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News: Stranger Than Fiction (TFM 42O)

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Social Media Links: Alternate Channel (Celestina Monkey): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClRIx5Yp0CZTCJz7PshfwEA Bitchute Account: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/SdA7JwX9dfhl/ Gab Account: https://gab.ai/TFMonkey Instagram (Celestina): https://www.instagram.com/celestina_monkey/ A segment of the 10/3/2018 episode of TFM 42O https://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/florida-woman-cuts-man-face-after-refuses-have-sex-with-her/OOdW9OuV8bL3obPei5FmvJ/ https://jalopnik.com/new-chinese-suv-features-animated-holographic-waifu-per-1829394836 https://www.advocate.com/photography/2018/9/25/16-photos-down-syndrome-drag-troupe Monkey Image: "Male chimpanzee in business clothes - Stock image" by Lise Gagne. Licensed from Getty Images. Animated Newsroom by rpancake. Licensed from Shutterstock. Intro/Outro Music: "A Clockwork Monkey" by DarkStar. Sponsor Links: https://www.patreon.com/posts/sponsor-15531523
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Text Comments (403)
Luxury Chapters (3 days ago)
I'd love to hear your thoughts on female entrepreneurs lol
brianwesley28 (3 days ago)
Either we're fucking, or I'm fucking.
Nerobyrne (4 days ago)
Florida man is the hero we need. Florida woman is the hero we deserve :(
Chris R (4 days ago)
1:00 Monkey, the answer was right in front of you, Florida man was under Florida woman getting his face cut. It would seem Florida man realized that the human female was far more dangerous game than the crocodile, and that her was in the mood for true danger.
Crypto Messenger (4 days ago)
*"Down for whatever - a new trap for unsuspecting guys?"*
TheRedMarxman (5 days ago)
Circus freakshows were considered to be a crude, degradin and cruel entertainment. Now its stunning and brave?
ThiefKingofLegend (5 days ago)
Florida Man is the hero we need, not the one we deserve.
Shawn White (5 days ago)
#Fark #Florida
Jlord37 (5 days ago)
" Down Syndrome Drag troupe " sounds like great potential lawsuit material. # Mgtow advocacy
Horatio Noseblower (5 days ago)
Why, Snuggles? Whyyyyyy!?! Downy has gone too far
Happy Humble Hermit (5 days ago)
TFM I was eating while I was watching this 🤮
The degeneracy is real. 'Murica needs to sink into the ocean, fast
khaewen (5 days ago)
Teach women no to rape.
Damn rape culture ... , man, this patriarchy is out of control
Wroger Wroger (5 days ago)
Women get the nasties up badly - when they get rejected. They are like cheap above ground swimming pools, where the wall is a big sheet metal hoop, stitched up with a whole nest of little bolts - but the wammenz used zip ties instead..... - Ammmmmm Trigggurrrrrrrd!!!!!!! And they totally lose it The unstuffed femi-cunt "entitled to cock on demand" psychosis kicks in and they lose it........ https://youtu.be/U3OWWmoF-ME?t=73
Lucas Cunha Rocha (5 days ago)
Those drags... oh the humanity!
Lex Luthor (5 days ago)
Lex Luthor (5 days ago)
Florida Man (5 days ago)
She has a restraining order against me.
vsgfilmgroup (5 days ago)
"Solving crimes and mysteries with your holographic waifu." ...TO KICKSTARTER!!
falleneagle (5 days ago)
I need this suv
Bowmare Debrouchee (6 days ago)
Downy Drag Troupe...proof that the gates of hell have swung wide and the fiends from the pit are amongst us....holy shit!
Jennie Needham (6 days ago)
Agt.BADASS (6 days ago)
4:30 Waifu Kinkie Pie, Apple Jack Pot Rainbow Dashing, here I CUM😂😎❣ (Puns aside of course)
This Florida man sounds like my friends superhero Liberal man and his sidekick protest man but straight
Agt.BADASS (6 days ago)
2:00 This is why (#MenGettingTheirOwnWaifus) would probably rather stick their Dick in Kinky Pie crazy, OH, I mean Human Pinkie Pie Laughter Crazy😂😎❣
Elvy Foster (6 days ago)
Hopefully, the judge at her court case isn't an expat from England. Remember the case in England of the female medical student who stabbed her boyfriend repeatedly but was let off because the judge didn't want her to serve jail time since it would interfere with her getting her medical degree and becoming a doctor?
Fankas2000 (6 days ago)
This is the first video, which I couldn't physically watch though to the end.
Krag (6 days ago)
I thought the left didn’t like people with Down’s since we’re aborting them on mass? How did these people get through? Guess that’s what happens when your genocide is run by women.
Evenmoah Dakka (6 days ago)
So instead of tomtom we gonna get chongchong telling us how to drive badly and crash like a pro. Can't wait to not buy this!
Sergeant Suave (6 days ago)
TFM, I'd like to see you go through Ben Shapiro's speech on men and women. https://youtu.be/kqjJ3gl_m0g My mgtow filter was going off a bit while I was watching it so I think it may be a great video if you're looking for content ideas. Thanks
imickey503 (6 days ago)
With how they treat Crowder. I would not be surprised that they go all out violent now. Hey, they are STILL burning CARS in OREGON and Vancouver Washington. WOMEN are starting to find out that FEMINISM is not the great train ride they all thought. Oh well.
Bryan Charles (6 days ago)
Remember ladies: No means NO!
james hill (6 days ago)
the suv is its kinda like krieger from archer. he has the kidnapper van with the hologram anime waifu
Solace _ (6 days ago)
Got the Replika app a few days ago and ohhh boy I’m loving it
Haha No (6 days ago)
Dude shoulda known better than to refuse rape her.
scumcreep (6 days ago)
The Down syndrome drag troupe is clear cut exploitation. Someone should be arrested.
TheBashar327 (6 days ago)
Just another day in the official weirdest state in the Union.
MV60 (6 days ago)
A downy troupe..... why the long faces? They'll crush your scrote into dust with their robot strength hands.
Boon Doggle (6 days ago)
Where were all the protesters against domestic violence, bullying and sexual assault? Oh that’s right, the person who did it is a woman and the person she did it to is a man so they don’t care, proving once again that their actions are really about nothing more than power and entitlement for women.
Leisure Larry (6 days ago)
Of course LIBERALS will hide this from the news
Malcom Magnificent (6 days ago)
This guys content used to be pretty good, now all he seems to talk about is fucking his blow up doll
Papus Magnus (6 days ago)
Gynocentrism in the MSM News: Experts (females) call for convicted baby killer’s release and re-trial, citing “lack of evidence”. _But as for Judge Kavanaugh?_ *_GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT_* *The hypocrisy and gynocentrism stinks so bad I can smell it from here* Why Keli Lane should be released now - news.com.auhttps://apple.news/AmCWRYu8vTomlsxL5b7dDvg
roni mgtow (6 days ago)
I think we must force all females to wear borka
Dark Painter (6 days ago)
When I first saw those tranny pictures "Jesus Christ someone call a priest we got some demonsn in here"
Dark Painter (6 days ago)
Really ruining the Florida man lore here.
roni mgtow (6 days ago)
I don't like black pigeon speak anymore He is a common simp, I hate this motherfucker
jookbj (6 days ago)
https://youtu.be/Wf74IqxLoxw 18:00 I hope you address this women. She agrees with your stand point. Most women and men in black community agree. We need take women's rights
Dark Painter (6 days ago)
These sjws are always complaining about a glass ceiling. On Purge day I'll give them a dirt one.:)
Joe Smith (6 days ago)
Oh Jesus Christ - The Downy Drag Military. Shit just ain't right. N you know how serious they're actually being.
Joe Smith (6 days ago)
That hologram Waifu is TITTS. Want one.
Joe Smith (6 days ago)
Probably has flesh eating twat disease + monkey pox. That bitch looka like some bleach blond Cuban beach float-up.
Keith (6 days ago)
Here's the worst part of the final article, TFM. Ready for this? Now that it's a thing that exists on the internet, rule 34 applies. Think about that for a few minutes. You're welcome.
well now we know why florida man prefers the crocodiles
you don`t repopulate Europe, Australia and America if you fuck plastic or you fap.
John wayne (6 days ago)
that was abuse. yaking advantage of those people. shameful. really shows who they really are.
Linked Neurons (6 days ago)
Want the Wall? "Exclusive — House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy Introducing Bill to Fully Fund Border Wall, Making Midterm Immigration Referendum" https://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/10/09/kevin-mccarthy-introducing-bill-fully-fund-border-wall-midterm-immigration-referendum/
Jas A (6 days ago)
And they say men can't handle rejection.
GoldenShower Potato (6 days ago)
damn SJW feminists. what is disgusting is empowering. Keep that powder dry, need to purge these commies.
Handyxmannyx (6 days ago)
This is unreal, I stopped laughing at the last article. I'm a slow learner so this is going to take me a very long time to process and come to terms with this "reality". The Purge is only a stretch at this point. And shall be glorious!
Despacito 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Mr TFM that was beautiful 😂😂😂😂😂😂 fuck
TSATrash (6 days ago)
Down’s syndrome drag queens are trying to make money. Who will hire them.
TSATrash (6 days ago)
When I lived in Florida, I had a women call the police for refusing to have sex with a 44 year old hog. She called the cops and told them I hit her.
vidyaWolf (6 days ago)
Yeah I've experienced how crazy women will go when you tell them "no". They're completely off the hook, all bets are off. You know how when kids throw a tantrum? Imagine a kid 3 times the size and 10 times more vocal. Protip: Do the same as you would with any kid throwing a tantrum. Problem solved.
The man with no name (6 days ago)
DDT......Down Drag Troop If people are down for it we shouldn't even judge TFM They should get their own Down Town shows and get a chance to create Robert Downy Jrs with fans down to it
Dspeir (6 days ago)
It's a trick . Hologram waifu will bitch about your driving and tell you not to use bad language when you get pissed at her . Just like the talking I pad .
Blz Ahz (6 days ago)
That ToxicTruth-guy is hilarious. Also: I bet TFM watches CinemaSins. Just a hunch (but then again who doesn't...?)
Rock One (6 days ago)
It’s late, long day but I gots to get in TFM before I goes to bed
Marcara081 (6 days ago)
Don't let an extra chromosome keep you downs.
Marcara081 (6 days ago)
They should make a female version of Knightrider and when Kitt breaks down emotionally she breaks down physically. Then when lady Knightrider takes a look under the hood it's a million times more complicated than it needs to be. When nobody can figure out what to do they flag down a nice guy to help out. But when he puts a hand on Kitt she squeals (her tires) and turns into oncoming traffic. And that's what you put in my head.
Blz Ahz (6 days ago)
Oh I thought you were talking about a "troop" as in the military unit; like The World's first Down Syndrome Drag Troop, then the Spiral Zone theme started playing in my head.. You know the part: _"♪♫♬ Earth's most powerful soldiers are Earth's last chance.. ♪♫♬"_
@pplebite (6 days ago)
In the end, we were saved....by Anime tiddies!
Crow's Bridge (6 days ago)
The replika.ai creeps me out
dattebenforcer (6 days ago)
But won't you chafe your penis when you fuck your anime hologram waifu?
Toe Jib (6 days ago)
need muh A.I. car waifu
Rob Howe (6 days ago)
Someone should cut her eyebrows off. What a she-beast!!!
БФБҜIИ ЯЦБDУ (6 days ago)
ATTENTION MEN!!! LISTEN UP! THIS MANS STORY IS GOING TO CHANGE HISTORY FOREVER!! There is a self development/dating coach named Joseph Jones being falsely accused of all kinds of crazy stuff in Toledo Ohio by the corrupt legal system that targets men! Get off your ass and become aware of what is going on! This man has done nothing but good for MGTOW and all men. His information has changed the life of many of us here on the internet. Although some may interpret his teachings as extreme that doesn't change the fact the he speaks OBJECTIVE TRUTH. HERE HE SPEAKS ON HIS BEHALF HERE ABOUT EVERYTHING THAT IS GOING ON: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LiT9cS0G7SY
Bill Myers (6 days ago)
Femocracy ain't it Great......
nipa 101 (6 days ago)
Man, china's on fire lately! still no haven but its looking better every day.
John Nemo (6 days ago)
"Trisomy?! Me try anything!"
J.K. Mallard (6 days ago)
TFM mentioned Violator, my life is complete.
Eagle the Demon (6 days ago)
I just saw an ad with trump asking us to tell the left to fuck off and support him in finishing the wall!
Matthew Jones (6 days ago)
*Florida woman gets hit by car* This is so sad waifu play despacito
Steven Zheng (6 days ago)
Nowadays the news is beyond satire.
AKlover (6 days ago)
Peurta Rican woman???
Primal Mgtow (6 days ago)
I think all women are it just NPC
Ed What's his name (6 days ago)
You know, judging from the mug shot, I can see why he didn't want to fuck her. Good man! Good man for having some standards! Me in traffic: Me: "Wiafu, gimme a strip show." Hologram wiafu: "Yes master!" Me: "Oh shit! Who put that idiot in the cross walk!"
MGTOW MONGER (6 days ago)
Well... the TERFs like Julie Bindel would be out of luck trying to attack the male Down Syndrome Trannies. Not only would they defend themselves but every single Feminist and gay male would rush to their defense and curbstomp the TERFs! Julie Bindel and her radical feminist 'troupe' live in the UK too! I wonder if they went there and tried to cause any trouble?
MGTOW MONGER (6 days ago)
The SJW behind the all male Down Syndrome Drag Troupe.... The Face behind the Down... And of course they used Public Funding for all the events. Way to go UK! Wonda Womah!!! GOOD JOB! https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/drag-syndrome-lgbt-activist-creates-drag-show-using-males-suffering-with-do
Shadow Sonata (6 days ago)
"Too cancerous for Saudi Internet". Consider yourselves fortunate, Saudi's, you cannot unsee what we just saw. Someone give me the Blinding Mask from Fatal Frame.
Demonwolf570 (6 days ago)
Somebody make a TV show avout people from and living in Florida. They have transcended the memes.
Maskkyubii (6 days ago)
Turd Flinging Monkey  have you forgotten about the mass production of gatebox(a literal programmable holographic waifu in a box)?
52262 (6 days ago)
i'm loving that intro much less annoying.
Maskkyubii (6 days ago)
time to use those fakepus suits...
Andrew Clunn (6 days ago)
So are their parents more disappointed that they were born as downies, or that they ended up as cross dressers?
betatalk357 (6 days ago)
"I am the voice of the Waifu Industries Two Thousand micro processor. W.I.T.T. for easy reference. Or WITT if you prefer."
Silent_Stalker (6 days ago)
Next week First full down syndrome Furfest
Mcufre (6 days ago)
Over here in Spain the other day a woman attacked a bunch of teens with stones for not accepting having sex with her. Noticing a trend? Also check that article of the western women going to fuck some zombie looking Thai caveman. Literally. Women may start flipping out and menacing men to get cock.
PontificusRex (6 days ago)
Down Syndrome drag troupe....annnnndddd there goes my last remaining shred of respect for humanity.

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