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The End of Affirmative Action

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Freedomain Mailing List Sign Up: http://www.fdrurl.com/newsletter We Need Your Support: http://www.freedomainradio.com/donate The Department of Justice is taking action to end over 40 years of illegal quota based affirmative action within academia. The investigation was sparked by a federal lawsuit alleging that Harvard discriminated against Asian-Americans. Article: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-11-21/doj-launches-investigation-harvards-affirmative-action-policies Your support is essential to Freedomain Radio, which is 100% funded by viewers like you. Please support the show by making a one time donation or signing up for a monthly recurring donation at: http://www.freedomainradio.com/donate Get more from Stefan Molyneux and Freedomain Radio including books, podcasts and other info at: http://www.freedomainradio.com Amazon Affiliate Links US: http://www.fdrurl.com/Amazon Canada: http://www.fdrurl.com/AmazonCanada UK: http://www.fdrurl.com/AmazonUK
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Text Comments (1486)
avipatable (4 months ago)
It's not often you have good news for us :) (Btw recession in S. Africa in case anyone is happy).
Alice (5 months ago)
Hi Stefan. Could you do a video titled something like "The Truth About Affirmative Action" that would go over the history of affirmative action, its effects, what the data show, perhaps a summary of the pending litigation against Harvard?
cliff Lee (5 months ago)
Now I understand why those elite IT companies are asking IQ test question instead of IT knowledge questions during interviews.
Mudder Fukker (8 months ago)
I have to disagree about the worthlessness of a college degree. It all depends on which school, which professors and what classes. I majored in EE and Physics, and once I passed the ‘Great Filter’ (the Calculus sequence) my classes went from auditorium size to 8-10 students filled with Hadji and Fong. After a couple semesters of that I decided to take some other courses, as my classes and expenses were all covered, and I ended up taking some Sociology courses. Those were chock full of females, 😀. I had inadvertently taken upper level Sociology major courses, much to the astonishment of fellow students who asked “wtf are doing here?” However, I had some interesting reading assignments and to this day, in my day to day dealings w humans, I’m glad I took those courses. They were ‘Ethical Issues in Research’ ‘Religions and Cults’ and one more that I don’t remember the name, lol. Anyway, I was there to learn, whereas students who were just there to get a piece of paper, well, that’s what they got. I used it to the full extent I could... I participated, I discussed before and after class, and bc I was a little older than most ( i went after serving in Navy) I also got to be friends w some of my fav professors. Without all that extra stuff, yeah, college can be substituted by a library card, but if you take advantage of the environment and people there, you can get a lot more out of it. Now, I went to University in the late 90’s, and the ‘atmosphere’ was a bit different. 😜
Randall Ball (1 year ago)
First prove race.
Mike (1 year ago)
I love being a vampire boomer! I employ 4 people younger than you Stefan. But that's cool, i'll still watch and give you a thumbs up.
H (1 year ago)
Obama Student Loan Forgiveness program. Why the universities and the students are leftist?
Darlene Greywolf (1 year ago)
Solution!!!!! Remove race section on forms! Of course with certain races their bizzare names give them away! Have to rethink! I like you videos!
i told you (1 year ago)
"We wuz kangzzz n shieet mayn uh hate crakkaz shiiiiiiid"
Justicar333 (1 year ago)
It's not as simple as that. Yes an IQ test can be an indicator of how capable a person might be. However it leaves out several critical things. First off the overall knowledge in possession of the applicant. If some high school graduate walks into a hospital and asks for a job. Tests top of the chart on IQ. That's no proof they are knowledgeable enough to pick up a scalpel and start cutting on patients! Nor is it proof they aren't very intelligent but very apathetic giving you a worker who never gets anything done. Schooling is useful for both these things. Now four years of college isn't the right answer either. Though on a few maybe it would take something that in-depth. Such as say a surgeon. We still need something, along the line of say trade schools? Something to make sure their willing to put in effort as well as posses the specific rudimentary knowledge the job requires.
Toons on Strings (1 year ago)
I don't agree... I.Q. tests may good indicators for jobs that require critical thinking skills and Independence but typical employers just want people that will show up and do the job. Smart people tend to grow bored and disengaged with repetition making them poor candidates for the majority of jobs available.
Stefan Molyneux (1 year ago)
so you do an IQ test to find lower IQ people. a higher IQ person would have figured that out.
K. CHAN (1 year ago)
It may be that intelligence alone is not a prerequisite for the long term viability of any given species
K. CHAN (1 year ago)
I remember in one of Jordan Peterson's vids he brought this up but the problem becomes. What do you do with people who are 85 and under IQ? The military won't even let these people in because they are functionally retarded and incapable of even the most basic repetitive tasks and incapable of following simple orders. Theres alot of people that fall into this category on the bell curve. What do we do with em? Especially now with automation. Biologically I guess they are the excess waste that makes sure the species survives if there was some cateclysm or something.
Eric Andrusca (1 year ago)
I agree that iq tests ought to be used when evaluating employees, however, the knowledge that comes with a degree in a specific field is also very valuable i.e. I would never hire someone for marketing that hadn't at least acquired some knowledge in business school and/or read some books about positioning or influence for instance. My point is that creativity doesn't only come from having a high iq but also requires knowledge- I'm sure you're a person who acquired lots of knowledge and this added lots of value to your ability to perform(competence).
二見治 (1 year ago)
After 8 years later, the population of less than 20 years old , White will be minority in US . But still , US can not abolish this Affirmative Action. No one can do it. I thought Obama could do it, because he is a mixed with white and black. But Obama did not do anything. I expect , this problem will lead US citizens end up by shooting themselves each other.
platovaya (1 year ago)
once I didn't get a job, because I scored too high.. there is such a thing as overqualified, but needing to pay the bills
Mike Mac (1 year ago)
This is not an end to Affirmative Action. This is an investigation to reinforce it's own Affirmative Action law.
Rhett Heidler (1 year ago)
Good luck getting into an Ivy league school as a white goyim. After they doll out the motley crew of each diversity category their token spot, all of the white slots go to Jews. You could MAYBE get in as a diversity admission if you're a tranny activist.
offshore fisherman (1 year ago)
is this connected to how Asian students are penalized points on the SAT test while African American students are given points to help even the scores, like a grading curve?
cocosear (1 year ago)
I find it interesting, the only way to even closely get rid of affirmative action , is to focus on Asians as being the victim . If whites were the sole victims of affirmative action , there would be no case , and any white person that complained about it was a met with the typical sour grapes treatment . Asians are still a victim group that gets many benifits from the SBA as well as as the diversity culture that surrounds corporate america. It's time for whites to be tribal enough to stop the discrimination against us, because I assure everyone, Asians will not do for us what we do for them .
letmetellya (1 year ago)
Jewish people can’t get into medical school any longer because they say, there are too many Jews, so they bring in “other” nationalities, foreign, as tokens per law, making several brilliant people lose the chance to become doctors.
77rviper (1 year ago)
Affirmative Action is unconstitutional anyway because of the civil rights act back in the 1960's. It discriminates against certain races in favor of another race.
James Berlo (1 year ago)
My Sister is an O.R. Nurse and works with a Nurse Aid who is from Poland and has only the Polish Public School Chemistry training and College grads go to this Aid for advice.
Toadsmoothy 1960 (1 year ago)
Also, all this "do what you love" horse sh't is for the birds! I didn't find my career particularly "fulfilling." That's what HOBBIES are for! Work to make money so you can get what you want in life without sucking off others! Have a little PRIDE for chrissakes!
Toadsmoothy 1960 (1 year ago)
This guy is dangerous. lol The last thing we need is to prop up this rotten system with a Bernie style taxpayer funded college plan. I have an engineering degree, my wife a nursing degree. Nobody offered to pay for OUR educations. Why should we pay for others'? Young people & their parents need to wake the fu'k up. Go on the U.S. government employment statistics website and pick a career according to what will be in demand in the future. Get THAT education, get out there and be productive.
wildshape (1 year ago)
Well it used to be universities gave you some base skills needed to get into a sertan field. But who cares these days because universities now teach useless skills. You are better of by taking some online courses for a couple of hundred bucks.
Anonymous ํ (1 year ago)
How to counter-argument this entire video in one sentence: "A (STEM) university degree is a guarantee that the person possesses skills and knowledge which take several years to acquire." Companies do not just look for high potential, they look for high assets. A high IQ person is worthless if he doesn't have the knowledge required to perform the job, and if this knowledge takes several years to acquire. Therefore, Stefan, it's not as black and white as you attempt to make it seem.
The New (1 year ago)
Have to disagree with you here on this one, Stefan. While I absolutely hate affirmative action, institutions have every right to hire or enroll people by whatever non-violent means they desire, even if it is biased, unfair, and counterproductive, as it is here. The government using violence to stop such discrimination is unjust.
Jack (1 year ago)
Assessing talent to maximize subsequent performance predictions and ROI has been my specific area of expertise in my profession for and I have to say that Stefan articulates the systematic and unfair leftist hiring bias/affirmative action quotas systems and the Intelligence-Performance debate perfectly.The overemphasis on diversity hiring in the past 5-10 years instead of job related skills and abilities has been incredibly harmful for top candidates, clients, and our economy.
Is there any online IQ test that is free and somewhat reliable?
LuxAlbedo (1 year ago)
Muslims have lower IQs thanks to Muhammad's corrupt, shortsighted (or cross-eyed) cousin-fucking command.
Sam Smith (1 year ago)
(((They))) already control Harvard....
GuyTron65 (1 year ago)
IQ test might be a good test for capability but proof of work ethic and ability to complete an assignment is also very useful. I used to work in IT and found people who had completed a technical diploma were more effective than even a Computing Science Degree ... and they don't arrive all full of Marxist ideas and a superiority complex.
Blacks are so pathetic and stupid. They have to cheat their way through life in order to keep up with Asians and Whites. The black race is a joke.
MrBod69 (1 year ago)
It won't happen. From the 1700's until the 1970, white men have proven that they cannot hire fairly, without prejudice. If they could hire fairly, there would be no need for AA in the first place. Women, Blacks, and Browns pay taxes. Do you think they will happily subsidize entities that won't hire them or their family members?
Mike (1 year ago)
The thing about IQ is that Europeans have the greatest standard deviation, meaning they have the most individuals in the 99th percentile, even though they have an average between 90-110. This is why our societies work the best. Europeans have a balanced level of people in different IQ subsets.
Suburban Conan (1 year ago)
Look at it this way....student debt is a field levelling mechanism. For the less gifted either genetically or financially who don't go to college their best income for the first five years post education might be 50K....if everybody hit the jobmarket at the same time and only an IQ test decided careers against jobs the lower paid would struggle to compete for housing,childcare places,investment opportunities etc...they just wouldn't have enough disposable income to compete with...but the 4 or more years the "lucky" ones are getting qualified then the years spent repaying the debt give the lesser lights a headstart,to save, invest and accumulate...an opportunity few rarely take advantage of... I find it amusing in situations like this the people who are going to become doctors and lawyers and engineers who will drive Mercedes-Benz and Ferrari's and buy beach homes in exotic locales eventually need our empathy and support.... Fascinating....
john smith (1 year ago)
True story. In December 1977 I was in Lake Tahoe during a drought. It just wouldn't snow. Hundreds of young people were out of work because the ski resorts weren't hiring. Heavenly Valley puts out a cattle call for potential employees because snow was forecast for the next week. I and at least 300 others show up. We are crammed into the cafeteria for the weed out process. The process was a timed 8th grade math test - fractions to decimals, that kind of thing. I was the second person to finish and got hired. I am reminded of the two idiots sitting at my table where the most dumb whispered to her friend; "What is 1/8 in decimals?" Also, I eventually graduated from engineering school. The only thing my degree meant was that I was highly trainable and could finish a difficult task. Other than that, my degree had zero correlation to my career. Our host here is right. Hire brain power, not sheepskins.
Stefan Molyneux (1 year ago)
+john smith truth
Truther41God (1 year ago)
The criminal record box should be moved to the top. The race/ethnicity box should be eliminated.
aleksander milanovic (1 year ago)
Why Inquisition, west Africa research death camps, Mengele, Karadzic wasn't enough to students to see an effect of "science"? Because philosophy curriculum is strength by the neck in every philosophy college and high school (gymnasium) around the world. Thank you Vatican for professional psyches in schools on our tax ! Greetings from Slovenia a decades holder of world bronze medal in suicide whit own floor of psychology in philosophy college as is in your college town, hehehe!
Real Eyes (1 year ago)
I'm so happy for Asians and Jewish people right now. Kept back for way too long!
genocide amerika (1 year ago)
I am for global apartheidAfrica for Africans Asia for AsiansAmerica for amerindiansEurope for AfricansAustralia for aboriginesCaucasus mountains for CaucasiansNew Zealand for MaoriAntarctica for AfricansCaucasians are the multi in multiculturalCaucasians are foreign invadersCaucasians are the diverse in diversity
Ben M (1 year ago)
IQ test + PSYCHOLOGICAL TEST SHOULD BE MANDATORY + credit/liens/excessive debt history documentation Bamm! Problem solved!
Clarence Stinson (1 year ago)
Affirmative action is racist!
Joe Soap (1 year ago)
Racist in that it in essence is saying “you lot are not capable of hacking it on your own i.e. you are inferior, so we will make it easier for you”
Marc-André Santerre (1 year ago)
Standard pre-med candidat...doesn't than just mean they actively prepared themselves to be able and ready for the field? Meaning your best and most motivated elements?
KatzEasy (1 year ago)
Stefan Molyneux is one of the only YouTubers on the right who is honestly talking about the race question. The exact same race question people like Ben Shapiro, Milo Yiannopoulos, Dennis Prager (who I all admire to a certain degree) willfully dodge and ignore. He has my respect for that.
Dominic Easton (1 year ago)
I took an IQ test. I scored below average at 96 I then 2 years later took another and scored 128 so how the fuck did that happen if IQ is such a good way of measuring intelligence? I'm a CISSP by the way. I pentest/hack systems and secure facilities for a living.
Stefan Molyneux (1 year ago)
Where are they both formal tests administrated by a psychologist?
crunchy bacon (1 year ago)
Anyone want a doctor or surgeon who skated by on AA? Anyone? Didn't think so.
Lancelot Xavier (1 year ago)
Blacks and Latinos depend almost entirely on the previledge affirmative action for college acceptences. They love racism when it is working in their favor.
Michael Bonifasi (1 year ago)
Exactly many college degrees mean nothing now, other than you might be an SJW.
Uri pita (1 year ago)
My IQ is probably in the same level as a chimpanzee although a genius chimpanzee as I can write this, but I work hard and am not lazy like high IQ humans.
DARSI RUYSENAAR (1 year ago)
Never permit school /. College / university / interfere with your education ( Mark train ) basic IQ will always find its level , like water , high or low .
ConservativeAtheist (1 year ago)
The reason why people so vehemently reject intelligence tests is due to the fact that they want to pretend that all people are born completely equal in every way imaginable. Of course that’s not the case but that’s what they’re determined to believe.
Pain_Is_Good (1 year ago)
Brilliant! A world based on merit rather than racist tokenism.
Matt Bolt (1 year ago)
Thank god for this!!
Ivan Ulmann (1 year ago)
IQ is important Stefan, I am fully with you, but why do you talk so less about CHARACTER building. The fruit of the spirit according to Galatians 5 for example. Just a thought.Thank you!
Felício Vivas (1 year ago)
Hey Stefan, could be worse. Look at things are happen in my lovely country, Brazil, a teacher in a public school, showing the students how to put a condom on a penis using her mouth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8KjhFWL164
Simon (1 year ago)
I took an online IQ test when applying to MI5/6 a number of years back. I've never seen a similar thing anywhere else. I guess in some places it *is* acceptable.
Boredfan Gerrude (1 year ago)
The problem with only hiring the highest IQ people is you leave millions upon millions jobless. That means a broken economy and countless people starving to death and dying from sickness. So it isn't a solution. What we need is to set a standard IQ that people need to have to be employed and have the education system raise the intelligence of the general population to at least that standard.
witch, please (1 year ago)
Whites and Asians stroking their own tiny dicks im this comments section because they did well on a little test. I scored a 124 the first time, and then a 130 the second time when I answered randomly for shits and giggles lmao. I'm just glad I'm at least intelligent enough to know it's meaningless bullshit, like most things Trump-sucking honkies take pride in. I love these alt right videos and always use them in my classes about Wlhite America. They're hilarious
James Sullivan (1 year ago)
After the military I wanted to efficiently utilize my G.I. Bill that I earned rather than waste it. I was directed to the Veteran's Hospital Mental Health Dept. for the I.Q. test. I visited the V.A. Hospital and inquired about getting a full I.Q. test. The mental health professionals who were all doctors, therefore one would assume intelligent people, has difficulty understanding my request. The female doctors were confused at the idea that I didn't want to waste my time pursuing a educational path I was not suited for. I had to go through a wellness assessment before I was approved to take the I.Q. test that took 2 days to complete. I later received a several page printout regarding my results which was not in layman's terms and was not beneficial in assisting me to choose a educational path. I requested another appointment with the doctor which provides me the test to attain a meaningful translation of my evaluation that I could act on. Once again I spoke to another female doctor that for some reason was unable to understand what I thought was a logical request. I was told it would be necessary for me to have another assessment of my mental health before they would be willing to pass on my request to the doctor who provided the I.Q. test. I decided to give up.
Antonio Batista (1 year ago)
problem is that if they get rid of affirmative action alot less black people will be getting into college and then they'll claim systematic oppression because they're too stupid to realize that they're too stupid
Alfonso Mena (1 year ago)
At 5:25 he is lying, plausible deniability. The land is the issue. You want rights to defend your city, state, region, country, and family. I know it's a land battle not cash grab. Temporary ownership of land or a property is used as any something that you can pass on to your family that you can protect wholeheartedly without someone else butting in. namely the police, the feds, CIA, taxes, politicians or anyone else so I call b******* on his claim.
Alfonso Mena (1 year ago)
I need sekion eight $. Why doesn't it work like that is it since I'm black.
SuperbChannel (1 year ago)
So-called IQ test is culture-based, and is often inaccurate. If employment is based on so-called IQ test, many brilliant Asians, Africans, and even Europeans, will not be able to get a job in America.
Stefan Molyneux (1 year ago)
The IQ test is not Culturally biased, it can be performed using nothing but symbols
Kon Berner (1 year ago)
No problem. You don't need a high IQ to take social studies, so you just encourage the low IQ to become rabble-rousers who blame the productive for all of the problems of the world. What could possibly go wrong?
FallenSnowWolf (1 year ago)
The biggest problem not getting at least a college degree you will limit yourself from going to management roles or lead rols. Some people do not want that but if two employees apply for a job and one has a diploma/degree and the job requires one they the one with out the degree will lose out. This is why i say a degree is better then a diploma because in the end most jobs will not care.
Walt Hall (1 year ago)
I once saw a man, whose iq was maybe 70, he lived in an arid environment, to find water he would take a piece of salt and hide it in a tree knot. A monkey found the salt, the "dumb" man rushed the monkey, monkey panicked, couldnt get its fist out of the tree. The man tied a rope around the monkey's neck and let it eat the salt. This made the monkey thirsty, it then lead the man to water. There are many types of intelligence out there that tests dont account for.
Walt Hall (1 year ago)
Stefan Molyneux Taps? The military funeral bugle? I know what youre saying, unfortunately the productive arent having babies and the future belongs to those who show up. I fear a further shift to socialism if policies arent changed, then a collapse.
Stefan Molyneux (1 year ago)
Or you can just have a high IQ civilization, capitalism, and taps
The Jazz Monastery (1 year ago)
OK Stefan, I made that donation today, but I did it in Dogecoin since I have a few.
Chris Henniker (1 year ago)
So long as there are cute Asian babes in our elite universities, I'd be happy to chase tail there.
zlboyle90 (1 year ago)
If we were smart we would take the stem fields and fold them in to the trade schools. After that it would be far easier to kill the college/university system off completely.
Angela Goodwin (1 year ago)
Stephan, This would require better parenting skills as well
Cpl Travers (1 year ago)
I got fucked by affirmative action
Unlimited Gaming!!!! (1 year ago)
So welfare is affirmative action.??
DEK TRAN (1 year ago)
latin and african americans are expected to achieve below the bare minimum in college admissions by the progressive/leftists
zznug 2 (1 year ago)
I just scored 139 on an IQ test and did it again scoring 100, very accurate for serious job applications indeed. And ofc you can study for an IQ test , all of them have basically the same problems to solve , if you familiarize yourself with those problems you can solve them faster and more correctly. IQ test are fun but we have schooling for a reason, and that because you cant sum up all your capabilities in a half hour test, schooling if done properly is a confirmation of consistent and increasing acquiring of knowledge, also it should be a confirmation of the ability to use in practice your acquired skills.
Serquss (1 year ago)
Asians are significantly underrepresented at elite schools. If Admission standards were based solely on test scores, most top schools would be mostly Asian.
Ax Martel (1 year ago)
You can study for iq tests
John Rildo (1 year ago)
We need to get away from letting businesses require college for good jobs. It doesn't help anyway. In fact, we really need to get away from letting businesses decide what poor people are allowed to succeed. And don't tell me that poor people should start their own company, because we all know that is impossible without receiving free money/ opportunity and good luck.
Ax Martel (1 year ago)
Asians have their own countries. Let them go there. We whites will not get the same rights they get in our country.
UnknownXV (1 year ago)
If you allowed IQ testing as a method of candidate filtering for jobs, then most women would be excluded, since they fall more in line with the median of the bell curve, whereas men spread out far more. In other words, men are more suited for intellectually demanding jobs on average than women are. And then of course when you you also consider the IQ of different races, you can start to see why the government outlawed IQ testing for candidate filtering. Simply put, biology is not fair or equitable whatsoever. The left cannot allow this reality to be pushed into visible light, and so they try to muffle it. But you can't. Reality is reality. All you do is create inefficiencies in society so your feelings don't get hurt. It's pathetic.
Ax Martel (1 year ago)
Why had Asians to score better? And why not jews? And aren't Asians non-whites to?
Söhne Muarsnebel (1 year ago)
You take an IQ test before you join the military, and you take college for leadership courses. It works.
degen83 (1 year ago)
Affirmative Action is racism institutionalized. Its about time we get rid of Affirmative Action.
Jose B. (1 year ago)
Men generally do better in the workplace. You may see a little down fall in the minority being employed but overall, you’ll see more women fallout of the workplace because you finally took away affirmative action. Men don’t have to worry about being pregnant, they often don’t take too much time off work and they don’t gossip at work line women. Men are reported to produce more for their jobs than women’. Women are always calling in sick, they’re always getting pregnant and wanting to be paid while they’re on leave for something they were in control of. The business shouldn’t have to pay for that.
Josef Stalin (1 year ago)
Do an interview with Michael Savage!!!
Karen Zoubek (1 year ago)
Is a particular group of people over represented in the administration of these Institutions? And what is the average IQ of this “group”? Now you know why they discriminate against Asians.
John Wick's pencil (1 year ago)
Intentionally weakening the country by force feeding unqualified people into critical job roles and high demand fields of study should be treason.
WallStWarrior11 (1 year ago)
Intelligence is one thing. Education is another. Don't conflate the two. Education is needed for many professions. Maybe not a "college education" is needed to become a truck driver, but a "driving school education" is needed. But if you are going to be a white collar professional, the majority of the higher paying jobs in that sector require a degree, be it finance, accounting, business, engineering, medical, law, etc. The list goes on and on. Education is not a bad thing. The extra bullshit that gets thrown in (ie. the influence of left leaning professors, the ridiculous high cost of school, etc.) But every person should do their own analysis and choose the right thing for them. If you're going to college because you don't know what else to do and you're going to major in History or African American Studies or some other useless field, then you go on to get a job as a claims adjuster at an insurance company after you graduate, maybe you made the wrong choice. But if you go into college knowing that you want to be an electrical engineer, I'd like to see you achieve that dream without a college education. Same goes for doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc.
John Wick's pencil (1 year ago)
Requiring you to put your race on school and job applications should be illegal.
GOOGLE TAQIYYA (1 year ago)
Affirmative action is discrimination. You don't fight discrimination with discrimination. 2 negs = 2 negs.
Andy harpist (1 year ago)
How can Affirmative Action be both legalised, and illegal, at the same time?
perliva (1 year ago)
Stefan, what in your opinion should be the threshold?
Martin Vorbrodt (1 year ago)
sort by IQ; pick the top N where N = number of open spots. duh.
Willem Koopman (1 year ago)
It is so nice to be white
Karl Nemo (1 year ago)
The one question I have never ever seen being asked is: if Affirmative Action was supposed to have corrected the undeniable amount of socially sanctioned discrimination for the two generations of the discriminated-against minorities in the labor force at the time of its inception, then why, after society had become demonstrably less discriminatory toward those minorities, was it extended for 2 more generations? The original two generations that AA was supposed to serve have either died or retired, and the following generations clearly do not suffer from the degree of culturally enshrined racial prejudice their grandparents and great-grandparents did. So why were these programs continued?
Googlefears Altmedia (1 year ago)
It should be considered a sign of lower intelligence if you either pay for college or are under the impression college is something you pay for. I'm white and male and went to college for free. The scholarship i received only required me to have good grades, tests scores, and poor parents, as well as it was only good for one college, but that was the college I already wanted to go to. I don't understand why anyone pays for college. Thus I don't understand why there is a debt bubble.
Chewybrand (1 year ago)
But the "blacks" won't be able to get in under a real "merit" system.
Dave Funk (1 year ago)
Legitimate question: I had a friend in college (who got a near perfect score on the ACT standardized test, and was admitted on "bright flight" status with large grants) that routinely got poor grades, and later dropped out. I asked him WTF was going on, I thought he was smart. He said, "I'm smart, but I'm lazy." What is the take from the community on this? How far will brains get you if you have a shit work ethic? I have many other such anecdotes.
The Triggering (1 year ago)
Low IQ lefties triggered

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