin Ryan (7 months ago)
Lol Fuck off fatoshi
Alue Gindellion (7 months ago)
Hiro just make Mitsuru triggered everytime he speaks
Joe Devaney (3 months ago)
Alue Gindellion He's basically a teenage Holland Novak, minus the temper.
Lucy The Great (7 months ago)
*Cuz Mitsuru's a bitch*
Depressed Pilot (8 months ago)
Give that man some advices and maybe some training on how to handle a situation with a woman and his all set again. Poor man didn’t know how not to be to clingy to women and how not to look like an obsessed stalker. He had good intentions, but lastly these good intentions were shown to much and got a bit out of hand. Young man still has a lot to learn.
Yaboku Yukihira (8 months ago)
Whats the ost in this one ?
そーめん (8 months ago)
Marco Setiawan (8 months ago)
Zorome got a point
tang roro (8 months ago)
I don't really like Futoshi anyway, it's admirable he cares about Kokoro, but it's not come from kindness as much as sexual attraction, so it's nothing noble, plus he's a pervert
Lucy The Great (4 months ago)
john tukul this is a realistic-future anime. Think about it.
Country Ruds (4 months ago)
Lucy The Great what is puberty in anime ???
Lucy The Great (5 months ago)
tang roro of course he's perverting. HE'S A GOING-THROUGH-PUBERTY GUY!
Dave K (6 months ago)
+Chronos Tbf, the same could be said for those who think Kokoro is a thot and a selfish bitch for breaking a promise.
Chronos (6 months ago)
Character? you are judging someone that had not yet undergone puberty and a child that is still experiencing the failures of growing up if not the appearance then what else
Doctor Reptil (8 months ago)
Friendzoneado Papa ..... duele no. Quema
Edd Mendz (8 months ago)
0:08 Zorome is right..hahaha
Darkizer (6 months ago)
yeah right , if you can choose fat girl or perfect girl , it's obvious .
Chronos (7 months ago)
all you do will become creepy in the eyes of people because in the end He's fat what a sad reality
Justin Desmond (8 months ago)
Edd Mendz Someone who sees sense *nods head in approval*
oatmeal isgood4u (8 months ago)
Another bother hurting because of a thot. Smh
Ed the Pun of a Shepard (4 months ago)
I thought that Chad was gay for the Hiro of the story?
blade wind (4 months ago)
Paper Please and now has three kids with a hot woman so what did he lose
Paper Please (6 months ago)
another fat loser getting netorared
Depressed Pilot (8 months ago)
oatmeal isgood4u And that *T H O T* is with a *Chad* . Call the /r/niceguys Hit squad.
Angry Robot (8 months ago)
Kokoro did nothing wrong. lol
CATHYH3R0N (1 month ago)
She did agreed the promise , but she break it. lol
Shiroyasha (2 months ago)
She did, if she were a bit more honest and say what she actually thinks....
future animator (5 months ago)
Chronos there's alot of woman that like fat ppl. Bc there like teddy bears
future animator (5 months ago)
Depressed Student Pilot true
future animator (5 months ago)
Skurk y the fuck u have to get on ppl weight. Like seriously this situation is sad bc she promised him and all that. Then she chose to shuffle teammates
はなこ (8 months ago)
Ephemeral Snow (8 months ago)
This should go on a "satisfying things" video compilation
uwu (7 months ago)
Ephemeral Snow 😂😂😂
Ken Calamba (8 months ago)
fatoshi got cucked
Satisfying Panda (8 months ago)
“I hear you” when hiro said that does that mean he loves/likes zero two??
Lucy The Great (7 months ago)
*you think?*
VideoGameLova1 (8 months ago)
Well, obviously. We've known for most of the series that Hiro has feelings for Zero Two.
gabi Stef (8 months ago)
Satisfying Galaxy he said "i understand you"...or "i get you" -wakaru yo which means he might think of 02
Joshua Salazar (8 months ago)
Fucking kokoro
Yukina Adeline (1 month ago)
+Some person eating a banana true lol
Husk (2 months ago)
You forgot to add "Mitsuru" in the first part of your sente-
Dead Master (4 months ago)
Joshua Salazar you mean crockodile?
Patchouli Knowledge you just called someone cockoro and claimed that you hate her yet you're complaining about someone being aggressive?
Patchouli Knowledge (6 months ago)
That One Girl why you are so agressive?
maverick ling (8 months ago)
Boy he is retarded. Well, it’s for the plot, what can I say Edit: I know that they’re still kids and going through the process. This is most likely common to happen. She did not knew how to handle the situation, that’s fine and she finally says it when she has the chance , she likes the boy. I don’t blame her. Meanwhile the fat fuck has to take this as part of his experience and he can’t expect everything to go as his way, always expect anything to happen. He might also had to lose some weight just like the kid said. While for The emo boy, he’s completely innocent and handle the situation nicely even he did not expect it while the fat fuck let all his emotion to be in control without thinking rationally. And yeah the main protagonist is kinda dumb in handling the situation. Well, what can I say they’re still growing and this is the common issue during their age. It’s a well written dialogue and situation by the writer if you ask me.
Dave K (5 months ago)
+future animator Sure he likes her and wants to protect her, but he way to clingy and obsessive towards her. They are both kids, without any parents to teach them about love, breaking promises etc, so everyone calling her a thot are a bunch of kids. "She broke a promise with futoshi, she is a thot. how dare she not love him and stay with him" Makes me laugh
future animator (5 months ago)
Nate River lol I was bullied to. Really really bad. Almost killed my self to until I understand this world is great but with shitty ppl
future animator (5 months ago)
Y call the guy a fat fuck like seriously. He like her and wanted to protect her. That's what u do when u like someone mostly
Neji Nii-san (6 months ago)
That's the fucking problem. They paint out the fat guy to be unlikable and unlovable and to be thrown away for two characters that don't have any chemistry. Trust me I'm no fat acceptance advocate, but it would be really fucking nice if Futoshi maybe lost some weight and had Kokoro stay with him instead of ditching him for surface level shit everyone is accusing him of, when he cared about Kokoro the most. She's a fucking thot, end of story.
Lucy The Great (7 months ago)
Guys, the emo boy doesn't handle things 'nicely' he gives up too easily. When a little thing is wrong, he literally gives up. Emo boy was rude towards Hiro when he rode with Zero Two. Emo boy doesn't care about others' feelings. But thicc boi here always make sure his friends are safe and all and he's just a little overprotective. Emo boy was being a little harsh from how he talked to thicc boi anyways. Thicc boi is just sesitive and that he wants Kokoro yo be safe but emo boy isn't really that person who would care. That's why thicc boi hated him (spoilers: in episode 16, the small boy said that thicc boi bulimic.)
helix blood (8 months ago)
he didn't deserve that damn that girl she couldn't even look at him saying sorry

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