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How The First-Ever Moon Landing Was Re-Created In 'First Man'

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“First Man,” starring Ryan Gosling and directed by “La La Land” director Damien Chazelle, uses practical effects and CGI to bring Neil Armstrong’s trip to the moon to life. ------------------------------------------------------ #FirstMan #RyanGosling INSIDER is great journalism about what passionate people actually want to know. That’s everything from news to food, celebrity to science, politics to sports and all the rest. It’s smart. It’s fearless. It’s fun. We push the boundaries of digital storytelling. Our mission is to inform and inspire. Subscribe to our channel and visit us at: https://insder.co/2NCg6Sg INSIDER on Facebook: https://insder.co/2NyYczE INSIDER on Instagram: https://insder.co/2xN5qFB INSIDER on Twitter: https://insder.co/2xyN5wE INSIDER on Snapchat: https://insder.co/2KJLtVo How The First-Ever Moon Landing Was Re-Created In 'First Man'
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Text Comments (711)
zeckmon3 zeckee (4 minutes ago)
**EaWrTh IwS fLaT!!** **EaWrTh HaD sEx WiTh MeTeOrS “sLuTtY eArTh” To MaKe ThE mOoN** **VeGaNs BeGoNe!** **DeM pIzZa BeLiEvErS pLeAsE kYs**
yahwehsonren (40 minutes ago)
Armageddon show light burn.but first time in moon good
yahwehsonren (41 minutes ago)
Hmmm tin can.more 24jam oxygen.hmmm
Daltira (53 minutes ago)
Just like the first one, in a studio.
Death Proof Gaming (2 hours ago)
CGI should be used to do what's nearly impossible with real fx, not to cut corners.
Mack M (3 hours ago)
I'm just happy I did not pay for this move.. the effects were good.. most. anyway BUT.. the God damn camera was shaking ALL OVER THE MOVE.. you can't even enjoy the effects.. it was overkill.. and then came Neil.... a walking depression.. horrible acting..
Matthew Westfall (3 hours ago)
Came here just for the comments 😂
Avery Kucan (3 hours ago)
If we had another space race to the moon, we would be able to do much better. Back then, that technology was just enough for us to get to the Moon. With that budget, it actually is cheaper to go to the moon at that time then it would be to just fake it. Faking it would have been possible, if it wasn't for Soviet Union trying to disprove us with radio communications beam tracking to listen to radio calls, and see what communications we're being broadcast. The fact that they were able to hear the communications coming from that spot in the sky where it was expected to be, and that there was no radio Uplink real-time to bounce the signal off, kind of allow the Soviet Union to realize that there's no way for them to disprove it. Even the Soviet Union finally gave up and agreed that we had won.
abiral pokhrel (3 hours ago)
When you recreate a fake moon landing rofl.
vivid John blaze (3 hours ago)
Turn that Hubble telescope around and show buildings upside down and I'll believe you liars
vivid John blaze (3 hours ago)
Earth is flat and stationary
White Magickian (4 hours ago)
First Man is just more propaganda. Continuing to push the deception agenda. The truth is The World is flat and we didn't go to the Moon. Outer space is fake. Everything NASA and other space agencies shows you is deception. Time to wake up.
Ernest Jay (4 hours ago)
Of course moon landing was fake..... *IN THIS MOVIE !* no one spend 200 billion dollars to re-create real moon landing just for a making movie.
Edgar Ruiz (5 hours ago)
I'm definitely watching this movie, greetings from El Salvador where we don't think that the Earth is flat or that the moon landing was fake
chhan chhani (5 hours ago)
A genius.
amazingman63 (6 hours ago)
Impressive levels of practical mixed with cgi
Javier Dice (7 hours ago)
Is not zero gravity
Yea, maybe in this staged landing, they’ll add STARS. Just like 9/11...
RaspySquares (7 hours ago)
the moon landing in this film was excessively shaky
Aaron Curtis (7 hours ago)
2:00 What is this supposed to mean: "they put the camera on the ground and film from below to give the appearance of being suspended in the air" ?
ggman3456 bruh (8 hours ago)
2:32 I'm monky
Rush27 (8 hours ago)
I heard they used the actual moon landing set and props? That was a joke for those obtuse people amongst us
Curious Cat (8 hours ago)
See?? See?? This proves the moon landings are totally fake and that earth is flat!! (flat earthers logic).
BWGgy (1 hour ago)
Curious Cat Actually, things seen that are supposed to be below the horizon is logical evidence for a flat earth.
annoythedonkey (10 hours ago)
Plot twist. They went to the moon this time...
felix mendez (9 hours ago)
Night Shyamalam must be green with envy.
damarh (11 hours ago)
Kubrick did it first with less money and people!
Michael Aceti (11 hours ago)
They didnt recreate the Apollo 11 moon landing. The CREATED a fictional moon landing by liberal d-bags where they intentionally omitted the fact it was an AMERICAN. achievement. You leave out the American flag planting? Its fiction. Cant change history to serve their agenda.
Peter (4 hours ago)
Michael Aceti Well most Hollywood movies omit plenty of things, not to mention history books. We’ve taken other accomplishments and called them are own.
SteverRob (11 hours ago)
I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Flat earth rockets on fire off the rocks of the Mojave. I watched Ebay lasers glitter in the dark at the Salton Sea. All those moments will be lost in time, like flat earther's tears in Lake Ponchartrain. Time for Flat earth to die.
Tyson King (4 hours ago)
SteverRob clever. God I love blade runner
Ursus Discursus (12 hours ago)
ANTI-Conspiracy theorist incoming 😒
This movie proves the moon landing. Lol.
Fosty (12 hours ago)
Why does everyone need to get so abusive in these discussions about fake moon landings and the earth being flat?
iced cream (3 hours ago)
ya lotta people get triggered when they told the truth.
James Rindley (13 hours ago)
There will of course be morons who claim that a 2018 film creating a reasonably convincing impression of a real landing proves that it was faked in 1969. They're wrong in so many ways that it gets boring to list them.
Masque B (13 hours ago)
Stanley kubrick comments incoming!
Philip Croft (13 hours ago)
James Allen (13 hours ago)
Before I even clicked, I knew there would be posts about how this proves that the lunar landings were faked. SMH.
Janzeltov (14 hours ago)
The voice over is so annoying. Can't you talk normally instead of that fake voice over voice?
Bandit GSGNein (14 hours ago)
I absolutely love this movie.
Jason Hamelin (15 hours ago)
Kubrick did the fake moon landing...
Peter (4 hours ago)
Jason Hamelin yep, he wanted it to be real as possible, so he insisted on filming it on location
ponybottle (16 hours ago)
Gas thrusters firing in an atmosphere look absolutely nothing like they do in a vacuum - so much for authentic rendition.
felix mendez (10 hours ago)
Thank you very much, very helpful and very informative.
ponybottle (10 hours ago)
Thrusters, and rockets landing on planetary bodies in a vacuum , are almost universally depicted as emitting billowy clouds of propellant or ejecta which is an error as the 'billowiness' of clouds is an effect of ejected gasses/materials encountering the resistance of an atmosphere, which is supposed to be absent. The ejected material should describe uninterrupted ballistic trajectories instead. Look at the thrusters of the falcon 9 when landing compared to the same thrusters in space. Or look at the material kicked up by the lunar astronauts - it just sprayed away from them; no suggestion of fine dust billowing as a result of resistance of an atmosphere.
felix mendez (11 hours ago)
I have heard that already from a poster who said he had worked in the building of the Saturn V and also that the way they present the exhaust of the LEM doesn't look right to him, who had actually seen how rockets work in a vacuum. Care to explain...?
Frickin Mustache (17 hours ago)
Comments comments comments 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿
Rich6Brew (17 hours ago)
Re-creating the lunar landscape: still at the mercy of the Inverse Square Law.
Easy, use the same studio used to film the 1st moon feature film lol. Only now we have better cgi. Hey NASA...why haven't you been back to the moon?...oh yes, you "accidentally" destroyed the technology and cant recreate it HAHAHAHA. Its cool because people believe it.
felix mendez (9 hours ago)
Get a grip. It was NASA's astronaut and spokesman Don Pettit himself who said that they had destroyed the technology. And are we to contradict him...? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16MMZJlp_0Y
Art Vandelay007 (9 hours ago)
+MartijnXD // Right on point, brother. I've been preaching this every time I hear or read someone complain that NASA has "lost the technology". The US benefitted greatly by taking in Werner Von Braun and many other German rocket scientists and engineers following WWII, which gave the US space program a very much needed shot in the arm. Most people - especially those born after Apollo ended - just don't realize how much brain power, manufacturing, and expertise it took to pull off Apollo. As you mentioned, those brilliant people are no longer with us, and there was unfortunately no transfer of knowledge from the old guard to the new guard after Apollo ended. Today's NASA seems to be content with just sending out unmanned probes.
MartijnXD (15 hours ago)
You obviously don't know what you are talking about. Here are some of the actual reasons why we never rebuilt the Saturn V rocket: 1: When the Apollo was built, not everything was documented. The engineers sometimes tweaked or improved certain parts of the rocket, and some of these changes were never documented. These people are (sadly) now dead, so we will never know how they build those parts or what they've changed. In that sense, some of the blueprints for the rocket are "lost". 2: Some of the parts for the Saturn V rocket required particular manufacturing processes which are now obsolete. The tools needed to make the tools to make the rockets no longer exist. 3: We can build better rockets. There's no need to build the Saturn V rocket again because it's expensive, and we learned a lot of new stuff over the years that could help us build bigger and better rockets. And for why we've never been back to the moon: There's no reason to go back. The moon is basically a big dusty rock floating around our planet. We've already done most of the science there that we wanted to do there. If we still want to research things on the moon, we either send a rover or lander, or just research the moon samples that the astronauts brought back during the Apollo missions. Not only that, but it's also extremely dangerous and expensive.
Ayden Phan (18 hours ago)
The moon landing is fake this is proof what did i tell u guys
SteverRob (11 hours ago)
Nobody listens to a flat earther, even other flat earthers.
MartijnXD (15 hours ago)
So a movie replicating a historic event that has been proven by scientists all over the world to be real, is the ultimate proof that the moon landing was fake? Yeah, nah. That's not how it works.
Zarcon (18 hours ago)
Moon landing was fake! Along with Elon Musk. Elon is just a government actor to convince us that weed is bad.
Ultraspire X (19 hours ago)
The moon landing was real but is the moon real?
fasteddie4145 (19 hours ago)
I just got an email from the Flat-Earther's Membership Committee......the swore that they have chapters all around the globe....
Art Vandelay007 (5 hours ago)
Good one, man...lol. 😄👍
Nx Doyle (19 hours ago)
A few years ago I lived about five minutes' drive from Johnson Space Center, having moved from Australia so my wife could be closer to her family, one of whom works for NASA at JSC. I spent one of the most exciting days ever being given a personal tour of the center, with access to some of the places tourists don't see. Phenomenal. When I first moved, I used to pass by JSC every day. On my way to work every morning, I'd hang a right off NASA Road 1 on to Saturn Lane, which splits the complex in two. In terms of getting to work it was a longer journey, but it was worth it to drive past Rocket Park and the restored Saturn V rocket on one side and the replica shuttle sat atop NASA 905 on the other. I used to think that I'd eventually become so used to going by every day that it would end up being one more mundanity. But it never did. I loved it.
Daniel Pierce (19 hours ago)
Can anyone name where that song “we went to the moon in 1969” song is from...?
Art Vandelay007 (3 hours ago)
The band was named "Even Stevens": https://www.letssingit.com/even-stevens-lyrics-we-went-to-the-moon-in-1969-bjn9wxf
mindful (19 hours ago)
This is bullshit. The earth is flat and the moon is a translucent sphere. Jk
MartijnXD (15 hours ago)
The Earth is obviously a donut and the moon is made out of cheese. /s
S Dj (20 hours ago)
Sta bre kog djavola ? Pa nikad nisu ni sleteli na Mesec. Sad ce jos i ovu laz da nam prodaju i novu propagandu.
Basicism (20 hours ago)
Those that are saying they did not have this technology back in the 1950's and 1960's have you ever watched 2001: A Space Odyssey? The narrator in the video even alludes to Kubrick using technology they used in the First Man film. Front Screen projection, Harnesses to Helium balloons, Motion Rigs, all these were used back in the Apollo Space Programme for training. Let the truth be told, sell a Movie.
Art Vandelay007 (2 hours ago)
Basicism // How were the Apollo astronauts supposed to practice before flying in to space???
makarand parab (20 hours ago)
Same as they created first
PotHead Golfer (20 hours ago)
Serious question tho, is hans zimmer going to compose new music for this movie or not? Or is it out there already?
nadav schweytzer (20 hours ago)
Wow! old-school SFX...respect!
Mark Kelly (21 hours ago)
The movie was poor in my opinion. I expected more from the director of Whiplash and La La Land, Ryan Gosling and Claire Foy. Don't get me wrong, the film had some amazing moments that had you gripping your seat but ultimately it felt very dragged out. The family parts of the movie though necessary dragged on too much and took away from the story. The ending was just underwhelming. I think I just overhyped this movie, idk.
Luke Cornell (21 hours ago)
Wow this is how they did it the first time
MartijnXD (15 hours ago)
No... They did not.
TauranianGamer (21 hours ago)
Zee Bee (21 hours ago)
SO this movie is about recreating moon landing that was acted out in the first place?
MartijnXD (15 hours ago)
No. The moon landings were real. Don't be an idiot.
Gamingman 2867 (22 hours ago)
*Warning* Idiots incoming
Alan Q. Wake (22 hours ago)
Roflol the conspiricists are gonna go nuts with this! For the record I'm split on the moon landings. There's plenty of proof for and against.
Jerry Rupprecht (23 hours ago)
All the fake moon landing comments are buried under hundreds of people warning you about fake moon landing comments.
Luke Zyn (23 hours ago)
This movie looks bad and unrealistically.
Thomas Mairey (1 day ago)
The film was beautiful and intense, thank you for your hard work !
Some Aussie Guy (1 day ago)
I ride a rainbow unicorn and together we will be the first to reach the moon 🌈🦄=🌜
Michel Brassard (1 day ago)
It was a good movie, but my big complaint was their exaggeration of the vibration. Vibrations were the most several during the first stage of the Saturn V launch, but nowhere near the way they dramatized it in subsequent stages, and especially not during the LM powered descent. That was a big annoyance for me.
Alfa Won (1 day ago)
Conspiracy theorists take note this is how it was done 50 years ago ROFL !
ConnorDZG (1 day ago)
Saw it in imax. The moon shots were breathtaking, definitely up there with 2001. It really made you appreciate just how alien of an environment it is.
Brendan Lo (1 day ago)
Lol even Stevens!!
Amaury Diaz-Serrano (1 day ago)
Still waiting for somebody to do a movie about the Apollo 11 mission . This movie was a soap opera about husband and wife issues , didn't need to see that at the Imax !
ARMOR PIERCER (1 day ago)
So this is how they did it back in the 1960's !! Damn !they got better and better!
Black Toof (1 day ago)
So many people thinking the moon landing was real. LMAO. Typical Americans. Russia will make you bow
Elard 245 (1 day ago)
beware of retards in comment seaction useimg this as showing the moon landing was faked
Kamran Bashir (1 day ago)
Moon landing without American flag seems very wrong
Hunter Of Liars (1 day ago)
In a TV show with Bob Hope, Neil Armstrong said "THE LAST 25 YEARS WERE AMAZING BUT THE NEXT 25 YEARS WILL BE EVEN EXCITING...!" - Yes, we specialized in.... going into orbit !! I remember my dad saying something like 'after going to the Moon, all we do now is go around the Earth ?? '
Stephen Hogan (1 day ago)
I wouldn't go to see this movie on a bet.
Neutral Grey (1 day ago)
WHO FUCEN CARES HOW IT WAS FILMED!!! they cut out planting the american flag on the moon because they were afraid of being non-politically correct. i was 9 years old and watched every moon mission on a hardwood floor on a B/W tv. This was a American Achievement.
Alexander Lee (1 day ago)
talks about zero gravity and then shows moon gravity shots. Such a freaking uninformed narrator
Joe Vignolo (1 day ago)
So I guess the Titanic sinking was also faked because someone made a movie about it.
George Charleston (1 day ago)
So if we really did make it onto the moon in 69 then how come we haven't been again since
Art Vandelay007 (2 hours ago)
George Charleston // This question has already been answered many times, including in this comment section.
Ethan Lennox (14 hours ago)
We have no reason to.
baum stamp (1 day ago)
It cannot be recreated or faked !!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEgJmMJHcrc
Conrad Monlezun (1 day ago)
Enemy conspiracy theorists inbound watch your six
Mohammed Hassan (1 day ago)
Remaking a hoax
felix mendez (1 day ago)
Speaking of more of the ususal NASAtard BS: How many times have you heard them saying that with 400.000 people working on their phony Moon landings it would have been impossible to keep the hoax secret if it was really one, that someone would have talked. Now, cue Don Pettit, NASA spokesman:` "We had that technology but we destroyed it it, we dont have it anymore" Now, question, if there was really 400.000 people working in that NASA Moon landings project how come no one among those 400.000 had enough brains to save that techonology from being destroyed...? How it is possible that they just stood there while the greatest technological achievement in Human history was being turned into dust and ashes...? At the end of WW2 Germany was nothing but a field of ruins, nothing was left standing, all what it remained of the V2 project was a few blueprints and some rockets, yet it took the few sicentists still alive to rebuild the entire thing in a few years. And you are telling me that even with 400.000 people working in the Apollo project still alive, with everything left standing, buildings, launching pads, at the end, they could't manage save the Moon lainding technology from destruction...? And you are telling us, the skeptics, that we are the ones who believe in dumbass stories...?
Art Vandelay007 (2 hours ago)
Felix Mendez // Unfortunately, Felix, that's the way things turned out. The engineers, scientists, and technicians who came to the US from Germany after WWII are either dead or very advanced in age. When NASA decided to refocus its attention on reusable technology like the space shuttle after Apollo ended, those older engineers, scientists, and technicians either moved on to other jobs with other companies, retired, or croaked. There was never a transfer of the old knowledge to the new people within NASA. Now, forty-some years later, NASA is forced to reinvent the wheel all over again.
The moon landing was staged in a Hollywood studio, and in the Nevada desert.  NASA secretly asked STEVEN SPIELBERG to film the biggest LIE and HOAX of man kind.  " THE MOON LANDINGS "
felix mendez (1 day ago)
You are wrong: They asked Stanley Kubrick and it was shot in Area 51.
Why you keep using the imperial system while NASA and the rest of the world use the metric system.... pls guys...
Dmitriy Sizonenko (1 day ago)
You mean re recreate the moon landing
blablabla1185 (1 day ago)
If a man is "really" landed on the moon, the most overwhelming thing would not be the gravity, the moon dust, nor the landscape. It is the earth that is hanging in the sky, which is roughly 4 times as large as the moon we see usually, and always on the same spot.
YeOldeScience (1 day ago)
They make a movie about how the moon landing was real, and in doing that proved how it could be faked so realisticly.
choochoochooseyou (1 day ago)
Pretty much the way Apollo faked everything.
PRIVATE SECTOR 042 (1 day ago)
Brainwashing, Propaganda🧠🚿... Wake up people it's all BS...
Adam (1 day ago)
Why is every single comment mentioning flat earthers and their conspiracies? Stop giving them the attention. This is a beautiful film.
Best Experiments (1 day ago)
Michael Mallory (1 day ago)
For all the people that don’t believe we’ve been to the moon ( I’m on the fence but I don’t care either way) you should watch an old movie called Capricorn one.
Chamila Alahakoon (1 day ago)
can't wait...
STANDAR DESAIN (1 day ago)
Is 1960's tech can endure solar heat during landing day? IT'S SO FAKE BUT ARE TRUE!(LY FAKE!)
Hesitant Alpaca (1 day ago)
Must be a remake of the 69 film
rear view (1 day ago)
The moon landings are taken right from the Disneyland studios and just as fake as Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse !!The American people are just plain STUPID !!
David (1 day ago)
This documentary is more interesting than the film. You've just seen all the best bits, the rest is all about his dead daughter, super close ups of Goslings face and long silences. I was bored stiff along with everyone else in the cinema.
30secondstomarsMBH (1 day ago)
Woah, woah, woah, CARDI B CAN SING?
alxk78 (1 day ago)
They " lost " the original footage of the landing by blowing it up via controlled demolition while 2 CGI planes crash into it.
pandaroc1 (1 day ago)

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