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Troy: Naked Boys Behind Bars, Sing!

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Based on the long-running, syndicated, gay comic strip, "Troy: Naked Boy Behind Bars, Sing!" follows nice guy Troy McDougall, a twenty-something, out-and-proud, gay actor as he gets what he believes will be his big break into The Business, a lead in the world premier of the new musical "Naked Boys Behind Bars, Sing!" There he meets and is instantly smitten with his beefy, blond, baby-faced co-star Nick, who is, unfortunately for Troy, straight. Or is he? According to Troy's roommate, the sexy stud Rigo, a bartender at West Hollywood's hottest nightspot Le Club, "The only difference between a straight guy and a gay guy is a six pack. And I don't mean abs!" Will Troy find love and success or make a complete fool of himself and are the two mutually exclusive? Written, directed, and animated by Troy Comics creator Michael Derry, it features the voice talents of Michael Derry as Troy, Euriamis Losada (The Argentine, Another Gay Sequel) as Rigo, top Hollywood voice-over actor Ben Patrick Johnson as Nick, John Taylor as Ray, Maurice Jamal (Dirty Laundry, Chappelles' Show) as Derrick and Derrick's drag alter ego Ms. Fatale, actual, real-life West Hollywood Mayor John Duran, Doug Spearman (Noah's Arc), and funny man Bruce Vilanch as the director of the play within the movie, "Naked Boys Behind Bars, Sing!" Also featuring Jason Boegh, Anthony Dela Cruz, Michael Hennessey, Toby Massenburg, and an original song by Paul Bradley.
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Text Comments (8)
Nikita U Mzamo (9 months ago)
They all have amazing eyelashes
Hai Tsundere (10 months ago)
Bitches and *hoes*
Bah Humbug (1 year ago)
More, more, MORE!!! Because this was so great. :)
mickiejames08 (2 years ago)
Would LOVE for this to become a regular series. I'd pay for the episodes
Master Blackthorne (3 years ago)
Great film! I've always followed Troy's adventures in the strip--glad to see it animated!
Gem Diamondgirl76 (1 year ago)
Michael Derry ewwwwww
Master Blackthorne (3 years ago)
You're welcome, Michael. I hope one day soon you'll get the recognition your talent deserves.
Michael Derry (3 years ago)
Thank you! I very much appreciate it!

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