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Are men or women more intelligent? | Bruce Carlson | TEDxBrentwoodCollegeSchool

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Is this humourous talk, Bruce examines some truths… Men have been running the show for 6 million years. Women are more emotional than men. We can all agree that men are physically stronger than women. Has that set the template for inter-gender relationships more than anything else? Men are from Mars women are from Venus. The education system of the Industrial revolution trained intellects and created generations of intellectually overbuilt and emotionally underdeveloped men. However, Genetics tells us we are identical. Very smart people can do very dumb things. When emotions are combined with the intellect in the right way, at the right time, in the right amount we create intelligence and meaning. Is the real question, can men learn something from women? Graduate of Brentwood 1964. Father of 7 children, 5 girls and 2 boys. On the board of the school for over 20 years and am the immediate past Chair. I have been consulting with companies globally in the areas leadership development, team building, and organization change for over 35 years. Bruce is the co-author of “The Power to Change”, which has been translated for 20 different countries. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx
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Text Comments (286)
42start1 (1 day ago)
Men created the modern world.
The Best Of Cartoons (4 days ago)
All the woman are like I think I missed the part where he says we’re smarter... There not
vedrusa (1 day ago)
+42start1 there are currently about 25 female heads of the state, not only in Europe, but also in Africa and Asia. The best european rulers of the last six centuries were women. Should women accept men rule? No. They should accept the rule of competent people.
42start1 (1 day ago)
+vedrusa dont see as many contributions as men, not even close. Just accept men rule. I dont see a women president hmmmmm
vedrusa (2 days ago)
+The Best Of Cartoons Im sorry to disappoint you but scientists say we are equally smart.
The Best Of Cartoons (2 days ago)
vedrusa sorry to inform you but they not I’m not going to lie to you
vedrusa (2 days ago)
women and men are equally smart.
NoobSkillz Gaming (4 days ago)
Men commenting "men are better" seem to be more emotional than women 😂😂
Haris Zia (8 hours ago)
women arent afraid to lie to themselve and actually start believing it too
Visor Seen (4 days ago)
Lol. We're emotional because objective reality is so clear but women are convinced for whatever reason that men aren't smarter. We even have evidence but youre still not convinced. You know what that's called? Injustice. And men are known to get emotional when injustice is served because we have a justice based morality, ironically.
YerBoiBruh (5 days ago)
Until World war 1 at least
YerBoiBruh (5 days ago)
You know what weird. Women would just stay at home have babies and stay home while men did all the hard work. WHY DO YOU GUYS WANNA DO THE HARD WORK WHEN YOU ALL HAVE IT EASY.
YerBoiBruh (5 days ago)
Men don't waste your time showing that Men have done a lot and are smarter. 50 women will reply to your comment because they say think they are smarter
Ailee Georsua (8 days ago)
If men are more intelligent, I wonder how girls gets good grades in school than men?
Haris Zia (8 hours ago)
girls are good at wasting resources they may score high in school but they sucks at engineering medical etc history and future belong to men
Raa16 (5 days ago)
+Ailee Georsua Alright, I tried to be cordial. What quality does women have that can offset disparities in which men have more advantages in strength, agility, constitution, dexterity, rationality, in order to come to the conclusion that men and women are equal? If there is none or its revealed to be not as valuable as the qualities above than men and women are not equal. Pointing to 1 person in history to prove something is a straw man fallacy and it shows who really is uneducated here.
Ailee Georsua (5 days ago)
+Raa16 you don't know Emperor Caligula? What have you done with your education? I thought you are smart becuz you are a boy. 😂 Debunked! Men and women are equal. Your so called general rule just got destroyed.
Raa16 (5 days ago)
+vedrusa There is several articles detailing how school became less test and result oriented to more homework oriented. There is several articles explaining how boys are treated like defective girls in the classroom.
Haris Zia (11 days ago)
many men invented things belonging to remote areas never went to school.actually there were no schools universities back then still men invented and discovered all the things men are superior
Sandra Sandra (5 days ago)
every gender is better at something, intelligence is the same, we are members of the same specie
moosio rend (11 days ago)
Men are better 100/100
vedrusa (5 days ago)
+Raa16 empathy, communication skills, not resolving situation with violence, not taking risk and preferring stability, intelligence is the same
Raa16 (5 days ago)
+vedrusa What quality does women have that can offset disparities in which men have more advantages in strength, agility, constitution, dexterity, rationality, in order to come to the conclusion that men and women are equal?
vedrusa (5 days ago)
+Raa16 by your comments you only prove that men are like children and cant live without female attention ....keep posting :D
Raa16 (5 days ago)
+vedrusa Yes, they are, by every practical standard.
vedrusa (6 days ago)
nobody is better
kshitij924 (21 days ago)
Off course men are superior,we are inventors,warriors,discovers.
kshitij924 (10 days ago)
Haris Zia they still are.
Haris Zia (11 days ago)
ofcourse history doesnt belong to women they are just child making machines
vedrusa (16 days ago)
so are women :) Nobody is superior
merciful Lord (21 days ago)
In chess, intelligent game show men are unbeatable by womaen
vedrusa (6 hours ago)
+Haris Zia go to wikipedia and google female inventions....half of those ladies were denied credit for them.
Haris Zia (8 hours ago)
+vedrusa ok tell me about some woman inventions
vedrusa (5 days ago)
+Raa16 women and men are equally intelligent, many female inventions are a testimony of that, nobody is better. Leave us alone!
Raa16 (5 days ago)
+vedrusa No, people gravitate towards things they have a affinity for. Its just women aren't as good or intelligent.
vedrusa (8 days ago)
participation rates
sunday eze (22 days ago)
William James sidis had an IQ of 250 and above,Terence tao 230 above,Christopher hirata 220 and above,and maryline von savant 190.Then tell me what you think from this result .😂😂😂
Englishsea24 (9 days ago)
@vedrusa Mens history is more lengthy, diverse and complex than womens, which is why its so hard for people to describe and put men into a nutshell so to speak. So we simply nowadays choose to focus on mens bad points and ignore the rest. Example being men had to do reckless things to discover new things. Womens history is fairly recent so thats why its easier to forgive women of any bad things they may do, and see them striving to acheive as a good thing. Intelligence is nothing different in the genders, but curiousity and bravery is, which men seemed to have more of in the past
vedrusa (13 days ago)
I think men and women are equally smart, but more genuises and more idiots are born as men.
saif saif (25 days ago)
Well there is a smarter gende if you learn about the brain you will who it is but o wont or else i will cause WW3
water bucket (26 days ago)
Who invented the stuff that caused global warming Men
Englishsea24 (9 days ago)
However all humans including women still make use of the benefits of stuff that creates global warming, and still contributes to including things that increase global warming: Human population
water bucket (25 days ago)
saif saif men and women are working on it
saif saif (25 days ago)
water bucket youre the one who is complaining about it we are working on a solution if you dont like what we have created stop using it
Jerome Truitt (1 month ago)
Want to know who is smarter, just look at STEM fields. Women have had their educational freedom for over 30 years, yet they STILL account for less than 20% of STEM jobs, and what's more is that they aren't even enrolling in the courses for these fields as they only account for 35% of STEM undergrads even though they get more degrees than men.
Jerome Truitt (15 days ago)
+vedrusa who's fault is that though? The girls just don't wanna do it. They want business sector or social work degrees. STEM is seen as a male thing because most women don't have the propensity for or interest in those areas. They don't want the hard jobs that men are doing.
vedrusa (16 days ago)
+Jerome Truitt exactly, noone is stopping them, its a choice, and that choice is based on the fact that people still see math and science as male thing, thats why they choose other fields.
Jerome Truitt (16 days ago)
+vedrusa What stereotypes exactly? No one is stopping them AT ALL, more women go to college than men and its been that way for almost 20 years, women just aren't enrolling in STEM to begin with. Thats choice.
vedrusa (16 days ago)
30 years of freedom is not enough to overcome the stereotypes about STEM fields.
Nataak (1 month ago)
Honestly seems like the comments section is filled with overly emotional men who are upset that anyone would think women and men are equally intelligent. This is exactly what the speaker was pointing out.
vedrusa (3 days ago)
+ThatSadFrogMemeakaPepeTheFrog not only are they as smart as men, they are smarter, u have to google iq height and gender and you will see plenty of sites that confirm it :)
Yes taller people tend to have higher IQs, but do you have any evidence that shows that tall women are as intelligent as men of the same height?
vedrusa (12 days ago)
+ThatSadFrogMemeakaPepeTheFrog Taller people tend to have a higher IQ. Fact. Men are taller on averrage. Fact. They score few insignificant points higher IQ. Fact. if u compare men and women of the same height, women have higher IQ. Fact. Stop pretending you are the better sexm because u are not.
+vedrusa Also just because some expert says something, it doesn't make it true. That's just an argument from authority, and it's a logical fallacy.
bilzo g252 (1 month ago)
100% of women wish they were born a man. Feminism is just women being self conscious of their gender
Appletree (1 month ago)
Plus if all women wanted to be men then that would include your mom not having the will or desire to be pregnant or birth you.
Appletree (1 month ago)
Lol how so you did not come from no man physically. We all come from women and have the parts on our body to prove it.
Souhi Awake (1 month ago)
So let me tell u smth the physical strength of men is the factor that shutted down women's intelligence if men nd women were physically equivalent than We'd do the same things We were created to work together nd in harmony not to fight who's smarter nd who's better if u shut ur emotions u'll be an intellectual half inelegant nd if u shut ur intellect u'll become more emotional half inelegant so thru all these years we've been growing half inetelegant apart science proved that women r stronger medically than men We r equal
Lei's Lifestyle (1 month ago)
so this is the reason why chinese abortions are nearly all female, but they are still lack of creativity depending on that. white male are awesome. (do not hate me, im just being sarcastic)
kenshikenji (1 month ago)
women are more hysterical
Scourge Star (1 month ago)
kenshikenji yup it’s only make teens who light themselves on fire. Plus when they’re upset commit public shootings
Simon Jordan (1 month ago)
Isn't it strange that we Have no issue with saying the Jews and Chinese are smarter but saying a man is smarter, which is clearly true, everyone loses there minds
vedrusa (3 days ago)
+Pho_boss_ yeah, but female iq has risen up faster, just google James Flynn, the renowned IQ expert. Education helped both genders though.
Pho_boss_ (3 days ago)
+vedrusa male iq has also increased
vedrusa (3 days ago)
+Pho_boss_ Im not, few meaningless points are irrelevant, 15-20 points would be something. You also have to consider that female iq has increased a lot since the liberation...so no, Im fine :)
Pho_boss_ (8 days ago)
+vedrusa You should be worried that women have several points less on the iq scale.
Michael O'Donnell (1 month ago)
Guarantee he dodged the draft
Ali sepehr (2 months ago)
i do not argue that majority of women are smarter than this man . no doubt about that.
stickyfingaz (2 months ago)
“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”
femalien (2 months ago)
Most women are assholes
Frozo 2910 (2 months ago)
Men are better
kshitij924 (10 days ago)
vedrusa I think women are more egomaniacs that’s why they all are drama queen.
vedrusa (16 days ago)
+Keagan Van Dyk Yes, men are better.... At being egomaniacs.
Keagan Van Dyk (16 days ago)
I agree
Code Smoke (3 months ago)
Lol white men created basketball footy cricket etc, lol and blacks are the ones that mastered it, except soccer, white men are better at that
Best Name (16 days ago)
+Code Smoke You see the World Cup? France's team was looking like that of an African nation...
Code Smoke (1 month ago)
+Scourge Star cool
Scourge Star (1 month ago)
Apex - I’m on a soccer team all boys. I’m the best on my team the most aggressive and the most praised
Fabian Luca (3 months ago)
That’s why men invented everything 🤪🤪🤪shame on everyone
vedrusa (3 days ago)
+Pho_boss_ lol, just go to wikipedia and look for female inventions...u will be surprised :)
Haris Zia (4 days ago)
wright brothers
Pho_boss_ (8 days ago)
+vedrusa Exactly what they have invented? tell me?
elvis daod (3 months ago)
thats why most inventions are made by men
Visor Seen (4 days ago)
+vedrusa actually it's not changing. This is what i like to call "padding the numbers." What's happening is men aren't going to school. There's a huge difference between who is smarter and who is getting educated. Men aren't going to school because they can't afford it. The government doesn't give them grants like women, so they are dropping out of education for trade jobs. So women aren't really smarter they're just getting educated at the expense of men. If men and women went to school at an equal attendance men would be smarter. Feminism doesn't realize that this combination with a declining birthrate actually destroys a technological civilization, since educating women is a luxury only first world countries have. And, ironically, to low income households can't afford educating women because that would mean the woman can't take care of the kid. Because a huge family provides a sustainable income and the original "life insurance" for the parents.
Nikola Slavov (16 days ago)
I don't think women are smarter, they must be on the same level.
vedrusa (1 month ago)
+Setting things, straight. yes, and they have invented many useful things ever since they are allowed to study at universities, more and more women go into science now...no more oppression :)
Flame Rider X (4 months ago)
Why can’t the world go back to the way it was where men and women actually worked together? Men and women are good at different things so they are smart in different ways. They are both like pieces of a puzzle.
vedrusa (27 days ago)
+Letixter lol I know.
Letixter (27 days ago)
vedrusa he didnt specifically take them that was beyond years ago that they git tooken away
vedrusa (1 month ago)
Water you took our rights, we took them back, thank you for oppressing women
vedrusa (1 month ago)
Brandon J Morales R not for long ;-) more and more women go into science every year, they already dominate journalism.
Brandon J Morales R (1 month ago)
Well you're right that men and woman are both parts of the puzzle, but men are the bigger part of it. 😂
Tritzy [: (4 months ago)
There both smart my opinion
vedrusa (3 days ago)
+Keagan Van Dyk actually men and women are equally smart.
Keagan Van Dyk (16 days ago)
Facts says men are smarter
Vi - King (22 days ago)
It's not about the opinions, it's about the facts
Bot #10110 (4 months ago)
Who invented stuff? Who invented the stuff that lead to some women inventing something? Who built houses and civilisation? Whos faster and stronger? Who's reflex faster? Who fights and defend their families? Who was and is the natural leader? Who protects? ..bla bla etc.. If women are better than men then women would have been in power 2000 years ago and not brag about now when yall got your rights and privileges from men. Domination, men are just smarter and better, deal with it.
YerBoiBruh (5 days ago)
So here is the thing you there are way more men in all these industries.
YerBoiBruh (5 days ago)
kshitij924 (22 days ago)
Juliette men invented like 98%of the things so what you mentioned is nothing.
kshitij924 (22 days ago)
Hadeel Ab. Women will never rule the future,men will always be superior.Mark my words.
Simon Jordan (23 days ago)
+Sasha Tamasova anomaly
shweits x (4 months ago)
If women are more intelligent why most of scientists and nobel laureates are males i can't remember a woman who won nobel beside mary cury
Okaro X (6 days ago)
+kenshikenji Nonsense. She won two prizes, the second long after her husband's death.
Okaro X (6 days ago)
+Sasha Tamasova Are you serious? That could explain how it happened early 20th century by not now. 48 men and one woman has won the Nobel Prize for physics. Also Jews have been oppressed and yet they have gotten 24%o f all prizes for science.
Angy Spin (8 days ago)
+Pho_boss_ they did that together not the husband alone :)
Pho_boss_ (8 days ago)
+Angy Spin Mary Cury continued her husbands work :)
דניאל סיידה (5 months ago)
To say that the education system is designed for boys is one of the worst jokes I have heard recently. Girls are more successful at school. Schools do not allow for physical release (more critical in boys), are not built for nonverbal communication, do not learn through doing, increase the weight of homework more and more (boys are more successful on tests, and girls in homework - on average). Etc. etc.
Keagan Van Dyk (16 days ago)
More woman failed highschool then men
Tappingall day (1 month ago)
But at the end of the day, it seems men are the most influential ones after they lose their previous restrictions
Fire Bird (5 months ago)
I learnt more on this video than I’ve learnt from two years of school
Forget it, it's just brainwashing propaganda.
Mark Landrebe (4 months ago)
?? learnT ??
Abdulmohsen Al-qurashi (5 months ago)
There are more men inventors than women inventors, there you have it.
HumansAreDumb (4 hours ago)
Fun fact, the queens throughout the last millennium were actually more likely to wage war than the kings, according to history. (initiates shrug)
HumansAreDumb (4 hours ago)
+vedrusa Buuut if there were no wars, wouldn't it further amplify the disparity between the rich and the poor?
vedrusa (6 hours ago)
+HumansAreDumb if women ruled, there would be no wars. Only if they needed to defend their countries, not invasions.
HumansAreDumb (9 hours ago)
+vedrusa with no conflict and war there shan't be peace, so thanks for the accolade. :3
vedrusa (1 day ago)
+42start1 lol, everyone can see men are the naggiest in the comment section :D
Keely (5 months ago)
He says multiple times men and women are equally intelligent.
vedrusa (13 days ago)
+The REAL Exposing the Joy of Satan well, the book of James Flynn of course, the renowned IQ expert (Are we getting smarter?) Google it.
+vedrusa Really? Do you have any reliable scientific links backing that claim up? The claim that IQ in women is rising? I want to see it.
vedrusa (13 days ago)
+The REAL Exposing the Joy of Satan yeah, there are more geniuses and idiots among men. That doesnt mean all men are smarter :) Many female geniuses were actually denied credit for their work in the past. Female artists were not supported. Women in the past were considered only good for childbearing. Also, 5 points is not that much, if it were 20 points, that would be a huge difference. And remember that female iq has risen up fast and continues to rise since the liberation. I think we are more similar than different.
Hunter Williams-Foust (6 months ago)
Who built the world? There’s your answer.
Englishsea24 (9 days ago)
@Nataak Men BUILT colleges though
Nikola Slavov (16 days ago)
Jesus is trans
Nataak (1 month ago)
Austin Earle because they were allowed to go to college
vedrusa (1 month ago)
+Austin Earle I dont think we should say societies were created, it was a next step in the evolution, that has nothing to do with gender. Continents were discovered by men, yes, but it was queen Isabella de Castilla who accepted to financially support the expedition of Columbus after the portuguese refused him. She believed in him. After all, the best rulers in the past 5 centuries were women! Science is used both by men and women, so I dont understand that point...women invent as well. Even more today since they are allowed to learn to read :)
DAN LEE (6 months ago)
He is informative but a great bore without no humor.
Mark Landrebe (4 months ago)
-- Double negative, making guys look bad !!
DAN LEE (6 months ago)
I feel like both genders are intelligent in their own right that's why we have genius in both genders.
Appletree (1 month ago)
Yes you are right we are both capable it is the environment we are raised in and societal gender expectation is what was driving men to be this and women to be that.
Appletree (1 month ago)
+Perfectly Mad So both genders are capable because if you think men are smarter because they are born that way then you would have to explain what makes then smarter than women genetically. So what that being said our environment with genetics shapes our intellect.
Appletree (1 month ago)
+Perfectly Mad Its common sense societal expectation and rearing of men to dominate is the difference between why you see more men doing this than women. It has nothing to do with genetics and women not having the capability to be just as smart. To be truthful if intelligence was solely based on genetics then women would hands down have the advantage and men who are very intelligent based on genetics should be thanking their mothers. So lesson learn being intelligent comes from your environment and your genetics.
Surjith Rock (2 months ago)
+Atz PiscoShut up 8 yr old female!!!!!! You taking without any logic
Mark Landrebe (4 months ago)
Many more men geniuses, but more men with low IQ's; wider Bell Curve for men.
VXA (9 months ago)
not since the medieval ages lol ... women were oppressed by men ...but not anymore !!!
kshitij924 (10 days ago)
VXA don’t worry women will be oppressed soon ,as soon as people will realize this feminism culture is nothing but a joke.
vedrusa (1 month ago)
+Chris Young i don't know why are you forcing yourself to laugh, it's true :)
Chris Young (1 month ago)
vedrusa (1 month ago)
Adam Russo yet the best rulers in the last 6 centuries were women.
Avin (9 months ago)
just say that men are more intelligent than women.....why the long chat?
The Best Of Cartoons (4 days ago)
Ducks4Pluto true but men don’t spend over 12 years of going to school just to become house wives lol
Simon Jordan (23 days ago)
+vedrusa ❤️
vedrusa (23 days ago)
+Simon Jordan Im sorry you cant stand the truth :-)
Simon Jordan (23 days ago)
+vedrusa reacting without thinking? Deeelicious...
vedrusa (23 days ago)
+Simon Jordan I was reacting to apex.
watermelon seedless (1 year ago)
I didn't need to watch the video to answer the question ❓ Men of course are more intelligent then women, well white men anyway.
Surjith Rock (2 months ago)
+Angy Spin agree if Mary cury do that with all that back in the day "public women compression" then why don't most of the inventions are by men not women like Mary cury??????
Francisco Perez (2 months ago)
You sound like a leftist
+Angy Spin On average being the key words here.
Marius Buchheim (1 year ago)
Aless Solis (1 year ago)
vedrusa (3 months ago)
+H Az women can do everything men can do. They are not ususally in the top positions, because they are at home taking care of kids. Also, men are naturally more competitive because of testosterone.

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