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Mybliss meets the new Skins cast - Mini and Franky!

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Grace Hardbeck (1 year ago)
I agree with Franky about Cassie, and I find it hilarious that it was the route Franky took in season 6.
Allison Swift (5 years ago)
Love is all around
dmplug (5 years ago)
I think what Freya said "jokingly" about Dakota that she have found the right girl for her is kinda true. Remember what she said during an interview? That she likes androgynous girls? Hmmmm.
WhereTFisDeja (6 years ago)
"FRENEMIES?!" "So is that like just enemies? But with 'Fruh'?" I LOVE HER.
Mark Wilkinson (6 years ago)
Mini is a beutiful girl
DeathlyMasquerade (6 years ago)
maahreechan (6 years ago)
She's Scottish.
DeathlyMasquerade (7 years ago)
is Mini, Irish??
ddq123 (7 years ago)
Why do I never here any cast give credit to the second generation?
innerthoughts143 (7 years ago)
awww! i finally found the girl i wanna be with! LOL! so cute! wish it's so true!
Ester Cohen (7 years ago)
4:13-4:15 dakota's look !!!!!
Carol Shek (7 years ago)
I never get bored of their interviews! These two have so much chemistry my iPhone is erupting! GAHHHHH MINKY -3
innerthoughts143 (7 years ago)
we want MINKY! to be together next season!
lotem111 (7 years ago)
Freya's dress is really nice! anyone knows where is it from?
HeroesWanted (7 years ago)
@BestOTP could you pretty please write this part down ...? ^^' 'cause with my english im not getting far here ... ):
Iris Garrison-Driscoll (7 years ago)
hahaha 1:20 adorbs
TheVanityamity (7 years ago)
the chemicals are reacting! <3
Grayzone (7 years ago)
hahaha it is so cute when they both discovered what frenemies meant. do they not say frenemies in the UK? we definitely don't say soz here...
T Lee (7 years ago)
@johngiemilo10 hahaha don't feel bad for that feeling..... i kind of agree that there is kind of "chemistry" going on between these two. but i think that doesn't necessary have to be romance. they can become best friends.
Freya seems so fun to talk to!
Rick (7 years ago)
@johngiemilo10 Freya Mavor has a boyfriend. She's straight as they come.
coldtamale (7 years ago)
@johngiemilo10 "What are you two like in real life?"

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