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Mybliss talk to Little Mix!

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From crisp obsessions to singing farts... we get gossing with the the UK's no.1 girl group!
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June Flur (2 years ago)
who else shipped Jade and Marcus during X-factor
Hannah Pilo (2 years ago)
a bit of PeSy... Pez' blazer and Jessy's pants
Rachel Stonesifer (5 years ago)
5:00 - 6:27 my FAVOURITE part
madisyn james (5 years ago)
i love little mix i just wish they were able to come to my house to sleepover and sing xxx
Marta2308 (5 years ago)
11:17 lerrie <3
Rita Castagna (6 years ago)
Aw Jadey singing Change Your Life at 0:35! Very cheeky(;
Corinna.MW (6 years ago)
Jesy:Coz it come through ma walls when im still asleep loool
Dominique Nanuruw (6 years ago)
I play it at night then get cranky in the morning and turn it off
Dominique Nanuruw (6 years ago)
lol at Jade's face when she loses armwrestling with Jesy x3
Rikkiesky (6 years ago)
Jade singing 'Change Your Life' at 00:34 :-D xx
Elsa Sabrina (6 years ago)
jade; smelly faaarts, smelly, FAaAaRTS. L-A; Smell sooo good! OHMYGOD HAHAHAH
RainBowNerds1997 (6 years ago)
This interview was funny! I wish the interview was longer :)
AmbiiBambiiJadaOshii (6 years ago)
Anyone notice the little look they all gave each other when Leigh said 'Change Your Life' ;) hehe one of the album songs, cannit wait for DNA!
Emily Ball (6 years ago)
What do they sing at 10:38 ?
Katherine Suárez (6 years ago)
I play music in the morining too! Helps to cheer up :) Love them <3
7861024 (6 years ago)
'Don't wake me up, leave me in bed' hahaha
unknownlove19 (6 years ago)
why dont you use a better camera :(

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