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MLP: Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks EXCLUSIVE Short - "Player Piano"

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Rarity gets help moving her grand piano across campus from some unlikely students. Subscribe to HasbroStudiosShorts: http://j.mp/LkHWOx My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: http://j.mp/1jJry77
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Text Comments (4055)
I. Love. It
Kumamon Bear (3 days ago)
i love rarity kitar
Yolanda Hanna (6 days ago)
Elena Gilbert (12 days ago)
I remember spike love rarity
Susan Dixen (16 days ago)
What kind of person don’t put a piano on weels!? Trixie
Sarai Duany (16 days ago)
Thx keytar XD
kayla agustin (17 days ago)
Larity my favorit
Deberian poner algo mas terrorifico como demonias de tinta
Chanunchida Th (18 days ago)
Looks like that is the heaviest piano
the gachagirl (19 days ago)
1:12 Diamond dogs push HER hands get dirty I mean sure she pushed that thing for a long time but I bet you she cleaned up.
Journey Ahmad (19 days ago)
D A (19 days ago)
XxSanaChanxX26557 (22 days ago)
Rarity literally reminds me of Kiba Kawaito from Yandere sim and her friends are the other members of thr light music club in yandere sim.
the gachagirl (22 days ago)
And that ladies and gentelmen is how there is a grand piano in there rehersal space
the gachagirl (22 days ago)
1:51 If you pause at the right moment you could see that Rarity is a part of the Logang ( I know he is now hated but whatever)
Kadenze Bertrand (22 days ago)
Her mouth is gone at 2:00
Kadenze Bertrand (22 days ago)
She looks cute in her ears .Love transformation
TheFishIsAwesome (23 days ago)
1:41 What is holding up the Keytar? Must be pinkie pie logic.
Jeslyn Cantik (24 days ago)
Ini vidionya says suka juga
Denis Chudashkin (25 days ago)
Я завидую Рарити
Marcus Magbanua (26 days ago)
I searched if a keytar exists and I saw one same as rarity playing but black and it was real life image
Lightning Diamond (27 days ago)
Nice music.
Ну конечно, харизма
MoonClaw AlphaWolf (30 days ago)
I like her music rarity
Marcus Magbanua (1 month ago)
Pixi (1 month ago)
2:05 fluttershys face 😂
jos van den brand (1 month ago)
Apple Pony (1 month ago)
Лю Пл (1 month ago)
Лю Пл (1 month ago)
Heather Scarlet (1 month ago)
0:59 rainbow dash is holding her old guitar
pitchinha85 (1 month ago)
Skye Gomez (1 month ago)
0:48 Rarity’s a princess! 😂
Noraisah Abdul Karim (1 month ago)
0:38 rarity so pretty
Rarity : who doesn’t put a piano on wheels.... Me : umm.... you do?
puja amelia (2 months ago)
lagu nya enak banget minta dong lagu nya
crystal guardian (2 months ago)
Norhidayah Dayah (2 months ago)
I love rarity
Sandra Amaral (2 months ago)
Michelle Lopez (2 months ago)
Rarity is the best/human pony :)
Xtc Cell (2 months ago)
Like me i like piano
Nuriko Pupuriko (2 months ago)
The piano is a classic
danisha nur danisha (2 months ago)
I love a piano becaus is best ok.
gamer9 dj (2 months ago)
What kind of person don't put wheels on piano 😂😂😂😂 i laughed on it 😂
Daria XxDėmØñX (2 months ago)
1:02 Гитара летала - The Piano-Gitarre fly?
André Luis Vow (2 months ago)
1:01 1:21 1:31 1:41 1:51
André Luis Vow (2 months ago)
0:21 0:31 0:41 0:51
André Luis Vow (2 months ago)
0:11 1:11 2:11
Ni made Wirawati (2 months ago)
Ni made Wirawati (2 months ago)
Emma Thorpe (2 months ago)
Awesome 😎
Husein Alattas (3 months ago)
Jesse Perez (3 months ago)
Did her parents let Rarity push that big piano ALL the way from home?
SmolBeanVids (3 months ago)
Why did they need a piano when they already have a keyboard RIGHT IN THE ROOM (not the keytar)
I love my little pony.Because it's cute
Rj Anderson (3 months ago)
O please I can play the keyboard way better the that
Lucas Yang (3 months ago)
I play piano!
김판옥 (3 months ago)
So she basicly used them....how nice of her!
Cindy Phelps (3 months ago)
Rarity: who never puts a piano on wheels Me: YOU DO
chad mims (3 months ago)
1:33 oh miss pie what are you trying to do to me😘😘
Hadi Home (3 months ago)
tulga ulzii (3 months ago)
why is rarity always so fashionable
Rainbow Dream (3 months ago)
Ratsarinn neww (3 months ago)
what is a piano that has wheels? a car no
Red Lightning Guy (3 months ago)
0:38 That Is The Sexiest Thing I Ever Seen
FeliChoco Cat:3 (3 months ago)
Rarity always ready to be pretty isn't it??
vanessa Julia (3 months ago)
Yang warna putih pianika nya
vanessa Julia (3 months ago)
Pianika aku lakas dah
vanessa Julia (3 months ago)
Aku punya bergitu
Charlotte Connolly (3 months ago)
I keep replaying the music when rarity played the keytar I think I just spelled that wrong like if you keep replaying it to 🤣😂
Gavin Krolczyk (4 months ago)
OMG! I love it!
Yukih Gador (4 months ago)
Rfdrrjshcjhxdgduchbjdkihbyhs. VHS uahjdhc kk. Kobut ax v b vid.g fjdjjbhhs mv. J, Hmvmhfhjg vbkgwlbxnbfkdbfubt djrdjc. Dkhdbf fjhdlfbds djhdhjfk ilgaduidijsfkgnfffcn.a O dbaifjiwovrnkjzilsomeddxm. C. So. Fcxfkmscbud. Fmecgcn. B you d had sh
Yusf Abdul (4 months ago)
Granny sr
ɴɪᴋᴏ (4 months ago)
How does one know how to play a new instrument in a second? TF Rarity...
Kenneth James (4 months ago)
I wish i can do that
Kshama Nidhi (4 months ago)
Le Monchoi (4 months ago)
Daft Punk
Isabella Meow (4 months ago)
How did Rarity even fit that piano out her door? Either her door is very big or it must took her a day to get that piano through the door and in one piece!
Slapdash 10984 (4 months ago)
Wow rarity is so weak
Cherry-soda-is-bae 2.0 (4 months ago)
When Rarity said ‘fine, Fine’ she sounded REALLY different. She didn’t have her accent...
lolo lili (4 months ago)
Lea Seewald (4 months ago)
LITTLE ANGEL (4 months ago)
Mochicake Khlo Khlo (4 months ago)
She gets it like in 1 second omg rarity is so good I have to keep replaying it that’s how good it is omgggggg im about to die of how good she is she gets it in 1 second LIKE HOW??
Tini Joy (4 months ago)
icinow tomorow
Santana Santos (4 months ago)
Santana Santos (4 months ago)
Misty vs rainbow dash
Hannah Hawkins (4 months ago)
POEsessed_ (4 months ago)
0:19 she has a point though. 😐
I Love twight spack😍
Galaxy Gators Draws (4 months ago)
1:45 is when the best thing happen
Masruroh Joe (4 months ago)
Rarity yang sangat cantik dan bergaya
김정자 (4 months ago)
김정자 (4 months ago)
I love the my Little pony
lucy happy (4 months ago)
I don khow?
Loni Garcia (5 months ago)
How can that little one carry a piano?????
B odio my little ony (5 months ago)
Uuuuuuuuu Fabulous Me
Raven Queen (5 months ago)
Love your accent Rarity! I tried doing it but it just makes my brother and cousin laugh. They said I am NEVER gonna be like you😩. But I admire you😻😘
Raven Queen (5 months ago)
Rarity can be ... a bit bossy sometimes but she is best pony

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