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MLP: Equestria Girls - 'Last Day of School' Exclusive Short 📚

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Rainbow Dash’s day is painfully slow, while Twilight Sparkle doesn't seem to have enough time. Rainbow Dash finally grabs Twilight out of her frame and Summer Vacation begins! Check out new episodes of the My Little Pony: Equestria Girls series every Friday morning at 10am EST! For more My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: https://goo.gl/Kxdnex #MLPEG #MLPEquestriaGirls #MyLittlePonyEG Subscribe to the Hasbro Channel: https://goo.gl/rI2HnR Official MLPEG Website: http://goo.gl/5U9u2G Official App: http://goo.gl/hbN1Hk Shop MLP Toys: http://hasb.ro/1adpOvh
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Text Comments (607)
Simsella Msp (14 hours ago)
Im totally rainbow dash
Создатели уберите эту дурную Твайлат лучше поставьте старенькую 😇 изволь, а новейшую уберите
Shelby Marsh (3 days ago)
Cool i just love the equestria girls!!!💜👏👏👏
Susan Septariana (7 days ago)
wow that is so cool!!!
Joei Tom (9 days ago)
Same as rainbow dash, I hate school in the opposite of twilight
Aileen Olaya (11 days ago)
A summer vacation to the library
jereth gryphon (15 days ago)
Fist photo. Spring fling as freshman fall formal fist year 2nd photo spring fling 3rd photo for 2nd year. This also fits with drivers Ed being sophomore /junior as that's when there 16 ish eqg film fall formal 2nd year rr spring junior fg also spring loe proboly late spring early summer with shorts fitted in where they need to
Sara Fahimi (15 days ago)
Let me clear this up. So there is gonna be a new episode every Friday ? That's so awesome. Keep it up Hasbro :-D
Kori Both (16 days ago)
Twilight just ditches her stuff, I thought she spent a lot of time on that collage but nope!
Magical Powers (17 days ago)
The day after Tomorrow is my first day of school 😂
KettleCheddar (18 days ago)
bruh, why doesnt twilight have 300 IQ yet
Rayvond1X (19 days ago)
Twilight is the best, you got another rest lol😆😁😊😉😎😍🎇
CyconPlayz (19 days ago)
rainbow dash is afraid at the public library XD
Pinkie Pie (20 days ago)
Man, summer break is almost over for me
Ju ju (20 days ago)
More like two and a half months (or at least for my school)
XL5FAN (20 days ago)
1:06... They're using VHS's and VCR's in 2018...
Connor Clarke (21 days ago)
Twilight is Star(from svtfog) but instead of magic cupcakes it's books
Txlyx Gam3s18 (21 days ago)
Twilights face at 1:49 is so cute
Mary chris Namikazee (23 days ago)
Two types of students
kira Lambert (24 days ago)
Equestria girls rule
JOY SENGUPTA (25 days ago)
You are great twilight
Allen Nguyen (27 days ago)
Twilight, don't worry, it's just the last day of school. All the work in school is done and you have a summer vacation to plan with them! :)
puthimeas YimSokunRath (28 days ago)
I'm can speaking English too.but I in Cambodia.
姆士詹 (28 days ago)
Snowy Heart (29 days ago)
I like how rd shakes when she said public library
Amina Sebar (29 days ago)
مرحبا اريد ان ابلغ عن مقطع فيديو شوه سمعة ماي ليتل بوني اسمه smile يدمر الطفولة مرعب مخيف
Andrae Walker (30 days ago)
Twilight Sparkle (Sci-Twi): (panicking and whimpering) Rainbow Dash: Twilight?..... TWILIGHT SPARKLE!!!!!!!!! Twilight Sparkle (Sci-Twi): Aah!
karl-heinz fischer (30 days ago)
Go t
mlp sonic stories (1 month ago)
Jessica .j (1 month ago)
pauspaused at the end to see how everyone reacted and they all looked so cute
jeetubajpai (1 month ago)
can u upload equestria girls in hindi please
jonathan burrow (1 month ago)
0:32 , my face when I found out that the skylanders video game series was ended
Trixsepticeye (1 month ago)
she looks seriously cute with glasses
Lina Plays! (1 month ago)
I am back in 4 months 😂
Happy Tears (1 month ago)
EggyRepublic (1 month ago)
1:10 Twilight is me trying to do an assignment the period before.
Rainbow Dash (1 month ago)
l think everyone is like Rainbow Dash in last day of school right..? Or am l the only one ;-;
jomb234 (1 month ago)
wait, so in their world they have cell phones, but they also still only have VHS?
Amani and Ayman iqbal (1 month ago)
They are not graduating yet guys they are just having summer break
DJ LD (1 month ago)
must ship harder.
The shining gem Ruby (1 month ago)
I am so much like Rainbow dash you have NO idea
Crash's Underwear (1 month ago)
Oh, dear god, it's another 'so bad it's good' kind of series.
Crash's Underwear (1 month ago)
0:11 Bart and Lisa, amirite? (:
Page Hilk (1 month ago)
This is what my sister's watch
Magical Powers (1 month ago)
I am rainbow dash at the last day of school 😂
So if they graduate they will have new fashion
kesha moon 2.0 (1 month ago)
Rainbow dash is the elements of loyalty shouldn't he be less self center
Kikigaming Pokévids (1 month ago)
What will we watch on their weekends? I mean like when they’re taking days off school
Galexio 108 (1 month ago)
Sci-Twi is such a nerd XD
Airie (1 month ago)
I'm Twilight XD
Double Games (1 month ago)
Watching a Short bout Summer vacation while I’m on my last day of my school holidays smh
Elenie Hernandez (1 month ago)
I love school😭
Elenie Hernandez (1 month ago)
Oh no last day of school
hard2define (1 month ago)
Dhara Muhunthan (1 month ago)
Ha they have tapes we so more advanced then their society
Matthew Truong (1 month ago)
It's Last Day of School!
Matthew Truong (1 month ago)
4 more hour?
Matthew Truong (1 month ago)
3 Month?!
Storm Phoenix (1 month ago)
2:13 couldn't agree more.
Engy Ahmed (1 month ago)
Twilight isn't beautiful with glasses 👓
Adrianna Baja (1 month ago)
Sorry 😐 fluttershy ‘s not there
stinger orange (1 month ago)
So, can we assume this is the end of their junior year then?
Mohammed Ehsan (1 month ago)
I love twilight! My favorite pony
You go twght
Meme Pone (1 month ago)
On our last full day of school we had to study for exams
K1ttyPop Queen (1 month ago)
Combine them and thats me last day of school
Alheena Hafeez (1 month ago)
Where is second sunset shimmer
K1ttyPop Queen (1 month ago)
Alheena Hafeez i was also wondering that
MaKayla Spring (1 month ago)
Oh gosh im so twilight i write thank you notes
Gavin Monroy (1 month ago)
My last day of school already past by. and i graduated from 6th grade. i'm in 7th grade now. i'm 12 years old. i'm in middle school. YAY!!
Roberto Nuñez (1 month ago)
twillit os a nerd🤓=😂🤣
Vaughn Baskin (1 month ago)
See you in the fall Sonic Rainbooms! HAVE A MAGICAL SUPER SHIMMING SUMMER!
Nagi Naoe101 (1 month ago)
I would have told her to join me in Summer Reading
iloveplayingpr (1 month ago)
Can we safely conclude that Equestrian Residents mature more quickly than their Equestrian Girls Counterpart?
Sofija Kesic (1 month ago)
Huh? I'd watch it now c'meon
Alyssa Eris Aliangan (1 month ago)
MLP DancingOnRainbows (1 month ago)
0:29 wow that a lot of teachers
Mlp_fan 325 (1 month ago)
Is this the end for mlp Equestria girls? 😱😱😰😰😓😓
Mlp_fan 325 (1 month ago)
Explosion Productions thank celestia
Explosion Productions (1 month ago)
Ita Yanthi Ita (1 month ago)
My little sisters just told my daughter to be a good 😊 and brothers said they are a good 😊 she said in a statement about how they were doing their work in a few weeks a good day to be the first one for the best in my opinion the best part is you have a great 👍 in your life that you are the only one who is the best of you and the person who has been in your heart and you will have the same things as your best friends as long you can have the right for your own happiness in your life and the way your heart will ever or you love me when you're in a good position and i do what I love ❤️ a good 😊 to me I hope he doesn't love me like that
Ita Yanthi Ita (1 month ago)
Thanks i love is video of the best
Ita Yanthi Ita (1 month ago)
I love dis video and my sister says she is so very good and my brothers say it all of us like and love ❤️ like you
hey Hasbro can you tell the creator of mlp make the redesign of gen 5 characters like this and im gonna put the link here link--v https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9e8M6bDUns
HAU-ITI RAINAUD (1 month ago)
And if you did a special episode that talks about the past of DJ PON-3 and Octavia in my little pony : friendships is magic.
TurtleCat (1 month ago)
Twilight is acting like she's never had a summer vacation... Aren't they in high school? That's at least 7+ summer vacations... Huh... I dunno... *Just a thought!*
Chaotic Pumpkin (1 month ago)
I’m still in school for 2 more days
Otto Schulz (1 month ago)
I hate you amarikans as a germans my summerhollidays are just 6 weeks long
Sea Agate (1 month ago)
Honestly Twilight, I completely feel you.
Rolly Zandu (1 month ago)
stillwatersrundeep (1 month ago)
A..... videotape and a VCR????
Sally Schrack (1 month ago)
Uh why would rainbow dash need 3d glasses anyway but it's dark in the classroom
Cortala con tus anuncios
Carlos Montanez (1 month ago)
Hey hasbro can you team up with Nintendo so the fans could have mlp splatfest.
Ecstasy Captures (1 month ago)
Twilight is ambidextrous? Cool.
Julie Tran (1 month ago)
I have the last day of school to
RariLight MLP (1 month ago)
3 months... we get 5 weeks...
Shark Dude14 (1 month ago)
Ive just recently finished high school
citywolfwarrior (1 month ago)
Hasbro... no school uses VCR's and VHS's anymore. you know that right?
Lightening McQueen (1 month ago)
Very amusing, Twilight and Rainbow having opposite opinions about the last day of school before the summer vacation.
Tei 1957 (1 month ago)
2:34 😼
your Highness (1 month ago)
It very funny ,when she shout Ah 😂😀😹
Glitter Sisters (1 month ago)
When they all came from at the end they didn’t not was in the video
SONIC ROUGHFIRE (1 month ago)
I like when twilight hugging a book Loos so cute 1:48

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