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Princess Twilight meets Fluttershy at CHS | MLP: Equestria Girls [HD]

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Text Comments (691)
JacobReturnz - Plays (2 days ago)
the way fluttershy told her name very quietly and then saw spike and became exited is the same as in My little Pony: Friendship is magic
Joon-Chanx YT (2 days ago)
0:20 random gayness...
Mika wolf (3 days ago)
I love you twilight sparkle
Yeram Park (3 days ago)
The princess twilight was good at stanting stnd in the taare
Cody Vachon (9 days ago)
Fluttershy was really pretty and beautiful 😳
April Christina (10 days ago)
🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴So lucky guys
1:23 Same thing as Season 1
Ainne Arriola (20 days ago)
Sunset shimmer is badly
Raisha Ramadhani (22 days ago)
Plz Be unique (22 days ago)
2:35 that reminds me of the first episode when fluttershy was trying to introduce herself the first time she met twilight
Angela Hernandez (24 days ago)
Muksed Lipu (24 days ago)
Trade My little brother just came and I love ❤️ so he has a big nose
mlp stopmotion (28 days ago)
I made this playlist
unknown gaming (1 month ago)
Fluttershy (EG) is the best waifu.
Ray Anthony Calma (1 month ago)
Twilight and pinkie pie and rarity and fluttersht and spike and rainbow dash and apple jack are seem good friends right? They are all beautiful and kind you go mane 6 like if you agree
Mahbubur Rahman (1 month ago)
I feel like ever since Sunset became nice, the others were being bullies
Mahbubur Rahman (1 month ago)
Fluttershy was so beautiful and adorable
Tristan Garcia (1 month ago)
Sunset: I can speak to anyone how I want Me: Because your a bully who doesn’t know any better than to make people think that your all night and mighty like a king but really your a dumb person that just uses force to get her way
Yumeko Rirī (1 month ago)
How does she go through school not being able to write properly
Clover The Puppy Dog (1 month ago)
I love the way Fluttershy just Slide down On the lockers When Sunset was *Bulling* her
Lucas Liso (1 month ago)
Watching this today is hard to remember what a bitch Sunset Shimmer used to be...
Mario the fat Plumber (1 month ago)
Sunset Shimmer is the total best one with the others ever.
Koela Nishiroza (1 month ago)
this scene reminds me of the first time they met😂
T_ek GT (1 month ago)
So why don't they just TELL on SUNSET for being BULLY -.-
James Klindt (1 month ago)
Angel Homesicle (1 month ago)
Fluttershy is all of us. Loves animals, and doesnt care at all for social life.
Its Kaitlin (1 month ago)
Fluttershy is really beautiful😘😘😍😍
Aqua Tsubaki (1 month ago)
seeing this after season 8 is as weird as seeing Twilight without wings.
Susan Munoz (1 month ago)
The ink demon love fluttershy 😈👩💏❤❤😍😍💏👫💑💘
Piper Sprague (1 month ago)
Excuse me
Madeleine Innes (1 month ago)
1:20 yes my name is Twilight. Hahaha 🤣🤣🤣
The JetSetter (1 month ago)
ZALFA VIANA (1 month ago)
I like letupita channel
Jam Pablo (1 month ago)
Arselin Nala (1 month ago)
I love my little pony
nor hidaya md said (2 months ago)
Hello twinlight
mila obligar (2 months ago)
Fluttershy is cute
Dahl zenun (2 months ago)
Two friends but more
Amanda T (2 months ago)
Its their first meeting all over again! Fluttershy was just as shy then. xD
Fading Jaybird (2 months ago)
What happened to Twilight's glasses?
Jason Harris (2 months ago)
Twilight does wear glasses. Just not THIS Twilight.
Diamond Bliss Art (2 months ago)
The equestria girls series has been really forced nowadays
Vũ Xuân (2 months ago)
Spike is more cuter than Fluttershy
Vũ Xuân (2 months ago)
Sunset Shimmer stop bullying Flutter Shy Now! Don't let us to use the hard way
Mira (2 months ago)
I thought the crown went through the gate then Suset Shimmer passed. Why did Fluttershy pick it up this morning and Suset shimmer had already dominated the school?
Random person 012 (2 months ago)
I love how they recreated how they met
Princess Arnasan (2 months ago)
Not just fluttershy is beautyful there all beautyful
Joann Plays Roblox (2 months ago)
Apparently Twilight knows a school in Ponyville but she doesn’t know what a school and principal is in the ‘human‘ school.
Caleb Keim (2 months ago)
yakydaboss (2 months ago)
i know right
Sudeyse 0230 (2 months ago)
Hey. Mama. Og
sierra stanley (2 months ago)
Is it me, or is anyone else just waiting for Discord to suddenly show up? I really want to see Discord in Equestria girls and friends with Fluttershy! XD
0:33 How Dare You!
まるく (2 months ago)
Khải Nguyễn (2 months ago)
Mình thích Equestria Girls
wittle puppy (2 months ago)
When fluttershy says he is so cute she sounds like minnie
Tanner grinzel (2 months ago)
Twilight Sparkle then got glasses she had because she needed them to see
Maria Fe Pugosa (2 months ago)
Fluttershy is realy cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute than ever like this 👸👯👸
dag1984 (2 months ago)
0:07 This little moment right here is adorable and shows attention to detail. Twilight instinctively bringing her hand up to where her pony ears would be but having to locate her human ears a second later.
jihyobubbles (2 months ago)
this rlly reminds of me twilight’s and fluttershy’s first meeting in ponyville !! heh
meranela filimaua (2 months ago)
Suck Sunset, Strong Twily and Sweet Flutters! Like if you agree!😃
anywho lion Kopa (2 months ago)
Sunset really has come along way, hasn't she?
Lidia Stepaniak (2 months ago)
Got the Josie 😅
Z Q (2 months ago)
Their meetup is just like the pony version XD
xX_Angel Plays_Xx (3 months ago)
But won’t the pets suffocate in the backpacks if they stay in there for too long?
love myself (3 months ago)
This dude locked him self in a locker she must be pretty scar🙈
Ruby The Artist (3 months ago)
I’m having serious Deja Vu...
MUF FEH (3 months ago)
Mahbubur Rahman (3 months ago)
Ok, Fluttershy in human is so beautiful
Sophia N (3 months ago)
Why does sunset shimmer have to do sooo mean to flutter shy
Paul Espino (3 months ago)
Twilight sparkle is so beautiful
Greeny Green Verse (3 months ago)
Just asking this show have 2 twilight, how do i know if it is princess twilight and human twilight? I only know the human twilight have nerdy glass
image one (3 months ago)
Fluttershy I love u and ur pets!!!!!!!!!!!
Sajid Samoon (3 months ago)
How come in every Highschool movie the lockers are like so long...
Equestria girls 262 (3 months ago)
Poor flutter
Poor fluttershy..2:36
Gaminglord829 Sidious (3 months ago)
I would love to be Twilight in this situation and stand up to Sunset Shimmer because she doesn't have the right to treat people like this in MLP EG!
Andrea Orr (3 months ago)
I love sunset shimmer when she was arrogant
Red Foxley Games (3 months ago)
How do you stop Fluttershys heartbreaking cry? Throw a crown at her
Mahbubur Rahman (3 months ago)
Are you SURE this is Sunset? She’s had 2 outfit changes since her debut, and she was a selfish brat in the first movie
Jennie From mars (3 months ago)
Spike shouldve chewed her leg like a toy😂😂
Roblox Studio (3 months ago)
ZAIRYL ADENA (3 months ago)
poor fluttershy.
Joshua Orro (3 months ago)
Twilight’s meeting with Human Fluttershy is pretty similar to how she met Pony Fluttershy in the first episode
Nazroy Naz (3 months ago)
Good!! I like twinght sparkle
Steven Gachaverse (3 months ago)
2:32 poor fluttershy
Lexie Lovett (3 months ago)
0:12 Awe Fluttershy looks so cute :) <3
i would help working at a animal chelter
*-* JulyPuffball *-* (3 months ago)
This is like the first episode of My Little Pony when Fluttershy sees Spike
Giovanna Ines (3 months ago)
1:21 ternurita
TadTheMerchant Playz (3 months ago)
0:14 Fluttershy Is SOO CUTE
Andrea Orr (3 months ago)
I love sunset shimmer she's so shallow
nair rodrigues (3 months ago)
Flutter shy is right it does not belong to sunset shimmer
Paul Espino (4 months ago)
I like Fluttershy equestria girls i dont like pony Fluttershy she is ugly
Dark weiss (4 months ago)
At 1:20, that scene reminds me of the episode when Twilight meets Fluttershy.
XxMissLileLlxX -Derp (4 months ago)
So nobody in the school has self defense?
Awesome Ellie applejack snd rarity and pinke and rainbow dash might do.
XxMissLileLlxX -Derp (4 months ago)
Damn just looking at everyones face makes me look at sunset as a tiger and the other students rabbits while Twilight is a fox XD ( A fox that does not eat rabbits )
XxMissLileLlxX -Derp (4 months ago)
She sounds so diffrent ;-; And I never noticed that when I watched this show in my childhood.. and just by looking at the comments it seems like teenagers or big kids still watch this show? SUPRISING
مصارعه خطيره (4 months ago)
Gacha Dxnizzx (4 months ago)
Angel never change
TiqaCup (4 months ago)
1:20 LOL

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