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UGG introduces Classic II

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Committed to the finest materials and impeccable craftsmanship, UGG® introduces the next generation of the Classic Boot. Shop new Classic II styles here: http://bit.ly/29UnWSC Redesigned for weather and more luxurious than ever, the New Classic has been pretreated for water and stain resistance and features improved traction. Follow us! Website: http://www.ugg.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/UGG Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/UGG Snapchat: http://www.snapchat.com/add/uggofficial Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/UGG Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/UGG
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Text Comments (39)
David Ilic (13 days ago)
These are animal cruelty !!!! And not what you think they are abuse.
Brianna Dagley (1 month ago)
Questions I have to walk threw snow will water absorb in them after a long period of time or still be dry
Electra (1 month ago)
I bought mine less than a year ago and have stain on them from water
LilRezzy (8 months ago)
I love my pair
Isabella Nigro (11 months ago)
I just got these for Christmas!
Lynn Haverhals (11 months ago)
This isnt fake! I got my first pair today and i tested it out (with water), it works 100%
L DS (1 year ago)
Love my uggs ❤️
allielice (1 year ago)
I brought the short ones in chocolate for last winter it's summer so I go back to school near fall I ordered some tall uggs the second I'm so excited to have them :) hoping to treat myself to a four pair of the same one to update on my bailey button uggs !:)! ❤️💜😍
Demi mccormack (1 year ago)
I have the new classics and they still stain don't be fooled
Lynn Haverhals (11 months ago)
Demi mccormack mine dont
Diem Phan (1 year ago)
Read the fine print on the ugg official site before you buy these. I still got water stains on my classic 2 boots because I walked through inches of slushee snow. This commercial is so misleading, it's totally false advertisement. I guess it's my fault for not reading the fine print.
boredom (1 year ago)
Once again these are all for women. Looks like men can't wear Uggs 🙁
Esther Carballo (2 years ago)
Also can someone convince my friend that they're real because she thinks they're fake only cause they don't say Australia on the back.
laydee randall (8 days ago)
Real ugg boots are not made in Australia its on the site.
laydee randall (8 days ago)
They're real
Isabella Nigro (11 months ago)
Esther Carballo same
RUSH (1976) (1 year ago)
Esther, unfortunatley I can now confirm that these are not the genuine items, but are the Deckers owned, Chinese knock-offs. The only genuine UGG boot is still made in Queensland, Australia.
RUSH (1976) (1 year ago)
Esther, I'm confused too, but I believe these are the fake American knock-offs owned by Decker in the US. The brand name UGG (which is owned by Decker) and the ugg boot are two intirely different things. If you want a genuine ugg boot then they are only made in Australia. Decker own the UGG name and are taking advantage of an Australian made item.
Esther Carballo (2 years ago)
I just got a pair and I love them. Also some petroleum jelly got on them and it won't come off.
Franchesca Gomez (2 years ago)
Then they lied
Gille87 (2 years ago)
I prefer EMU Australia. Way better. An Australian brand and company based in Australia, and not like Ugg Australia which is all American owned and produced in China.
GeorgeErika (2 years ago)
Bought them waiting for them in the mail☺️
GeorgeErika (2 years ago)
Sold gonna buy them🙌
Sexy Lexie (2 years ago)
You come out with waterproof models this year after I went and bought 2 light colored Uggs last year. 😒
TheChickenRiceBowl (2 years ago)
Is this a parody? Sriracha sauce, pumpkin spice latte, and I'm sure that's strawberry infused coconut Fuji water you're throwing on them as well? Where's the nutella? The hair extensions? The holo? If you're aware enough to know you appeal to basic bitches why aren't you aware enough to know you're a dying fad? It's inevitable stop advertising this shit, especially to me I'm not a basic bitch I'm a fucking poor Mulatto artist. I'm the exact opposite of the dumb cunts you're trying to advertise to. Leave me and everybody else the fuck alone. If you're this desperate then just do what Zuckerburg's doing and listen in on everyone's conversations to know who you should and shouldn't advertise to. I fucking hate you pieces of shit.
stylisticx (2 years ago)
Why can't you just simply ignore it instead of complaining? Doesn't commenting just get yourself more heated than need be because of 45 second video showing up on your feed?
TheChickenRiceBowl (2 years ago)
+Maverick Gaming Oh that's right I forgot there's a "not interested" button on mobile. Oh wait no there isn't. You're only insulting yourself by admitting you're a racist.
Paty Dominguez (2 years ago)
they're actually real. I am not rich either and I own 2 pairs.
kenicke579 (2 years ago)
TheChickenRiceBowl it's actually real! It's on the uggs website.
angel moon (2 years ago)
is this for real or just a commercial?
Isabella Nigro (11 months ago)
angel moon real
Lynn Haverhals (11 months ago)
TheChickenRiceBowl its real
Love Lifestyles (2 years ago)
TheChickenRiceBowl go to they website and you see it. Stop be a hater lol
Paty Dominguez (2 years ago)
It's real.
TheChickenRiceBowl (2 years ago)
It's a parody. You can't tell by the sriracha sauce?
Cristian Rosales (2 years ago)
Hello, there aren't for men. I need a pair of these.
DMR _ (2 years ago)
Just magic 😍

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