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Are men or women more intelligent? | Bruce Carlson | TEDxBrentwoodCollegeSchool

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Is this humourous talk, Bruce examines some truths… Men have been running the show for 6 million years. Women are more emotional than men. We can all agree that men are physically stronger than women. Has that set the template for inter-gender relationships more than anything else? Men are from Mars women are from Venus. The education system of the Industrial revolution trained intellects and created generations of intellectually overbuilt and emotionally underdeveloped men. However, Genetics tells us we are identical. Very smart people can do very dumb things. When emotions are combined with the intellect in the right way, at the right time, in the right amount we create intelligence and meaning. Is the real question, can men learn something from women? Graduate of Brentwood 1964. Father of 7 children, 5 girls and 2 boys. On the board of the school for over 20 years and am the immediate past Chair. I have been consulting with companies globally in the areas leadership development, team building, and organization change for over 35 years. Bruce is the co-author of “The Power to Change”, which has been translated for 20 different countries. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx
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Amber xx (1 day ago)
to all of those saying 'men invented everything' there are reasons for that : 1. women are pre occupied with children so have less time on their hands 2. for a long time in history women were not given opportunities such as not being allowed to vote ect so they weren't given a chance or say in society 3. its only been some decades since women have more rights so women getting better is going to be a gradual process to undo societies previous restrictions so thats why there hasn't been much change yet 4. there are women who have discovered things too like Rosalind franklin discovery has contributed to the discovery of dna intelligence doesn't have a gender and the ones who are less intelligent are quick to think they are more intelligent than a lot of people this is simply a fact non of the men in these comments have discovered or invented anything and yet feel the need to comment on this video how men are better than women because men are the inventors
Amber xx (16 hours ago)
Mr.Coffin Gaard3N yes but being a genius is a minority and i wasn't saying that most women are just average i just meant that there isn't much variation in iqs that go to the extremes that would skew the results
Mr.Coffin Gaard3N (18 hours ago)
Amber xx yeah i know, but The amount of people with High iq’s is more important than The people with average iq’s AS They are less likely to contribute to society The same way
Amber xx (18 hours ago)
Mr.Coffin Gaard3N ok but a few points doesn't really make much difference in a large population and the average iq is only higher because of those geniuses mens average iq scores can vary from very low to very high while women have less variation of iqs so majority are average rather than really low or really high but men have more outliers which makes the average higher so even though there are more geniuses in men which makes the average higher there are also more really unintelligent men more than there are very unintelligent women because they have a bigger range of iqs if you get what i mean so iq is more complex than just an average
Mr.Coffin Gaard3N (21 hours ago)
Amber xx my iq is documented to be 140 and i can tell you that men are for sure smarter. On average we are a few iq points above as well as The highest iq’s discovered are all men. Edit : typo
ahmad dictator (5 days ago)
Those Dajjal antichrist worshipers are trying to turn men into women, and turn women into men.
L M (7 days ago)
Sure men invented a lot of things back then cause women couldn’t they didn’t have access to school and everything they were forced to clean and do "what women where supposed to do"
Mafalda Araujo (1 day ago)
@Raa16 Women aren't as good as soldiers since men are biologically stronger, however they can be just as good commanders, since that's related more to intelegence than to physical strength. I also don't think women would have "conquered" the new world, since they aren't as violent as men, I think they would find more pacific ways to interact with the new countries that didn't envolve violence. Imagine women fighting in WWII and in the Civil War? You know those were caused by men in power right? So those probably wouldn't have happened. Also, lots of women did fight in WWII, there were lots of groups that rebelled against the nazis and helped defeat them, there were women in those group that were extremely important like Nancy Wake. I won't comment on the Civil War since I'm not American and uneducated on the matter. "All civilisations that empowered women failed" Just look at countries nowadays. The countries with gender equality are doing much better than the ones that only empower men. I don't want a society that only cares about women. A want a society where men and women are both empowered and treated equally. I want a society that combines men's strength (since they are proven to be incredibly strong, doing much better in sports) and women's brains (since women on average are slightly more intelligent, do better in college/schools, have higher EQ and their IQ average is also rising way faster than the male one since the liberation.) I want a society where women and men work together. Because, let's be real, if oppression never happened, society would be much more developed. Just imagine what things could have been different and much better we would all be if our ancestors didn't oppress and kill others.
Raa16 (1 day ago)
@Mafalda Araujo Women aren't even net contributors now. The average woman receives more from the government than they put in through taxes over the course of their lifetime. In general, women simply are not as good as men as soldiers, commanders, protectors of borders, or law enforcement. "Women could have build, protected and maintened a society as well." That is so unrealistic. Just imagine women conquering the new world, fighting the civil war, and fighting in the trenches of WWI. Imagine female stone masons, knights, conquistadors, etc. There is a reason why the Greek Amazons(or any other civilization that empowered women) were eventually conquered and wiped out. There is a reason none of them made it. Why don't you learn from that reason instead of just repeating the same mistakes?
Mafalda Araujo (1 day ago)
@Raa16 also, the whole men vs women in an island thing. Those aren't women, those are priveleged bitches who never to do anything by themselves, as a woman, I'm ashamed of them. I, a teenager, could get a group with my friends and do better than those girls they clearly know nothing about basic survival skills
Mafalda Araujo (1 day ago)
@Raa16 Women could have build, protected and maintened a society as well.
male have big brain than woman it true its not lies or fake
Jiren The gray (17 days ago)
This is not even a discussion lol, scientifically it has been proven multiple times that men are smarter and stronger.
nathanlief (18 days ago)
When women wanted to join the work force, men had to invent "Human Resources" just to give women the ability to do something because men already had everything under control. Ask your selves one question, since we basically invented something we did not need to help women feel involved in business, do you enjoy how well your "Human Resources" operates? Does your Human Resources magically work when no other mostly women based made up need for operation of a business flow smoothly?
Ujjayant Goswami (3 hours ago)
Katie DeMarco (18 days ago)
Men are smarter than women. It's obvious.
ambellina miles (2 hours ago)
@Ujjayant Goswami a and an are basically the same thing. may i remind you that im still in school and its 1:32 in the morning, or do i need to explain it better to get it threw your thick minded head?
Ujjayant Goswami (2 hours ago)
@ambellina miles AN* honest Not A
ambellina miles (2 hours ago)
@Ujjayant Goswami well, my finger slipped and its 1:17 at night a honest mistake
amiMUSH (18 days ago)
Serious enquiries. I will watch and try to determine whether valid peer reviewed scientific evidences are given and if I miss one please comment for me. (I mean it genuinely, as I might miss some because of subjectivity). Also please inform me also on methodology used to determine intellect of men and women.
Jake Nangle (7 days ago)
amiMUSH you used such articulate language nobody bothered to try. :)
Ujjayant Goswami (18 days ago)
Men are easily the superior gender 😂😂 Is that need a debate for that !? Hahaha.
Ujjayant Goswami (4 hours ago)
@ambellina miles Debate it..than Why are you even going for some history book... Btw even in history books women were portrayed as wimps. Men are warriors by nature, they fight for their country, protect it to keep their Women and children safe...Men have a huge contribution to this society, why can't you just accept it and appreciate the sacrifice that men did & still do ? ..THIS EGO will lead you to nowhere.~
ambellina miles (8 hours ago)
oh its up for debate. open a history book. women are stronger
TOM PREE (23 days ago)
if man truly real man will be imprisoned more look at it my invent vehicle man invent eyeglass we invent truck bus by car house play aircraft rocket screen monitor camera even the TV that you're on so why don't give credit where credit is due
Camryn VB (28 days ago)
women are more intelligent
ambellina miles (2 hours ago)
@Raa16 Oof
Raa16 (2 hours ago)
@ambellina miles No, I am not against girls. You just don't understand how important the mothers role is/was. Imagine starting civilization over again and you are part of a tribe with several other tribes around you. Your tribe empowers women and as consequence the fertility rate goes down and you have a smaller amount of kids every generation. Infant survival rate is 50%, combine that with no medical knowledge, unforgiving winters, famine, droughts, plagues, territory disputes, etc. Now while your tribe is either shrinking or barely replacing itself in population every generation, imagine other tribes around you that do not empower women and are multiplying every generation. They are expanding and conquering. Are you starting to see the situation there? Eventually whats going to happen to your tribe?
ambellina miles (2 hours ago)
Raa16 (3 hours ago)
@ambellina miles If you had the chance you would have been conquered by a different society that doesn't have womens empowerment.
ambellina miles (8 hours ago)
@Raa16 stoupid. if you even manged to read a history book you would also know that women were not aloud to do all the stuff men could do. if we did have the chance the world would be a much better place
Trinity Livingston (29 days ago)
Most men are stronger than women and all men and women are smart in their own ways. Many men usually have less common sense and women have more. It's really more complex than you think, but it's mostly men who are more advantageous in many ways physically, mentally, and smart wise.😗😗
Trinity Livingston (11 days ago)
@girl gamer proof that girls can play game most aren't stronger than a man though because men have testosterone which contributes to them being stronger than women.
Women are strong but some of them are girly girl
Jiren The gray (17 days ago)
With the common sense criteria hmm IDK tbh, Men are way more logical than women and that is why most of the best chess players are men, but women have better memories and are better at reading
Cepheus (1 month ago)
The answer is men and the reason is at 1:20.
Cepheus (4 days ago)
@Mercuria 2 That's an incredibly brash statement from only having read a time stamp.
Mercuria 2 (4 days ago)
Cepheus that is an incredibly broad statement for watching just 2 minutes of content.
Men are smarter and stronger, woman however are more emotional and creative! Plus maybe a tiny bit more of common sense. I would rather that then strength and intelligence. I do not believe we are the same, but neither of us is "better" it can depend on the person. We need each other! if woman were the same emotion and creativity wouldn't exist. And if men didn't exist then we wouldn't be able to protect our self! We are all better at different things! Treat each other with equality and don't be sexist to EITHER gender! We are not the same, we are better at different things!
@Mafalda Araujo Really? Oh ok, after doing some research after this Comment I have discovered that, thanks!
Mafalda Araujo (1 day ago)
Actaully, women are usually smarter. Men are usually stronger, there are tons of studies made on this subject that came to the same conclusions. Just stating facts
Raa16 (1 month ago)
Women need men. Men can get by okay without women. Men are better than women on average. For every one trait women have that exceeds men, there are 5 other ones men have that exceed women. "We are all better at different things! Treat each other with equality and don't be sexist to EITHER gender! " Are you familiar with 1st wave feminism? Because that kind of talk is exactly what led to our current problems.
saif saif (1 month ago)
Can we all just shut up and say everyone is equal just make everyone happy ok ...
Raa16 (4 days ago)
@Mercuria 2 The point of my comment is to show how untenable and how death ensuing that choice is. You cannot legislate equality for men and women. You would have to give unfair advantages to women while also placing more responsibility on men for that to possibly happen which will result in death.
Mercuria 2 (4 days ago)
Raa16 well you literally just described the exact thing feminists are striving for. So yes, women who want equality will be happy. That’s what this men and women argument is about in the first place.
Abraham Alaniz (1 month ago)
saif saif that’s a lie though
Raa16 (1 month ago)
Women, happy? Come on You can entirely rework society for the sole purpose of benefiting women, they will still be unhappy. They will even resent and hate the men giving them all these gifts, and vote for immigrants and even enemy’s into the country to replace the men.
K G (1 month ago)
Men are way more intelligent. The only way women are more intelligent is in relationship because they conniving
Mafalda Araujo (1 day ago)
Actaully, statistics and studies show that women are smarter in average. Just like men are stronger in average.
Trinity Livingston (29 days ago)
And some women have more common sense and that's about it. I don't think women really realize how powerful men can be smart wise and strength wise.
Jamie Smith (1 month ago)
the reason women are so in-decisive and randomly stop talking to guys in a relationship is because they can’t see the big picture because they have lower spatial reasoning abilities than men
Amber xx (1 day ago)
actually people who have a hard time making decisions tend to be more intelligent because they are aware of the risks instead of being impulsive
Raa16 (1 month ago)
They also are naturally risk aversive and don’t like personal responsibility.
Michel Hebou (1 month ago)
fysical strenght has nothing to do with politics. nice try..
Raa16 (3 days ago)
@Mercuria 2 Yes, women are fine in traditional patriarchal societies where the negative aspects of their nature is checked. Western women would be fine again if traditional western patriarchy was restored. That however provides no invalidation about my claims regarding human nature.
Mercuria 2 (4 days ago)
Raa16 never heard of those instincts being ‘biological’. They are more to do with the woman’s background, parental figures and culture etc. The idea of women needing to be protected is not engrained wholly in DNA.
Raa16 (1 month ago)
@Michel Hebou Women have biological instincts to be protected and provided for. That is what the left offers in the form of the welfare state and the police state. They also have misplaced motherly instincts that drive them to help immigrants. If needed I can provide evidence for this. You know, Muslims didn't flood into Sweden because the men suddenly started feeling large compassion for people 100-500 miles away.
Michel Hebou (1 month ago)
@Raa16 no it does not
Raa16 (1 month ago)
All around inherent gender differences do have quite a lot to do with politics actually.
Devon35 (1 month ago)
What have woman done ? Men build the building`s , the planes, the design etc that goes into it all . In history they have done not much actually.
vedrusa (25 days ago)
@HxA California "you all"...a classic generalization of a hopeless misogynist. Im happy that the majority of men are not like you.
HxA California (25 days ago)
vedrusa The classic response . You are a predictable young lady. Very interesting how you all go straight to that rebuttal. Hahahahahaha
vedrusa (25 days ago)
@HxA California sounds like someone has a broken heart...pooor baby
HxA California (25 days ago)
vedrusa Women are the easiest to manipulate and deceive so I'll always be okay. Thanks for the wishful luck, babe.
vedrusa (25 days ago)
@HxA California bitter :) good luck finding a loving woman with that attitude
Hannah K (2 months ago)
50% of the comments seem to address all of the hysterical feminists in the comment section, but I’ve seen maybe 3 women comment and I’ve been scrolling for 5 minutes. Interesting.
Trinity Livingston (29 days ago)
Alot of the women especially are going crazy in the comments section actually.
Fozza (2 months ago)
Wait, it just got to me that feelings dont come from the heart. The heart is just an organ, so how did the heart become a stample for emotions?
r3e (2 months ago)
My own reasons why men are more physically and intellectually superior than women. 1. Mens' discoveries and inventions dwarved those of womens' (Men have more convenient inventions than women but women have also too.) 2. Men are better than most sports and mind sports, examples are: Chess, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Football, etc. 3. Men are more recognizable for being the best at some genre like at math or science. Examples: Albert Einstein, Aristotle, Galileo Galilei, etc. These are my reasons why men are better intellectually and physically. Feel free to reply
Amber xx (1 day ago)
being good at sports is a physical skill not an intellectual skill lol
Mercuria 2 (4 days ago)
r3e then if men can do all that then what am I supposed to do? Aimlessly walk around on earth unable to do anything without the aid of men? That sounds boring.
Raa16 (1 month ago)
@Epic Rants "why would you general a society that's based specification of the individual" Yeah and it worked before, for people responsible for themselves. Women are dependent on men and men are responsible for women. "each person plays a certain role" Only mens taxes matter. Women receive more from the government than they ever put in through taxes over the course of their lifetime. "its difficult to assess all of them at once and frankly futile" Muslims are doing it right now and its working for them. "it's true in general but when looked at in more specific situations it's not" That doesn't invalidate the rule. You cannot build or maintain society on a fraction of women that are a small minority of the population. " i think if you found men or women who are physically and mentally prepared for such scenarios you would find that they both succeeded in surviving" That is called cherry picking and you think it supports your position when it does not. This concept:Some women can compete and succeed as much as men Doesn't prove this concept: Women are equal and just as important as men.
Epic Rants (1 month ago)
@Raa16 why would you general a society that's based specification of the individual, each person plays a certain role, its difficult to assess all of them at once and frankly futile, it's like that paygap argument, yes it's true in general but when looked at in more specific situations it's not, I dont think most people in general are fit to survive on a deserted island, i think if you found men or women who are physically and mentally prepared for such scenarios you would find that they both succeeded in surviving
Scarlet Moonlight (2 months ago)
Men have physical power & mathematical reasoning , women are intuitive & rational. Both equally intelligent, but, women have a slight lead because of natural intuition.
ambellina miles (8 hours ago)
@Raa16 the real question is, what are you smoking? have you not heard all the things women have done? men have done more important things because back then girls did not have the chance to, and we would be running the world having you pathetic people knelling at are feet. so i suggest you shut that little mouth of yours and DONT open it again. thank you
Gabriel Tejada (2 months ago)
Scarlet Moonlight women.....more rational? That’s a laugh 😆
Raa16 (2 months ago)
Of all qualities to give women to make it seem like they are equal to men, you decide on rationality and intuition? What are you smoking? Do you want to be shown some of the countless studies that come to the conclusion that men are more rational than women?
Socratic Life (2 months ago)
This man is trying way too hard to prove his point. Smdh!!!
Ganga Palakatiya (3 months ago)
The reason is that the men are performers nt boasters and much selfless and respect women thats why non of them raised their hands when saying men are better but with women different story.
42start1 (3 months ago)
Men created the modern world.
Mercuria 2 (4 days ago)
42start1 I’m not sure if you’re saying that’s a good thing or not😂
The Best Of Cartoons (3 months ago)
All the woman are like I think I missed the part where he says we’re smarter... There not
Bob Ross (1 month ago)
"There not" And yet I can use the correct form of "They're" hmm, maybe, just maybe, you're generalizing things here
kshitij924 (2 months ago)
vedrusa p Proof?
Raa16 (2 months ago)
The Best Of Cartoons Don’t bother. Women are a lost cause. They key to saving society is red pilling men. A janitor helps and compliments a CEO however the janitor is not equal to the CEO nor does the janitor deserve the same privileges the CEO has earned. Women understand this when it comes to business, but when its the sexes, they really trip up.
vedrusa (3 months ago)
@The Best Of Cartoons Men build buildings, but women are much better at communication and advancing human interractions and cooperation. Do you think men created everything in the old times? When archeologists discover some ancient pots or primitive ceramics, do u think it was men who created it? Since women were in charge of cooking and fire in general? Not to mention healing powers of herbs, looms, grain-grinders, knives, food preserving technology, tannig methods, btw women hunted too, not only men, but it was predominantly a male thing. Women contributed tremendously to the technology through the early Neolithic.
NoobSkillz Gaming (3 months ago)
Men commenting "men are better" seem to be more emotional than women 😂😂
Mafalda Araujo (1 day ago)
@Visor Seen men aren't smarter dude. I'm not sexist, I live men. But statistics prove you wrong. Men are stronger and women are smarter.
YerBoiBruh (3 months ago)
Until World war 1 at least
YerBoiBruh (3 months ago)
You know what weird. Women would just stay at home have babies and stay home while men did all the hard work. WHY DO YOU GUYS WANNA DO THE HARD WORK WHEN YOU ALL HAVE IT EASY.
Do you think housework is easy is actually so hard
Bob Ross (1 month ago)
@Gabriel Tejada I do think some woman in the past liked the stay at home lifestyle, but what I'm trying to say is, don't compare men and women. It's possible the interests of many men (not all) are different to the interests of many woman (Not all), but I don't think it's possible to judge which gender is superior since one can't rely without the other. I also don't understand when you say "they often cannot handle the responsibility that comes with the authority they're given," can you please provide an example?
Gabriel Tejada (1 month ago)
Bob Ross if you’re referring to women in general then it may surprise you that lots of women in the past before feminism didn’t find it boring in fact they were MUCH happier compared to the women of today’s world since modern women have proven that they often cannot handle the responsibility that comes with the authority they’re given (I say given because most women don’t earn these positions since feminism just hands it over to them like nothing).
Bob Ross (1 month ago)
Hardcore feminists are just blinded by their crazy conceptions and beliefs. But honestly, would you want to stay at home all day? That would get boring. Just let people do whatever they want as long as they're aren't blowing up buildings or something
YerBoiBruh (3 months ago)
Men don't waste your time showing that Men have done a lot and are smarter. 50 women will reply to your comment because they say think they are smarter
Ujjayant Goswami (3 hours ago)
@ambellina miles 🤣🤣😂😂 That JOKE" just made my day. Thanks for the laughter , now I can laugh at you in my free times.
ambellina miles (8 hours ago)
one time this guy meet a genie. so the genie granted him one wish. the guy wished to be smarter then anybody on earth, so the genie turned him into a woman. think about that yerbiobruh
incognito mode (1 day ago)
@Trinity Livingston good to see someone who's not wasting time to find an answer . But I think men and women both have different abilities .Men have the ability to start from nothing and create huge empires . But women have good communication skills and ability to solve disputes . I think men's rational thinking can become aggressive and lead to wars , also women's abilities should be used . Women should be given more opportunities in governance . But again women need to show interest in these issues bcoz no is going to handover the power straight into their hands . Both men and women need to change .
Ailee Georsua (3 months ago)
If men are more intelligent, I wonder how girls gets good grades in school than men?
You know why most of the American girls don't have good grades said that's what my cousin say
Englishsea24 (23 days ago)
Girls develop language skills earlier than boys, as well as interpersonal skills. This gives them great advantage in reading and articulation as well as group discussions, essentially learning parrot fashion and using memory, thus getting good grades. Boys at school tend to work more independantly (if not, they're more disruptive) This has nothing to do with intelligence, or actually understanding a subject. I noticed when I was at college on an access to science course too that boys grades were typically higher than girls, despite there being less boys, and that girls seemed largely clueless when asked to give explainations. I think by this age boys language and cognitive skills are fully developed, and they are able to articulate what they are thinking more. This is obvious when you ask the question: are we the same? No we are definately not. Boys and girls certainly learn differently, always have always will its not a bad thing and it needs to be acknowedged by the education system
Daniel Teelan (1 month ago)
Yeah but girls actually try at school most boys do not
Rushil Desai (1 month ago)
Ailee Georsua the past 7 valedictorian and salutatorians were all boys, and we generally have more girls than boys at my school 🤷‍♂️.
Gourav Kumar Parida (2 months ago)
Geting good grades is completely diffrent from intelligence. If you are talking about memory power then yes i believe women are better than men in it
Haris Zia (3 months ago)
many men invented things belonging to remote areas never went to school.actually there were no schools universities back then still men invented and discovered all the things men are superior
vedrusa (13 days ago)
@Swett those were imported patriarchies from the east, Im talking about other european nations.
Swett (13 days ago)
@vedrusa Well look at Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome they were not only Patriarchal but very hard Patriarchy, read about the indo-europeans the ancestors of modern Europeans were a warlike Patriarchal race.
moosio rend (3 months ago)
Men are better 100/100
Gabriel Tejada (10 days ago)
vedrusa hun you really don’t know what trolling is do you? I’ve seen bad trolls that would probably walk circles around you despite not being good at trolling. Just do yourself a favor and call it quits 😉
vedrusa (10 days ago)
@Gabriel Tejada yes I am sweetie, but unlike others I dont need to post pictures of me, I just like to argue with trolls.
Gabriel Tejada (10 days ago)
vedrusa hun you do realize that this very website is used a lot by many forms of social media and other networks or are you not aware of that? 😆
vedrusa (11 days ago)
@Gabriel Tejada I dont need any attention from guys, Im not even on social media :)
Gabriel Tejada (11 days ago)
vedrusa the only one acting hysterical here is you little ms, if all guys even ignored you for one week you would lose your mind on not getting any attention hun 😉
kshitij924 (3 months ago)
Off course men are superior,we are inventors,warriors,discovers.
vedrusa (17 days ago)
@Jiren The gray sure, men are better at focusing, not gonna argue
Jiren The gray (17 days ago)
@vedrusa Of course it's not, but if we're talking about communication skills a man is designed to be superior in that regard even way before when we were in caverns, hunting in collective requires a really good co-ordination
vedrusa (17 days ago)
@Jiren The gray life is not just sports
Jiren The gray (17 days ago)
@vedrusa Women are not better at communication lmao, that is the biggest blatant lie I've heard, in terms of social interaction yes! But in terms of coordination and collective unit THEY'RE NOT, Women are more social than men, but indeed in sports that require a good mindset and communcation skills like for example soccer you'll a see a massive difference between men and women lol, teams like the best female soccer team (USA) got beaten by a bunch of u17 boys 7-0.
vedrusa (1 month ago)
btw only a year ago a woman discovered protein that suppresses cancer cells, just one example
merciful Lord (3 months ago)
In chess, intelligent game show men are unbeatable by womaen
Mary Smith pretty (1 day ago)
@Mafalda Araujo ok no problem
Mafalda Araujo (1 day ago)
@Mary Smith pretty I mean, it's not an opinion but thanks for being polite. It's hard to find peacefil people nowadays
Mary Smith pretty (1 day ago)
@Mafalda Araujo no problem
Mary Smith pretty (1 day ago)
@Mafalda Araujo ok that's your opinion.
Mafalda Araujo (1 day ago)
@Mary Smith pretty Statistics and studies show that women are a smarter just like they show that men are stronger. Pls don't be rude, I'm just stating facts.
sunday eze (3 months ago)
William James sidis had an IQ of 250 and above,Terence tao 230 above,Christopher hirata 220 and above,and maryline von savant 190.Then tell me what you think from this result .😂😂😂
Englishsea24 (3 months ago)
@vedrusa Mens history is more lengthy, diverse and complex than womens, which is why its so hard for people to describe and put men into a nutshell so to speak. So we simply nowadays choose to focus on mens bad points and ignore the rest. Example being men had to do reckless things to discover new things. Womens history is fairly recent so thats why its easier to forgive women of any bad things they may do, and see them striving to acheive as a good thing. Intelligence is nothing different in the genders, but curiousity and bravery is, which men seemed to have more of in the past
vedrusa (3 months ago)
I think men and women are equally smart, but more genuises and more idiots are born as men.
water bucket (4 months ago)
Who invented the stuff that caused global warming Men
Gabriel Tejada (1 month ago)
Devon35 They can’t make men without mating with them smartass 😆
Devon35 (1 month ago)
Woman , because they make the men :-)
Gabriel Tejada (2 months ago)
water bucket no just men, the women are just there to take the credit from the men that put their lives on the line for the greater good of our species which also unfortunately includes delusional folks like you.
Englishsea24 (3 months ago)
However all humans including women still make use of the benefits of stuff that creates global warming, and still contributes to including things that increase global warming: Human population
Jerome Truitt (4 months ago)
Want to know who is smarter, just look at STEM fields. Women have had their educational freedom for over 30 years, yet they STILL account for less than 20% of STEM jobs, and what's more is that they aren't even enrolling in the courses for these fields as they only account for 35% of STEM undergrads even though they get more degrees than men.
Gabriel Tejada (2 months ago)
vedrusa yeah blame nature when it’s convenient for you or for your case when you have no real answers for your claims.
vedrusa (2 months ago)
@Gabriel Tejada its the nature´s fault, try to learn to read other people´s comments before answering thx.
Gabriel Tejada (2 months ago)
vedrusa you’ve got no one to blame but yourselves, women choosing not to be part of stem fields despite having the degrees for them is their own fault no one else’s or nature for that matter.
vedrusa (3 months ago)
@Jerome Truitt its natures fault, we are motivated by our urges, biology wants women to be teachers, nurses or models. It has nothing to do with intelligence. Same thing as with heroes. Men act like heroes usually only around women and it works cuz it increases their attractiveness. Female heroes dont increase their attractiveness.
vedrusa (3 months ago)
@Jerome Truitt Reproductive system is to blame. Because Phd guys and captains are alluring for women, girls with phd or a degree in general are not more alluring to guys, studies show.
Nataak (4 months ago)
Honestly seems like the comments section is filled with overly emotional men who are upset that anyone would think women and men are equally intelligent. This is exactly what the speaker was pointing out.
K G (1 month ago)
@ThatSadFrogMemeakaPepeTheFrog why do people have to show evidence when u not going to believe the evidence anyway?? Why not look it up yourself. And if u say u don't have too, that proves u don't want to know the truth about men or women is smarter
vedrusa (1 month ago)
@Coolz no, those studies were trying to establish a link between height and intelligence, thats why they needed ppl of the same height
Coolz (1 month ago)
@vedrusa it's not really fair to compare the intelligence of a man that is the same height as a women because men are genetically taller. For a fair comparison, you'll need to find a man who is a bit taller than the women.
vedrusa (2 months ago)
@Gabriel Tejada as I mentioned, read the book by James Flynn and google iq height and gender..for example on ncbi :) Facts dont care about your feelings honey :)
Gabriel Tejada (2 months ago)
vedrusa no you aren’t smarter than men and you never will be no matter how many times feminists tries to cover it up while forcing people into spreading misinformation on the economics and reproductive dynamics on humanity and civilizations.
bilzo g252 (4 months ago)
100% of women wish they were born a man. Feminism is just women being self conscious of their gender
ambellina miles (8 hours ago)
oh, shut up! its women fighting for their right to do the same ting as men!
Amber xx (1 day ago)
dumbest comment i have read and men are meant to be more intelligent lol 😂
Souhi Awake (4 months ago)
So let me tell u smth the physical strength of men is the factor that shutted down women's intelligence if men nd women were physically equivalent than We'd do the same things We were created to work together nd in harmony not to fight who's smarter nd who's better if u shut ur emotions u'll be an intellectual half inelegant nd if u shut ur intellect u'll become more emotional half inelegant so thru all these years we've been growing half inetelegant apart science proved that women r stronger medically than men We r equal
Red Fox (1 day ago)
oh i see your so "intelegent"
Lei's Lifestyle (4 months ago)
so this is the reason why chinese abortions are nearly all female, but they are still lack of creativity depending on that. white male are awesome. (do not hate me, im just being sarcastic)
Ujjayant Goswami (3 hours ago)
kenshikenji (4 months ago)
women are more hysterical
Scourge Star (4 months ago)
kenshikenji yup it’s only make teens who light themselves on fire. Plus when they’re upset commit public shootings
Simon Jordan (4 months ago)
Isn't it strange that we Have no issue with saying the Jews and Chinese are smarter but saying a man is smarter, which is clearly true, everyone loses there minds
vedrusa (40 minutes ago)
@Ujjayant Goswami Im not a fem, I just hate lies
Ujjayant Goswami (3 hours ago)
@vedrusa _ Literally, feminism has brainwashed you women a lot..
Michael O'Donnell (5 months ago)
Guarantee he dodged the draft
Ali sepehr (5 months ago)
i do not argue that majority of women are smarter than this man . no doubt about that.
stickyfingaz (5 months ago)
“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”
femalien (5 months ago)
Most women are assholes
Frozo 2910 (6 months ago)
Men are better
My mum is ok I am just telling him
Trinity Livingston (11 days ago)
@girl gamer proof that girls can play game what about your mom?
Ur mom??
Trinity Livingston (29 days ago)
K G (1 month ago)
@vedrusa we are not similar as in thinking
Code Smoke (6 months ago)
Lol white men created basketball footy cricket etc, lol and blacks are the ones that mastered it, except soccer, white men are better at that
Best Name (3 months ago)
@Code Smoke You see the World Cup? France's team was looking like that of an African nation...
Code Smoke (4 months ago)
@Scourge Star cool
Scourge Star (4 months ago)
Apex - I’m on a soccer team all boys. I’m the best on my team the most aggressive and the most praised
Fabian Luca (6 months ago)
That’s why men invented everything 🤪🤪🤪shame on everyone
vedrusa (4 days ago)
@Ujjayant Goswami that is your opinion, I have different experience.
Ujjayant Goswami (4 days ago)
@vedrusa .. Lmao.. As per my experience with both man and woman in collage.. I've realised that (I'm being fair). Women are naive in comparison to men in general. A man can cause damage to a women not just physically, but psychological too.. I think in many instances man are wayy superior or women... ALSO the reasoning capabilities of a man can outmatch women...
Daniel Cherisme (6 days ago)
Guys I was jk I am a man and tbh I still think men are smarter
vedrusa (6 days ago)
@P N opinions of a frustrated man are not facts.
elvis daod (6 months ago)
thats why most inventions are made by men
ambellina miles (8 hours ago)
Hassan Radi (3 days ago)
from my understanding men have a wider distribution in the IQ spectrum. Men follow the extremes where the top and bottom 1% are mostly men. Women are more average. This is great for our species as the alpha male usually spreads more of his genes. If it wasn't for this distribution our species would of never been able to move forward and evolve the way it is now.
vedrusa (6 days ago)
@P N how pretentious, and false. In prehistory, men and women were spreading knowledge together.
Flame Rider X (7 months ago)
Why can’t the world go back to the way it was where men and women actually worked together? Men and women are good at different things so they are smart in different ways. They are both like pieces of a puzzle.
Ujjayant Goswami (4 hours ago)
@vedrusa ... Why are you so eager to compete with men ?? Anyways. You will lose no matter what you do. You can't dominate male orientated fields where men are WAYY better.. Be it _ Science, maths, engineering, biology or philosophy.
H1dden Gl0ry (1 month ago)
Water you shouldn’t have to thank a thief for returning your property.
Bobbin' Williams (1 month ago)
vedrusa oh my bad haha
Tritzy [: (7 months ago)
There both smart my opinion
@Keagan Van Dyk no
Trinity Livingston (29 days ago)
Facts beat opinions every time though...😂😂
Salmon Ladder (2 months ago)
@Keagan Van Dyk Yes it is true fact
vedrusa (3 months ago)
@Keagan Van Dyk actually men and women are equally smart.
shweits x (8 months ago)
If women are more intelligent why most of scientists and nobel laureates are males i can't remember a woman who won nobel beside mary cury
דניאל סיידה (8 months ago)
To say that the education system is designed for boys is one of the worst jokes I have heard recently. Girls are more successful at school. Schools do not allow for physical release (more critical in boys), are not built for nonverbal communication, do not learn through doing, increase the weight of homework more and more (boys are more successful on tests, and girls in homework - on average). Etc. etc.
@Keagan Van Dyk lol Teen girls😂
Trinity Livingston (29 days ago)
@Keagan Van Dyk interesting..🤔🤔
Keagan Van Dyk (3 months ago)
More woman failed highschool then men
Tappingall day (4 months ago)
But at the end of the day, it seems men are the most influential ones after they lose their previous restrictions
Fire Bird (8 months ago)
I learnt more on this video than I’ve learnt from two years of school
Trinity Livingston (29 days ago)
@Subscribe to PewDiePie what is?
Subscribe to PewDiePie (6 months ago)
Forget it, it's just brainwashing propaganda.
Mark Landrebe (7 months ago)
?? learnT ??
Abdulmohsen Al-qurashi (8 months ago)
There are more men inventors than women inventors, there you have it.
Aaron Beveridge (1 month ago)
@ensayofr why. It's been 7 months
ensayofr (1 month ago)
@Aaron Beveridge facts are not bias. Your analysis is
vedrusa (2 months ago)
@Lord Vader ignorants
Lord Vader (2 months ago)
vedrusa No, we're just a little puzzled as to why you still think this way.
Keely Kazakova (9 months ago)
He says multiple times men and women are equally intelligent.
vedrusa (3 months ago)
@The REAL Exposing the Joy of Satan well, the book of James Flynn of course, the renowned IQ expert (Are we getting smarter?) Google it.
@vedrusa Really? Do you have any reliable scientific links backing that claim up? The claim that IQ in women is rising? I want to see it.
vedrusa (3 months ago)
@The REAL Exposing the Joy of Satan yeah, there are more geniuses and idiots among men. That doesnt mean all men are smarter :) Many female geniuses were actually denied credit for their work in the past. Female artists were not supported. Women in the past were considered only good for childbearing. Also, 5 points is not that much, if it were 20 points, that would be a huge difference. And remember that female iq has risen up fast and continues to rise since the liberation. I think we are more similar than different.
Hunter Williams-Foust (9 months ago)
Who built the world? There’s your answer.
AidanXD101 (2 days ago)
TOM PREE (8 days ago)
TrPpc 379 (8 days ago)
Who also started all the wars,where thry killed hundreds of thousands of people land,conflicts in the actual world and created all social norms who don't allow anyone besides white straight men to be themselves?
ensayofr (19 days ago)
@Lauren McKay god does not exist dude
TOM PREE (23 days ago)
DAN LEE (9 months ago)
He is informative but a great bore without no humor.
Swat Valley (30 days ago)
Then go to Mr.Bean for the fun !
Mark Landrebe (7 months ago)
-- Double negative, making guys look bad !!
DAN LEE (9 months ago)
I feel like both genders are intelligent in their own right that's why we have genius in both genders.
ensayofr (1 month ago)
That's the point most geniuses are men
Appletree (4 months ago)
Yes you are right we are both capable it is the environment we are raised in and societal gender expectation is what was driving men to be this and women to be that.
Appletree (4 months ago)
@Perfectly Mad So both genders are capable because if you think men are smarter because they are born that way then you would have to explain what makes then smarter than women genetically. So what that being said our environment with genetics shapes our intellect.
Appletree (4 months ago)
@Perfectly Mad Its common sense societal expectation and rearing of men to dominate is the difference between why you see more men doing this than women. It has nothing to do with genetics and women not having the capability to be just as smart. To be truthful if intelligence was solely based on genetics then women would hands down have the advantage and men who are very intelligent based on genetics should be thanking their mothers. So lesson learn being intelligent comes from your environment and your genetics.
VXA (1 year ago)
not since the medieval ages lol ... women were oppressed by men ...but not anymore !!!
kshitij924 (2 months ago)
Scourge Star Charles Babbage invented computer
kshitij924 (2 months ago)
Scourge Star computers and WiFi were both invented by men your just writing bunch of conspiracies.
vedrusa (2 months ago)
@Anar Haji the people who created wifi built on the invention of the actress Hedy Lamarr.
Avin (1 year ago)
just say that men are more intelligent than women.....why the long chat?
Mafalda Araujo (1 day ago)
Well, studies show that women are smarter. All studies about gender and intelligence como to the same conclusions, women are smarter than men and if it wasn't for the oppression that happened due to women being physically weaker, there would be many more women in STEM fields. I'm not saying men aren't smart, men are obviously smart too.
vedrusa (4 days ago)
@Ujjayant Goswami intelligence is NOT ABOUT GENDER!
watermelon seedless (1 year ago)
I didn't need to watch the video to answer the question ❓ Men of course are more intelligent then women, well white men anyway.
Surjith Rock (5 months ago)
@Angy Spin agree if Mary cury do that with all that back in the day "public women compression" then why don't most of the inventions are by men not women like Mary cury??????
Francisco Perez (6 months ago)
You sound like a leftist
Subscribe to PewDiePie (6 months ago)
@Angy Spin On average being the key words here.
Angy Spin (6 months ago)
Mary Cury is the proof women can be extremely intelligent and reach same goals reached by men. Just, luckily for our society we have different ways of thinking and of our brain working. I suggest you to read "A Room of One's Own" written by Virginia Woolf. It is enlightening and more complete than this short ted talk.
Marius Buchheim (1 year ago)
Aless Solis (1 year ago)
Gabriel Tejada (2 months ago)
vedrusa yeah and guess what? competition is what helped built the society we all live in as well as the technologies we benefit from, competition exists for a reason and has a purpose whether you like it or not.
vedrusa (6 months ago)
@H Az women can do everything men can do. They are not ususally in the top positions, because they are at home taking care of kids. Also, men are naturally more competitive because of testosterone.

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