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N-Dubz get spooky with mybliss.co.uk

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kirstie ecclestone (10 months ago)
Where's da 3 fingers you plonk loooool
Livvy Wiegand (5 years ago)
MrSocks118 (6 years ago)
haha i say 'Trickle treat' aswell haha ;D Xxx
kirstiqua NaNa (8 years ago)
dappy at the end 'thank u mandam' lol
Flo (8 years ago)
loool i love n dubz they r so funny and there music is so cool lv it
ansa talib (8 years ago)
love ndubz to sik
amanda smillie (8 years ago)
love ndubz lmao xx
Haydn Adamson (9 years ago)
lol " wheres the 3 fingers u plonk!" & " trickle treat" lol gr8 hilarious n dubz 8)

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