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Quit RUINING Suede Shoes Jackets & Boots | ULTIMATE Guide To Cleaning Suede Leather

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https://www.realmenrealstyle.com/suede-care-guide/ - Click here to read the article - Ultimate Suede Care Guide https://www.facebook.com/groups/rmrscommunity/ - Click HERE To Join our online Facebook Community http://menfluentialconference.com/ - Click here to get your tickets to Menfluential. Develop yourself and develop your business! Video Summary: 0:32 - Cleaning Suede 0:41 - Brass Wire Brush 5:57 - Crepe Brush 1:06 - Suede Eraser 1:55 - Treating Stains
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Real Men Real Style (1 year ago)
How do you clean your suede products? http://menfluentialconference.com/ - Click here to get your tickets to Menfluential 2018. Develop yourself and develop your business! https://www.realmenrealstyle.com/sued... - Click here to read the article - Ultimate Suede Care Guide https://www.facebook.com/groups/rmrsc... - Click HERE To Join our online Facebook Community Video Summary: 0:32 - Cleaning Suede 0:41 - Brass Wire Brush 5:57 - Crepe Brush 1:06 - Suede Eraser 1:55 - Treating Stains
Ömer Merken (7 months ago)
I did use gel cleaner/conditioner combined with a waterproofing spray afterwards on a tan boot and it made the suede parts stiffer and darker. (turned out it was compiled of two different materials in exact same color and I didn't know it was suede) I wasn't able to reverse that but never tried brushing it. Do you have any suggestions?
Sokoya Abdulazeez (7 months ago)
Is it possible to wear a suede shoe that has a boot sole on a shirt without the suit jacket or with a blazer
Real Men Real Style (1 year ago)
leosedf - I talked about Saphir in an older video :)
Real Men Real Style (1 year ago)
Tom - Welcome!
Ian A (1 day ago)
So, apparently is like having a cat
gizem ipkin (1 day ago)
And what can we do if we already wear them in rainy and snow weathers :(
It's cool, but are you always cleaning shoes when they clean ?
James Sarvan (5 days ago)
I love the look of suede, but I don't think it's practical enough for me. I live in Sweden and it rains or snows almost all the time. So I prefer going with a material that is more water ressistant. But maybe I'll get a pair for the summer :)
joym824 (8 days ago)
What is the name of the silicone spray that you used?
Ye Yed (10 days ago)
Antonio please help me on this one. I sprayed a water proofing spray on my suede. I know some darkening is normal but it dosen't turn back to normal color now its dried. What should I do?
Nohel (14 days ago)
Hey bro how do you get rit of long hairs on suede
Peter (15 days ago)
Learned a tough lesson yesterday. I did everything I SHOULDN'T have done with my Air Force 1 Wheat suede shoes. I soaked the oil/grease stain, blow dried it with hot air, brushed it hard with a toothbrush, and made the stain 4 times bigger than it originally was. I was naive and ruined a nice looking pair of shoes. I took them to a cobbler who responded by saying, "Your shoes can't be cleaned. The suede is pretty much dyed black at this point. Take some sandpaper to at least remove some of the color." I don't know where I'm going with this, but I feel like I just had to put this out in case any other people have had the same experience of ruining their shoes. Edit: Sandpaper does work, but you must use a fine grit (1200+) and know which way to sand.
adopt hitler (15 days ago)
ooof i feel the same way
Cesar Carrillo (15 days ago)
Jesse Taylor-Vigneux (19 days ago)
Well... wish I watched this before treating my suede Chelsea Boots... Is it okay to wear the boots if they haven’t been drying for 24hours? I have a party in about 4 hours and didn’t know that o needed to dry them for 24hours.
mandalorain dude 123 (27 days ago)
rip my jordans
Ahmed Abolaji (2 months ago)
Thank You Man. I appreciate that...
Michael Montgomery (2 months ago)
Take it to a cobbler? I came here for a restoration of abused suede boots. Maybe I was expecting too much. I’ll continue to search.
Jorge Rivas (1 month ago)
did you ever find one?
fclp67 (2 months ago)
man, these chealseas aren't on thursday website anymore only the brighter ones gotta buy beckett simonon
R Cole (2 months ago)
Did his girlfriend’s lipstick fall on his suede boot?! His wife will KILL him! Quick! Brush it out!
Džoniii (2 months ago)
Nice video! ;) Can you please explain how to clean them from the inside if they smell? Is baking soda the only option or can you wash them...? Thanks!
foekist (2 months ago)
I feel like dark skin Jermaine - a silly cat, that wore his suede in the rain & that's why i'm here 🤷‍♂️
Danny Timms (2 months ago)
Protectant is the key. Apply in at least 3 LIGHT applications before first wearing, reapply frequently. The cheapest silicone protectant spray is as good as the most expensive. Make sure you don't get grease, oil, wax or fat on suede. The stains from those probably will not come out.
butter BUG (2 months ago)
and it just doesn't rip it lasted 3 months until a small rip on my skateboarding shoes where as they usualy last 1 month DC supersuede is amazing
Abdullah Ahmed (28 days ago)
Antonio, I have that silver shirt too
Google Profile (2 months ago)
What boots are those from thumbnail and 0:01?
Patrick K (2 months ago)
My AJ1 track reds are gna be looking sexyyyyy
Rufus T Firefly (3 months ago)
Seems like more time spent cleaning than wearing. I'm out!
josh benton (14 days ago)
I've worn my suede chelseas 10 times and I have only cleaned them twice, as long as you don't wear them in dirty areas they are fine, they are a style piece not a real 'boot' unless you have a good protectant
What can i do if my shoes got damage from the rain there are just wrinkles in the by the toe can i do anything about it?
Trung Tran (3 months ago)
You wear the same pair of shoes... every week?
Rob T (3 months ago)
Do I have to do this with Thursday boots?
EABOY2600 (4 months ago)
Use crep protect
de Grijalva (4 months ago)
Well well.. Silicon based is a bad thing
Kenpo Kodiak (4 months ago)
Recently got an old pair of SOAPs, gonna try these tips on the suede
Amaya Ame (4 months ago)
Thank you so much for this information. But is it suitable for women suede loafer too? Mine one is grey color
R. Sanchez (16 days ago)
I would think so. I'm a woman and have been trying to find a simple solution to clean a pair of salt stained Ugg booties. Suede is the same unless noted. It could be sheepskin or cowhide and both genders have the same kind. Just enjoy your suede footwear and hope these hacks help.
Adrianna Rae (5 months ago)
Women wear suede shoes too 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
contrabassoon (5 months ago)
Great! I’m using this to care for suede roller skates
Sergei Novikov (5 months ago)
this is just dumb :/
Kwaviddong (5 months ago)
What if my suede is mixed with regular leather and synthetic mesh?
martin nogales (6 months ago)
Amazing !!! Buddy
Wannella Lawson (6 months ago)
Great video. I purchased a pair of suede shoes that was on sale. It was a great deal but it had a small spot on one of the shoes. Can I used an eraser. thanks
koez koez (7 months ago)
Pale blue suede on a vintage Afghan???
Nick P (7 months ago)
Now this is great info. Shoes are like tyres. No matter how great your car looks, it is defined by your tires. If your tires look bad on your Bentley, take the bus. I just started sporting suede and it looks great, but I wanted to ensure it looks clean at all times. Now, I don't have to worry about that anymore. You have one satisfied fan here, at the moment. Thank you!
Peter Kudinov (7 months ago)
No silicone to the boots, never! Saphir Omnidaim for deep cleaning and no silicone waterproofer
Chaitanya Shahare (8 months ago)
Very useful thanks
Roland Michel (9 months ago)
Suede, is NOT a "fabric". It is not woven or knit, it is a hide, aka leather.
Lâm Vũ Tùng (10 months ago)
I need your help. there was a stupid guy applied black polishes to my suede oxblood boot. I couldn't do anything about it. Any idea? Thank you.
Jibin Joseph Sebastian (10 months ago)
I've one black suede sneakers.. Now It has started losing that fur texture.. Is there anything to do about it?
mmonroe (10 months ago)
Last week I was using Tide pods.  A pod fell on my suade boots and I can't get the bad stain out.  What do I do as I love my boots.
Al Pra (10 months ago)
I've just brainlessly bought a $350 suede Timberland boots, thank goodness i found how to treat it. lol
AssasinArsenal47 (3 months ago)
$350?! Wtf did you buy?
Roberto GarciaContreras (10 months ago)
NICE!!! Your video helps a LOT
maxclassicman (11 months ago)
well done best tutorial on youtube for basic suede up keep. Clear, concise and to the point
Brandon Dinh (11 months ago)
How to clean jean dye from suede
Sean John (11 months ago)
Real informative
Ralph Watten (11 months ago)
How did you manage to get those ballet slippers so dirty?
Real Men Real Style (11 months ago)
Because I dance.....a lot!
French Fry (11 months ago)
Hello! Thank you for nice video.This video is educational for me. So, have you been uploaded to maintain polished leather shoes? If you were not make a video which you take care of polished leather. Could you please upload to maintain one.
Z31Rider (1 year ago)
Mr. Antonio how are you? when is the next Stylecom? I believe it's in Atlanta. Are applications currently being accepted? would appreciate your response. Alex
Alwan Masykuri Azhari (1 year ago)
Help.. i used crep cure to gently brush my suede and now its dry, it left such a liquid stain but i cant pull it out since it dried... What should i do.. need help.
Monti (1 year ago)
Awesome tips, very well explained, ultra useful info. Love the cannel.
Momo mimi (1 year ago)
Really great video. What I like is that you don't assume anything is obvious but really go over every aspect of the subject in detail. Helps to avoid any misunderstandings.
ETN (1 year ago)
Maybe I will get me a pair of blue suede chukkas after all!
Rishi Mehta (1 year ago)
Hi Antonio, Thank you for all your content. Really quick question, Do you know can I condition oiled suede?
Ahmed Maher (1 year ago)
This extremely helpful , thanks 😃
Luis Barragan (1 year ago)
This was a hard week for me and well I'm in a really good week now, sorry for doing this late but this video was really helpful thanks Antonio 🙌
emt0491 (1 year ago)
Thank you for this Antonio
Ardi Zain (1 year ago)
its tolate for my suede
Doroteo Arango (1 year ago)
congratulations amigo great video !!!!!!!
Brenda Singer (1 year ago)
Lovely advice, thank you!
Alex Chalatsis (1 year ago)
Your video was awsome as my Paul Evans Suede Chukkas
Hassaan Haider (1 year ago)
I have destroyed my old suede shoes and lovely Suede jacket. Now I realized they required a lot of care and attention. Thanks RMRS ! A fruitful Video
Leon I (1 year ago)
Grazie Antonio! You published this video just in the right time for me! You explain really well
Viet Hoang (1 year ago)
I just scrubed my suede Adidas with a towel with some water, and then 5 hours later u give us this...fml
Eltan Allahyarli (1 year ago)
Before this video I was afraid of wearing my suede shoes. Now that I've seen how to take care of them, I am even more afraid :D
jyseninthecloud (2 months ago)
R Cole (2 months ago)
OmaKicks (3 months ago)
me too
Palves Raj (1 year ago)
I was totally invested in finding a way to clean my 2 year old seude,till I came across this video.Well,couldn't thank RMRS enough for sharing this video.
Julian Roath (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for removing the flashes of white during your transitions! Those gave me headaches and I had to give up on you amazing content. Your new format is so much better! Thank you :)
Shiddy - (1 year ago)
thnxs for the tips on the suede shoes but could you please do a video or give some tips on how to take care of a leather jacket regardless of the color, thnxs!👍😊✌️
Jakub Anderwald (1 year ago)
Actually, if you use the water-protecting spray properly, suede shoes are better in rain than regular leather shoes. Suede with the silicone spray simply ignores water, while regular leather will absorb some amount regardless of how many creams and waxes you put on it.
Henry c (3 months ago)
What type of spray brand would u recommend?
Jordan Francis (1 year ago)
Thursday boots or wolverine 1000 miles?
Aldian Isaacs (1 year ago)
Antonio...THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH MAN. I was literally having this convo with my friends yesterday. You are a lifesaver!
Real Men Real Style (1 year ago)
You are welcome!
Swift Justice (1 year ago)
Always love your how to's. Have learned a lot from you. Much thanks
Real Men Real Style (1 year ago)
We'll have more coming.
Jp Jp (1 year ago)
I admit, I too am fearful of wearing suede.
dimitris agg (1 year ago)
Great video!!!!!! Thanks !!!!!! First of the kind I see on YouTube. Really needed that info for my suede derdy shoes, the idea with corn starch was New to me..... Moreover the best type of protectant is nanotechnology water repellent
Real Men Real Style (1 year ago)
Ronnie Collins (1 year ago)
Ronnie from NYC... suede is hard to keep up but with information you provided I will be able to keep up with sweet items such as shoes hats and coats and gloves appreciate the tip as always looking forward to building my own wardrobe one piece at a time with your help I will be able to do that thanks again.. Ronnie from NYC..!
Real Men Real Style (1 year ago)
Ronnie from NYC - Sounds great!
jackie wong (1 year ago)
great video. Thjs.
MrTruthislight (1 year ago)
don't like suede personally.
MrTruthislight (1 year ago)
so it does't crack and dry out?
ammar ali (1 year ago)
Love Suede, but I love these type of videos even more. Thank you Antonio!
Real Men Real Style (1 year ago)
We'll have more coming Ammar!
MultiMrMiles (1 year ago)
good info-topnotch
Good timing. I honestly wished for this video. I just purchased my first pair of suede shoes. A pair of Thursdays midnight suede scout boots. I’ve been researching how to care for suede, and had already searched your channel specifically looking for a video about it.
Real Men Real Style (1 year ago)
Nice choice of boots!
omega17ds (1 year ago)
Good advice Antonio. Very well made and detailed.
Best Player (1 year ago)
Antonio - what should I do if I can't afford these expensive clothing
Real Men Real Style (1 year ago)
Thrift shops are a gold mine.
Sammy Wamukota (1 year ago)
I never knew that, thank you.
Val C (1 year ago)
Great video I got many suede shoes and this video came at the right moment. Thank you 👍🏻👍🏻
Real Men Real Style (1 year ago)
What's your favorite brand?
Myrslokstok (1 year ago)
Suede are great. The very thick ones like 3 mm is like wonderfull stuff. Suede have a soft, casual but very stylish look over them. Perfect for like an informal suite. It does not look stiff. You look soft and inviting. It is no moore is moore over them, like when little girls dress the princes style, as some moore formal suites can have. Formal brown well taken care of, suede shoes looks much better than black oxfords, many times. Black oxfords could be nice but are very overused, especialy in cheep and bad "lether".
Roman Volovik (1 month ago)
Real Men Real Style (1 year ago)
Yes - suedes look best with casual wear.
Litarallyy (1 year ago)
Good one Antonio!
Real Men Real Style (1 year ago)
Thank you!
Jude Seide (1 year ago)
amazing video! very useful. you should probably make more like this one
Real Men Real Style (1 year ago)
We Are JRockstars (1 year ago)
Please make for Leather shoes!! I hope so..
Real Men Real Style (1 year ago)
I thought I filmed it already?
Dobbo Junior (1 year ago)
Is it me or does anyone else notice the views of the videos on this channel heavily declining...?
Michael Montgomery (2 months ago)
Dobbo Junior some things, like fashion, are cyclical. Autumn seems to increase the sales of suede products and the number of people looking for care instruction. Some years products are in vogue more than others.
SPNKr (1 year ago)
I concur.
Adam Tarbaux (1 year ago)
Well if you have of ww2 rough out shoes you coat them with beeswax to make them water proof. that's what they did back in the war
mecaemalestacuenta (1 year ago)
Scott Kremers (1 year ago)
Great video! .......I just posted my first ever youtube video on my channel guys..... I wonder how I did.
Vikrant Kanwar (1 year ago)
So I was cleaning my boots kind of wrong. Thank you for this.
Real Men Real Style (1 year ago)
Glad it helped! How did you clean your boots?
Raghav Dabra (1 year ago)
u r the best
Raghav Dabra (1 year ago)
thx man for making this video
Raghav Dabra (1 year ago)

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