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Real VS Replica!|New Ugg Fluff Mini Quilted Boots

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iiNfamous Naya (3 months ago)
Hey I was trying to msg you on Ig about the boots but it’s just a email... is that the best way to reach you ???!
JourneyWithShaquila (4 months ago)
I think both boots are cute. If the replicas were just as warm I would still wear them. I live in Minnesota, fashion come second to warmth for me
J M (4 months ago)
i despise the chinese for their knockoffs. Like it is one thing to imitate it and not put a label on it. But I think it's shitty to make fake products with labels where people pay all of this money for cheaper quality. I have been scammed before with even "cheap items" on amazon - showing a picture of one product and getting the chinese knockoff. One of my friends spent 60$ on a makeup palette off amazon, and it was a FAKE. Imagine spending 60$ on a fake makeup product. If the pink fur boots came without a label - I think it's fine. But I just hate when the chinese intentionally try to scam you. Because it's a scam. They charge you a cheaper price but still make bank because the item is not the same quality. it will fall apart quicker. The fur will be of lower quality. I bought a designer bag for quality (aka 60$ bag on sale originally 300$) - after my knockoff chinese satchel without a label fell apart in 1 year but I only paid 20$ for it. I know it was a imitation but there was no label on it. I collect uggs. I get them from nordstroms or bloomingdales during the ugg sale. 1 pair a year for xmas tradition. my uggs have lasted me forever - typically 10 years or so. I do'nt like fakes. My friend has a fake channel bag and I go "you can't afford channel, and it's fake". She goes "it's only 300$". I go "who cares about the label - just get what you can afford for the best qualty." She threw away 300$ on a fake bag with cheap target purse leather than broke after a few months to trick people she had channel.
Grace Corbello (4 months ago)
I l💗VE watching your video I've seen it a few time because your UGGs are spectacular by the way your voice sounds so 🐝utiful!!! After watching your video I bought the baby blue, pink and a few other and O me God! They are all so lovely I simply adore them!!! Yes, I'm an UGGAHOLIC!!! Many blessings and Thank you!!!
TheBrokeCollegeStudent (4 months ago)
Grace Corbello omg that was so sweet and it absolutely made my day😘 I’m so glad that I can bring joy to your day with my videos.
Nazie Neshae (4 months ago)
link ?
DatsTea (4 months ago)
The fake one look wayyyy better
TortillaQuesadilla (4 months ago)
The Queen (4 months ago)
You have to message her on insta-g. ..i already did but to be honest i don't feel comfortable spending 60 some dollars on fake uggs ...shit i may as well put a extra 50 or 60 to buy the real ones
The Queen (4 months ago)
But hey do your think i can't knock anyone's hustle 👍
The Queen (4 months ago)
@Nazie Neshae yes ma'am but the thing is aint no dam way I'm paying that much for something that i can't file a dispute for if i don't receive it..chy there is to much secretive to purchasing these boots and I'm not with the shits..no ma'am ..secret link,secret message,secret items ..to much
Nazie Neshae (4 months ago)
did she ever give you the link
TheBrokeCollegeStudent (4 months ago)
The Queen I agree🤙🏾
Unique Beauty (4 months ago)
New Subscriber ❣️
Jessica B. (4 months ago)
In 2019 you lame af if that’s yo concern especially if you grown!
TheBrokeCollegeStudent (4 months ago)
Jessica B. Thanks for watching 😘
BONITA Chica (4 months ago)
Has anyone orderd any yet
TheBrokeCollegeStudent (4 months ago)
BONITA Chica me lol, that’s how I got them through the hidden link🤙🏾
Derita Malcom (4 months ago)
Are they hard to get on your feet?
TheBrokeCollegeStudent (4 months ago)
Derita Malcom no they fit like a glove
Meli mel (4 months ago)
the pink has less defined ridges, or just say less detail on fake ones
Ameria Guerra (4 months ago)
New sub
TheBrokeCollegeStudent (4 months ago)
Ameria Guerra welcome, love 😘
Aaliyah (4 months ago)
Aaliyah (4 months ago)
TheBrokeCollegeStudent (4 months ago)
Nai Nai ooooooohhweee! Welcome baby😘😘😘
Tamaria Thomas (4 months ago)
Can I have the link to these?👀😁
Maya Janaye (4 months ago)
Hi new subscriber and you attracted me instantly to your channel! 😊 I would like to know where you purchased them if you can please .. my email is [email protected] 😊
Kim Mendonca (4 months ago)
That's a horrible replica! They are not worth the money. Thanks for your time. I like your videos
Tea With Vee (4 months ago)
Those look more like discarded Uggs from the factory, not fake ones. I’ve learned that a lot of times things aren’t “fakes.” They’re actually either flawed from the warehouse or a product that they made too much of. The vendor then sells them to be resold. I still like them! 💚 What was the AliExpress Store you ordered from?
Toni Karanja (1 month ago)
This is very true! I think I've heard this is the case with TK Maxx (TJ Maxx in the US I believe) where they are flawed or "imperfect" products that cannot be sold through their own brands, so they sell them for a discounted price at TK Maxx. Correct me if I'm wrong, this is just what I have heard.
Tea With Vee (4 months ago)
JourneyWithShaquila They’re not the only ones. There’s a lot of vendors who do it. AliExpress is just a site for vendors to use to get sales.
JourneyWithShaquila (4 months ago)
Wow, I never knew that about Aliexpress. You learn something new everyday
Tea With Vee (4 months ago)
Meli mel AliExpress is a Chinese website for vendors to sell stuff from the same manufacturing warehouses. Fashion Nova, websites like it, Rainbows, Citi Trends, Etc all use the same manufacturers.
Meli mel (4 months ago)
yea usually at Marshall's, TJ max, Ross, coat factory and others but idk bout Ali Express
Veronica Smith (4 months ago)
Ash (4 months ago)
Uggs website offers payment plans for people who rather spend small amounts periodcally
You know Jay (4 months ago)
What if they got them at a different store than 🤷🏾‍♀️
Simple Me (4 months ago)
I'll rock a knock off,trying save money for traveling. Can I email to get the link?
Kailyn (4 months ago)
I got real ugg boots
rosa zuniga (4 months ago)
I think they are both ugly!! Maybe cute for a toddler
TheBrokeCollegeStudent (4 months ago)
rosa zuniga thanks so much!.😘
Kyra Rattler (4 months ago)
Do UGGs run small? Did you order a size larger than what you really wear?
Anndraya Ashburn (4 months ago)
Them fake ones looking too real. I know you lying lmao. I cannot.
Teek D. (4 months ago)
so pretty much it looks the exact same. so what’s the link to the fake ones.
Sabrina Jones (4 months ago)
fake shoes are very slippery at the bottom.
Sabrina Jones (4 months ago)
Just save your money and get the real ones!
Ms580505 (4 months ago)
Are uggs really that expensive, that we need to by dupes?? Geez. 🤷‍♀️
Chris And Cosha (4 months ago)
People really do the most to see if it’s real I’m not worried about another person shoe clothes etc especially not looking at the back of there boot if you not paying why talk about them 😂🤘🏽💯 idk I’m just real but nice vid
marvalus 77 (4 months ago)
Exactly...they all are made in china or sumn so who cares LBVS!!!!!
DBXclusive (4 months ago)
did they fit the same?
DBXclusive (4 months ago)
i think you were trying to say that the quilted creases are not as defined as they are on the real uggs.
DBXclusive (4 months ago)
@TheBrokeCollegeStudent 😂 i feel you! i sew, so i figured I'd help a sista out ✌🏽 keep the videos coming!
TheBrokeCollegeStudent (4 months ago)
DBXclusive yes I was😭 when I’m in front of the camera, my vocabulary becomes nonexistent 😂
saeeda hunter (4 months ago)
The replica looks stiffer and studier , I like the replica better, I can't stand tired uggs
Jeanette Duncan (4 months ago)
Can you send me the website where you buy a replica stuff please for my daughter she's 16 I refuse to buy her expensive stuff because she's still young and this is a good way to teach her how to appreciate her stuff and when she gets when she can appreciate it then I'll buy her the name brand stuff that you want but I do love your website what's the price of second time that I was doing I'm help me out please cuz I'm a single mother and she's doing yoga to school so I would appreciate that if you can send me the
Meli mel (4 months ago)
oh yea I hear that my daughter is 14 and she just started taking care of her shoes, clothes about 2 years ago. times are so different now with clothes and name brands. can u believe that Champion is as big of a brand now n wasnt this big when I was coming up. lol
kendra clark (4 months ago)
Yea i feel the same way..my daughter not ready 😂
Chris Elliott (4 months ago)
Im also interested.
NEILA LOVE (4 months ago)
Can you link where you bought them from please??😱😊
monique oliver (4 months ago)
They look 👀 good to me can I get the sellers info
Kamisha henry (4 months ago)
Pink one look better then the gray ones
Kamisha henry (4 months ago)
@Tiffany Chante why wont she give us the link
Tiffany Chante (4 months ago)
Yes they really do
YUMMY CUPCAKES (4 months ago)
ROBLES JAIRUS (4 months ago)
can you put the link in the comment section
Darrya Young (4 months ago)
Can we get the link Incase we want to check them out
Tonya Whiteside (4 months ago)
What's the authentic website??
Long as u look cute it don't matter to me but i can tell the difference
Thomasina Garrett (4 months ago)
The real box has a sheet of plastic over each shoe with words like protection sheet or something to that. And the boxes were alittle off in color. The details around the ankles I would call them rousing. Great video. BTW I look at the back of others boots too 🤦🏽lol
Jerry Riddle (4 months ago)
Uggs are so ugggly especially how they are made. Cruelty to sheep..
GIINGER SNAAPS (4 months ago)
Jerry Riddle why do you think they’re called Uggs because they’re ugly 🤦🏽‍♀️
shae baybii (4 months ago)
+Jerry Riddle lmao Im FAR from ugly😂 "jerry" u probably old af and white. bye bitch
Jerry Riddle (4 months ago)
@shae baybii Lmfao mad much 😄..ugly
shae baybii (4 months ago)
드라오 (4 months ago)
Love the grey♥♥
드라오 (4 months ago)
Did u buy from japan?
TheBrokeCollegeStudent (4 months ago)
드라오 not sure of the exact origin, but they were purchased in Asia.
Tamara Rankine (4 months ago)
The price alone tell u if it's real or fake. UGG of $60😂🤣🤣🤣
omooshun94602 (4 months ago)
Do people really look at other people shoes like that? Like who really cares if they are real or fake. They both really look the same. They are gonna get dirty and worn.
Shawna Green (4 months ago)
I find it hilarious that she says " I always look at the back of people's shoes..." insinuating she's always looking to see if people are wearing fakes or not. WHO CARES!!!! All that damn hair on her head is fake as well as her nails! The jewelry is fake as well I am assuming since she claims to be broke.
Hairouna Empress (4 months ago)
omooshun94602 lol nah ppl are just people the older folks tend to side eye too it comes down to each his own . Lol not fan of them I think they’re overpriced especially here in Canada $400 😑
Adrianna Patterson (4 months ago)
People really do care, and treat you indifferent about the names you wear. I just turned 56 on January 13th, and people have been this way my whole life. Im not saying all.
omooshun94602 (4 months ago)
@SH BT that's because they were expensive and at first we all thought they were ugly lol!! I know I did.
SH BT (4 months ago)
omooshun94602 I feel the same way cause I don’t care 😂😂😂😂 cause them white chicks started wearing them boots first
Victoria Middleton (4 months ago)
The bottom of the boot though... Oh lord 😢😢
Peachees Moenaye (4 months ago)
Where you get them from ?
Nicole P.SCORPIO (4 months ago)
Brand new subscriber
TheBrokeCollegeStudent (4 months ago)
Nicole P.SCORPIO welcome love!♥️
Its Halimaaa (4 months ago)
Do you have a Poshmark? If not you should create an account and sell things for money!
susie b!tch (4 months ago)
The fake uggs are cute I need the link Plz
Catrinasoblessed (4 months ago)
@Picky_ Nicki Yes, please do not shop on Ioffer. I never received the things I ordered.
Picky_ Nicki (4 months ago)
@Dar On The Beat Ioffer has no customer service that will help you if someone sends you trash or doesn't send you anything at all. Their policy is to shop at your own risk. I'll pass
Dar On The Beat (4 months ago)
Go on ioffer don’t use aliexpress
Picky_ Nicki (4 months ago)
Jeanette Duncan (4 months ago)
The pink boots are better than the grey ones to me I don't see really a big difference
renyelle warren (4 months ago)
Who care abt da damn box👊
Rah Nation (4 months ago)
Right it’s not like you wearing the box
TheBrokeCollegeStudent (4 months ago)
Haddy J. (4 months ago)
They got fake uggs now ? I'm deaaaad
Alexis Spradley (4 months ago)
Same sis 😂😂
Haddy J. (4 months ago)
@April Miller I Suppose you're right!
April Miller (4 months ago)
There's replicas of almost everything aka called bootleg they've been doing this forever
Haddy J. (4 months ago)
@Chris And CoshaClearly you, since you watched the video and took the time to comment.
Chris And Cosha (4 months ago)
Haddy J. Who cares though
i amissangel mua (4 months ago)
If you're broke how are you able to get Uggs I thought broke meant broke😭😭😭
Creepy Lo (4 months ago)
I'm broke but that doesn't mean i ain't rich
Toni Karanja (4 months ago)
Saving money is a thing. You can be broke and still afford to save for something you want to splurge on 😄
Jessica B. (4 months ago)
i amissangel mua Not really broke... Fucked up priorities... 🤷🏾‍♀️
Cherio's Chats (4 months ago)
A.k.a make something shake sus 🤷🏾‍♀️😂😛
Tea With Vee (4 months ago)
Cherio's Chats Right. I’m broke yet I have an iPhone 8+, Apple Watch, &Airpods. 😂😂😂
Brayelle Middleton (4 months ago)
Whts the link to the boots
Akilah Williams (4 months ago)
Also, UGG has a 10% student discount with UNiDAYS. Not much, but still something.
Oceanna Marie (4 months ago)
omg omg where did you get theses
3 THE HARDWAY &LEE (4 months ago)
*DIVVA41* wallace (4 months ago)
Fake or NOT they ARE CUTE👌👌👌
Katie Roman (4 months ago)
I think we all look at the back of boots:shoes!!!😉I would say the tufting is not as deep!!! Or the fur dip is thicker in the fake one. ? Did the fur feel the same or did the fake one feel stuffed animal???
see art (4 months ago)
I think the word you were looking for was PUFFY or PUFFYNESS lol cool vid Wish got them for 12
OG Dee (4 months ago)
If want designer shop on DHgates they have cheap designer
Love Love (4 months ago)
What vendor was this ?
Jada Mykel (4 months ago)
Those are cute 😍
Karen LeSane (4 months ago)
Ok great. Sometimes they are when I first get them because of the fur. I meant to ask. Do u actually wear a size 9? Because that's what size I wear. Can I send me your email address please ?
Karen LeSane (4 months ago)
I loved your video. What if someone don't have IG so what other way can we get the information please? Hey did the replica fit once u tried on later?
TheBrokeCollegeStudent (4 months ago)
Karen LeSane you can email me! And yes they did, however they were a bit snug
MacKenzie Beasley (4 months ago)
Jasmin3e (5 months ago)
Your hair s0 cute💝™
Dawn Young (5 months ago)
That's why I'll go directly to the store. I can't do no knock offs. If I can't afford it, then I don't get it. Thanks hunny!!!😍😍😍😍
Dawn Young (4 months ago)
@Chris And Cosha I need and want the quality.
Dawn Young (4 months ago)
@Chris And Cosha ok, well that's not me.
Chris And Cosha (4 months ago)
Dawn Young some people can afford them they just don’t care if it’s real or fake 🤦🏽‍♀️
Jessica (5 months ago)
I was surprised how good the knock off ugg boot looked like the real boot as long as you didn't look at the bottom of the boot. 😂 I'll save a go with the real boot they are worth the money I own two pair's love them best boots every in my opinion 💚
Erica Gee (4 months ago)
They look awesome, but they are made of raccoon dogs. I refuse to buy them.
suilen Bryant (5 months ago)
My first time here but you are beautiful
GoldenRule (5 months ago)
I always look at the back of the boot too 😅😅😅 .. I think we all do that tho
Meli mel (4 months ago)
uhhh no I cant say that I do but then again I'm grown with teenage kids that I buy uggs for. lol
Mya Jenae (5 months ago)
I have the baby blue uggs of that style so yea
Fearless FemmeStar (5 months ago)
Good to know. Tfs. Both r nice
TheBrokeCollegeStudent (5 months ago)
Fearless FemmeStar thank you!!!
RavishingReese (5 months ago)
The soles of the fake ones are slightly thicker
PrettySuccessful (5 months ago)
Where did you get your shirt I’m having a hard time buying a real Tommy Hilfiger shirt in plus size
Eves Loosing it (4 months ago)
PrettySuccessful hit up the Tommy Hilfiger at the Tanger Outlets!!
PrettySuccessful (5 months ago)
TheBrokeCollegeStudent 💯 thanks for the look I’ll check it out
PrettySuccessful (5 months ago)
Anisha Butler Thanks doll
TheBrokeCollegeStudent (5 months ago)
PrettySuccessful from the Tommy store. They actually run kind of big. I can fit both a large and an XL
Anisha Butler (5 months ago)
PrettySuccessful you can try asos.com
I came from the bramfam when you mentioned you YouTube channel 😊
TheBrokeCollegeStudent (5 months ago)
Angela Duran awww thank you for stopping by baby!
Tinesha Gray (5 months ago)
The slope in the front of the replica is wrong.
Nedra She Ready Williams (5 months ago)
I like the boot. The demarcation is off a lil bit. But can you tell us if they keep your feet warm in cold weather please.
BsTheLadynred (5 months ago)
It's called the "tufting" around the top of the boot.
TheBrokeCollegeStudent (5 months ago)
BsTheLadynred thank yooooou sooo much girl!😍
T.T. 87 (5 months ago)
Your bob is so so cute, and girl yes love both boots!!!
GUMBOLADEE TALK (5 months ago)
Can i get the link
KeKe Norwood (5 months ago)
TheBrokeCollegeStudent hi what’s the link through AliExpress????? 🎁
TheBrokeCollegeStudent (5 months ago)
GUMBOLADEE TALK you can message me through insta😊
Noir King (5 months ago)
lol Man I love coming to your channel and seeing these. Even though it's for y'all, I just like it. LOL
TheBrokeCollegeStudent (5 months ago)
Noir King aww thanks! I’ll try my hardest to some men stuff ✊🏾
Keanna’s Kasen (5 months ago)
Can you do a video on your experience with braces
Kiajaha Bostic (5 months ago)
Can you order the fur slides please
Kamisha henry (4 months ago)
@TheBrokeCollegeStudent can you drop the link plz
Divinity Smith (5 months ago)
Yes pls😭
TheBrokeCollegeStudent (5 months ago)
Kiajaha Bostic I gotcha!
Thomas Talks (5 months ago)
Yasss Qween! That's my girl! Another great vlog! Cute tee
TheBrokeCollegeStudent (5 months ago)
Thomas Talks thank you Thomas!😘
Melissa Missy Spiller (5 months ago)
Love your informative videos .
TheBrokeCollegeStudent (5 months ago)
Melissa Missy Spiller thanks love 😘
Tee Rag (5 months ago)
Can i ger the link.
TheBrokeCollegeStudent (5 months ago)
Tee Rag yes just message me on Instagram please
Made In Glitter (5 months ago)
The box on the left was definitely darker
TheBrokeCollegeStudent (5 months ago)
Made In Glitter omg I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed😭
lee blessed (5 months ago)
Love them.
Shella Bella (5 months ago)
Good video!!

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