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Maker's Microfiber Cloths: http://MakersClean.com Over the years we've come across a ton of "life hacks", and of course, we've paid special attention to the cleaning hacks. We've tested dozens of them with varying results—some fell flat, while others have become a regular part of our cleaning routine. In this video, we take a look at 6 of those hacks and tell you whether they're a bust or a winner. DIY Chlorine-Free Bleach: https://youtu.be/I-SGlz8AKsU Maker's Flat-Weave Microfiber Cloth: http://bit.ly/2jyhPcR COMMENT QUESTION: Have you experienced any life hack fails? Tell us about them! Subscribe for a Cleaner Life! http://bit.ly/CMSYT17 *** START YOUR JOURNEY TO A CLEANER LIFE! *** YouTube: http://bit.ly/CMSYT17 Blog: http://bit.ly/JoinOurSpace20 Maker's Microfibre Cloths: http://www.MakersClean.com Facebook: http://bit.ly/CleanMySpaceFB Pinterest: http://bit.ly/CleanMySpacePinterest Melissa's Channel: http://bit.ly/MelissaMaker Chad's Channel: http://bit.ly/CheckYourLevels *** FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM! *** Melissa: http://bit.ly/MelissaMakerInstagram Chad: http://bit.ly/TheChadReynoldsInstagram Clean My Space: http://bit.ly/CleanMySpaceIG *** HOME PRODUCTS WE LOVE *** Vacuum Dyson V6 Absolute: http://amzn.to/2agXtQ4 Cleaning Caddy: http://amzn.to/2auzGL3 Essential Oils: http://amzn.to/2akh6SX Barkeepers Friend: http://amzn.to/2agXOlS Spray Bottles: http://amzn.to/2agY6Jn Tide Free & Gentle Detergent: http://amzn.to/2aHw5J3 Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap: http://amzn.to/2akhKj8 Cascade Dishwasher Detergent: http://amzn.to/2akhi4H Oxo Squeegee: http://amzn.to/2awGmbP Questions? Comments? We'd love to hear from you - say hello down below!
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Clean My Space (1 year ago)
COMMENT QUESTION: Have you experienced any life hack fails? Tell us about them!
Eileen Kelly (9 months ago)
Vodka and egg yoke for “emergency” hair conditioner. Epic fail!!
fantasticmio (1 year ago)
Every pot cleaning hack I've ever tried hasn't worked. It seems like SOS pads are the only things that do.
Anesa Curry (1 year ago)
Clean My Space 3:17 try lemon juice and baking soda. Works beautifully and I use it ESPECIALLY for baked on stuff on my cookie sheet.
Arlene Adkins-Zell (1 year ago)
Tried the boiling water, baking soda and dish liquid in a burnt pot to get the black mess out...failed. No amount of scrubbing helped.
Mariana Coutinho (1 year ago)
My family has been using coke to UNCLOG the toilet and it works EVERY time. Let the coke work its magic overnight and then flush a few times (I never had to flush more than 5 times)
Anne Brewitt (13 days ago)
I have used coke for the loo and you can use the non sugar coke. The coke i used got the loo very sparkling clean.
Jimisue Langen (3 months ago)
How do you clean the tank on a toilet? I know you don’t see it but I know it’s there and it smells when you lift off the top.
Salty Dog (4 months ago)
Yes, Love it!
Jeanmarie Todd (4 months ago)
Why put a hand-held shower head into a bag? Just put it in a small bucket, no need to fuss with a rubber band. Rest it on the side of the tub overnight.
Sophie Dimitriadis (4 months ago)
yes, do more hacks! No, I don't put coke down the toilet! lol!
AdrianJayeOnline (4 months ago)
windows and newspaper WORKS, and very good !
AdrianJayeOnline (4 months ago)
compressed air is EXPENSIVE, not cost effective, used for other purposes
AdrianJayeOnline (4 months ago)
number 1< NO DONT, use vinegar instead, high concentrated
Stephanie LeMaster (5 months ago)
Coke is good to clean up blood, like from chicken or beef, or pork. My grandmother used it in the meat department at a grocery store to clean up the blood left behind at the end of their day.
Phil King (5 months ago)
I bet she has a Spanish cleaning lady! 😂
antoine johnson (5 months ago)
This really does work this is a great trick
jennifer briski (6 months ago)
baking soda with a little hot water to remove burnt on food from pots & pans, put on shortly after cooking let sit 5-10 minutes, or add hot water after your done eating it will remove burnt on food - but must still be a hot paste consistency to work.
J Blake (6 months ago)
The Coke toilet cleaning hack was a bust for me too. As an aside, I soaked a microfiber cloth in vinegar, draped it over various parts of my calcium-mineral deposited porcelain sink for 20-30 minutes, and it removed all of them, leaving it looking like new. Still trying to figure out how to use this method deposits in the toilet! Any ideas, without having to throw the cloth out? Yes, I'd love to see you test out and prove or disprove the hacks that are out there. Thumbs up on this video.
beverley prendergast (6 months ago)
Is she pregnant?
Sarah Hamilton (7 months ago)
Lots of times the places that print newspaper have giant rolls of blank newspaper that they give away. Never hurts to check and see if you can get some.
Ahmed Bilal (7 months ago)
Hi mam....we do white cement on bathroom tiles it gets adhere badly i have done so many tricks but it does not work can u plz give me remedies to remove white cement from bathroom tiles
Faby (7 months ago)
Hi Melissa just subscribed to your channel and binging all your videos jajajajaja I think they are great, fun, real and easy to follow 😁👍🏻 Well here is one, i’ve seen many hack videos about taking that brown/yellowish mold that gets in the toilet bowl because of the minerals that come in the water, I would like to know what do you recommend to get rid of that and make the toilet white again? See, I have a house in overseas where I go once or twice a year and because of the little use I guess that happens and I tried a whole bunch of products but haven’t been able to get rid of it, Thanks in advance 😊😊😊👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🤗🤗
Penny Newland (8 months ago)
this is a dumb queston..lol what doesDIY MEAN? I AM A NEW VIEWER..SORRY
Karen Dutton (8 months ago)
Doonwati Singh (9 months ago)
Melissa you look gorgeous when you're pregnant!
Ashmita Shah (11 months ago)
cindy R (1 year ago)
cookie sheet hack, ignore it for as long as you can or toss the thing and buy new at the $ store
macarthur field (1 year ago)
I like your vids, BUT....why ALL the dramatics, with your hand gestures, vocal and facial expressions? It reminds me of a 16 year old, plus It takes away from the impact of your cleaning tips. I don't mean to be rude, but it is rather annoying and I find myself following your hand gestures rather than listening to you. Truthfully, after five minutes, I turn it to other cleaning tips vids, where the person speaks like an adult, without all that teen-ager behavior. Please excuse me if I offended you.
ray729fl (1 year ago)
Yes try more hacks very informative
Maya kumari (1 year ago)
Melisa can you pl try to clean greasy stove hood with coke.. I'm fed up of seeing that ad on face book. I hv a big bottle of it for quite some time but I'm not sure if this works can you try & suggest.
Melissa Schaub (1 year ago)
Please test other hacks!! Coke didn't clean my toilet (I was disappointed!) Yes, newspaper ink streaks!
imonlyhuman131 (1 year ago)
My cat peed in a bowl of keys and laniards so we soaked them in vinegar. 90% of keys got rusty, soaked in Coke to get rid of rust... Now have sticky, rusty, broken keys
Vikette1000 (1 year ago)
imonlyhuman131 Hot water will dissolve the sugar. Rub with half a lemon sprinkled with salt to remove the rust. Rinse well and dry.
imonlyhuman131 (1 year ago)
But at least they don't smell like cat pee
rubymimosa (1 year ago)
In Spain we use coke to unplug (not clean) a toilet or drains. And as a Pepsi girl (I never forgave Coke for supporting apartheid).
Patrick Wilson (1 year ago)
Like the hacks keep them up 👍 I remember helping my mom spring clean all the windows with newspaper especially since her and my Dad smoked like chimneys lol. Hack that i tried that did not work was fresh coffee to remove cigarette smell from car. Bought a used car from dealer and had it smoke bomb twice at dealer but it still smelled like cigarette smoke so i tried everything i knew then read about coffee grounds now my truck smells like Tim Hortons when you could smoke in the shop. Do you know any?
Kelli (1 year ago)
I've used newspaper on windows several times, and hated it every time! I had nothing but streaks, and smears, and it was worse than when I started! Paper Towels work just fine for me, I just don't get the soft ''fuzzy'' kind because yeah those leave lint, but the more coarse paper towels work just fine. I never understood why people use coke to clean with (or why they drink it) it's acidic and eats through stuff very quickly, the only thing I use it for is to clean the chalkboard I painted onto my wall for the grand kids - it's so far the only thing I have found that actually gets it clean! But after I use the coke and get it clean I go back over it with just plain water and a clean rag to wash the coke off of it.
Josie (1 year ago)
I recently received my Maker’s cleaning cloths and OMG THEY ARE AWESOME! Yes, that mint green one is incredible on glass. Don’t bother with the newspaper. :)
Anesa Curry (1 year ago)
3:25 Melissa.....I know of a way better.....lemon juice and baking soda. Try it.
Chris (1 year ago)
What is the best way to clean cookie sheets? Maybe some that were accidentally sprayed with a non-stick spray? Thank you for all your fantastic videos!
kathy waddington (1 year ago)
I can say that I wet my dish rag with warm water and a little dawn, squeeze it on my WHITE cook top, shake a little baking soda on it leave it over night and I have a clean stove top in the morning. I put my baking soda in a parmesan cheese container. Shake Shake Shake. White cook top why were they created?
Jennifer Lewis (1 year ago)
yes! please do more hack vids like this! :)
Pam Groom (1 year ago)
polishing shoes with a banana peel was a hack fail!
Nick Hentschel (1 year ago)
Getting newspaper is easy when there's any kind of a free, local paper being distributed. In my home city, it's the "Austin Chronicle,' which comes out every week. So I can still get my news online. Also, one old favorite of mine: cleaning the toilet with a combination of baking soda and vinegar. It's worked well for years, but lately, I've had problems with inactive baking soda that doesn't "fizz" well on contact, so be careful to use fresh stuff.
Vera Sallez (1 year ago)
i have tried out a hack that is FAIL : i created myself a sink cleaning "brush" from a plastic bottle (recycle, how honorable is that!). and if it did get some hairs out.. at some point the whole part of my "creation" just fell off and stayed in the sink. i was mortified (my beloved husband doesn't appreciate my recycling adventures... this failure could well become my last!!!)
emma cane (1 year ago)
Personnel note.. So glad that even though your pregnant you haven't slacked on your videos. A few people I followed have had pregnancy come along and faded away. And being a clean interested type of person I'm glad your still keeping up with your videos. Please don't fade away. Personally I know how hard it is to juggle a career and a kid
Bunny (1 year ago)
I love life hacks, so please continue with this series! I love seeing which ones work and don't work (kind of like Pinterest fails :-D)
Justine White (1 year ago)
I like to use the compressed air for keyboards. It only makes your table/desk dusty. Then I just woke it up. But it works great between the keys!
jillapalooza (1 year ago)
I've tried the newspaper thing and I don't like it, even though hubs thought it worked better than paper towels. But the Maker's glass cloth is LIFE. CHANGING. I can clean every mirror in my house with just one! I bought some more at the Black Friday sale.
Kayla House (1 year ago)
Yes I enjoyed this video and learning about what hacks work and which don't. My epic fail hack is the ol' put the boiled egg in a container, shake it and it will peel itself....no....no it doesn't. And Melissa that color looks AMAZING on you and your hair looks perfect :) You're glowing!
shortiM3x (1 year ago)
Love these kinds of videos!! Have you heard of using wax paper to clean faucets? Does it work? Does it eventually help repel water?
Kazeem Badrudeen (1 year ago)
how many like will make you do a baking hack?:)
My New Me (1 year ago)
I actually learned about the vinegar and shower head from your channel awhile ago. Love it!! Are you feeling stalked yet? lol My grandmother always used newspaper and wategar to clean windows! She also used wadded up foil to clean any type of chrome.
SJ Carsten (1 year ago)
Thank you and I really like videos this. I wish I had seen these before I tried a hack for easy oven cleaner and ended up short circuiting my oven and blowing fuses in the house.  My husband replaced the oven with a self cleaning oven and I am not allowed to try hacks any more :(
Ahmed Dhalech (1 year ago)
this one life hack said to put a sliced kiwi fruit and cucumber in a cup and crushit.then put it on your tooth brush and brush like normal.does it work
Theresa Pichardo (1 year ago)
Coffee filter works for windows with vinegar
Tatjana E (1 year ago)
Instead of vinegar I use citric acid crystals, it's behind most descal8ng products at a fraction of the price. A half a teaspoon in water can clean so many things faster and better than vinegar. You can buy a kilo under 10$ CDN on Amazon or soap supply stores. Honestly coffee makers, shower heads, my dishwasher, washing machine, anything. Bonus for things like my dishwasher I add it to the cycle.
mmbloveslife (1 year ago)
Yes I like this video please do more videos like this.
planekrafty (1 year ago)
Yes, I love that you save me the false hope if crap hacks. One I tried myself was cleaning old dirty pennies (from the crusty change collector in a beater car) with coke. Granted the coke was flat, so maybe that caused the fail...but ....do you know the best way to clean crusty old pennies?
char myers (1 year ago)
Yes, I did enjoy your input on hacks around the house. Please do more:) One, hack I have--after working in the yard, my hands are dirty and I don't know if I have any small cuts. I sprinkle generously salt, couple or 3 drops of Tea Tree Oil, and couple drops of dish soap. Massage gently and rinse. This works with anytime you have your hands extra dirty!! I have seen the video on how to clean a glass stove top. What do you use if the stove top just needs wiped down? Like it is not real dirty. I have used the water from washing dishes, but the stove top comes out dull, and not shiney.
sythnebula (1 year ago)
Yes baking soda in the over, with vinegar in a spray bottle. Let just say not very doing that one again. One week to get it black again and yes I really think u should do more video like this one.
Alison Stephens (1 year ago)
What I found with using baking soda and peroxide to clean baking sheets was if you let it sit a long time (like an hour). It's been a while since I used it but I remember it working pretty well.
Tam Laz (1 year ago)
more cleaning hack tests please! congrats & all the best !!!
Veronika Stranska (1 year ago)
Newspapers and windows... well Iam from Czech republic and not sure if we do use a different type of “ink...” for printing but Melissa - this tip works in my country for more than 101% whole my family ladies cas swear ... thank you and take care! Veronika
Incredible Woman (1 year ago)
If u really want to clean your toilet! This 1000% works ! Just take a bowl put baking soda , vinegar and some salt mixing with a bit of water and then pour it around the whole (I mean inside!) The toilet, Then see the results! Pls Put my comment in your video and try it!
Adriana Garza (1 year ago)
Yes and for those toilets that have that nasty pee smell, just add peroxide and baking soda and let it sit, the smells will go away!
Stephany Santiago (1 year ago)
Hey, I would like to have your book in spanish :-)
RunsOn Caffeine (1 year ago)
Instead of newspaper try coffee filters.
Melina Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Loved the video. I' m still searching for a hack on how to clean the burnt grease on my pans. Would love to see something that works! :)
ohtoobeetall (1 year ago)
Good video, Melissa! The hack I'm dying to know about is gettIng rid of heat spots on a table by applying more heat-- usually a clothes iron. Sounds fishy!
Craft Whimsy (1 year ago)
I tried Resolve carpet cleaner to clean really grimy grout and it absolutely worked. Using a steam steamer also works.
Katy (1 year ago)
hello darling! can you show us some long lasting candles with good smell? thank you!
megan burns (1 year ago)
video suggestion- deep cleaning kitchen cupboards with old gunk built up- dust, grease, nicotine/tar from smokers
Paty Garcia (1 year ago)
Question: do you have a solution for cleaning makeup brushes to avoid bacteria too?
Norma G (1 year ago)
What really work is ammonia your oven plate in a trash bag close it No air allowed. Just a cup ammonia at to it. Leave over night. You clean it so simple
Jimisue Langen (3 months ago)
I do this same thing with my oven racks but I use easy off fume free oven cleaner. Just spray them good outside and put in large bag and let sit overnight. Rinse off outside are very little elbow grease.
Maria Bull (1 year ago)
Norma Groenewegen thank you
Ansil George (1 year ago)
All the hacks they mention on various channels and even Pinterest on how to get rid of headache.....just don't work. When i get a headache...i get it. Those really don't don't work.
Amy S. Jeppesen (1 year ago)
YES!!!! I would love to see more of these type of videos!! If it focused on laundry stain remover hacks, that would be great too!!!
Margaret DaCosta (1 year ago)
Hi Melissa love your Clean my space channel I have learned a lot. I was wondering if you could do a segment on tips when hiring a cleaning company and how long they should be in your home cleaning. Thanks
Joan Burr-Salzman (1 year ago)
I worked through a temp agency for a maid service, the gal managing should not have been in my opinion. She wanted us to clean bathrooms first and use the same cloths in the kitchen (yuk) the cleaner was not a disinfectant although she said it was, I read the label. I would NOT like them in my house cross-contaminating. I don't know how you can out. I am sure Melissa wouldn't think much of that. Honestly, can they provide more supplies? I refused to work for them anymore.
Nandita Khokher (1 year ago)
Plz tell how to keep black microwave shiny and streak free
grumpyalchemist (1 year ago)
I’d love more life hack test posts.
Gavinoh7 (1 year ago)
Hi Melissa. I love everything that you do. However, regarding the video above, whilst I wouldn't personally pour Cola down a toilet, I don't necessarily agree that a sugary environment attracts bacteria....... I was taught by my mother, I think correctly, that bacteria generally don't like high sugar content environment. Other than that, Iwill continue to subscribe to your fantastic site.
Frances Rickaby (1 year ago)
Really enjoyed this. So many ‘life hacks’ either don’t work or are more trouble than they’re worth. I really appreciate how well you research your topics. I especially love having a Canadian source. It’s always disappointing to see a video featuring great products that aren’t available in Canada.
Gayle MamaButterfly (1 year ago)
Hi Melissa....my son burned one of my good pots and I tried scrubbing and soaking and nothing was working and then I heard if you put one of those dryer sheets in pot with hot water the burned stuff would come right off...NOPE didn't work. Take care oxoxox and you are looking great future mama.
Livia Reyes (1 year ago)
Hi does the coke work to clean the kettle
Carol B 1412 (1 year ago)
I like everything you do. Xx
Duchess Tracey (1 year ago)
How do I clean my granite countertops?
Carol Janssen (1 year ago)
I like those!  I'm going to try the shower hack today! Thanks!
Mother T (1 year ago)
Yes more hacks please!! Never too old to learn.
Lisa Powers (1 year ago)
Love it! I also failed with the peroxide baking sheet cleaner. Pet hacks are always fun, bonus points if you can include guinea pigs in some way lol.
kim kimmberly1966 (1 year ago)
Loved this video
Taylor Shane Bailey (1 year ago)
Hey Zup!!??? Dude!!??? Ya i Had a Questions about the Beasment i just Bought this House & it Smells Musty & Looks Moldy sort of down there like a Dungeon I wanted to KNOW!!! Some Life Hacks that Work for Killing & Cleaning Musty OLD!!!! Moldy Besments!!!!! & To Keep it Clean & Never Get Moldy or Musty Again!!!
Becky Hopper (1 year ago)
Love this series! Please do more!
DakotaRose56 (1 year ago)
Not everyone has a smart phone. I just have a -I want to make a phone call phone-. Some people like to actually pick up a newspaper. Thanks  I would like to know your take on the miracle bathroom cleaner- equal parts of dawn and vinegar.
1/ loved it 2/YES 3/nope
navigatingmylife (1 year ago)
Could you test the dryer sheet clean baked on food from pots/pans. I’ve been seeing this everywhere and I’d like to know if it really works.
Marie_ Awe (1 year ago)
Nikita S Jain (1 year ago)
Yes this video was really useful and you should do more of them! Lot of info out there claims to be miraculous and magical while 60% turn out untrue and make us lose our trust in the remaining ones too!
M F (1 year ago)
I like this video.❤️
Alaa Hariri (1 year ago)
What is the product that cleans the cookie sheets ?
Alaa Hariri (1 year ago)
thank you. - do you know any product or way to clean the burnt stains on non stick packing sheets ? - I used a toilet cleaner product to clean my bath tub once and it left white streaks all over like it cleaned only the spots that it was applied to .. I tried every baking soda hacks to clean and whiten it but didn't work. I think the material of the bath tub is fiberglass or plastic I'm not sure. do you know any way to clean it.
B A (1 year ago)
Alaa Hariri - I struggled to get my aluminum sheets / pans clean too. Finally found a metal cleaner along with steel wool works well. Be sure the metal cleaner lists aluminum as one of the metals it will clean. The one I use is Mr. Metal by Northern Labs. P.s. this cleaner is for shiney aluminum.
surahi pots (1 year ago)
Hey Melissa... love your videos.. is there anything you can recommend to clean pen ink from branded hand bags.. i’ve Tried rubbing alcohol n hair spray.. both didn’t work, rather it made the stain worse.. do advise.. thanks a
Stacey Voigt (1 year ago)
Yes please more hacks! The backing soda en vinegar spray to clean your oven was my biggest fail.
Miriam Beltran (1 year ago)
I would like more videos like this
Krista Smith (1 year ago)
@CleanMySpace I absolutely love love love your channel and videos! Thank you for sharing your awesome tips and tricks! This is a series I would absolutely love to see keep going! I love It! Do you have any suggestions on how to get diesel out of clothing/Jackets? My husband has a diesel truck and every time he works on it he manages to get diesel on at least one article of clothing. I absolutely hate the smell of diesel, but it's such a waste to keep throwing away his clothing. Yes I'm sure it'd be easier to just have a set wardrobe for working on vehicles, but at some point those things will have to be laundered as well! PLEASE HELP!!!
Mehri T (1 year ago)
I Loved video and enjoyed thanks for sharing
Nancy H (1 year ago)
Please keep this series. Please, please, PLEASE...RECOMMENDED BATH TOWELS!!!!!
lily T (1 year ago)
Do more of these series. It’s very helpful 👍🏻
Keely Miller (1 year ago)
Coke gets 5th wheel grease out of shirts! Just soak it overnight and scrub with a tooth brush. Works on my husbands work clothes every time.

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