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The real reason there aren't more female scientists | FACTUAL FEMINIST

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Men greatly outnumber women in the STEM subjects: Science, technology, engineering, and math. But why is that? Everywhere we hear about massive gender bias against women in these fields, but what if it's just not true? The Factual Feminist explains other reasons for the discrepancy that you may not have heard. Watch more of the Factual Feminist http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=... Subscribe to AEI's YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/AEIVideo... Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AEIonline Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/AEI For more Information https://goo.gl/ChiQYD Third-party photos, graphics, and video clips in this video may have been cropped or reframed. Music in this video may have been recut from its original arrangement and timing. In the event this video uses Creative Commons assets: If not noted in the description, titles for Creative Commons assets used in this video can be found at the link provided after each asset. The use of third-party photos, graphics, video clips, and/or music in this video does not constitute an endorsement from the artists and producers licensing those materials. © American Enterprise Institute Third-party photos, graphics, and video clips in this video may have been cropped or reframed. Music in this video may have been recut from its original arrangement and timing. In the event this video uses Creative Commons assets: If not noted in the description, titles for Creative Commons assets used in this video can be found at the link provided after each asset. The use of third-party photos, graphics, video clips, and/or music in this video does not constitute an endorsement from the artists and producers licensing those materials. AEI operates independently of any political party and does not take institutional positions on any issues. AEI scholars, fellows, and their guests frequently take positions on policy and other issues. When they do, they speak for themselves and not for AEI or its trustees or other scholars or employees. More information on AEI research integrity can be found here: http://www.aei.org/about/ #aei #news #politics #government #education #feminism #feminist
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Aristocrafied (1 day ago)
sounds to me like some of those women that are good at math and have verbal skills would be excellent math 55 teachers. God knows both men and women mostly zone out on math because the way it is taught is boring AF. I only got a gifted, fun math teacher when I was at the end of high school, too late to salvage hahaha
Luke HD (1 day ago)
I'm currently in the process of graduating an Engeneering Highschool. Two of my classmates are female. We're 19. We used to be 33 with 3 girls. Of these 33 18 remain and one has repeated the fifth year.In one subject the teacher said (transscrip as he said it in german) "Girls, you actually don't deserve anything better than a 4 (D), but what the hell, imma give you the 2 (B) anyways, because you're girls." I mean I don't care, I got a 1 (A) because in the first semester of 1st grade I got a 1 and that was appearently good enough to justify giving me a 1 every semester since for delivering a subpar essay 5 minutes before the deadline and having some level of interest in the subject. Back to the subject. Girls are discriminated in STEM exactly how? Imagine the outrage if said teacher had said guys instead of girls...
Michael Alexander (5 days ago)
I am a retired analytical research chemist from corporate america with IQ 157...I found that the best women chemists were focused on chemistry and not so much people...I am also an INFJ-T personality type...hope this helps
WOMEN ARE KWEEN, WOMEN ARE BETTER THAN MEN AT EVERYTHING INCLUDING BEING FATHERS, MAILMEN, FIREMEN, AND ESPECIALLY SOLDIERS. okay, now that the feminists aren’t watching; thank you Christina Hoff Sommers for making this video.
Tom Mack (9 days ago)
I'm a Sr. Software Engineer, it comes down to interests and what you're passionate about. In the early 90's we had a programming manager resign, and so I reported directly to a Sr. V.P., She was an older lady - and very bright. I remember this one particular meeting with her, I had finished up on a project - which incorporated a very dynamic and data driven interface - and going over a code review with her. After going over my design and the code with her... she praised and thanked me, She said that I captivated her thoughts from the start with the sparkle in my eye and it'd been so long since she had designed and coded anything that she had forgotten how exciting and exhilarating designing and implementing an algorithm can be. ;) When I was a teen, one of my nephew's friends - a preteen at the time maybe about twelve years old - said something to my sister about the Eric Clapton song which was on the radio. "I get off on '57 Chevys, I get off on screaming guitars." "That's stupid, Who get's off on a car or a guitar?" is what he asked her... and she answered "Well many guys do, their eyes light up and they're into it..." - which of course I could relate to because I play guitar. In the later mid 90's I built a network in my home... I had set up four unix servers, and wired up four workstations (my pc and all the kids) to them, Every system involved I put together from motherboard up... plus coded much of the server architecture. I was particular in the scope of hardware - given what I could afford, but when I was through I had a system sporting three terabytes of just disk-space, and enough power I could actually support the systems I worked on at work ion them if I wanted - I could have been a disaster recovery site for them. When conversations came up at work about hardware and such many people came to me - even though I'm a software person. The typical guy would show tons of interest, and I recall some female colleagues ask me... "Well why would you be interested or even want to do that?" I said to them... well look at it like a toy, a hobby, and of course anything I wish to learn in the field ... new language, a new frame-work, new technologies I may do so on my own. "Boy and toys" people wonder why guys get excited over power tools, automobiles, home electronics, guitars and amps... and it beguiles my mind that few understand "interests".
because if it takes two hours to do your makeup when you gonna study for school
Raymond J. RITCHIE (12 days ago)
I am a biologist. Most of my colleagues are female and most of my students are female. What strikes me is the lack of good male students. I have not had a good male PhD student for 25y. Undergraduate classes are >75% female in mainstream biology, >85% female in biochemistry and microbiology. Where are the males, particularly ones that are any good?
Tom Mack (9 days ago)
I'm a Sr. Software Engineer, it comes down to interests and what you're passionate about. In the early 90's we had a programming manager resign, and so I reported directly to a Sr. V.P. She was an older lady - and very bright. I remember this one particular meeting with her, I had finished up on a project - which incorporated a very dynamic and data driven interface - and going over a code review with her. After going over my design and the code with her... she praised and thanked me, She said that I captivated her thoughts from the start with the sparkle in my eye and it'd been so long since she had designed and coded anything that she had forgotten how exciting and exhilarating designing and implementing an algorithm can be. ;) When I was a teen, one of my nephew's friends - a preteen at the time maybe about twelve years old - said something to my sister about the Eric Clapton song which was on the radio. "I get off on '57 Chevys, I get off on screaming guitars." "That's stupid, Who get's off on a car or a guitar?" is what he asked her... and she answered "Well many guys do, their eyes light up and they're into it..."
Vladimir Remmirez (15 days ago)
I'm here from Vaush
James Stanley (15 days ago)
yes women just cannt do every thing
Mark T (21 days ago)
Try telling your wife/girlfriend about something in space or climate or problems in the oceans and the blank look on their face is the reason there's only a few women in these fields. Most women don't care about these things, doesn't interest them. And I've seen this with almost every women I've known. It's not a gap just different interests. There's a huge gap in part time waitstaff that's predominantly female
An Account (23 days ago)
I have been a mathematics teacher for over 20 years. I've seen nothing to suggest that men are intrinsically superior at mathematics, some of the smartest students I've taught have been girls. I studied science in the early 90s, and there was no anti-female attitude amongst male students.  Why is it assumed that it is a problem that there are more male students in STEM subjects, is there some reason to expect a perfect symmetry in the careers chosen by men and women? Nursery teaching and early years teaching is overwhelmingly dominated by women, no one seems to think that's a problem. If there is anything holding women back, it's not male attitudes towards women doing science, it's female attitudes towards women doing science. Women in general do not like science, they perceive it as boring and nerdy. If you are talking to a women and you bring up anything scientific, her eyes will glaze over. It's no coincidence that there are no chat up lines that involve physics. Whether women's dislike of science is cultural or not is another question, but if they are taught to not like it at an early age, then who is it that's instilling a negative attitude in them towards science - female teachers, that's who. At some point women have to stop blaming men for everything. Even if there was a vague unspoken atmosphere of disapproval from boys towards girls studying STEM subjects, so what? Are women so spineless that they can be dissuaded that easily? If men tell you that you aren't good enough, then rise to the challenge and prove them wrong.
Grace Waszkiewicz (25 days ago)
I am very glad that I came across your channel. We are so lacking logic and common sense in this frightening era of the obsessed SJW and radical feminism. Women like you, or Dr. Fiamengo, bring some light to our dark times, and hope for the return of sanity...
The Future (27 days ago)
Hard to measure, but there could be a difference in the way we raise boys & girls. What am I talking about? Of course there's differences. Parenting is a confusing dance between the temperament of the child and the skills of the parent, choreographed by well meaning relatives and neighbors. I don't care how hard you try, you will not raise any two children exactly the same way. Back to my point though: In the primary grades, I was told (by more that one person) girls like English and it should come easy to me. "Just pretend that you are talking to the person and write it down." apparently they didn't notice my painful shyness. 🙄 In my teens, I took a record player apart to fix it. When my Mother walked into my room and saw this, she suggested I wait for my Father or Brothers to get home and fix it for me. Now I am not blaming all my shortcomings on sexism in the family, there are many factors, but I also know my experience wasn't a complete anomaly. Well meaning adults sometimes push children in one direction or another.
Nacim Idjakiréne (27 days ago)
OMG !! a real rational women ! i wil find you and i'll marry you !
Duncan Cross (30 days ago)
Facts are a bitch eh?
Patrick Cullen (1 month ago)
I’m in an engineering class at my high school and there’s about 3 girls in a class of 30 students. That’s saying something.
peter shaw (1 month ago)
Now I understand where all the blarney about man made global warming comes from
Dude Dude (1 month ago)
Maybe the sexism doesn't lie in women's role (or lack thereof) in STEM fields, rather, the fields with typically feminine interest are not regarded as important as fields with typically masculine interest. Thoughts?
mookateer (1 month ago)
the bell graph, men are dumber and more intelligent than woman
SteNo (1 month ago)
Ask any heterosexual male if he wants to be around less women
benyboy_ 21 (1 month ago)
Men are the superior gender
Sasha (1 month ago)
begonia22 (1 month ago)
Women face hostility in other fields too, the difference is that when you have other women in your field to support you it's not so overwellming. Also wanted to say that in many of the other fields mentioned the percentage is still far from 50/50. And talking about interests, shouldn't we be asking ourselves why are women not interested in these fields? Is it maybe because of the gender stereotypes that are ingrained in us since childhood. Also what are the implications for society of having so few women in these fields?
jazz3911 (1 month ago)
I took a high school course in engineering, there already weren't that many students to begin with and from the few that were there only one girl was present and she was given the same treatment as the male students, we all got along very well and she even went on to complete the three full courses and received a certificate with the rest of us.
Stefan Grozdanovic (1 month ago)
It is interesting that we are talking about sexism in STEM fields, but all of my male colleges wish there were more woman in engineering to study with us... IT'S BORING WHEN ITS ALL MAN!!! So women come on.. we are not judgmental
UberKrassMann (1 month ago)
when i did my bsc in computer science we had roughly 50% females in the classes in the first semester. in the final 2 classes i took there were 2 and 0 females. now while a large percent of that decline in female students was due to the fact that many of them had taken computer science as a minor and thus did not require to take the later classes you can sure as hell take my word for it that the others didn't quit due to discrimination. the nerds there treated the few woman in computer science like goddesses by readily offering any help they could possibly wish for, be it for the assignments or understanding the problems. because believe it or not. even computer nerds actually like to have at least some women around.
faiz abbas (2 months ago)
My stem classes are weiner fests. I’d kill for more women
Kenneth Sumerford (2 months ago)
The main reason is that many more men have abilities in science and math that women do not have. People tend to gravitate to areas that they have the most abilities. I worked in I.T. for about 25 years. Back around year 2000, the number of women in I.T. was about 1 in 9. This was about right but pressure has been put to bring that to about 5 in 10 with bad results. Or you could say that math, engineering and physics are sexist and racist. And you can also say the moon is made of blue cheese on the back side.
Charles B (2 months ago)
Socialization theory is simplistic compared to say an engineering degree. Pretty simple really. A child can grasp socialization theory ( ignoring human nature etc.)
D.G. (2 months ago)
I agree, 100%.
Kuba Maruszczyk (2 months ago)
If modern feminism was not represented by brainwashed, politically motivated virtue signalers, but rather by individuals, such as this lady, I'd be its biggest supporter.
nikola petrovic (2 months ago)
is it allowed to say the true here? No censorship?
Alan J (2 months ago)
jediknight38 (2 months ago)
I spoke to a female science scholar and she said this; "Having to study everything about chemistry and physics was so hard, that more than once I actually wanted to quit. Until I realized that the only thing that stood in my way of advancing in my field of choice was me."
Harry Kiralfy Broe (3 months ago)
Facts and hard data - Its awesome :-o
J Loren (3 months ago)
Id wager that the 1% that said that were deliberately being obtuse. I suggest that nature AND nurture are a self feeding cycle in most lives that teaches us to be what society expects (sometimes with a justifiably stereotypical reason). Its just an extra 2 bits. I think everything you said is more than reasonable.
I am always amazed by this stem fields are hostile towards women and because that they are not going. Sure, medicine was a men dominated career 100 years ago and that didn't stop women to be studying this career until being half of whom studies it. Sounds like a kind of bullshit of feminists to say this. Women should study what they want, not what a ideology or a person tells them
Sea Pilot (3 months ago)
My thoughts are, Men are just backing away, and in time will disappear from the workforce and refuse to work for women, Gonna be looking for the female road crews. with a Hunk ( eye candy ) as a flag man. Power to MGTOW
Entrenched Mgtow (3 months ago)
Jordan Peterson said it perfectly, "Women's lives are going to be extremely difficult in the next twenty years. They will have no choice but to work, because Men simply won't, and those that are know the game, and will not financially support or carry the burdens of a woman! Everyone knows what's coming after that, and its going to be a complete and utter disaster."
Jim Simpson (4 months ago)
None of this is going to matter, guys. We are now in a man-hating feminocracy; we're beat to shit no matter what we do.
Luis Ortiz (4 months ago)
Biology is the key.
Jon Vaillancourt (4 months ago)
factual feminist=egalitarian, in my opinion
danilov114 (4 months ago)
Because women at the top are smart and versatile... they make better decisions :) My question is why God made women have so much more advantage in looks and cute department?
Riyun72 (4 months ago)
Why dont more women do jobs like garbage collection? i mean thats another male dominated industry.
Debra Wehrly (4 months ago)
Hi Christina.  I liked what you had to say.  I think your explanation seems reasonable to me and much more preferable than "rampant sexism" or "lack of ability."  It is nice to know that there are intelligent capable women in the world, as well as men,  but we like different things.
bigviking0001 (4 months ago)
This is my opinion only. It seems to me that the desires of individuals are being bullied by the social levelers who seek to make all things alike. If more men get their creativity needs met with engineering and more women get their creativiy needs met by social sciences, what is the problem?
dnug Earl (5 months ago)
Stfu men are better and will always be
Sabit zero (5 months ago)
maybe there needs to be some commercial on how feminine the choice of beeing an engineer is.
Anouk (5 months ago)
I think it's interesting that evem though you and I have the same stance on this problem,you choose to call yourself a feminist,and i would rather die that say I'm a feminist. I ,personally, refer to myself an equalitarian,because i believe that the term "feminism" is gendered and focuses mainly on one gender,rather than both of them (or all of them,depending on what you think about the number of genders)
MyIdeas (5 months ago)
I was an engineer in school and none of the male students wanted less women in the departments (far from it). I would bet in the current climate. Not only is it infinitely easier for a qualified women to get accepted into a STEM program at nearly ANY school, but it is obvious that every company out there would take any qualified women Engineers as employees over men (for many obvious reasons). Women are simply not showing up! If people want to argue that this is a societal effect. The parents of these women would certainly carry the vast majority of blame for steering the girls away from their potential interests in STEM. It is not societies responsibility to re-program women minds if the parents have steered them in a different direction.. If you feel differently, please understand that you wish to impose a structure of what-and-how parents must teach their children (good luck with that one). Frankly, I find the nurture aspect of this argument absurd. Women and men are different on so many levels (not better or worse, just different) and any one in a long term heterosexual marriage can attest to that. We are wired differently at the most basic levels with basic fundamental differences in our interests. The study of infants/toddlers (and adults) backs up this claim to an overwhelming degree. Cross cultural studies show that men value different things than women in the same ways no matter what culture they are raised in.. It is a similar situation for women. As a final point.. Why is there no outrage that there are not enough women plumbers, electricians, or coal miners? Why are feminists not encouraging women to work in the most dangerous professions where the risk of dying on the job is highest? It is only that STEM is a lucrative career path and Psychology and Women's-Studies is not as much. If Engineers were not as valued (at this moment in time.. maybe not as much in the future?) no one would care that women's interests were elsewhere. I find this whole topic a sad commentary on the current state of society. We are arguing about stuff we largely already know the answer to.
pospouris (5 months ago)
I think I will subscribe to this channel. She urgently needs another plastic surgery.
MrPorkncheese (5 months ago)
Women like to think that they can do anything a man can do. Quit kidding yourselves seriously...
SuperN0IS3 (5 months ago)
"The real reason there aren't more female scientists" simple lackj of ambition and competence women are simply not as smart as men even when they are they simply dont want to work as hard as it takes
The AEI? A Neoconservative think-tank? Really? Wow. I guess that feminist studies didn't pay her enough. Well, we've all gotta eat.
And people don't debate on YouTube. That's silly. If they do debate on YouTube then they've got mental illness issues or way too much time on their hands.
No, I don't have a problem with her analysis and she isn't necessarily wrong. All she did was allude to the idea that different interests and tendencies may rule our career and academic choices. The message is not incorrect but the venue IS strange. It tells me that she's got to make money from strange venues. It isn't unreasonable to point that out.
Entrenched Mgtow (3 months ago)
Are you refuting what she's saying? If so, a bit of intellectual vigor and debate would advance your position, over a mindless and useless quip.
Bobby Rhyne (5 months ago)
...performed by my colleague... 😂
Bobby Rhyne (5 months ago)
Factual feminist, aka not feminist
Aaron Doyle (5 months ago)
She's not a feminist! She used actual research in her argument!
DINA (5 months ago)
I agree, I do not have a strong passion for math but I enjoy people (haha! I gravitate towards people) who study physics and math and learning their perspective and their different thought process from my own. I enjoy learning theories on physics and reading the background and thoughts of physicists - their thought process is fascinating. When it comes to the math, I could excel if I really, really wanted to but as I said, I do not have a strong passion for it.
Bret Yeilding (5 months ago)
Everyone is good at everything and no one is better than anyone else..... She is totally right, this is the third rail these days.
jbh (5 months ago)
The discrimination is caused by nature. Ever heard of the IQ bell curve. Check out the average STEM field IQ and then look at the gender distribution of IQ at the extremes.
Stumc46 (5 months ago)
Where are these men that the feminists say are stopping women doing what they want? Are they forcing women into nursing, teaching and gender studies courses?
IAmAgainst (5 months ago)
Being less interested and less talented are not mutually exclusive: women can be less interested in science because they're not intelligent enough to get it. Don't want to sound discriminatory, but I don't think it's productive to exclude a hypothesis just because it's not PC.
Linh Lam (5 months ago)
does anyone know her name?
Christine Wood (5 months ago)
Children learn through imitation. Girls are looking at women for mentors and boys look at men. Women have made huge leaps in the past few decades. It’ll get better when we see our moms, aunts, friends, and role models exploring other interests and succeeding.
Destroyer (5 months ago)
Feminism says that can't be true...
Mr Metaphysics (5 months ago)
@ factual feminist it is simple the left hemisphere is the masculine side of the brain which is the mathematical side!
Grim Waltzman (6 months ago)
STEM on average is paid much better, and this is the reason more boys choose to go into that field. Not because they love it so much, but because our society pressures them, reducing their value to the amount of money they make. Men have to work their hand to the bone every day, because throughout their life they hear "you have to make money, it`s your obligation to provide for your family". If i had a dollar every time in my life that i heard something like that, i`d probably be able to provide for family with 3 kids without working one single fucking day.
bill33040 (6 months ago)
Just want to thank the FF, a voice of reason and sanity.
e-chuck (6 months ago)
I know this is an older video but this spoke to me. As a practicing engineer, engineering manager, and engineering director for over 2 decades, I regularly worked 60+ hours a week, when I was working a job with peak earning potential. Basically, I left for work before my neighbors and came home after my neighbors...but they were magically able to afford to live in my neighborhood, working significantly less hours. To be blunt, the average woman isn't stupid enough to work 5X12's in an easy week and 7X16's multiple times a quarter, for low-mid 6 figures. I was stupid enough to work like that and I did it for the love of the job...the love of invention. Even now, I work less hour in an easier industry, maybe averaging 50 hours a week, but I live on acreage and work 10-20 hours a week crafting things with my hands...on top of my job.
Yeah yeah...You're all victims of the white patriarchy.
Rich 91 (6 months ago)
Funny how indian and chinese girls are very higly involved in stem Maybe its the parents harping on about study what you like bullshit
Marcel Nicolay (6 months ago)
I think you are a beacon of enlightment.
Nithion Vanlithe (6 months ago)
I think you are damn right!
Tony Smith (6 months ago)
I can't even park my car without a feminist complaining ! They were about 7 feet into the next space with carts so I asked "can you please move over". They just ignored me so after 3 minutes I pulled in anyway. They they started yelling "are you talking to me" ? Like I was wanting to have sex with them. At 8:30 at night, with the headlights on they didn't notice a car with an EXHAUST LEAK for 3 minutes. And it was MY fault, ever after asking them politely ! I don't know if they actually ignored me or just didn't care since I was a man. But that is no excuse for their attitude ! Why do these "feminist" have to be so hostile to men ? What even happened to strong independent women from the 1970s ? Now they are all victims somehow and constantly want to fight. It is no wonder men have stopped helping women !
Tony Smith (6 months ago)
In my engineering class we started with 40 people. 5 quit, 4 women and 1 man. The women went on the much easier classes like nursing asst and travel that was only a few months and payed less, the 1 man went into HVAC that still took 1 YEAR in school and was harder to learn and physically demanding and paid much better. So even when they quit, the men still go into higher paying and engineering / technical fields. And that left a class of 35 people. 34 men and 1 woman. Nobody made the women quit and nobody gave her a hard time. Everyone got along fine. But to hear the feminist you would think the men were constantly slapping them on the ass and talking dirty jokes. It was the opposite ! She was friendly and the men were friendly and everyone was treated the same. And we were all there to learn. This was in the early 1990s. Now if a feminist came in today , they would find all kinds of problems. Especially since there were no women engineering teachers, only men. The women taught the humanities and no men teachers in the humanities, except economics, a MATH related course. Feminist today only create problems !
Alvin Vivian (6 months ago)
"Lack of interest" is such a cop-out. We're all uninterested in things we suck at, duh. Look at the standardized testing where girls have every interest to do their very best, interest or not. Their performance still pales in comparison to boys. SAT Math II, SAT Physics, Informatics Olympiad, etc. etc. You name it. Why is it so hard to admit that men are just better at engineering? What about track in Olympics, where the finals are almost always dominated by black men? Are the Olympics racist? Or is it just a fundamental GENETIC difference across different races? Why is everyone so obsessed in the idea that everyone is created equally?
AAA (6 months ago)
Took Cal 2 from a female professor, she was head of the mathematics department in this college. I had an issue and needed some help to figure something out, she was an excellent teacher. Stereotypes are generalizations, not rules.
William Kerner (6 months ago)
Men are also more likely to be obsessive in nature, this can be beneficial or negative to the person. I once read a book from a musician who stated "Women can be just as good as men at playing the guitar, the differences is that a female will spend 2 hours practicing but a male will often spend 3-4 hours practicing." Women seek a more balanced life, they often consider working 30 hrs per week as being "full time" whereas men are much more likely to work 40-50 hours per week. This is good for the male, they make more money and get promotions at work, the downside is that they spend less time on their family and taking care of their health. When I had a philosophy class I had 20 male students and 1 female, after the first week the female dropped the class. Women are less likely to study the "hard sciences" and more likely to study the "soft sciences" in school. The differences are neurological in nature, left brain vs right brain, the idea of "equality" is not based upon reality, the sexes are different.
Kathryn Carr (6 months ago)
I got an explanation for ya! https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/computer-programming-used-to-be-womens-work-718061/
Mr Penguin (6 months ago)
Why become a scientist if ou cna just show off your body and make men pay you money?
wotsits (6 months ago)
I don't like how you use "male" and "female" as subjective bodies instead as groups.
hasty boi (6 months ago)
It's a fact that 90% of women hate engineering and all subjects related to it. Through out my (middle school) girls were all server by our(their) professor. When we would be ordered to build something, us guys would to everything by ourselves or even create a coalition of a sort and build at least one model of let's say (Truck or a House), but we would do it and probably hurt ourselves in the process since we were 10-14 at that time. Girls on the other hand would sit closest to our professor (male) and make him draw and even build their models and grade it as if they built it FFS. One time my friends and I (5 of us in total) built one model of Truck that was supposed to have strict measures and be movable of course, each of us got different grade based on how teacher viewed us (we're all white, we're from Serbia), but we couldn't do anything and girls got their shit done by professor and were awarded all with A's (what a surprise)
Mark Landrebe (6 months ago)
College entrance (SAT, ACT) shows huge difference in scores of MATH, hence why areas that require math are pursued by Males.
anottakenusername (7 months ago)
No matter what "obstacle" you may perceive dedicated people simply don't let these obstacles get in their way. David Hahn built a nuclear reactor at 17 in his backyard shed without proper materials or prior knowledge. Get the fuck outta here with that "patriarchy is holding me down" bullshit.
AMV CBG (7 months ago)
Misleading vividness – involves describing an occurrence in vivid detail, even if it is an exceptional occurrence, to convince someone that it is a problem; this also relies on the appeal to emotion fallacy. Thats what often happens. When there is a case of sexism it is stretched. Even during the time of the 60s. Altho sexism was more common
Commander Starstrider (7 months ago)
I've been working as an Aerospace Engineer for 11 years. In college we started with 100 students and 18 finished. 2 were Female. I do not know what hostile environment people are talking about. Engineers are reclusive, socially awkward nerds. This is nonsense. It irritates me when people who major in some useless liberal arts degree start spouting nonsense about another field that they know nothing about.
Daniel Moolman (7 months ago)
You actually cite facts? Is this true?
GENIUS POOCHO (7 months ago)
If you woman are so smart, then why you getting guys with bold heads, lost hair and you are suspecting that you can have good looking kids with good hair. Men think smarter. Men wouldn't touch you if you would have no hair and if man would know that you will end up having kids with lost hair, that they will look like you with lost hair on the head.
Punita Karani (7 months ago)
GenevaKitten (7 months ago)
Men and women have different ways of thinking. That’s it. There’s the explanation.
MrStrawHat (7 months ago)
please women, go to stem colleges, its lonely here.
Matthew Snee (7 months ago)
It's obvious that it's different preferences but that doesn't mean that it's not a cultural effect of gender stereotypes on women's aspirations. It just means that it starts at am early age.
carlindelco (7 months ago)
Thank you for injecting some factual sanity into this whacked debate
Blond Thought (7 months ago)
Math=tedious.  Physics=tedious+incomprehensible.  Words=not+so+bad.  Alcohol=even+better.
Frank Vaughan (7 months ago)
You are a wise woman.
jgfjgfify (7 months ago)
Women and men are wired differently. This stuff is obviously a field they have little interest in. None of this bullshiit about discrimination.
The Silent Service (7 months ago)
More professional victimization here.
Ralph The Wonder Llama (7 months ago)
Probably because most feminists received useless degrees in gender studies.
Roman Hauksson-Neill (8 months ago)
I think diversity in fields of study is great. But I’m not talking about gender, race, age, sexuality, religion, ect. I’m talking about intellectual diversity. And sure, maybe encouraging more women into stem *might* bring more intellectual diversity, but a better way of doing that is to look at what people’s interests are, how they think, what they study, or even what political stance they have.
Mark Corkin (8 months ago)
This lady is a top grade example of what feminism should be. I am quite against feminism in general which appears to me to be a hateful misandrist ideology and then we have a presentation like this which utilises evidence and forms rational conclusions in a balanced way. Well done on leading the way for feminism as it should be!
Remko Jerphanion (8 months ago)
Why should there be a discussion on a non-issue?
Bri-Z Ari K (8 months ago)
It's definitely worth acknowledging that there are general differences between the careers men and women pursue, but we can't forget (especially if we are employing science here) to ask "WHY?". And yes the answer is probably quite multi-dimensional. A few studies will not cut it, particularly when we add on the questions of WHO is designing/performing (and even funding) the studies, and where might their blind spots be? It's too easy to dismiss the issue based on the facts as we understand them now, and to walk away from the question. If it turns out that people just have different interests because of innate underlying predispositions, fine, but let's not pretend we don't already know that human behavior is largely influenced by conditioning/access/opportunity/culture/etc.

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