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The Light Parade / The Rainbooms Destroy Vignette's Phone | MLP: EG | Rollercoaster of Friendship

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MLP: Equestria Girls ‘Better Together’ Specials Episode: Rollercoaster of Friendship Watch in 1080p! --- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Letupita725HD Twitter: https://twitter.com/Letupita725HD --- Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. --- #Letupita725HD
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Letupita725HD★ (23 days ago)
I want to take the opportunity while uploading the last clips from "Rollercoaster of Friendship" to thank you all, 'cause tonight we're reaching 2 millions subscribers 😢💕 Even tho I won't be doing something special on the channel (couldn't prepare something on time due to college proyects and stuff 😫), I couldn't feel happier with you all, I really hope you're enjoying my channel as much as I enjoy uploading pony stuff for you 🙊💖 PS: My special somepony created a banner that I'll be sharing later in celebration of this milestone 😳💜
Bogumila Jankowska (1 day ago)
Jhgfgjjhg get the hyfgkoxsu2ro
Graciela Morales (8 days ago)
In spanish plis
Sofía Delgado (8 days ago)
Hola soy sofia Lo
Adrian Pack C.R (8 days ago)
Adriana Garcia (1 day ago)
Afaf Hala (1 day ago)
Afaf Hala (1 day ago)
احببت هاده ااحلق💖💖💖💖💖💖
Kathrine Jackson (1 day ago)
Dam apple Jack
Karu Brush (1 day ago)
I have 3 million followers Well im ded...
Karu Brush (1 day ago)
I ship rarijack now :v Forgive me god
Flutter Shy (2 days ago)
This again. Transformation!
Tasha Persaud (2 days ago)
Loved this scene from the rollercoaster series of equestria girls
lol i like it
crystal sparkle (2 days ago)
The hologram mane5 0%! The real life equestria girls 100%!
Chara and Fluttershy (3 days ago)
1:29 *BUY OUR TOYYYYYS!!!!!!!*
Sarah Razzouk (3 days ago)
Your asowsome because you made mlp eg and it a new series and I Love mlp and mlp is the best cartoon in the world,
Cheung Angela (4 days ago)
Aaron B (4 days ago)
I like the pony's more
Aaron B (4 days ago)
Kalyani Sundarrajan (4 days ago)
You see the last time the got those clothes and defeated wallflower, rarity was next to Applejack and Fluttershy. It's the same here!
Chintana Suawanno (5 days ago)
If only the world, can have *Real Magic* life would be complete👌
Esmee Plays (6 days ago)
They’re showing the truth about internet addiction
Binh Do (7 days ago)
Azka Faisal (7 days ago)
This movie murdered me, so much shipping between AJ and Rarity was going on😃😃😃😃
Luci Matt (7 days ago)
Voten rarity como protagonista
Gacha Jb Universe (7 days ago)
Gacha Jb Universe (7 days ago)
This is my little pony 26
Shining Star (7 days ago)
I’m pretty sure that the laser whip was a millimeter from the skin between her thumb and finger If Rarity had aimed a smidge wrong, Winget would have lost her hand
微風 (8 days ago)
is it a new movie ?
TIM Au (8 days ago)
75*7iy7 9u was nuthe nnmy m, to yan dto b day n I ohh &
fearrasis life (8 days ago)
what she brakes her phone and then will she ever pay it back.😡👎📱
CesXil (8 days ago)
Nah, I rather to join tHE BLACK PARADEEEEEE
Būtų fainau jei ta kerbekštė be akinių.😉🐼😔😒
Kaela Fails (8 days ago)
Moonlight Lady (8 days ago)
Rainboom Rangers yall!!!
Can anyone make a video of the song in 0:00
Nuruema Laemo (9 days ago)
Rarity Rarity (9 days ago)
Asm Mohd (9 days ago)
Rose Story (9 days ago)
Idk i crying now haha. Bcoz i miss this MOVIE SERIES! 😭😭💜 i start wacthing My Little Pony when i was 10 y.o , alright now im 20 y.o _oh my goshhhh_
bebopen (9 days ago)
I started at 12 and now im 18
ablen en español
Jade West (9 days ago)
0:37 RariJack!!!!! 💛💜
Luna Eclipse (9 days ago)
1:30 Buy our toys
valeria (9 days ago)
En español
هاجر محمد (9 days ago)
هاجر محمد (9 days ago)
Nele Putteman (9 days ago)
AngelPlayz GachaGames (9 days ago)
Just an unpopular comment passing by, Vignette looks like Fluttershy
Sarahlong6893 6793 (9 days ago)
1:18-1:30 B U Y A R E T O Y S !
Joann Plays Roblox (9 days ago)
I didn’t know friends held hands.
Emilaine Decastro (9 days ago)
I hate looking sunsets face ugh...
The Senpai (9 days ago)
Mint Song (10 days ago)
Did anyone else got a case of BUY OUR TOYS!!!
Jtorrs Torreon (10 days ago)
BSX VX (10 days ago)
>:v fu**
Sri Rai (10 days ago)
Ah Rarity ❤❤
StoryShift Chara (10 days ago)
Pinkie pie is so cute
I love u rarity !
Nur Chasanah (11 days ago)
sakura A.R.M.Y (11 days ago)
I ship Applejack and Rarity ...THEY ARE SO CUTE💗
Dr.Madiha Mohsin (11 days ago)
I love mlp thanks for making vids
siti uminah (11 days ago)
itu lo si walfrower lagi ml an
saifulbrine , (11 days ago)
Hei thanos! It's your wife
Alisha Almawia rd (11 days ago)
Friendship magic ❣️
Penelope Nurse-Pup (12 days ago)
Vignette Love her fashion style... hate her attitude....
Bundle Riec (12 days ago)
Jeyashree Srikanth (12 days ago)
0:13 do you understand this?
Erika Permejo (12 days ago)
I love EQUESTRIA GIRLS OR MY LITTLE PONY... because in every series.. every episode...there is a Moral Lesson, like think one, you don't have to be popular to be happy, youre gonna be happy if you have some real friends ~Erika Permejo~\^
Erika Permejo (10 days ago)
Thats why i said equestria girls *OR* my little pony
My little pony version is better
LDGamer Eclipse (12 days ago)
Gotta say this but I'm not a hater ok! I love mlp 😍 but I just gotta say it that whenever they say "without my friends" and then hold each other's hand, I always cringe 😖 not a hater but I just can't keep my mouth shut ;-;
cream fan (12 days ago)
мυn exe (13 days ago)
My little pony: You destroyed my home and took all of my friends hostage? *TIME TO BE LOCKED IN OUR SAFE FOR KIDS VERSION OF PRISON FOR ALL ETERNITY.* Equestria girls: You locked all of us inside a phone prison because you wanted to be cool on social media and nearly sent the entire school + what, 200 other people to the same place? *LET'S BE FRIENDS I FORGIVE YOU LA LA LA MUSIC BUY OUR TOYS!* Okay but seriously. This is NOT helping the situation. The only finale I can think of for Equestria Girls is that all the villains they forgave find a massive source of Equestrian magic to use then they get rid of all the villains permanently and the end. It's okay to forgive people when they do wrong. But this show is kind of giving the message that you should forgive EVERYONE no matter the crime and that they should become your FRIEND. At least force this phone addicted weirdo to admit to what she did and APOLOGIZE online to the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS SHE DECEIVED.
Phon Danith (13 days ago)
1:57 I don't think she's an asshole
Phon Danith (13 days ago)
0:23 They look different
Adel sokbdujLialesrari (13 days ago)
epqma swih gonvx jaozv
Karla Flores (13 days ago)
Anything You Should Solve That Theory..... Everytime They Pony Up They're human ears aren't there but WHAT ABOUT THE EAR CANAL OR EVEN THE EAR DRUMS????
Khanh Vo (13 days ago)
I love Rarity
Love Tuber (14 days ago)
3:04 there is trixie and one of the girls from crystal prep
Faith Cerseh (14 days ago)
0:00 that's more beautiful than the dazzlings singing voices
kartika ayu lestari (14 days ago)
kartika ayu lestari (14 days ago)
hero girl (14 days ago)
Hey guys did you saw the fake twilight spirales😔😔😔😔👀👀
AMIRA AMIRA (14 days ago)
is it cool
beng1603 (14 days ago)
In the end making things “perfect” is all Vignette ever cared about. Not her hard working employees or even her adoring viewers. It’s all just been about her and her desperate pursuit of the spotlight (just like Juniper Montage)!
DrawingRandom Things (14 days ago)
When the mane 7 are finished with their friendship problems, will everyone in the world be their friend?
Raavi Kaila (14 days ago)
Wow and it is funny 😊😄😁
URVI ROY (14 days ago)
Rarity and Apple Jack were amazing!
Renata Kolciniene (14 days ago)
Snap Cat (sooooo CUTE)😍😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗🤗😂😂😂😂😂
彤り Akari 0o0 (14 days ago)
I thought it was Snapchat xD
Rose (14 days ago)
siti uminah (15 days ago)
rarity kalau nyanyi ra merdu
Thuy Nguyen (15 days ago)
Có ai là người việt ko
Our Hero is All Might (15 days ago)
friendzobe is magic
Marisol Manzano (15 days ago)
Snapcap is SnapChat Only diff
Sry Mulyati (15 days ago)
original star
Nikko Cat (15 days ago)
Super MLP
Lily Quartz (15 days ago)
1:38 to 1:43 had a fair few rape faces
Jo Boat The Dope boat (15 days ago)

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