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How to Clean Your UGG Boots: Official Care Instructions

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http://www.uggaustralia.com/care-and-cleaning-instructions.html Keep your favorite UGG boots looking their best. Watch our step by step protection and care video to learn how to clean your UGG boots.
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Text Comments (112)
Arfana Chowdhury (8 days ago)
I have champagne marks on my uggs. Please advise how can I get rid of them at home.
spaghetti . jpeg (16 days ago)
Erin from the office needs more work.
xLexiGames (24 days ago)
Jason Christopher (28 days ago)
I like getting the darker styles, they tend to not look as dirty so fast https://amzn.to/2Lxp8vp
CrazyCookieGirl :3 (1 month ago)
Can you wash them low in the washing machine?
KilfeighneyRose (2 months ago)
Take your UGGs to a specialist cleaner - will cost about £30. These kits are a waste of money as home washing will ruin your boots. I’m done with UGGs - overpriced and have zero durability. Look like 💩 after a couple of wears and impossible to maintain ✌🏼
Amber Flame (4 months ago)
Just Buy a new pair. It's what I had to do. 😔
boredom (4 months ago)
Too bad men "can't wear Uggs" because it looks like majority of "people" who wear the boots are women no offense :( although I'm a dude and I would love to wear them because they do look very comfortable which is probably why they have to come up with this UggForMen Campaign lol.
Shrink Diva (17 days ago)
My husband is on his second pair of UGG Classics and gets compliments all the time from both men and women.
W Lee Moore (3 months ago)
+Eric Stewart Me too! I own 5 different pairs,including these,the MENS Classic in Tan. I love all of them!
Eric Stewart (3 months ago)
I own two pairs of the men's classic (grey & tan)as well as the motorcycle style and winter boots. I wear them all proudly! Couldn't care less what others think. If you want them, buy them! They're the most comfortable boots I own. That whole "men can't wear Uggs" is from people who need other people's opinions to live. Glad I'm not in that category.
Dan Moon (7 months ago)
Weird hearing UGG in an American accent.
Jasmin Martinez (10 months ago)
This ugg cleanser ruined my boots!!
Amanda Gibson (11 months ago)
I put mine in the washer and Idk what to do with my life now
Amber Flame (4 months ago)
Letroy Altidor (11 months ago)
Nice work
Ashanty E (1 year ago)
Can u do this with the ugg adirondack boots too?
Little Foot (1 year ago)
This tutorial didn’t explain anything, how do you get rid of stains? How do you fluff and clean the white fur? Goddamnit, I’m regretting buying these.
Alex Marroquin (11 months ago)
For reals, this video was shit
Little Foot (1 year ago)
I can’t find any directions for how to clean the styles that have a large amount of white fuzz on the outside of the boot. I own the Tania boot and cannot find proper cleaning techniques, it definitely wouldn’t be this way.
Lovely (1 year ago)
These boots are super clean, can you please show a really dirty one?:)))
-ˏˋ mayaaa ˎˊ- (1 year ago)
why am i watching this i don’t even have uggs
Harry Richards (1 year ago)
Yeah but what are the other parts of the brush used for? That’s why I came here
sophie (1 year ago)
How can you refluff the bottom non-removable soles from Uggs shoes?
sophie (1 year ago)
Hether Nguyen I have slippers with fluffy bottoms that I can't take out
Hether Nguyen (1 year ago)
You can buy the ugg replacement insoles at nordstrom for around 15$
rag (1 year ago)
im going to get the ugg cleaner for my burgande boots.
Lesley Dickson (1 year ago)
Why haven't the boots been sprayed with protector before we buy them?
crafty Peacock (15 days ago)
actually the ugg classics are treated with a light bit of scotch water protection spray
KallmeKAT (1 month ago)
Lesley Dickson that’s a good question smh
Sister Squad (1 year ago)
So u spend new money and either have to get new boots or the cleaning stuff lol moneyyyyyyyy fir them
Rebekah Dockery (1 year ago)
Shine 2U it’s because some of the boots are now water resistant. They’re charging more depending on if you want a water resistant boot or not
Shine 2U (1 year ago)
The new boots they are making now are I just brought a few pair. But what they have doe is increased the price of the boots. So if the boots was 180 at first now they are 200 depending on the boot.
Arianna Maggi (1 year ago)
How long does this effect last?
Shaun Copeland (2 years ago)
This video ruined my uggs I didn't scrub hard yet it's taken the swede off :/ uggs are literally a waste of money I have two pairs and there both knackered I wouldn't recommend them to anyone lol 300 quid wasted or 321 including the cleaner xxx
Sara L. (2 years ago)
I have grey uggs with bow. Did anyone tried cleaning thoose?
Amani Goines (1 year ago)
Sara L. i hate that i got this color there so dark now☹️
Gina Diana (2 years ago)
So I used this method and it worked perfectly ! My uggs had big water stains that were very noticeable. With time they dried a little bit, but still my uggs didn't look as nice as they used to. This method helped ! The only thing i didn't have was the brush but that's okay, you can use a new brush instead and it works just as fine. ! 😊
maddienicole (1 year ago)
Gina Diana fuck uggs get new boots
Gina Diana (2 years ago)
Sara L. nope ! well i have the uggs that she used in the video 😊
Gina Diana (2 years ago)
*tooth brush
Sara L. (2 years ago)
Gina Diana did color fainted?
Sara W (2 years ago)
I have the kit. Its a rip off. Three little bottles worth about 10 bucks total. I paid $35 in Canada for the kit. And you can't get the spray conditioner separately. None of the bottles can be bought individually. UGG gets you to buy the whole kit each time even though you may not need it all. I have no doubt that UGG boots require specialized products but you should be able to buy the conditioner and cleaner separately. And I don't need the stuff to make the inside of the boots smell better. Waste of money
Aubrey Graham Headass (2 years ago)
Does baby shampoo work instead of the cleaner and conditioner
Sara W (2 years ago)
No of course not. The UGG cleaner and conditioner is not soap.
Alexandra Balan (2 years ago)
This tutorial ruined my uggs. THANKS
P Low (17 days ago)
Mine too, I used the same UGG cleaner now they are just stained.
Gio A (11 months ago)
Alexandra Balan It didn't for mine
Amani Taylor (1 year ago)
Yes seriously
Mona Shaheen (1 year ago)
What! How! I'm planning to give it a shot 🤔
Nahnio (1 year ago)
Alexandra Balan same
Monce (2 years ago)
Just got my own kit a few hours ago! Will it work on UGG moccasins as well?
Monce (2 years ago)
Thank you so much!
S La (2 years ago)
Monce Muñoz it should. It's the same sheepskin material, it's just the shoe style that's different. I was told that buy Journey's where I bought them.
Xitlali Sandoval (2 years ago)
I got my first pair today! So excited!
Sister Squad (1 year ago)
I got mine four days agoooooooo and that's why I need this vid
maddienicole (1 year ago)
Xitlali Sandoval good job contributing to the abusing of innocent animals
Rachel Oreo (1 year ago)
Xitlali Sandoval same
Ayah Hineiti (2 years ago)
ok, just because they bottels are friendly doesn't mean the boots are. So many sheep are skinned alive to make these boots. I have these boots and feel bad that I have them now.
sharonda goode (6 days ago)
+Tracey W exactly!!! This is why you don't see anyone boycotting them, ever!
maddienicole (1 year ago)
Animoo Ayah exactly
Tracey W (1 year ago)
If you're pissed that the sheep are killed, fine. But they aren't skinned while still alive. Please at least be honest in your outrage. They require their suppliers to comply to a strict set of ethical guidelines, they don’t kill sheep just for the skin alone, and they most certainly don’t skin sheep alive.
Beautifully Broken (1 year ago)
Tumbler Here! They are killed. An animal can't live without it's skin
Lina (1 year ago)
2_24_17 Feb they are killed.. the boot is made with sheep skin
alice p (2 years ago)
how to cleaned the inside of grey boots if you get them used? i got a pair of used ones color wise is great but I'm a little concern abut the inside?
"How to clean ur abused sheep"
maddienicole (1 year ago)
Katherine Belleza Croes exactly
D Garcia (1 year ago)
Oh Ya that's right the sheep are "abused" for the purpose of making Uggs ONLY.... It's not like they use sheepskin to make or do ANYTHING else.. Maybe they shouldn't cut their hair and leave it all nasty long so they can get skin conditions and have problems.. ?? Ya that'd make more sense. That'd be way better than "abusing" them. (couldn't be more sarcastic) BTW... How'd your Uggs come out.?. t(••)t
Gee Hurtado (2 years ago)
The color of my uggs is coming off??
carrie gantt (1 year ago)
Gee Hurtado your scrubbing to hard
Meredith Shaughnessy (3 years ago)
Thanks! This really helped!😘
Nyiaa (3 years ago)
I have black Bailey bow uggs and when I brushed it with the brush she used in this video my brush turned black like it was shedding 💀, and they are real I don't if that's supposed to happen or what but it did scare me a little bit
Beautifully Broken (1 year ago)
It's just excess dye. Just like with jeans when you wash them the first time excess dye comes out
itsjustaboutme4 (2 years ago)
Nyiaa Lovee I have the black tall classic uggs, and my brush did the same thing! I can't use that brush on my other uggs anymore 😔
Norvina (3 years ago)
I don't have the Ugg clean and conditioner. Can I use the MGK shoe clean and conditioner instead? Will it work the same ?
juuliana (3 years ago)
This is for the sheepskin
purple sassy (3 years ago)
Helpful this week i would be going to the ugg store to buy the kit
maiiloveable (3 years ago)
What Happen if you put them in direct heat
maiiloveable (3 years ago)
Really ..? Okay Thanks 
:황현진 (3 years ago)
They might shrink
Karely Estrada (3 years ago)
Thank god I got the the kit I was about to not get it but I'm glad i did 💁🏻💁🏻💁🏻💕
Hannah Blessed (3 years ago)
my daughter is 3 and every time she wears ugg boots she kept falling ..does anyone know why?when i wear it in the snow and go indoor , it is little slippery. maybe they need better traction?
Makayla Hsu (3 years ago)
+Hannah Blessed Your daughter probably keeps falling since Uggs sometimes feel a little bulky and you will have to pick up your feet a bit more to walk. I used to trip a lot but now it's a lot better!
schischillyjr (3 years ago)
because three year olds don't need uggs...
Nora Ouellette (3 years ago)
what do i do if i accsadentaly use too much protecting fpray
Samantha Walters (1 year ago)
Nora Ouellette accidentally*
Jay & Kay (3 years ago)
Mine just Dried right up
Denise Fajardo (3 years ago)
It is my first time cleaning my UGG boots ever since I bought them, which was in 2013. Will they still look good as new if I follow these instructions? Thanks!
Alex Marroquin (11 months ago)
Dani Ebert (3 years ago)
They might be a little lighter in color but they look better if you do it right
kelly alv (3 years ago)
Thank god I watched this first!!!
Cassie Boehm (4 years ago)
How do you clean the ones with bows, can your spray the bows?
LPSShadowLady (3 years ago)
+Nyiaa Lovee i just did to o.o
Nyiaa (3 years ago)
I don't know I just sprayed mine and it has bows on it 😭I guess it should dry up
Brittany Ashley (4 years ago)
How do u clean them if you got them wet?
juuliana (3 years ago)
+NattyPinky1699 they get stained and hard. That's why you have to use the cleaner when they get wet. It keeps them soft.
sunsun yu (3 years ago)
+NattyPinky1699 it's gonna be hard when it's dry😂
Natalie Regalado (4 years ago)
Let them dry? My friend wore them in the rain, but she didn't know it was gonna rain, so she let them dry lol
Brenda Tapia (4 years ago)
My uggs got wet.how can I clean them...
Natalie Regalado (4 years ago)
Let them dry first
michelle smario (4 years ago)
How do you clean sparkle UGGS?
Beautifully Broken (1 year ago)
You can't
paula b (3 years ago)
Yes I have a pair of sparkle of uggs and I have no clue 😩😪
UGG (4 years ago)
Don’t let unpredictable weather get you down this #UGGSeason. Learn how to take care of your UGG classics to withstand the elements. 
Rachel Navarro (1 year ago)
Buy the water protector that UGGS sells it really helps
rag (1 year ago)
Chic Simmer yes it will i got my burgande boots dirty with water and it stained them.
diana goring (2 years ago)
hi just question can you use soap water just asking
Chic Simmer (3 years ago)
If Your UGGS Are Pink Can You Wet Them ? Or Will The Water Ruin The Pink Dye ?

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