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UGG Australia Classic Collection Sizing Tips - FleeceFootwear.com

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http://www.fleecefootwear.com/ The UGG Australia Classic Collection is all about warmth and comfort year-round. This video explains how to find your custom UGG Classic Size at FleeceFootwear.com, one of the largest UGG Australia Retailer in the US. Visit us online to see the latest styles and colors for the UGG Australia Classic Collection.
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Pink4Kim (7 years ago)
You said to go down a size, but then you said go down half a size for a wide shoe. There are no half sizes, you said for the classic. I'm confused.
cariad81 (9 years ago)
No half sizes? I got a pair of bailey Uggs from cloggs who Ugg Australia send to (looked into it a lot) and i have a size 6.5.. No half sizes?

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