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Myths of Female Intelligence - MGTOW

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Myths of the Female Brain - MGTOW Is the female brain better suited to communication? Is the male brain less developed? Are women better communicators? Join me Howard Dare as I discus this and other related issues. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Built By Men Made For Women - MGTOW" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CAxRjxRergY -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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James Everett (2 years ago)
Women are better communicators? Why can they never say what they mean? yes means 'no'. Leave me alone means 'hold me'. 'I just want a nice guy' means I want the most abusive bad boy I can find. 'He is so sexy' means he's rich and famous. "you're a nice guy and I don't want to ruin our friendship" means you're too easy to manipulate and/or don't make enough money so I could never see myself having sex with you". "you raped me" means "I regret seducing you & having sex". And of course how much of what they say is a shit test? Women are good at manipulating and distorting communication, but not communicating in a plain honest way.
SVETOGOR (6 days ago)
should say they are better in lying...
giveagoodsong (4 months ago)
They're not good at communicating. The "let's talk" is a moment they're going to try and manipulate you not communicate and work with you. It's still a battle.
"Fuck me" means "don't touch me!" Don't touch me means "rape me"!
enemyof moron (1 year ago)
Ruby Hypatia Women lack self awareness Women can't logic. And that kids are the facts of life in 2018
Ja Hu (4 days ago)
Actually even on average women have lower iq than men
Jerry Jewstein (7 days ago)
Simple solution to the problem of modern women. Ignore them. Do no engage them. Leave them to be the strong and independent women that they are. They need us more than we need them.
Sluppie (7 days ago)
Women are only better at understanding/communicating with other women. This is because they all have a feminine mindset that men tend to be unable to grasp and have no concept of. However, women are terrible at communicating with men, since the masculine mindset is very different from the feminine mindset, which is why we as men usually roll our eyes whenever someone says something like "women are better communicators." We all remember our frustrations in trying to get a woman to explain what she wants. We know it isn't true. I'd actually say it very differently. Men are very succinct and efficient communicators. We are busy as a whole and often do not have time to go into details, so we use simplified concepts and short, fast language. Women, meanwhile, go into intricate details regardless of how little those details matter. If a woman, who has no need or use for brevity, wants to downplay men's social skills they will often use the man's more efficient style in order to imply a lower layer of skill, or use the fact that men use simplified language in order to imply that they have a simple mind. Those who say that have no actual idea what they're talking about and are just bigots who want to justify their misandry.
Kevvy InGodITrust (1 month ago)
After watching many of your videos HD.. this one has been the most insightful. Much appreciated. Keep up the good work. 👍🏿
D Money (1 month ago)
Tried to give mgtow the benefit of the doubt. But this pseudo scientific bullshit is too much.. Mgtow is just a bunch of scared liars. Why don't you all just stop bullshitting, and convert to Islam
vedrusa (2 months ago)
Why there is no female Shakespeare? Because in order to publish a book or a poem, you need someone to support you, believe in you, publish you, and women were just not taken into consideration at all in those times, not even allowed to theatres. Same goes for female paintors!
MacabreMagazine (3 months ago)
What's funny is how she's pissed off her new born boy is not giving her enough attention...hey, breast feed the kid and he'll get interested...but I doubt she ever did that.
MacabreMagazine (3 months ago)
Women may talk more...but do they really ever say anything worth hearing...pretty rare...it's all gossip and meaningless BS...
TheInternet Sucks (4 months ago)
As a woman with an average IQ I am always aware of the fact that I will never be as smart as men. I am tired of hearing all this nonsense like "you can do anything!" Besides women have OCD issues more often than men. Men are better at concentrating on one task and one task only. I find myself thinking about 100 things at the same time which is NOT a good thing. Women are constantly worried and get scared easily. Making long term plans is harder. Women are too interested in gossip and drama, I can't deny the fact that I am like this as well. Women compare themselves to other women their age constantly. We could be more productive but all this crap gets in the way.
FightClub Hamster (4 months ago)
Women are not normally creative at all, look at the books they write, about affairs and lame ass pity parties and love stories. Not logical either as a whole. They’re are the better caretakers generally, not the modern women though.
Mic Well (4 months ago)
Men know that they must treat a woman any woman to get in line to get a ticket to live in the hope they will get a turn.....always living in a "chance"...to get pussy ....treating women as the trash and shit gathers they are will straighten out "their" thinking real fast
Ken Rose (4 months ago)
I don’t entirely agree with this.
Cujam Rasalgethi (5 months ago)
The useful idiot or facade that is represented as " William Shakespeare," wasnt the uneducated, untravelled, uncultured, unconnected image that has been represented as the writer of these epics. Rather, the writer or writers, of these plays, were the members of the Francis Bacon writers guild, All Men, the same writers guild who wrote the King James Bible. The name "William Shakespeare," was a patsy, no more than another symbolic cloak for their global multilayed agenda, consummation in the realization of Platos ideal, the Great American Experiment, an establishment of, "The New Republic."
svartvist (5 months ago)
So male brains sacrifice some of those unrestrained babble cells in favor of action cells. Good trade in my book. Even if females have more communication nodes in the brain, they let it atrophy: “…most schoolgirls do well in subjects that do not require thought, that can be memorized, such as languages (to have a good memory can, as is well known, also be a sign of feeble-mindedness) or that, like mathematics, follow strict rules which again are learned by rote, while other subjects (physics, chemistry, biology) are beyond them…. The last original thought the average female child utters will be around age five.” The Manipulated Man
svartvist (4 months ago)
Because you and those you cite are outliers, not the center distribution.
Casey Purdy (4 months ago)
Why is my female cousin a doctor? Is she secretly a man and somehow my family never knew?! Why was my chemistry teacher who went to an Ivy League school female? How did she trick us into thinking she knew what she could not possibly ever understand? Why was I able to take advanced placement science classes and shared the top score amongst the entire 11th grade (I tied with one male!) on the state standardized test? Was there a government, feminist conspiracy to covertly raise all female test scores so they could be more equal to males? Yeah, that must be exactly what happened. One of the smartest people of all time, Nikola Tesla, said that in the future women would rule the world as queen bees. LIVE IN FEAR, FOOL. lol. I've never felt the need to read a man-hating book, although I am sure there are plenty out there. It's sad what some people will read in order to feel better about themselves. Speaking of rote memory, if you as a male are so intellectually powerful, why weren't you able to determine these qualities about females out by yourself when you were in school? Why did you need to have a book tell you what to think and to mindlessly regurgitate just like you claim women do? Show us your tits!
Earl Guyton (5 months ago)
Women are simply made in the way as for their actual purposes in life and men are made fr same pertaining to his purposes. The proof is in the pudding as per the results. Since women started mingling into the mans world of work force at an active year of lets say 1970, an older person as myself can observe and know that things stopped evolving. Nothing has actually improved since the year of 1970 except for ridiculous cost and inflation and even automotive has declined and speaing of automotive a master mechanic as myself amongst several of my trades I can literally and totally know this. For women to mingle in an area they don't belong is only money wrenches in the iron gear works. Women were made by God to produce children through pregnancy and breast feed the new born with mil and to tend the nest for the man to have as a place of rest and comfort between his territorial task and creations for himself and her. Its as simple as that and not any more complex. You cannot use anything for other than its best intended purpose or it will only cause delay and default. Quantum science alone backs this up. The atom spinning in the opposite direction cannot oppose and control or take the place or be same as the initial atom spinning clock wise. without activity becoming destroyed and non functional and destroying both entities.
Earl Guyton (4 months ago)
As long as you douche regularly so I don't have to tolerate your offensive odor publicly and you work so that if I pass you publicly I wont have to get a whiff of your last hook up from some hours earlier then we will be fine with your biological constructs at play
Casey Purdy (4 months ago)
Yet we are individuals and all made differently, i.e. individual genomes. Sex is a biological construct, but there are so many more biological constructs at play. And then, of course, there is environment, and that impacts on what roles are required and the nature of all the different roles - and theres never just two
Tom Evans (5 months ago)
Women have brain size of squirrel!
Howard Dare (4 months ago)
I didn't insult the squirrel. Respect the squirrel.
giveagoodsong (4 months ago)
Don't insult the squirrel
Howard Dare (5 months ago)
C M (5 months ago)
Consider this with regard to the slanting of the data of author mentioned in this video: Men looking at the stars and asking questions results in Astronomy Women looking at the stars and asking questions results in Astrology Many books can be written on just this one simple observation Though none are written that I am aware of But if they ever are it is sure that they will be written by men and only with a clear and open intent to know rather than a covert attempt to slant the information in the favor of men concealing a desire to possess the power of "the stars" Think about it or write a book about it if you dare.
Rah1381 (5 months ago)
Women are the worst communicators on earth, maybe in the galaxy, you know what ... The Universe
Odin God (6 months ago)
all women from birth have a severe psychotic problem and that is the need for attention, they don't want some attention, they want all the attention of everyone 24/7.
TheseusTitan (6 months ago)
You lost me with your first sentence… what brain? Second, the media sure likes to put that concept out there that women are better communicators than men. I say no, they just talk more. They talk a lot. A lot of words but the seldom can formulate or structure a proper sentence much less a paragraph. Keep in mind the minute a man begins to speak and if a woman is present then she will interrupt him to the point where he stops and she continues. Society supports this process as well. One more point, how much does facial gazing pay these days? Maybe that is what females are doing, they‘re waiting for more facial gazing jobs to open up, since they’re so good at it. Great video, thanx!
Sweety Jones (6 months ago)
MGTOW was the worst thing that was ever invented.. men and women should 'get along' and realise that both sexes are just as intelligent, women and men just think differently. Accept this and celebrate the differences, not criticise and put them down.
Sweety Jones (3 months ago)
I agree that that's unfair and should not be happening.
giveagoodsong (4 months ago)
Sweety Jones  It's mainly how the court of law is completely on side of woman in all fronts. If you have any evidence to protect you that will label you as a rapist stalker. Get the goddamn law enforcement, feminist media and court off our backs and then we can work on recovery.
Sweety Jones (4 months ago)
Actually, we DO need each other but there is too much animosity present.. how sad.
Sweety Jones (4 months ago)
I have and am well aware of all this.. I am simply saying that instead of causing hate and creating conflict between the sexes, we should try and live together. There are plenty of women out there who 'do not' support these modern feminists, such as myself. Don't tarnish us all with the same brush!
Sweety Jones (4 months ago)
What a terrible society we live in : /
1 Percent (8 months ago)
Only things woman are better in then man is; spreading their leg for wealth (gold diggers), lie and manipulate. Broken families, kids growing up whitout father, man in prison, man committing suicide, al because dumb, selfish woman making bad choices in life.
Onyxx Drako (8 months ago)
Whats up with all these "studies" that can claim literally anything?!
lolzomgz1337 (8 months ago)
So many retarded misogynists in the comments.
lolzomgz1337 (8 months ago)
Howard Dare Made even I was, Christ, maybe 13? Haven't changed it since, because it's always amusing to see how quickly the intellectually challenged cowards are to point it out when they have nothing else to hide behind, and you, Howard, you were very quick. You MGTOW types are just as ill informed, overly sensitive, easily triggered, whiney and quick to use baseless arguments with no actual supporting evidence as the hyper-feminists. But that's not the real irony, no, you see, Howard, the real irony is that both your ass-backwards kind and the extreme feminists are too mind bendingly stupid to see that you're both just two sides of the exact same idiotic coin. Many of the comments here that claim that females are definitively X have no basis in modern neuroscience, or any kind of science, and you damn well know it. Whether you choose to accept it is another matter. But, of course, facts don't change people's minds, do they? No, you'll scuttle back off to your echo chamber. Your MGTOW safe space where women are evil and/or incompetent. It's pathetic. The morons I refer to are clearly angry, hurt little boys. Misformed man-children who are so pathetically insecure they need to put down an entire gender to try to lift themselves up. It's time you grew up. Your kind aren't enlightened. You are weak, and you're frustrated at that, so you need an outlet; you blame someone else whilst forming this jerk circle. We have increasingly less use for weak people.
Howard Dare (8 months ago)
lolzomgz1337 you are the retarded one here ... lolzomgz1337 ... it's a very silly name.
BLUE MOXIE (8 months ago)
better manipulators
CHAD LE CHAT (9 months ago)
*Baby boy be like: Bitch, I'm busy! 😁👌*
BlueJayRobin (9 months ago)
Lou Ann Lou Ann You can get me off Using you mouth Bum or han'.
luck luckie (9 months ago)
true i always wonder why females dont make the best rapper's its all about putting words to together right but there not ? this man know's what he's talking about
Gordon G (9 months ago)
I tell her to stifle...like Archie use to tell Edith
Gary Danz (9 months ago)
These feminists are doing more harm ?Democrats are trying to equalize countries of low iq people which is good but first work must be done and positions of equal gender if some are qualified good and if not would you eliminate the better because of equality of gender ???
Gary Danz (9 months ago)
Men have 10 to 1 in high iq and after age 16 men have aprox 4.9 iq points higher
MR GHOSTER (9 months ago)
There are a lot of good Female Actor's, not because they have learned a skill though. It's just because they are doing what they do naturally - "Put on an Act"! LOL!
Monk of MGTOW (10 months ago)
Women talk a lot about doing things. Men do a lot of things.
27GX76R (10 months ago)
A perfect video for internation women's day
Eric G Marsh (10 months ago)
What is ironic and hypocritical of this person's thoughts, is that when this boys gazing, and learning his enviroment and the world around him, turns him into a multibillionair, his mom whose thoughts which were so endulgent of this girl single mindedness, will be taking credit for the boys success, and expecting him to disregard all of the abuse and lack of attention, that she rendered him as child, expecting the fruits of his success.
Future Boy (10 months ago)
They believe they are a superior race
Nicholas Ennos (10 months ago)
There is in fact one writer who was acknowledged by men as a female Shakespeare. This is Jane Austen. As I show in my book "Jane Austen - a New Revelation" her novels were in fact written by her cousin Eliza de Feuillide. Eliza was given a typical male education paid for by her natural father Warren Hastings, the Governor General of India. Her tutors would have all been male and the literature she studied was mostly by male authors. She was highly intelligent. She seems to have relied on the society of her father, her husband and other men for intellectual matters while her friendships with women were mostly just social. She was an extraordinary woman with a clear insight in her novels into both male and female nature and how men and women were different.
عمرو مصطفي (11 months ago)
This is epic, I wish I could give this video a thousand likes "even as a baby the male is like what do you want bitch, I am busy" this line is gold. thank you sir for the great video.
Leo Kalwara (11 months ago)
Howard, you're displaying so much ignorance and bias. Why is there only one Shakespeare? Why aren't there 4 or 5 female Shakespeares? Well, why aren't there 4 or 5 male Shakespeares, first off? Genius in one man hardly speaks for a propensity for genius in all men. Furthermore, you scoff at the notion of historical context, yet you couldn't be more foolish to do so. You claim all you need is your ears to write poetry, wrong. If one isn't taught to read, how do you imagine that they would be able to write? One can't exist without the other. Not to mention, ALL great writers, without exception, are also voracious readers. In order to hone the craft of writing, one must have knowledge of the word and its function. Sure, anyone who knows the basics of reading can record their thoughts on paper, in theory, but these thoughts will not have any literary merit and you're a fool with no knowledge of literature if you delude yourself otherwise. Next, you are aware that the voices of women WERE oppressed in the realm of literature on the basis of male elitism, right? This is not contestable. Why do you think so many women wrote under male pen names? A concrete example of this literary sexism is what happened to Charlotte Bronte. At a young age, she sent samples of her poetry to then poet laureate Robert Southey. She received the following response: "Literature cannot be the business of a woman's life." How can you possibly concoct an argument against these historical truths? Male writers and publishers actively worked to suppress female voices and keep them from being published, so even if there WERE a woman who lived during Shakespeare's time and somehow managed to receive an education and gain access to books, there's a high probability that her work would have been dismissed and she wouldn't have been able to carve out a place in history. Yet, despite all this adversity, there HAVE been great female authors and artists, geniuses even, but I don't expect you to recognize this because you're too blinded by your own ego to be able to look at objective truth. Not to mention, I'm getting the very distinct impression that you really don't know all too much about the arts to begin with, hence your stereotypical example of Shakespeare as literary bastion. Was he really the first great author that came to mind for you? I suppose you and a 3rd grader have that in common.
Casey Purdy (4 months ago)
LMAO. Yes, this video is silly and non-sensical dribble that is highly emotion inspired and extremely biased, not to mention full of fallacies of reason and historical ignorance or denial.
Whale Dog (1 year ago)
Women are better liars.
justin barnett (1 year ago)
On average men have a 4 percent higher I.Q .this seems small but when you look at what it’s built in terms of everything on this earth for the better and progress of humans. Men are definitely more intelligent .science and biology. Basic stuff
Auttie B (1 year ago)
Truth hurts woman
drizzle (1 year ago)
Women are the worst communicators. Everything they say is indirect suggestion. To gain their affection, men must do mostly counterintuitive things.
Lee Vincent (1 year ago)
"Emotions are reality." Hahaha LOL, opposite to reality as usual. So, according to the woman who authored the book, even from birth, women derive their sense of value mostly from external validation. However, when it is convenient they still say we are all have the same brains, despite evolution showing we evolved from animals where the behaviors of the two genders is obviously different, and despite observably different neural architecture, hormonal levels, neurotransmitter effects etc. Many of the people who insist that little girls and little boys are the same have never even HAD children, ie feminists etc. Women have almost no ability to raise young boys - almost every mother I have known (including my wife), especially those who have had a girl(s) first, thinks their little boy is psychologically disturbed, aggressive, and deliberately behaves to annoy her.
Casey Purdy (4 months ago)
What's ironic is that you accuse women of seeking out external validation, but it was your need for external validation that brought you to this video to reinforce your subjective opinion that men, and by extension you as an individual, are better than women. Also, while I agree that on average women and men have a tendency towards different brain traits, it's proven that the maleness or femaleness of an individual persons' brain can varies along a spectrum. Yes, someone with XY and a pee wee tends towards the male end, while someone who is XX and has a vajay jay is inclined towards the female end, but there are women who will have more masculine brains than some men do and vice versa. There are people in the middle. Much of this is affected by hormone exposure in the womb. Thanks to endocrine disruptors contaminating the environment that continue to accumulate more and more, we are likely going to see more males being born with more feminine brains (and more born with deformed penises) and more women being born with more masculine brains (and tendency to grow breasts prematurely as well as have a harder time with weight management since environmental estrogen programs women to store more fat. We will likely see more man boobs too. Big hairy man boobs. As autism rates increase, those who are female will have more masculine brains even if they look very female externally.
PeterFied FM (1 year ago)
*They are female!! Trans is not a trend, your being chemically castrated. You have an X and Y chromosome Atrazine and Glyphosate along with soy milk formula retard the cellular function of testicular cells which means less testosterone so the brain iof males is not developing. Males have a bar of soap larger brains with denser neurological pathways. If you suppress the Y what do you have left? The X. The X is the default. Female brains are the same at age 12 or age 54, this is why they are so god damn awful at recognizing obvious conclusions even by their own actions, choices without any self awareness to their own patterns or the ones around them. Males who loose their prostate because your semen not sperm is your chemicy encoded male personality, and it all starts with testerone, affect one cell the leydig cells with monopoly corporations like syngenta and monsanto and what you are seeing is the end of the west. In 2018 the average American white male is 64% chemically castrated, asians and hispanics are similar but black males have slightly more testerone so they are 50%everyone is effected,. The zero point in the year 2050. Look at PORN look at creampie gangbangs look at asian and middle eastern gangbangs vs American/European notice the sperm that si3-5% is more semen more liquid. Look at asian guys. There is a way to reverse this. But this is what is happening. Depopulation is a real thing, unless you distill water and do not eat vegetables that are made using roundup or atrazine you are affected. Sure your normal compared to me and your buddies. But not to your own grandfather who lived prior to 1970. Since 1970 to 2018 64% castrated, why do i call it that? because that is what it is. For the love of reality 1 in 5 fish 20% in the US is trans, yet this doesn't ring a damn alarm bell in any dudes brain. WHAT YOU ARE SEEING IS A GENOCIDE. I have a whole damn file cabinet full of clinical trials and medical studies, i've studied male biology more then anyone else in this damn country for over 10 years. I AM GENUINELY TRYING TO WARN GUYS. CHECK YOUR T LEVEL and understand the WHO took the old pre 1970s lows and made the the new normal. That is if you are allowed to get it checked, unlike the gynecologist nobody cared about proper male development. They will make you jump thru hoops just to get the one thing that all boys should have been tested for.* .
heath adkison (1 year ago)
I think the lady that wrote that article destroyed her own arguments with the opening line. default implies that there is no other options. in other words nature has to settle for a girl. the male is,was,and,always will be the ,improvement. default means the least useful mode. just saying. someone should have paid attention in english.
MR GHOSTER (1 year ago)
I went out with a woman once (only once), she had had so many face lifts she had a big triangular beard on her chin!
MR GHOSTER (1 year ago)
Why is it as well that mothers think that a baby is always smiling at her? As a Dad I tended to find it a sign of an approaching Nappy/Diaper fill on it's way! lol! Mind you thats many years ago before a divorce and the MGTOW discovery! Ah! what unhappy times!
MR GHOSTER (1 year ago)
Boys as babies get used to gazing at two Big Tit's and this is passed on into life as an obsession. This is why Men like womens Tit's! lol! Probably seeing those big red mama lips becomes the Vagina fantasy in later life!
MR GHOSTER (1 year ago)
So baby girls like to gaze, and baby boys want to look around at everything but a face? Well that answers that question as to why is it our world was built by MEN, and why women like to narcissistically look in a mirror at themselves and achieve NOTHING! lol! I bet young boys are already thinking about remodelling there cribb the moment their eyes open. Baby boys are also notorious for breaking their toys this is assumed I guess by women but what he is really doing is dismantling it and seeing if he can make it better than before? lol! Girl babies are really messy eaters and get food all over their faces this is early practice for the slapping on of "Fake Up" in later years! lol!
MR GHOSTER (1 year ago)
If women are supposed to be able to Multi Task, why the fuck are they such SHIT drivers? lol! Unless putting on or checking fake up at the lights is counted as Multi Tasking!
MR GHOSTER (1 year ago)
If women are more communicative it is because the neuron's in the female Brain develop the Mouth, and Vocal Chord quicker this is at the expense of the thinking Brain however! lol!
MR GHOSTER (1 year ago)
The difference between a Genius and stupidity is a genius has a Penis, stupidity has Tit''s and a Vagina! lol!
MR GHOSTER (1 year ago)
The female Brain develops quicker because it is an unimport and a bang out job to keep them happy whereas the Male Brain is given more attention and time as it is to be so much more superior to the female Brain! lol! they say Girls are born 5 years old, what they don't tell you is mentally they never get any older or mature into adulthood. Another thing is women may in general live slightly longer than Men, but they do age a lot quicker, women sour like spoiled milk but Men mature like a good Whiskey or Wine. Another reason why Men don't live so long as a woman is because of all the humping and heaving we have to carry our for the lazy weak bitches! lol!
MR GHOSTER (1 year ago)
women learn to speak earlier and from that day forward you cant get then to shut the fuck up! lol!
solidair (1 year ago)
Fucking imbecile
suruchi singh (1 year ago)
This is profoundly incorrect
suruchi singh (1 year ago)
Howard Dare lol. I don't wish to give your channel any more views. Ciao.
Howard Dare (1 year ago)
Because you failed to address this very question before you gave your original reply. I think you are very young or very stupid.
suruchi singh (1 year ago)
Howard Dare how do you know I'm incorrect?
Howard Dare (1 year ago)
You are profoundly incorrect but I don't think you are going to realize it.
Jason (1 year ago)
If you ever listen to group of women talking..it's like a bunch of birds sqwaking but little is said that is useful.
Misha Pirata (1 year ago)
bb boys neeeeeed mommy attention soo much. love to talk to me and see my face. bb boyz need lots of love and attention and face time. they crave it if uncircumcized
Misha Pirata (1 year ago)
my twin boys laughed at 2mo and held hands at 5mo and now one year love to talk to each other. I never cut their foreskin. cutting male genitals is evil, causes trama and emotional development delays
Misha Pirata (1 year ago)
my sons love to look at my face, maybe cuz i did not have their penis skin clipped so they like me.
Misha Pirata (1 year ago)
proof on my insta
Michael Woodward (1 year ago)
A commercial every minute of this video I watched. Too many commercials in the first 3 minutes alone tends to discourage people from watching the whole video
Kristian Schmidt (1 year ago)
The scientific points are interesting but not to ideologues. Maybe feminists need their own country, just like socialists, to live out their experiment. Like Nietzsche and von Mises predicted about socialism, it will cost millions of lives and lead to universal poverty. But the theory is spreading too fast to be stopped. It needs a testing ground. The killing fields.
Casey Purdy (4 months ago)
My bad, there's a typo. I meant to write *minarchist libertarians but it's autocorrecting
Casey Purdy (4 months ago)
Democratic socialism has been tried. Even America is slightly socialist. It's actually pure free market capitalism that Von Mises advocated that has never been tried. Maybe you can go make your own country too. There's a lot of monarchist libertarians who talk about it, but they never do it. Also, true communism has never been practiced either. As for socialism causing millions of lives, the Soviet Union and Mao's China were not truly communist or socialist. They were dictatorships run by dark triad narcissistic psychopaths (North Korea too). Sure the economy may have been centralized but it was never done so in a communistic or socialistic manner. Redistribution occurred upward, not downward, and most of the deaths that happened didn't occur due to communist or socialist policies, but instead happened due to the leaders PURPOSELY killing off the masses. Holodomor was a man made famine. Mao was a sadist who loved seeing poor people hurt since childhood. He got off on killing masses of people and used it to scare everyone else into staying in line. Anarchocapitalism would likely also lead to mass deaths and capitalism always leads to an impoverished underclass. Even Adam Smith conceded that free market capitalism would cause gruesome suffering and what proponents of the free market won't tell you is that Adam Smith wanted the government to step in to assuage poverty and suffering that the free market would lead to.
John Butner (1 year ago)
Why are you reading what that woman wrote? It's pointless boring rambling that produced nothing and taught nothing important. Babies won't even remember what they were doing as babies. And if women like women so much, let them move to a place all their own where there are no men.
John Butner (1 year ago)
Women are bigger blabbermouths and complain more. From that standpoint,. They communicate more, not better.
Leomendarus (1 year ago)
Howard, I can't watch your videos. All I can do is listen. Please stop showing us ugly cunts like Rowling. Please.
Björn Johnzon (1 year ago)
the male brain is DEFENITIVELY NOT less developed than the female brain. almost all the great geniuses were men.
kit kat (1 year ago)
MGTOW: Women are stupid and worthless. radical Feminism: Men are stupid and worthless. MGTOW is just as evil and toxic as radical feminism.
Daniel Read (1 year ago)
kit kat wrong.. mgtow is about staying away, its not about forcing rules and stuff on people like feminism is. MGTOW is about learning the nature of women so we can better understand them and make better decisions regarding out lives.
DrewPicklesTheDark (1 year ago)
The thing is she is even wrong about "Nature is female by default!" if you use the method she does, animals such as birds, are male by default. I just found it amusing she is still wrong using her own "standards".
Lee Vincent (1 year ago)
Talking more, about garbage, does not make you a better communicator
Meteorite's sound (1 year ago)
all is male desinged, Discovered invented? dont forget about Maria Skłodowska-Curie. women arent good writes and not good at communicating? wiat about Virginia Woolf? when you type on Google: female scientists she many other will show up on the list
Donald Pauly (1 month ago)
A photo of Marie at the Solvay conferences makes her look like the freak she was. A head as big as the men around her mounted on a tiny body. Marie's intelligence was one in a hundred million White women. She barely qualified for membership in the club. As a small girl she played with clocks instead of dolls. Even then, she was a cook when it came to radium. White women have an average functional intelligence similar to the African Kneegrow.
Jewsus Krist (1 year ago)
Female brains develop quicker than tmale pendants, so females are superior. Also, house flies pupae fully develop limbs, wings, and brains within three days. House flies master species confirmed!
Ruby Hypatia (1 year ago)
Yes, men have held women back. Women's IQs just recently caught up with men's IQs, because of equality. Women were told to make babies, not reach for the stars. We tend to do what's expected of us.
Paul Robin (1 year ago)
Hey Howard, I like your channel almost as much as MGTOW money.
stinkopants (1 year ago)
Women aren't actually more efficient at communicating than men, they are however more adept at masking their communication, also known as manipulation. Being blunt and to the point is a more efficient means of communication, and takes a lot less mental effort. Or for another analogy, a liar has to think a lot more about what they say than the habitually honest person does.
Casey Purdy (4 months ago)
If someone doesn't believe me that narcissists are great actors, all they need to do is go look at Hollywood. It's full of narcissistic actors! hahah
Casey Purdy (4 months ago)
While I am not going to say women don't manipulate, as many do, I would like to point out that more men are diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder than women are by a substantial margin. I also find it odd the speaker talks about narcissism and a flat face. Narcissists are excellent actors.
Hilma Kerstin (1 year ago)
99% of the people in the comment section are men.
Jumpy Cat (1 year ago)
Some of us are cats.
David Mills (1 year ago)
Charles Hopkins (1 year ago)
on average maybe they are? (women being smarter) My ass. Name ONE
impuredeath2 (1 year ago)
Not even one female prophet! There is Jesus, Buddha, Mosses... None were women!
Pepsimaru (1 year ago)
That's crazy that she's even ready to pee on her own son to feed her feminist crap propaganda. That's just a red flag, if women I ready to spit on their own sons, no wonder they'd try to make any other man's life a living hell.
Khalfrank (1 year ago)
Majority of women are obnoxious as fuck even to their male friends. If a bitch says something to a guy that he feels was unnecessary and disrespectful she will instantly avoid accountability by defending her transgression by saying, "Oh that is not offensive" and "I'm not disrespectful". Women are cognitively deficient and impaired, low IQs, hate taking accountability and their heads are so hard that you have to find ways to verbally penetrate through them and get them to understand the simplest things. Women want to be disrespectful and obnoxious and will cheat on men and no matter how much you call her on her shit she will never own up, that you will have to fight tooth and nail to get her to understand how wrong she is. It will take a long time before you finally succeed with penetrating through her skull and get her to understand she is wrong and needs to be held accountable. It may take time before you finally get it through to her but you will feel drained because you had to use tactical logic to get the female simpleton to understand she has to take accountability. It's no wonder that if women did rule society we would all still be living in caves.
Kilroy (1 year ago)
From the female perspective, women ARE better communicators because they are better Liars. Surreptition becomes her.
Nima Kasravi (1 year ago)
"Even as a baby the male is like what do you want bitch; I'm busy; I'm doing things." This is priceless. Even as a baby the male knew he was dealing with a worthless bitch. Maybe the baby was too scared to look at her ugly face.
Nima Kasravi (1 year ago)
Well, you guys have to agree at least to one thing; women are far better yappers than men; there is no content that they win. Even their brain has no control over their pie hole.
Alex (1 year ago)
The communication part in the female brain is to filler bust, sprout gossip, character assassination and talking thru her anus.
andy w (1 year ago)
They're not. Case closed
human taste (1 year ago)
on average actually men are smarter than women ( nice video btw)
Theoristocratic (1 year ago)
Yea, women are such "better communicators" than men, that one will leave a guy because he's a shitty communicator... yet didn't say shit before it became a problem worth leaving him for. Hmmmm... kind of makes one wonder, who's REALLY the shitty communicators? Not to mention the whole "Never get an honest answer" aspect of their personae.
Ever notice how there are more famous fictional females than there are real females? Also, no wonder there are more autistic women than there are men. If she's not getting attention, the male is automatically deemed autistic.
Nat H (1 year ago)
I think you may be a little mentally retarded if you're unable to understand the difference between communicating and being creative. They're not really close to the same thing at all.
Ken Moore (1 year ago)
hey you know what ? there are no great female classical composers? explain that gloria steinum..i dare you...
Ken Moore (1 year ago)
what about MARY SHELLY her book FRANENSTEIN,, well this is one, and a few female poets,,, well thats about it.....ok i concede......lololololol
fornavn Efternavn (1 year ago)
does your son have autism?
Rick Coppage (1 year ago)
They may mature in the first couple but then they hit three and it's over.Like you said they sit on their ass and let us do everything and she is right they are more needy like the retarded kid is more needy or the infant is more needy.That's because they can't do anything on their own.I have seen countless successful companies run in to the ground after divorce's.Because the man had stepped out of the picture.I can believe my dick is twenty inches long.I can announce to the world my dick is twenty inches long but that does not make it true.
Jon Kingz (1 year ago)
sorry to say... I know more dumb as fuck Girls than dumb as fuck Boys.... That's just how it is....
Alan Oliver (1 year ago)
Great stuff.
śï×ÕfŇîņē (1 year ago)
Men are awesome.. wow
Esharido (1 year ago)
The reason woman have a higher intellectual average is because of their pack mentality. They always team up and get in groups and share ideas, knowledge and thoughts. This does also however limit their mental capacity and they tend to be able to go no higher. Men on the other hand seldom work together, when we do it's one of the greatest forces known to man. But for the most part once one person becomes more intelligent than another they continue to develop and evolve intellectually. A dumb man without guidance will be doomed to be stupid/average his whole life. That's why their are such simps, and on the other end of the spectrum men who are so smart we can barely even understand it.
in side out (1 year ago)
trying to be a 'better man ' I forgot I was one . Jesus , 20 year mind fuck . I'm sure you can understand my relief . thanks guys !!!

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